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Assault on America, Day 299: Pandering to women & transgenders is every Democrat’s duty

Buttigieg on Women
It must be tough to be a Democrat presidential candidate.

Imagine waking up every day and needing to fashion a way to make yourself stand out from your competitors, all of whom are doing their level best to promise the world to every conceivable demographic constituency, interest group and racial classification within the confines of the good ‘ol U.S.A. To make things even more challenging, you have to make your grandiose grifts sound like you’re not blatantly supplicating for votes.

It’s a tricky high-wire act for sure. Some are better at it than others. As Hillary Clinton demonstrated in 2016, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes voters just do the unthinkable and choose conservative/populist Republican louts like Donald Trump. Go figure.

Still the Democrats must try. “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg took to the op-ed page last week to explain how he’d make America a better place for the fairer sex. Writing in the USA Today Buttigieg opined, “Every day, millions of women in the United States go to work — as first responders, doctors, teachers, CEOs or caregivers. Some do so in jobs they love, and many others do so just to make next month’s rent. Women go to work even when they have a sick child at home because they can't take time off to go to the doctor. They worry that, once again, they will be overlooked for a promotion, even though they deserve it. And far too many women have to protect themselves against harassment and assault at home and at work. Despite all of this, women continue to support their families and lead in their communities.

“Throughout history, we’ve watched women lead powerful movements for justice. In the past few years, women organized the Women’s March, insisted on the importance of black lives and raised their voices to hold powerful abusers accountable. The 2018 elections marked historic gains for women in Congress, propelled by the activism of women voters — particularly black women.

“But we’ve also seen that women, overall, continue to earn just 85 cents on the dollar — and women of color even less. Women today are more likely to die from pregnancy than their mothers were; black and Native American women die from pregnancy at much higher rates than white women. And all over the country, women’s right to control their own bodies has been under assault by largely male legislatures.”

Forgive the long quote but it’s important to appreciate how Buttigieg prefaced his four-pronged plan to boost women into the exalted status of “equal” to men. His proposals are, 1. Close the pay gap; 2. Protect women's health; 3. Make America safe for women, and, 4. Put women in power. For the last idea, Buttigieg promised to nominate at least 50 percent women to his Cabinet and to the judiciary (does this mean Amy Coney Barrett will get a seat on the high Court?).

Buttigieg’s is standard twenty-first century boilerplate Democrat gobbledygook pandering to women voters who liberals assume are too dimwitted to know the real truth and therefore care more about receiving government goodies than do their over-privileged, over-paid, abusive and over-represented male counterparts. You could easily take “Mayor Pete’s” name off this op-ed and insert the moniker of any of the other Democrat candidates and it would still work.

Blah, blah, blah. The things these people have to do and say to draw attention. Must be exhausting.

But wait wait wait wait wait… Wait a second here! Not to make too much of the man’s sexual orientation, but how will Democrats take it when a male -- even a gay one -- lectures others on how to make things better for biological females who identify as women (that’s always the sticking point these days, isn’t it?)? Buttigieg may indeed have a legal “husband” but that doesn’t qualify him to know and comprehend on a visceral level what estrogen-filled humans want or desire in their personal or professional lives.

Isn’t Buttigieg being mighty presumptuous? Somewhere out there in a blue urban enclave is a collection of angry-girl social justice warriors just waiting for a trigger to get out on the streets and start shouting stuff about oppression and subjugation and… and… Donald Trump… Where’s my safe space? They don’t need to be talked down to in the USA Today by a white Midwesterner Millennial dude, even if he happens to be part of a discriminated-against class and supposedly should understand what women are undergoing in their hyper-hormonal internal compositions.

Besides, how will Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar like it when the Democrat presidential race’s lone card-carrying certified member of the LGBTQ “community” starts horning in on their territory? (Note: I didn’t mention Tulsi Gabbard here because she actually seems fairly rational and wouldn’t necessarily be as prone to freak out when “Mayor Pete” talks about women without her professed say-so.) No doubt the medium-sized-city leader (Buttigieg) has more than his fair share of sensitivity -- when compared to the “average” heterosexual man -- to these types of issues, but how will the aforementioned catty and haggish senators come across as suitably ticked off and enraged about harassment and bigotry when a guy starts stealing their thunder?

After all, Buttigieg (presumably) didn’t have to overcome institutional sexism like “Pocahontas” did (you know, she claims she was fired from a teaching position because she was knocked-up and visibly showing at the time). And he certainly can’t suggest he knows what it was like to be “that girl” at the mandatory school bus stop like dark skin-pigmented Harris in the seventies (Pete wasn’t even born until 1982, after Kamala had already graduated high school).

She’s got African-American and Indian blood (that would be India, the country, not Native American like 1/1024th Cherokee Warren) and therefore was the victim of serious discrimination by people such as Joe Biden, who proudly palled around with and forged friendships with white separatists during his early days in the senate.

And Klobuchar (she qualified for next month’s debate! Woohoo!) instinctively grasps everything about the female condition because her father was an alcoholic. Amy’s as white as Warren but she still knows what it’s like to deal with trying circumstances and the hardships of being born with ovaries. Where does Buttigieg get off thinking he can feel empowered to help someone like her?

Then there’s Cory Booker, who’s never been married and swears he’s involved in a relationship (but wouldn’t name names until after announcing a run for president). For years rumors have circulated that he’s gay too, but the New Jersey senator isn’t “man” enough to admit it. What’s the holdup, Cory? Are you worried that socially conservative black men wouldn’t get past it?

This isn’t to make light of any of these topics, but the entirety of the Democrat presidential field uses their own largely-fabricated personal narratives as weapons to suggest they’re more “woke” and empathetic than their competitors -- and definitely more so than the sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, whatever-phobic Donald Trump. As a candidate, Trump couldn’t stop talking about how proud he was of his parents and the way he grew up, which supplies a stark contrast to the sun-never-shines liberals in the opposing party who, as a cluster, gripe and moan about how awful America and its all-powerful social bugaboos held them back -- and how they managed to get where they are today irrespective of the haters and people like the president.

As the husband of a very successful go-getter woman (and son of a strong-willed mother and father of two terrific hard-working adult daughters), I’m not sure what Buttigieg and the Democrats are talking about in terms of women needing a big lift from Uncle Sam’s elected legions to compete and excel in today’s world. The America Democrats describe certainly doesn’t match the one we’ve encountered in our professional and personal lives. Like with everything else the liberal party peddles, it’s all a grand concocted scheme to pull the wool over the eyes of the gullible and entitled to persuade them that they’re victims who can’t or wouldn’t get ahead because someone -- or specifically, some man -- holds them back.

If that’s ever the case then the knuckle-dragging male loser ain’t gonna have a very successful business. There are too many brilliant and talented women out there to discriminate against them. Stupid. Who really does this? Or is it all political fiction?

There’s room for a civil conversation on ways to right any potential wrongs -- if indeed they exist -- but America doesn’t have to completely revamp its culture and rescind common sense freedoms to foster make-believe outcomes. That just puts everyone behind the eight-ball and doesn’t help any aspirant get farther regardless of gender.

Speaking of make-believe, Democrats are also playing up the “gender identity” conundrum big-time this year. Philip Wegmann reported at Real Clear Politics, “The [Human Rights Campaign] offered [a] tutorial to several 2020 campaigns ahead of the televised town hall. And the candidates took it to heart: Six of those who appeared on stage at the last Democratic debate went public with their pronouns.

“Mayor Pete Buttigieg uses he and him. The openly gay mayor of South Bend, Ind., has included the pronouns in his Twitter bio next to a helpful guide for pronouncing his last name (‘BOOT-edge-edge’). Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren goes by she and her, as does Harris. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey identifies as he and him. So do former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro and billionaire political activist Tom Steyer…

“All of this is new to campaigning. When Barack Obama ran for president the first time, he was asked about his stance on gay marriage, not his personal pronouns. (He only supported civil unions at the time.) One presidential campaign veteran of that era, a Democratic staffer speaking on condition of anonymity, said that gay issues were often a private topic relegated to high-dollar fundraisers in New York City and Hollywood, not out in the open on the campaign trail.”

Not anymore. Democrats find themselves servile to the miniscule population of transgenders (and by extension all LBGTQ humans) just like they are to women voters. For any of the candidates to say the wrong thing -- or call a confused person by the incorrect pronoun -- invites a serious and furious backlash on social media and from the all-too-judgmental liberal pundit class.

It must be truly arduous to try and keep it straight in their minds. And seeing as Joe Biden’s suffering a taxing enough struggle to keep his own memory in balance, it’s a definite hindrance.

Democrat candidates must endure a daily tough time figuring out how to be the right fit for every party voter bloc, but we shouldn’t feel sympathy for them. There’s more to politics than dividing everyone into neat categories such as women and transgenders. This leaves Trump free to talk about jobs -- fair enough.

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