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Assault on America, Day 306: For Democrats and the odious media, it’s too late to apologize

Trump rally
“Hold me now, it’s hard for me to say I’m sorry…”

Fans of 1980’s syrupy love songs will instantly recognize Chicago’s (the band) classic tear-jerker, an ode to problematic relationships everywhere. Perhaps the tune will bring up pleasant -- or unpleasant -- memories of a high school romance gone bad, or worse, a marriage destroyed by lack of trust and faithfulness. But there’re a lot of intense political feelings going ‘round these days and some misguided folks prophesize that all it might take to heal the cavernous partisan divide over impeachment is a simple apology. Who must make the first move?

#NeverTrumper Jonah Goldberg thinks President Donald Trump should be the one extending the proverbial olive branch, getting down on bended knee and saying he’s sorry… to someone. Goldberg wrote at National Review, “…It’s worth recalling that the first existential crisis of Trump’s 2016 campaign — his talk about groping women on the Access Hollywood tape — was averted by the first, and last, meaningful apology anyone can remember from him.

“I disagree with those who say that the allegations against Trump are not impeachable. But, politically, apologizing could forestall impeachment by giving politicians and voters a safe harbor: ‘It was wrong, but he said he’s sorry. Move on.’ The longer the president defends a lie, the more Americans will resent being lied to.

“Of course, contrition doesn’t come easy for Trump and would be embarrassing for him and his media cheerleaders. But it would also give Republican candidates a rationale for opposing impeachment that they could sell.”

Goldberg would no doubt consider yours truly as one of Trump’s zombie-entranced “cheerleaders,” but “Rah! Rah! Sis! Boom! Bah!” it just ain’t so! Hard as it is to fathom by the smarter-by-half #NeverTrump intellectual snob-set, there are legitimate reasons for sane and grounded conservatives to consider it necessary to defend Trump against the onslaught of hate and negativism that’s machine-gunned at him on a minute-by-minute basis.

And who says Trump is defending a lie anyway? Does the National Review writer read the same reports everyone else does? What’s Trump lying about? Isn’t he a better judge of his own intentions than Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, the media and the sleazy commentariat at MSNBC? The president possesses real constitutional powers. The others don’t -- but they’re sure acting like they’re the center of the universe and all the heavenly bodies revolve around them.

The fact is, for four years now Goldberg and his lot have bent over backwards trying to manufacture fault with Trump simply because the man does things differently than the typical go-along-to-get-along DC swamp creature. “Results be damned!” cry these infantile whiners, who, as a collection, find themselves on the outside looking in and searching for new things to gripe about every moment of the day. The whole trumped up Ukrainian quid pro quo thing is just the latest leftist movement to remove not only Trump from office -- but also to extinguish the popular mindset that the American people are in charge of their government and can elect whomever they choose (assuming constitutional eligibility) no matter how loutish or uncouth the person might be.

To most of us, Trump is neither loutish nor uncouth. We see a lot of ourselves in him (well, maybe not the hand gestures and orange hair). For everyone who’s ever been slighted by the beautiful people/elites -- a.k.a. the “in” crowd -- Trump is a hero. He’s the guy who stands up and throws down while the rest of the world circles and sneers. For far too long the GOP’s been dominated and possessed by ruling class cowards who take the proverbial high road while leaving the party’s voters and supporters to choke on their dust on the road to ruin.

The infamous Trump phone call (snitched by the incredibly biased deep state whistleblower) in no way shape or form constitutes an impeachable offense. Trump was completely within his right -- and his duty -- to ask for assistance on getting to the bottom of the 2016 election interference narrative advanced by his political enemies, and he certainly was also justified in suggesting the Ukrainian president take a look at the debasement under his nose in the form of crooked energy magnate Burisma and their bought-and-paid-for political stooge, Hunter Biden.

Does the gesture Trump made present the appearance of asking a foreign power to “interfere” in an election? Perhaps. But probably not. There are a lot of shrewd people around town who doubt that bumbling Grampa Joe will teeter his way to the Democrat nomination next year, so the point is moot before it was even made. There’s been a host of funny business surrounding Biden for his entire career (spanning nearly a half century!) and a wealth of investigable misdeeds that the establishment media’s conveniently ignored. If the facts don’t come out now, they certainly will next year during the presidential campaign -- and we don’t need Ukrainian snooping to discover it either.

Sooner or later Biden’s Democrat rivals will kick in with their own critiques of Biden’s corruption. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and Bernie Sanders are both staking their campaigns on stamping out political favoritism and the Biden family presents too rich of a target to bypass for long. Watch Grampa Joe wilt when his own people start opening the door to investigations. Talk about a circular firing squad. It’ll be hilarious to witness.

For the present, somewhat astonishingly (or not considering the source), Goldberg asserts that the process the Democrats have embarked upon is valid and on the up-and-up despite the complete absence of due process and overwhelming oppressive secrecy. Like Adam Schiff is a great guy who’s just doing the country a favor by pursuing Trump’s scalp, right? It’s one thing to be a conservative/Republican Trump critic and it’s quite another to completely give yourself over to the dark side. At least Judas got his thirty pieces of silver for his betraying Jesus. What are Goldberg and the other #NeverTrumpers receiving for their perpetual nagging campaign?

The #NeverTrumpers aren’t under investigation, though maybe they should be. For one of their charter members to argue Trump needs to say he’s sorry (again, to whom?) is akin to asking a white knight to apologize for rescuing the damsel in distress. It’s not difficult to determine which side is right in this sordid political soap opera -- and it’s not the Democrats dwelling in the Capitol vault running through a who’s who of deep state witnesses to dig up dirt.

Trump’s “Access Hollywood” apology didn’t make a turd’s worth of difference in the 2016 election, either. For those with challenged memories, Trump did go on TV and express regret for joking about subject matter unbecoming of a man of his age and stature, language he appropriately labeled “locker room banter” between two guys having a good time on a bus. Everyone agreed -- including Trump -- that he was in the wrong there and he did the correct thing by owning up to it and moving on to more important matters, like the election.

Did anyone switch their vote because Trump spoke like a hormone-charged fifteen-year-old a decade before? The virtue shamers and Bill Clinton apologists (which certainly included wife Hillary) drew back in horror at Trump’s audio faux pas. But did the GOP nominee’s impropriety make Hillary any more attractive as the potential next American president?

Similarly, would a Trump “I’m sorry and I was wrong” session change the mind of a single hater today? Don’t be naïve. Clearly the president’s best strategy is to fight back fiercely against his adversaries because they’ll neither be deterred by niceties nor be appeased by turning the other cheek. If anything, Trump’s being too nice and civilized about the whole thing. The republic is at stake.

David P. Goldman wrote at PJ Media, “That's the canonical definition of chutzpah -- shameless effrontery -- and it summarizes the Democratic position on the attempted impeachment of President Trump. The Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the Steele dossier, assembled out of bits handed to ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele from his Russian intelligence sources, and the FBI used this concoction to obtain FISA warrants to bug the Trump presidential campaign.

“Now, THAT'S foreign interference. And those facts aren't in dispute. When the Trump administration tries to get the truth out of foreign governments about their involvement in nefarious activities in the U.S., the Democrats scream, ‘Impeachment!’…

“…The power and capacity to abuse the power of America's intelligence services has grown to the point that it endangers our freedoms. Make no mistake: If they can railroad the president of the United States and members of the cabinet, they can do pretty much anything they want to you. Defend your freedoms. Support President Trump.”

Goldman speaks the truth. Trump is the one at the top of the proverbial political food chain, but the rest of us serfs are all the more endangered if we don’t stamp out evil when we see its serpent-like head break the surface. There’s a whole school of thought suggesting Democrats are only pursuing impeachment now, a year before the election, to distract from their own legal and criminal troubles in the making.

Hillary Clinton knew she couldn’t have the entire nation questioning her campaign judgment after Election Day so she launched a preemptive strike on “Russian interference” to get the chattering class concentrated elsewhere. Clinton’s pathetic campaign strategy made an awful lot of loyal Democrats angry, so she had to do something to put the onus back on Trump. The media assisted in the ruse and now we’re suffering with the consequences of failing to put up a more earnest fight when the occasion called for it.

If enough good people shouted bull-crap! on the Democrats back then, maybe the Republicans wouldn’t have lost the House last year and we wouldn’t be talking about Adam Schiff and his merry band of soulless interrogators testing the impeachment chair. If Nancy Pelosi were still Minority Leader instead of Speaker, she’d just be griping a lot instead of steering the broken ship.

In most situations apologizing for wronging someone is a good thing, but it certainly doesn’t apply to the present circumstances involving President Donald Trump and his wicked impeachment detractors. If anything, the Democrats should apologize for dragging the nation through this farce. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it…it’s too late.

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