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Assault on America, Day 341: LGBTQ lynch mob lambasts Mayor Pete over Salvation Army

Buttigieg Salvation Army
It’s Christmastime, so it shouldn’t be surprising that folks are thinking about the Salvation Army a lot these days. Nearly as ubiquitous as mistletoe and holly this time of year, the charity’s logo is spotted at many a storefront as volunteers ring bells and greet visitors while collecting small anonymous cash donations for a multitude of worthy causes assisting the poor and needy.

We’ve even done a little SA bell-ringing ourselves. Parents and kids on my daughter’s softball team took turns with the duty in front of a supermarket a few years back. I found it’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and do something satisfying for those less fortunate than us. And no one objected when we wished them “Merry Christmas!” either.

Needless to say, the Salvation Army’s also drawn more than its typical share of news coverage lately because formerly highly regarded chicken chain Chick-fil-A announced that it would no longer donate to the organization because of pressure from liberals over its purported anti-LGBTQ orientation and for being too pro-Christian (automatically assumed by the left to be all-in for the traditional, biblical definition of marriage, which is between one man and one woman -- how awful!), a slander that’s neither merited nor fair.

Chick-fil-A’s cowardly Salvation Army dissing gesture didn’t earn it any additional love or respect from the leftist bullies -- they want more “concessions” before they’ll give the okay for their boycotting minions to purchase a meal there -- but one prominent member of the 2020 Democrat presidential field was chastised last week for being too closely associated with the group (years ago). You can’t make this stuff up.

Tyler O’Neil reported at PJ Media that “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg is in trouble with the thought police, writing, “Out magazine first published the damning photos of Mayor Pete ringing the bell to raise money for the CANCELLED charity. Buttigieg was caught red-handed outside the South Bend, Ind., restaurant PEGGS, participating in the Red Kettle Ring-Off in 2017: a competition between South Bend and Mishawaka. New York-based actor Eric Shorey posted a photo on Twitter with a profanity-laced attack…

“The Salvation Army may believe that homosexual activity is sinful. It may refuse to hire staff who are openly LGBT. It may advocate for a traditional definition of marriage. But the church is also focused on service, and that includes sacrificial service for the very people it considers to be sinners. Because, according to Christian doctrine, Jesus Christ died for us when we were still sinners.

“The Salvation Army continues to serve the LGBT community, providing homeless shelters, job training, help with substance abuse and food insecurity, and fighting suicide, to which LGBT people are tragically susceptible.”

“Mayor Pete,” as he prefers to be known, was simply doing something he saw as helping people. It was part of his job description as an elected public official, yet the purer-than-thou liberal judgmental lot couldn’t help but take digs at the guy for ringing a little bell in the open and facilitating donations for the destitute. Talk about a collection of desperate wannabes who go out of their way to be unhappy. What will they do next, chastise a celebrity for being pictured with a plastic one-time-use water bottle?

O’Neil’s article indicated that not all gay people are as honked off at the Salvation Army as the boisterous malcontents. The PJ Media writer relayed anecdotal stories of how the organization used to treat AIDS patients when the rest of the medical community wouldn’t have anything to do with them for fear of possibly being infected. It brought to mind the old Walter Winchell saying, “A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Then there’s this Martin Luther King Jr. gem, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

If only it were true today. Good works don’t always win favor from the truly reactionary crowd, the same ones who protested and intimidated Chick-fil-A into renouncing its support for Christian charities that help all people regardless of who they claim to be, yet don’t leave behind their principled beliefs in the doing. The Salvation Army is one of those philanthropy motivated entities and O’Neil provided a healthy number of ways the organization works just as hard to service the LGBTQ poor, homeless and addicted as it does everyone else. To do otherwise would be contrary to Christ’s teachings. Even the most conservative churchgoers I know would never turn their backs on a person who needed help because he was gay or she was a lesbian.

Churches are getting in hot water these days because of internal discussions on whether to become “sanctuary denominations” that shelter illegal aliens from federal authorities (such as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America). The phony media-created “family separation crisis” at the border was used by these liberal theological groups to justify breaking man-made laws by suggesting it’s a matter of faith for them to do so. Sure, if people are hungry, give them some food, but don’t help them permanently bypass immigration laws. And don’t hide behind the shield of the church to validate your own political choices.

At various times Buttigieg’s used his vision of Christian faith to value-shame others who believe in traditional marriage or other moral teachings of various denominations, such as counseling pregnant women against abortion or failing to offer abortifacient birth control to employees. It’s all part of the left’s greater movement to infiltrate and supplant institutions that preach values and practices according to the Bible. These opportunists cherry pick biblical quotes and use them to bludgeon those who disagree with their contemporary interpretations.

Their hypocrisy is glaringly obvious. Don’t be shocked if one day they argue Jesus would’ve condoned abortion clinics if there’d been such a thing in ancient Jerusalem because he was all about women’s equality, rights and “reproductive healthcare.” Or that the Virgin Mary was pressured into birthing her non-consensually conceived baby by the misogynistic male-centered culture of the time. Two and two don’t make four in their way of thinking and they’d do and say anything to make their assertions sound credible to the gullible and easily converted.

Chick-fil-A in particular is no doubt feeling the ill-effects of its sudden public policy turn. Granted I’m not privy to the statistics, but a number of people I’ve chatted with won’t go there anymore -- at least until the company’s management returns to their original foundations and exhibits some backbone. Millions of Christian believers made it their goal to patronize the chain starting in 2012 (August 1 was “Chick-fil-A Day”) because it offered something the others didn’t. And we’re not talking about better chicken sandwiches or waffle fries instead of stringy fried potatoes.

It’s almost like hearing “I’m going to Chick-fil-A” was a subliminal coded message indicating the person is a conservative who supports traditional things. Comedian Tim Hawkins even made a hilarious parody of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” to sing (literally) the praises of the chain. Wonder what Hawkins thinks about it now? (Here’s another version to the Beatles’ “Yesterday”.)

When you get down below the surface, Chick-fil-A is just another restaurant competing for business. It has somewhat better food (in comparison to its competitors), great service and its individually owned franchises are cleaner and better run than your typical fast-food outlet. All good things. But what truly set the place apart was its stated mission and willingness to buck the destructive cultural trends that are ruining society. Going there signaled it was okay to maintain your beliefs and frequent a gathering location for people who didn’t try to hide their principles so as to be accepted by the “woke” goon squad.

Now it’s all spoiled and Chick-fil-A’s brand is in the tank. It should serve as a shining lesson to other organizations with a conservative bent that it won’t do them any good to give in to the LGBTQ junta. At the same time, we should feel compassion for the franchise owners -- and their employees -- who will suffer for the wimpy gutless decisions of their corporate masters. Unfortunately, the only way to help them now is to show the decision-makers up the ladder how wrong they were… and it’s felt through the bottom line.

As far as Buttigieg and his connection to the Salvation Army goes, it will probably only benefit him in the overall Democrat presidential race because it enhances his image as a “moderate” guy who’s open (at least in the past) to participating in activities for the good of humanity rather than constantly bowing to the overlords of liberal cultural sensitivity. He’d do well to embrace groups like the Salvation Army rather than reject them. The haters wouldn’t vote for him anyway now that he's been “outed” as a go-along.

But such is politics and culture in 2019. Not even something as outwardly innocent as Hallmark Christmas movies escapes the judgmental condescension of the leftist gestapo. These modern holiday classics are under fire because they’re not “diverse” enough, and, of course, are devoted to “normal” heterosexual interactions.

If you want the regular deviant liberal network stuff, change the channel! A lot of people like Hallmark’s wholesome goody-goody TV fare.

But is Hallmark about to yield too? Megan Fox wrote at PJ Media, “The sustained campaign against the Hallmark channel will work, as illustrated with the channel's CEO, Bill Abbot, signaling that they are open to gay stories. It's only a matter of time until the panting and groaning comes to Hallmark. ‘While the film and TV industries, among others, are embracing inclusion onscreen, in the executive ranks and among writers, producers and directors, Abbott says Hallmark is 'open' to doing any type of movie — including with gay leads (which it currently lacks, too),’ says [the Hollywood Reporter’s Lesley] Goldberg.

“This leads me to believe that Hallmark is not interested in pleasing its base of ‘moms and grandmas’ and will instead try to please the outrage mob that doesn't watch their channel. That reminds me of the current Chick-fil-A controversy where after years of standing up to the agitating gay mob, it caved to please people who don't patronize their business. Get woke, go broke, the saying goes…”

All of Hallmark’s Christmas movies are formulaic and predictable, synopsized as beautiful single gal meets available handsome manly man. Both try to suppress their feelings for an hour and a half and then magically realize they like each other near the conclusion. They kiss and the movie ends. Throw in stunning Christmas decorations and secular holiday themes and there’s another film for premier.

It ain’t that spectacular -- but that’s the way people like it! And the Hallmark Christmas season runs over two months long, 24/7 (starts before Halloween, actually). And they keep making more. But it’ll all terminate if and when the powers-that-be get “woke” and feature gay transgenders macking next to a “holiday bush.”

It's a sign of the times that President Donald Trump will likely be impeached (not convicted) and cultural icons like the Salvation Army, Chick-fil-A and the Hallmark Channel feel intense pressure to bend to the whims of the intolerant left. All good people can do is resist -- how’s that for restoring a positive connotation to the word?

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