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The Myth of Inspector General Reports

IG Report
If you are in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and want to convict somebody, you never use an Inspector General (IG) report. You use a grand jury with subpoena power. Just ask Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and even me.

In order to hide crimes by the DOJ, they do not use an independent counsel with subpoena power, but a weak investigation without subpoena power and without anybody under oath. The result is an "IG report."  You will hear plenty about the Office of Inspector General (OIG) report December 9 and again on December 11.  But many people, on looking closer, are questioning the purpose of the office and its usefulness.

The DOJ's investigating itself is unprecedented in law enforcement. How would it have been if gang leader Al Capone’s friends had investigated him? Think about this: have you ever heard of people committing a crime investigating themselves. That is, in fact, the point. We have been flooded with many IG reports, and yet none of the time and money wasted on these friendly lengthy investigations has produced a single indictment, and why is anybody surprised?

Even the one IG report that recommended an indictment of former FBI head James Comey was rejected by Comey's friends at DOJ because he really did not intend to break the law. Just like James Comey did for Hillary by declaring her "cleared" of any wrongdoing because she really, really had no criminal intent. Not that what she did was not a crime; to the contrary, it was and is a crime. If you or I did those things, we have no doubt that we would have been charged.

Comey's announcement is a lie, like Bill Clinton's saying he “didn't inhale.” Everybody knows it is a lie, and no lemmings from the press are going to say otherwise. People at the DOJ returned the favor to Comey and said he really did not intend to do anything wrong either.  Sure, they say, he made "mistakes," but he is really, really, sorry and never meant anything political or criminal, you know.  He was “just funning.”  “Okay; you are forgiven. Justice for just us.”

As you can see, this is the same scam that Comey used for Hillary. He listed numerous crimes and, without his even being in charge of the prosecution, declared her innocent, despite the ample evidence to the contrary. Any grand jury presented with the facts that Comey listed (and lacking knowledge of the perpetrator’s identity) would have indicted her. Furthermore, one does not smash his telephones every month and set up a secret server in her bathroom if she has “no intent.” If the alleged perpetrator had been a Republican, be assured that the DOJ would use those actions as proof of the intent.  James Comey and his merry band of fellow liberal travelers whitewashed the scandal with a simple opinion of one political hack with a title and a badge.

In fact, many IG investigations have been failures. Years ago, another DOJ self-investigation turned up crime in the Bureau of Prisons, but to this day nothing of real substantive actions or prosecution has come of that self-investigation. Keep in mind that the reason some people call it a fake investigation is that the "investigating" IG has no subpoena power; witnesses can lie to the investigator and, if one of them is caught lying, just go back and change the testimony. Nice to be a DOJ employee, and if one is no longer an employee, he is not even required to answer questions, so they never had to say they are sorry, let alone be held accountable.

The DOJ also is protecting criminal behavior by lavishing grants of immunity to many suspects, so those suspects cannot be charged or feel pressured. In the Hillary case, the DOJ handed grants of immunity like Halloween candy to anybody who might snitch on their fellow members of the Obama cabal.

The coming report will expose plenty of smoke at the DOJ – more smoke than any Russian investigation. Let us not forget the text messages between DOJ employees conspiring to undermine the American people. Rod Rosenstein had said he was joking when suggesting recording President Trump.  A sampling of such DOJ "funning muses" included the suggestion that they brush up on the Watergate scandal and, "we in the FBI cannot take that risk. It is like an insurance policy provision that says, “In the unlikely event you die before you're 40." Those text messages that the DOJ tried to delete were not jokes or funning. 

The DOJ has real problems, and its IG reports are nothing but fig leaves.  By the time anybody is brought before a grand jury, the statute of limitations time will have expired. I am sure that Hillary and crew have big clocks next to their beds with a countdown for the expiration of statutes of limitations.

Half-baked press reports keep calling it "Trump's DOJ" – maybe so, but in name only. It is time for the president to start acting like it is his department – to exercise his authority as Obama did. President Trump is the chief law enforcement officer. Joe Biden is not above the law, and it was appropriate to seek a proper investigation.

If it's good for three investigations of the duly elected President, it equally is fair to call for investigation of Uncle Joe Biden and company. There were millions of dollars being paid by a corrupt oligarch of questionable means. The whole Biden affair smells like rotten fish - a corrupt oligarch pays millions of dollars and the Democrats claim he wants nothing in return.  It’s laughable.

My plea – Mr. President, the IG report points to a lot smoke and corruption. You have an obligation to direct the DOJ to put in place a creditable independent counsel armed with subpoena power to find the truth. The DOJ shows how to get to the truth with grand juries, and it’s not through IG reports.

Investigate the targeting of political opponents. Contrary to the DOJ claims, it is not just “funning around.” It is a crime, and yes, they do mean it.  Not only Republicans should be investigated; privileged Democrats should also be investigated.  Investigate those at the top who abuse their power.  Only then can we return to fairness and honesty in our government.                          

About the author: Congressman Steve Stockman is a two-time U.S. Congressman from Texas. He served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee. Stockman went after IRS non-profit director Lois Lerner for her persecution of conservatives and Christians by abusing her power as an IRS official. The same corrupt officials who have been exposed at the IRS and DOJ spent four years, millions of dollars, and four grand juries to indict and convict congressman Stockman.  You can write him at Stephen Stockman #23502-479, P.O. Box 26010, Beaumont, Texas 77720, or email his wife at [email protected]. For more information, visit

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