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Assault on America, Day 349: Joe Biden’s one-term pledge makes him seem even weaker

Biden one term
Don’t give up before you even start.

It’s something every parent tells their child when the kid worries about trying something new or faces a task that lies outside the hesitant neophyte’s comfort zone. More than anything, it’s all about common sense. Don’t go into an endeavor so consumed with the possibility (or likelihood) of failure that you lose sight of giving the test your absolute best. Tom Brady’s thrown how many interceptions or incomplete passes in his career (and lost how many Super Bowls)? How many free throws did Michael Jordan miss during his three stints in the NBA?

The world’s best basketball player once explained his view of failure and how it never held him back. “I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Translation: believe in your ability and it doesn’t matter whether the ball goes through the hoop every time. And don’t give up during periods of adversity. Ever.

Is it really so different in politics? The political realm is full of all sorts of personalities and egos, and it’s safe to say no one goes into the vocation bent on falling short. So it was curious when reports surfaced last week that 2020 Democrat presidential race frontrunner Joe Biden’s already decided (known within party circles) that he won’t be running for a second term. Therefore, even if Joe manages to overcome his bevy of opponents for the nomination and then beats President Donald Trump next November, he’ll assume office as a lame duck on day one.

Isn’t it a little like giving up before you even start? Andrew Blake reported at The Washington Times, “Democratic candidate Joseph R. Biden has signaled to aides that he will only serve a single term in the White House if elected president next year, a report said Wednesday.

“Politico reported that Mr. Biden, the Democratic front-runner and former vice president, has quietly indicated that he will not seek a second term in office if he wins in 2020, citing several unnamed sources close to the candidate who suggested it would be ‘virtually inconceivable’ for him to run in 2024.

“Those apparent indications have been accompanied by Mr. Biden’s top advisers wondering whether he should publicly pledge he will not seek reelection in 2024, the report said.”

Hmmm, let’s see. Biden is going around telling people how robust and sharp he is despite his advanced age (in the political sense) and yet he’s allegedly agreed in advance to limit himself to a single go-round in the White House. Remember the former Obama veep caused quite a stir recently at one of his campaign town halls when he got into a verbal p’ing match with an 83-year-old Iowan who admitted his own declining faculties wouldn’t supply a comfort level with occupying the president’s chair.

Biden did what he always does when confronted with unnerving queries -- and blatant truths -- he flew off the handle, made fun of the man’s husky girth, challenged the older veteran to a pushup contest and then quipped “you’re too old to vote for me” when the man indicated he wouldn’t favor Joe in the Hawkeye State’s Democrat caucuses. The candidate’s obviously more than a little bothered when an impartial observer offers an unflattering assessment of his slipping cognitive capacities, something that’s dogged him his entire career in politics.

To Joe, it’s like he’s never thrown an interception, struck out at the plate with the game on the line or missed a basketball shot attempt. Among a multitude of other things he’s particularly proud of, Biden’s never lost an election, which he claims proves he can “get things done” and succeed where others wouldn’t. Or, does it more likely indicate Biden’s developed an unearned and unwarranted superiority complex through lack of perspective on how hard things might be -- or how hot the room sometimes gets under duress.

Donald Trump is a lifelong winner too, but it’s different with him. Trump’s had to negotiate “big deals” and compete against ambitious foes in the real world -- a far cry from the isolated establishment-controlled Washington swamp political environment, where no one steps out of line and everyone gets what they want as long as they’re willing to sell off part of their soul.

The system perpetuates itself and certainly isn’t geared towards rewarding the meritorious on abilities alone. Maxine Waters has been in Congress how long? Almost 29 years? And she’s as dumb as a brick… but hers is a rubber-stamp safe Democrat district. Talk about job security.

Meanwhile, no one’s ever thought Joe was good enough in the brain department, right? He was elected to the senate at age 29 (he turned 30 in late November, 1972, so he met the Constitution’s minimum age threshold a month and a half before taking office) and wasn’t seriously challenged at the voting booth for decades, having been reelected six times. For those math skills deficient folks, that’s 36 years in the same political job (note: he was reelected in 2008 but also won the vice presidency, so he didn’t serve his seventh term. Who did he beat that year? Christine O’Donnell).

Joe’s a walking, talking embodiment of why the Founding Fathers felt senators should be elected by their state legislatures to represent the interests of their state vis-à-vis the federal government instead of by a straight popular vote. Too bad it didn’t work out that way.

No wonder Joe’s been isolated from political reality. He’s never had to fight for anything. Hardly anyone’s ever asked him difficult questions or distrusted his background. And whenever Biden was faced with serious dilemmas in politics he plagiarized or boldfaced lied to get himself out of tight spots. Now he’s resorted to proving how “tough” he is by claiming he’s physically fit. Joe’s also claimed (threatened?) to possess the physical viability to beat up Donald Trump over the president’s perceived poor treatment of women… And we all know Joe handles females like they enjoy having their hair sniffed and shoulders massaged. Even little girls -- it’s on video!

If Biden doesn’t win the Democrat nomination or the presidency -- or quits after one term -- perhaps he can launch a new career as a hair stylist or massage therapist. His notorious sniffer will go down in history! Shouldn’t someone ask him what his favorite shampoo brand is?

Joe’s consistently rejected the notion that his vast and lengthy earthly experience disqualifies him for the top job, yet he’s tossing a bone to those who might dispute his insistence by saying he’s four-and-out. Is Father Time really catching up with him or could it be something else? There are at least a few possibilities here.

First, it’s a campaign tactic. From the outset Biden’s best argument for winning the Democrat nomination was the generally held belief that he’s the most electable liberal competitor. As a guy who wins elections, it’s assumed by the Trump-hating class that he’ll repeat the feat in the world’s most arduous campaign. Plus, his close association with “The One,” Obama himself, lends Joe an aura of political prowess that he didn’t earn on his own.

Judging by the competition around him, Biden’s electability argument holds water. Bernie Sanders is even older and nuttier than Joe to many observers. “The Bern” scares the Democrat establishment to death, not because he’s too far to the left, but because he’s seen as not electable to a skeptical center-right American public. Elizabeth Warren has revealed herself to be crazy, unrealistic and not trustworthy. And the more people see of her, the less they like her. And Pete Buttigieg is too young, too inexperienced and too non-traditional (his sexual orientation is said to turn off African-American men voters) to beat Trump.

So there’s Joe, the “electable” one, who can beat Trump and promises he’ll only serve four years.

Second, Biden’s signaling he’s willing to be a placeholder president until the party settles on the next-in-line in the just-beginning battle between the left wing and so-called “moderates,” a debate that will continue in the next four years regardless of whether Biden beats Trump or not. Here’s betting the radicals will win this one.

Finally, yes, the rigors of the campaign are taking a major toll on Biden, so he likely figures one term is all he’s got left in his body (primarily because he couldn’t handle another campaign). Politics isn’t fun when you actually have to campaign, shake people’s hands and have two-way conversations. If you don’t believe it, just ask Hillary Clinton. The “anointed” 2016 Democrat clearly hated the day-to-day grind of the trail. So does Biden… but Trump loves it.

In the end, it’s probably a combination of factors that’s scaring Biden into his one-term-and-done stance. Who knows? Perhaps Joe believes folks will get wise to him after a short time as the head guy. Kurt Schlichter wrote at Townhall, “Just recently, Biden’s campaign ran an ad alleging that foreigners were ‘laughing’ at Donald Trump. Is there any Democrat anywhere who takes America’s side in a dispute with malicious aliens? In any case, those tin pot euroweenies had plenty to cry about – Donald Trump has forced them to pay up for NATO. Of course, that will end too if Joe takes office. We’ll return to business as usual – the business as usual of being shafted for the benefit of the global bigshots.

“Basically, we’ll get rid of all the peace and prosperity that Trump has brought and get back to normal – that is, people like us being plundered by the garbage elite.

“Trump has a track record of success, and Democrats hate him. Joe has a track record of failure, corruption, and creepiness. Well, I guess we know why the Democrats seem to love him.”

In American politics, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Or as the wise old proverb put it, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Biden’s been making people feel stupid for nearly a half century and it might finally be catching up with him.

Conceding reelection in 2024 early might be a smart campaign move for Joe. If people realize he’ll only be around a little while, it makes Biden look more attractive… maybe.

No one should give up before they start and the truism equally applies to old washed-up and truth-challenged politicians like Joe Biden. The fact the Democrat frontrunner’s letting it be known he’ll serve only one term should theoretically help his campaign; but it also makes him look like a quitter from the get-go.

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