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Assault on America, Day 350: Trump and Fox News set records, Democrats help them do it

Trump Tweet
An old saying goes that records are made to be broken.

Last Thursday night, football fans witnessed one of the most impressive records in NFL tradition shattered by the Baltimore Ravens’ second year quarterback, Lamar Jackson. The signal-caller rushed for another 86 yards in the game and bested former Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick’s 13-year-old single season record by 69 yards. Jackson now has 1,108 on the year -- not bad considering he and the Ravens have another two games yet to play, which will likely put his mark well beyond reach for good… for anyone but him, that is. (Jackson also threw for five touchdowns in the game which just goes to show he’s not just a one-trick pony -- and Tom Brady even challenged him to a race afterwards!)

Another impressive mark was set last Thursday as well, though this one largely went unnoticed and unheralded in the establishment media, and, judging by the proficiency and enthusiasm of the record setter, will definitely not last for thirteen years. President Trump must’ve felt especially chatty on the day, since he set a personal best for tweets.

Brett Samuels reported at The Hill, “President Trump on Thursday set a personal record for use of Twitter in a single day since taking office, blasting out more than 120 tweets or retweets in 24 hours.

“In total, the president sent 123 messages, according to a count by The Hill, topping his previous record of 105 set just a few days earlier.

“The majority of Trump's tweets came during a morning outburst in which he retweeted dozens of messages from Republican lawmakers ripping the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings.”

In other words, there was a lot for Trump to talk about. The Democrats’ inane and false impeachment witch hunt is chock full of errors to dissect and highlight via social media -- or any other means of mass communication. As the ultimate counter-puncher, Trump isn’t about to let the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler pontificate and grandstand without a pointed response. He’s entirely justified to do so.

Nonetheless, many cynical and judgmental people consider the notion of the president of the United States typing away on his personal phone a frivolous and wasteful use of scarce temporal resources, a task beneath the office and something that practically everyone else does all the time -- but the leader of the free world should be consumed with other tasks, right? You know, the president has to meet with advisors and talk on the phone (unless it’s with the president of a corrupted eastern European country that lies adjacent to Russia), or sign stuff and make speeches and attend photo ops on the White House grounds. Or maybe the chief executive should spend all day in issue briefings by men and women in uniform or visiting each of the federal departments to boost worker morale.

To have the most powerful human being tweeting… it’s so… demeaning…?

Not in the slightest. As is typical on any given day, Trump’s Thursday Twitter barrage covered a wide range of topics in addition to impeachment, including the impending trade deal with China (part of which was completed on Friday), the parliamentary election in Britain (go Brexit!) and a jab at teenage climate change celebrity/opportunist and Time Magazine “Person of the Year” Greta Thunberg. “Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old-fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!”

Sage advice, and offered with the world leader’s keen sense of humor. Based on Greta’s grim demeanor and obsession with global warming and fossil fuel usage, the youth could stand a night or two away from the media spotlight. She and her greenie pals could ride their bikes to a nearby movie theater or stoop to taking public transportation to arrive there. Anything to get away from that ridiculous plastic yacht! Lighten up, kid. The world ain’t such a bad place if you live in it for a few decades. The horizon brightens considerably once you grow up, get married, have a couple kids and use those wonderful manmade flying machines to travel a bit.

Michelle Obama must’ve seen or heard about the Trump tweet because the former first lady defended the Swedish brat, instructing her to “ignore the doubters.”. Pathetic.

At any rate, Trump should be immensely proud of his Twitter record, because social media affords famous folks like himself an incredible opportunity to bypass the biased establishment media filter to communicate directly with people all over the world. Think back to a time when the American president was restricted to more conventional means to broadcast his thoughts. Needless to say, Republican presidents struggled to get past liberal journalists and commentators adding their two cents to every statement or utterance. And the benefits of limited government policies were never presented fairly to the public.

Ronald Reagan’s press conferences always seemed more like suspicious prosecutorial interrogations rather than information gathering events. In contrast, Bill Clinton was rarely pressured to explain his rhetorical inconsistencies, personal failings and outright lies. If he said “the era of Big Government is over” in the State of the Union, why did Bubba receive a pass from the press whenever he battled Republicans on ways to trim the size of the bureaucracy? Remember welfare reform? The examples leap off the page.

Obama didn’t need to use social media as often as Trump does because he had the major newspapers and cable news channels doing the dirty work for him. The heavy preponderance of liberals in mainstream sources guarantees a leftist slant. Conservative media helps counteract the left’s enormous advantage but there’s no question something like Twitter allows Trump to be his unfiltered self.

Beyond the obvious messaging issue, why are liberals and Democrats so upset about Trump’s tweets? Could it be naked jealousy? Numbers don’t lie. As of now, Trump boasts over 67.6 million followers (to go with nearly 26.2 million Facebook followers), an incredible tally for anyone, much less an active politician. If the president sent out 123 messages last Thursday that’s well over a hundred times he expressed something without anyone interfering with him. No commentary, no interruptions, no distortions, no nothing. No New York Times editor twisting around the words. No CNN reporter posing a loaded question with a preordained answer. And Rachel Maddow doesn’t get to comment in real time to the tune of Trump’s tweets.

Are the Democrats in the same realm? Not even close. Democrat 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden has a little over 4 million Twitter followers. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren counts 3.34 million Twitter followers. “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg only has 1.57 million Twitter followers. Off the strength of his 2016 showing, Bernie Sanders leads all Democrat presidential contenders with 10.1 million Twitter followers. Nothing to sneeze at, certainly, but Trump’s Twitter tally is six and a half times larger.

For reference, Obama has 111 million Twitter followers (was pretty surprising to see this, actually, must be a lot of hero worship out there). Hillary Clinton? The Crooked one has 26.1 million Twitter followers. Basketball star and amateur liberal/Democrat political activist Lebron James has 44.2 million Twitter followers. TV talk pioneer Oprah Winfrey has 42.7 million Twitter followers. Oprah last tweeted on December 8, sending out congratulations to the Miss Universe pageant winner from South Africa. So, these folks have built up quite a number over time, but frankly don’t use it all that much.

Trump the longtime celebrity and real estate developer understands brand and messaging, so Twitter and Facebook are invaluable tools to communicate directly with his backers and fans. Trump is perhaps unique among politicians in that his communiques are substantive but still pointed, and for lack of better way to put it, entertaining. Trump the showman is must see TV -- not only because of what he says, but because of the way he says it. At his rallies, Trump also invites guests to add to the “program” depth. No wonder his ratings are so high for appearances.

Put it this way, if Trump were boring and “presidential” in his electronic posts, would anyone pay attention to them? 2012 nominee and Republican loser Mitt Romney doesn’t even have 2 million Twitter followers (not including Pierre Delecto, but that account doesn’t exist anymore). People read Trump’s tweets simply because they’re interesting and worth the effort. If the president never hesitates to say precisely what he thinks during his interviews or rallies, why would he mince words behind the social media wall?

Trump has his own unique style, and there’s a sizeable market of conservatives and Republicans always searching for an alternative to the tired-old liberal sources. Fox News, widely viewed as the “conservative” cable network (even if it’s not in many ways) set a record of its own recently.

Mike Brest reported at The Washington Examiner, “Fox News had its highest-rated year in prime-time viewership in 2019 since the network began more than two decades ago.

“The network's prime-time hosts averaged an audience of 2.5 million viewers with 390,000 in the 25-54 key age demographic, according to Nielsen Media Research. Sean Hannity led the way for all of cable news, averaging 3.3 million viewers for the third consecutive year. He thanked his viewers and pledged ‘to work harder than ever in 2020. In 328 Days We The People have the ability to shock the world again.’ …

“Fox's prime-time lineup drew in significantly larger audiences than the competing programs on MSNBC and CNN. MSNBC averaged 1,753,000 viewers with 281,000 in the demographic, while CNN fell far behind both networks with 972,000 viewers and 256,000 in the target demographic. Their ratings were down 3% and 2% from the year prior.”

Liberals would likely dismiss the numbers discrepancies as Fox mindlessly catering to Trump’s brainwashed “deplorables” base with viewers fed an impressive quantity of red-state slanted meat. Sure, Fox sits somewhat alone among media offerings, but only because it’s not blatantly prejudiced in the liberal direction. Fox’s evening hosts (Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham) are definitely conservative Trump supporters, but the main news on the channel is hardly one-side-only.

The channel also features a liberal point-of-view in most circumstances, with Democrats Juan Williams and Donna Brazile appearing regularly (to the delight of the viewership, I’m sure).

But make no mistake, Trump’s omnipresence drives the Fox ratings -- and those of the liberal networks, too. His instantly recognizable face, voice and message draws attention, good and bad. In Trump, Republicans and conservatives finally have a leader who doesn’t sit back and take the mudslinging nonsense the opposition dishes out in never ending droves. For liberals, he’s the guy they love to hate.

So yes, records are made to be broken. As the public grows increasingly impatient with the false and fruitless Democrat impeachment narrative, expect President Trump to be tweeting and many, many people tuning into Fox News to receive an alternative point-of-view from what they’re getting elsewhere. Will 2020 be a record-setting year?

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