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Assault on America, Day 351: Dem presidential wannabes battle Christmas and DC for notice

Democrat debate
Will anyone watch?

Speaking of the sixth “official” Democrat presidential candidate debate, which will take place tonight at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California, hosted by PBS NewsHour and Politico. Moderators for the all-too-important partisan program will be Judy Woodruff, Tim Alberta, Amna Nawaz, and Yamiche Alcindor (and televised live at 8 p.m. on PBS). In case you don’t even know where your PBS channel is, you can always watch the livestream on YouTube or, or on fuboTV if you simply must get your pre-holiday fix of liberal White House wannabes bloviating and pontificating about the current abhorrent state of politics and their respective grandiose utopian visions for the future.

Based on a number of factors, here’s guessing this event could set record low ratings for viewership of a party primary debate. First off, there will “only” be seven participants in attendance: Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang. Senator Kamala Harris would’ve been number eight -- she qualified for it -- but withdrew from the race a couple weeks ago due to pathetic poll numbers, a lack of a defining message and because she was burning through campaign cash like Billy Sherman slicing through Georgia to the sea in 1864.

When Harris exited the race, fellow Democrat (and the lone legitimate African-American left in the field) Sen. Cory Booker lamented the fact there wouldn’t be any “diversity” on stage tonight because the remaining top-tier candidates with large enough fundraising and poll presences were all sallow as saltine crackers. So, shortly after Booker’s tirade Andrew Yang (who is Asian and therefore, “diverse” in the racial sense) was announced as an additional qualifier. Yang is polling at a paltry three percent nationally and below that in Iowa, but he mysteriously satisfied the criteria for inclusion.

Who says Democrats wouldn’t dare twist the rules to make themselves look better?

Perhaps Booker made a stink about it -- and made the party look bad in the doing -- so DNC Chair Tom Perez (who is Hispanic) would institute a little intra-party affirmative action and bring some semblance of the rainbow back to Democrat-land by offering him an unearned exemption. Perez didn’t… so Yang will have to suffice -- at least for tonight.

It's not that Americans will miss Harris -- they won’t -- but the seven holdovers aren’t exactly the most inspiring bunch either. Polling frontrunner Biden maintains an eight-point-plus lead in national surveys despite being prominently mentioned along with son Hunter in the Ukraine/corruption controversy. Democrat voters don’t appear to care about Joe’s glaring weaknesses, not the least of which are spotty and failing mental capacities, a penchant for yelling at people (reporters who ask inconvenient questions and campaign townhall attendees who bring up his son’s name), embarrassing gaffes, the creepy “Me Too” factor and the fact his eye’s been known to fill with blood when he’s speaking (or his teeth come loose).

Sanders and Warren are considerably more “entertaining” than Biden but it could be due to their curious oddities that make them standout like freaks in a circus sideshow. Sanders is a couple months removed from the heart attack that briefly sidelined him before the October debate, but he's still the oldest Democrat contender and his perpetual animated, hand-gesturing stress level makes everyone wonder whether he’s about to vapor lock at any given moment. Warren’s seen her poll standing drop considerably since reaching a peak in early October and still can’t make heads or tails of how her “plans” fit in the fiscal real world.

Buttigieg would appear to be the next Democrat star on the rise but is yet to get beyond his own points of concern to liberals. “Mayor Pete” will turn 38 next month, has zero federal or statewide electoral experience and seems to offer voters little more than boyish good looks, a gift for political gab and his alternative lifestyle sexual orientation. True, being gay makes Buttigieg more “diverse” than the others -- with charter membership in the LGBTQ “community” -- but black voters aren’t warming up to him and Biden certainly looks a lot more electable on a national scale.

Electability remains the number one quality Democrat voters value in a presidential candidate. Maybe that’s why Hillary Clinton hasn’t tossed her pantyhose in the ring again. Just saying.

To many, it's too risky to take a flier on a young no-name when pitted against the prospect of another four years of the hated Donald Trump. “Mayor Pete” may talk a good game but he’s never been tested on a big stage, and needless to say, the South Bend, Indiana leader isn’t strong in the foreign policy realm. His military service doesn’t help much here. Without an established presence in national politics, who would he choose for his cabinet, the mayor of Gary, Indiana?

The others -- Steyer and Klobuchar -- are doing just enough to hang around in hopes the top-tier will quickly flame out, but is this dream realistic after they’ve all toiled on the campaign trail for over a half-year and the polls haven’t moved markedly in months? To make matters worse, Klobuchar can’t stop shaking during debates -- it’s even got Saturday Night Live parodying her. And Steyer is stiff and boring, about as interesting and articulate as a cigar store Indian.

Pacific-islander/Samoan Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the most “controversial” plain spoken Democrat voice of semi-sanity, won’t be in Los Angeles tonight. As a woman and person of color, Gabbard is “diverse,” yet it’s not the right kind for Democrats. Has the race obsession reached a crisis level for the party? Jonah Goldberg wrote at National Review, “Lots of Democrats are talking about the ‘structural racism’ of the primary system. But none of the non-white candidates complained about the rules at the beginning. Is it only structurally racist if Democratic voters support white candidates? Are the black voters who prefer Biden to Harris or Booker complicit in this racism? If Buttigieg bombed out, would we hear about the structural homophobia of the Democratic party?

“No doubt many of these activists are sincere in their beliefs. But some are just grabbing the most convenient weapon they can to tear down other candidates or get more oxygen for their candidates.

“The bigger problem for these activists — and for the journalists who hype them — is that they don’t speak for most Democrats. In April, a Monmouth poll found that 87 percent of likely Democratic voters don’t think the race of the nominee matters.”

Identity politics has consumed the limited-to-begin-with attention spans of Democrats ever since Jesse Jackson ran for president (in 1984 and 1988) and made it the centerpiece of his campaign, but the party appeared to have gotten over the hurdle in the past few nominating cycles, by first choosing the first black major party nominee and then the first woman so situated. But now that liberals opened up Pandora’s Box of “diversity,” they can’t get past the spirits of segregation and the party’s racist history no matter how hard they try.

Oddly enough, as Goldberg highlighted in his article, Democrats don’t consider religion as a “diversity” characteristic. Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg (not on stage tonight either) are both Jewish, and billionaire Tom Steyer’s father was also Jewish (though it should be pointed out Steyer’s only religious affiliation appears to be his worship at the altar of climate change). Gabbard is a practicing Hindu. Does this not count either? Is it really all about skin tone? What if a tan-skinned southern Mediterranean candidate emerged? Would it work?

At any rate, the lack of color in tonight’s program isn’t the only explanation for why people won’t watch. The second reason why the L.A. debate will probably be among the least viewed political forums of all time is, it’s Christmastime and people are much more preoccupied with fulfilling their last-minute shopping lists, planning for family visits and decorating the house than they are about seeing a small smattering of Democrats arguing among themselves regarding universal government provided healthcare and the ominous threat of climate change, the existential threat that promises (according to leftist scientists) to end the earth in a thousand years or something if it’s not dealt with now.

Whoever decided to schedule a presidential primary debate less than a week before Christmas is nuts. It’s almost as stupid as rushing to impeach the president of the United States a week before the year’s most important holiday, but at least House Democrats justified their inanity by asserting it needed to be over and done with by the time their party nominee was chosen.

If Democrats wanted a December date they should’ve held it a couple weeks ago when the non-political element of the American electorate, which is most people at this stage, were kind of open to seeing another repetitive liberal slugfest. Who will care now, especially since the party race seems to be down to the old and white vs. the young, untested and… still white?

The third reason for likely poor ratings is the Democrats are out-of-touch. Little reported fact: the seven participants all threatened to boycott the event. According to Politico, “All seven White House contenders who qualified for the debate at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles threatened Friday to skip the event amid planned demonstrations by campus workers over their inability to reach a collective bargaining agreement with Sodexo, a global services company that is subcontracted by the university to handle food service operations.”

What a valid reason to threaten a boycott! No food, no service, no debate! How else are they going to keep people satisfied?

All well and good, but do you think they (the candidates) really would’ve gone through with it? Would the Democrat presidential hopefuls engender sympathy because they supported a local strike of campus food workers who were holding out for a pay raise and additional health insurance benefits? Or would the episode offer a preview of what life would be like if any of them were ever elected president -- and scare Americans to death?

Or, in the alternative, would anyone care if they all stayed away and the event was canceled?

The final reason why people won’t tune-in to tonight’s debate is because of impeachment. The Democrat stage production in Washington is stealing all the thunder from the party’s boring presidential race. Nancy Pelosi made a choice to preempt the presidential contest long ago, knowing full well that Biden, Bernie and the doofus gang would take a backseat to the hysterics in the Capitol building. There’s no going back now!

The only thing we know for certain is seven Democrat presidential candidates will take the stage tonight in Los Angeles. They’ll be a poor distraction away from the fireworks in Washington and holiday preparations Americans are making all across the country. This is definitely one scenario where “Nothing to see here” has a lot of resonance.

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