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Assault on America, Day 385: Inauguration Day is less than a year away. Will it be Trump X 2?

Trump Inauguration
With all the talk of impeachment and trials and witnesses and outlandish media claims of “new evidence” in the matter now before the senate, few noted or highlighted the fact that one year from last Monday (meaning January 20, 2021) is Inauguration Day.

On that day, the duly elected President (or President-Elect) of the United States will emerge from the capitol building’s west entrance, carefully walk down the steps and recite the oath of office surrounded by family, the newly sworn vice president and an envious who’s who of the Washington ruling class from both parties. Assuming the weather cooperates (and the ceremony isn’t held indoors like Reagan’s second inaugural was), there will be hundreds of thousands more watching from VIP sections, viewing areas and the streets surrounding the festivities.

There surely will also be squads of police within sight in every direction, a smattering of obnoxious and barely comprehensible protesters, opportunistic, profit-seeking vendors by the truckload and lots of happy partisan people with smiles and satisfaction knowing that their man -- or woman -- will live in the White House and preside over the country’s government for the next four years.

Unless he or she is impeached and removed, of course. But we’re all weary of that story. It ain’t happening this time, folks. And Trump’s not going to pull a Richard Nixon and bailout early by resigning either. Therefore, the die is cast. Nancy Pelosi, “Chucky” Schumer and the vast majority of Democrats are determined to go through with the charade. So be it.

I was at Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, 2017, and it’s looking more and more like he’ll be speaking the immortal words again in less than a year’s time. It feels odd to predict this considering an impeachment trial began this week and his Democrat opponent is yet to be named, but all the signs suggest Trump will win his second and final political race of his life in November. Philip Klein wrote at The Washington Examiner, “There are several factors that increasingly look to be playing in Trump’s favor.

“One, the economy. Predictions about the United States being on the brink of a recession have not borne out yet. Instead, unemployment has remained at a 50-year low of 3.5%... Two, foreign policy. Despite Democratic warnings, Trump’s decision to kill Iranian terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani did not trigger a war with Iran… Three, impeachment has proven to be largely a bust for Democrats. Regardless of how one feels about the merits of the case itself, politically speaking, months of impeachment news has not significantly moved public opinion…

“Four, Democratic candidates don’t seem ready to take on Trump. While Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have taken extreme policy positions that will be a liability in a general election, Biden has been showing signs of his advanced age.”

Let’s concentrate on reason number four first. As has been stated many, many times lately, on Inauguration Day, 2021, after having taken his oath Biden would instantly transform into the oldest man ever to serve as president. Trump would barely be older than Biden if he were reelected and served his entire second term tweeting and driving the Democrats and their media enablers crazy for another four years.

It’s often said age is just a number but it doesn’t appear to be true in Joe’s particular situation. Watch the video of Biden’s vice presidential debate with Sarah Palin in 2008 and you’ll notice an astonishing difference in Grampa Joe’s appearance, cognitive sharpness and ability to articulate effectively. The Obama veep has always been renowned for his remarkable gift of gab in addition to his considerable powers of recollection -- both of legislative initiatives he’d spearheaded decades ago, people he’d known, and of course, events or circumstances that didn’t even happen!

Biden recalls stuff that never existed. Lies or senility? That’s a heck of a talent. Some call it bulls--t. In the past he was able to pull it off because his stream of consciousness manner of speaking provided an impression he was telling the truth -- or at least believed what he was saying. But it’s not happening any longer. The magic’s evaporated. Put Biden behind a teleprompter with prepared remarks and he’s still able to come across as a capable human being with the capacity to deliver a speech. But take the security blanket (the speechwriter’s craft) away from Joe and he’s like an ugly duckling swimming in search of his mama’s love.

As I mentioned in my overview of last week’s Democrat debate, the frequency of Biden’s “brain freezes” appears to be getting worse. It’s almost like his mind is outpacing his lips, causing him to clench his eyes closed tightly, grit his teeth and search for a way out of the momentary mental inertia. Simply put, Joe is akin to the blue spinning wheel of death on everyone’s computer screen when their machine isn’t quite functioning normally.

Is Joe’s brain infected with malware or a malevolent virus? Any tech people out there?

One can only imagine Biden’s staff cringing whenever he’s asked a question in a public forum, televised or not. Will Joe challenge someone to a push-up contest again, or call them a damned liar… or insinuate they’re senile and fat? Or say poor kids are just as bright as white kids?

But Biden’s obvious cerebral slippage is only one basis for surmising Trump is primed for another term. Another reason is because Democrats don’t offer American voters much of a justification to vote for them apart from the fact they’re not Trump. As Klein pointed out in his piece, there are a lot of people who don’t like Trump’s personality, fondness for tweeting or the way he conducts himself in office. But some of these people still like and appreciate his policies and approve of the way the economy is performing under his guidance, etc.

Democrats -- especially the 2020 party presidential candidates -- have very little to tempt voters from an agenda standpoint. Think about it -- what if the world turned upside down and Trump is actually tossed out of office by the senate in a few weeks? You know, 20 or more Republican senators suddenly and inexplicably buy into the House managers’ oh-so-persuasive evidence and passion for Trump-hate and decide they’ve had enough of the constant media controversy and vote to return things to the swampy status quo normal in the DC insane asylum, where the only thing worth arguing over is how much taxpayer money to spend and who’s going to grab it…?

Trump then goes back to New York, retakes the reins of the family business and Mike Pence recites the oath and becomes president. What then? Can Democrat presidential contenders make equally effective “he’s so awful he can’t be reelected” arguments against the mild-mannered principled conservative from the Hoosier State? Everyone knows Pence has played a significant role in steering the policy direction of the Trump administration, so how would Democrats convince anyone that he’s not up to the job and he’d be a “disaster” as president?

Bernie Sanders (who took the national polling lead in one survey after the Democrat debate) is the only candidate who truly seems to have ideas and proposals apart from an “I’m not Trump” orientation. Certainly, Biden doesn’t have any forward-looking schemes to sell voters. Joe would rather reflect back on his years as Obama’s errand boy than get down and do the dirty nitpicking over policy details. Even his narrow, undefined healthcare proposal is basically to return to the grand days of Obamacare (when were those?). If Trump weren’t in the picture any longer, where would Biden be?

Nowheresville. Or the trash pile of used up former phony elitist politicians masquerading as normal guys. Mitt Romney’s still there, but now he spends his off hours as a senator.

What little enthusiasm for Biden’s candidacy there is would evaporate without Trump to bash. He’d be a doddering near-octogenarian washed-up office seeker in search of someone to listen to him one more time. Klein further argued, “Though Biden, on the surface, would have a good chance of beating Trump, recent presidential elections have shown that the candidate with the ability to generate more enthusiasm among their base fares better than a candidate chosen by default.”

It’s true. Party nominees who essentially fall into a nomination have a heck of a time generating the type of momentum to win in the general election. All of the recent presidents -- with perhaps the exception of George H.W. Bush -- were elevated thanks to grassroots movements propelling them forward. Remember Obama’s “Hope and Change?” Or Trump’s “Make America Great Again?” Anyone know what Biden’s campaign slogan is? (Don’t cheat… it’s “Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead.Pfft.)

Would Democrats still think Biden is so great absent his supposed electability vis-à-vis Trump? Don’t bet the farm on it, or you might just find yourself begging in a soup line.

And again, there’re all the positive reasons for thinking Trump will be reelected. As Klein aptly writes above, there’s the economy, successful foreign policy and the certain-to-implode impeachment effort to consider when glimpsing a possible electoral future.

Here’s thinking Trump will hold onto the former blue states he surprisingly won in 2016. Former governor -- and Trump primary opponent -- Scott Walker (in The Washington Times) suggested how the president could pull a repeat in his home state of Wisconsin, “In 2020, Mr. Trump’s policies are working and people like the strong economy. Unfortunately, some of the all-important swing voters in battleground states do not like many of his comments and tweets. To win in Wisconsin (and in turn America), the president and his team will have to do two things quite well:

“Explain to voters how the president’s policies are actually working for the country and making their lives and the lives of their families better now and in the future.

“Define his opposition as having ideas that would make their lives and the lives of their families worse in the future.”

In other words, take behavior out of the equation. As a lifelong celebrity, Trump no doubt feels his personality draws people to him, and for the tens of millions of Americans who love his act, it's true. But for independent voters and fence-sitters -- often depicted as the white, college educated suburban lot -- it’s a question of dignity and decorum.

There’s some truth in Walker’s argument. If the upcoming campaign is waged over differences in policy alone, Trump can’t lose. The president would do well to keep Walker’s Wisconsin in mind when considering his next tweet. But then again, the asinine impeachment sideshow will be over in a few weeks, so there won’t be as great a need to tear into Nancy Pelosi any longer.

With impeachment in the rearview mirror, Trump can then go back to tweeting about falling unemployment and foreign policy and energy production and advancing the country’s economic standing. And trade deals. Or continuing to crackdown on illegal immigration. It’s the stuff of victory, isn’t it? We’ll see on Inauguration Day next year.

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