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Assault on America, Day 390: Sizeable fissures emerge in the media’s Democrat unity wall

Hillary and Bernie
It’s always curious to see how the major establishment media treats the liberal, big government loving Democrats versus the (somewhat) conservative, liberty-touting Republicans (again, some of them at least), but one of the more hilarious distinctions the talkers regularly highlight is the notion that Democrats all get along swimmingly and GOPers, well… don’t.

Those who closely followed the fascinating 2016 primary season (for both parties) surely noted how the media characterized frontrunner Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with his closest pursuers -- Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and by default, John Kasich -- resulted in non-stop turmoil, angry recriminations, hurt feelings, a soap-opera mentality, lasting animosity (didn’t work out that way, did it?) and irreparable party scars. According to the smart set, Trump was so mean-spirited, uncouth, crude and uncivilized that Republicans would never rally ‘round him even if he managed to defeat the heavily favored, predestined-by-political-affiliation-to-win Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The election came, Trump trounced the establishment choice in the all-important Electoral College, and the rest is history. Well, at least it became history after Trump survived a deep state coup, constant attempts by some in his own party establishment to undermine his administration and policies and then defeated the media’s phony “collusion” narrative in the minds of the public. And let’s not forget impeachment. Now, polls and surveys consistently rate Trump’s favorability at or above 90 percent among Republicans.

That’s unity for you, ain’t it?

Then there’s the Democrats. On the surface it appears they’re hunky-dory on the big things, such as the impeachment trial (farce), the party presidential race, and, of course, the one aspect of contemporary politics that they all stand behind -- fierce and nasty opposition to Donald Trump as president. One can just sense the seething enmity, can’t you?

It’s almost like Democrats are one big Trump-hating family sitting ‘round the Thanksgiving dinner table gobbling up (tofu?) turkey and giblets, drinking Selzer water and having a grand ‘ol time fretting over climate change and plotting their next move against the president and his “deplorables” backers. Democrats look so happy they don’t even need to pull out their legally purchased (in some jurisdictions) pot stashes to brighten the festivities with an effervescent glow.

Or are they? Look closer and not far below the surface, cracks are beginning to emerge in the Democrats’ media-created solid foundation illusion. Starting with 2016 general election loser Hillary Clinton and 2016 Democrat primary loser Bernie Sanders, you’ll notice that all’s not well in Democrat-land these days. Hillary opened her big mouth -- again -- last week and exposed a rift that’s been obvious to everyone else for years.

Jonathan Easley and Amie Parnes reported at The Hill, “Hillary Clinton has torn open old wounds from her divisive 2016 battle with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), putting Democrats on edge about whether the party will be able to unite after a 2020 primary that has produced new fault lines between the center and the left…

“Clinton, who has largely stayed out of the Democratic nominating process, unloaded on Sanders in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that ran on Tuesday, accusing him of fostering a movement that is abusive toward women.

“’Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done,’ Clinton said. ‘He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.’ The former secretary of State refused to say whether she would support Sanders for president if he wins the nomination.”

If you didn’t know who Hill was referring to you’d swear she was talking about Trump or some other member of the “vast rightwing conspiracy” that’s been after her and her husband since the early 90’s.

But ouch! Talk about ripping the Band-Aid off a still healing scab! Better get the disinfectant ready whenever Hillary opens her Chardonnay-numbed trap, because there’s clearly a load of invective still left in there from four years ago! To claim “nobody likes him” and “nobody wants to work with him” (about Sanders) isn’t quite supported by the facts either, considering Sanders consistently draws bigger and more enthusiastic -- and hungry -- crowds than “Sleepy” Joe Biden and his nutcase, commie-admiring supporters would follow him through the gates of hell rather than get behind an establishment honk like Obama’s veep… or Hillary again.

It’s true, Bernie’s “bros” are still bitter over their dream candidate’s loss to the “With Her!” phony outmoded Hillary and her party-fixed super-delegate mandated nomination. Unlike in the Republican party, the Democrats (at least in the past) de-emphasized grassroots predilections in favor of the ruling elites’ preferred leaders. It’s a schism that only occasionally cropped up, but when it did, look out!

Like with Joe Biden this year, Clinton enjoyed overwhelming backing from African-American Democrats and older liberals in 2016, two constituencies Sanders hasn’t managed to electrify and dominate. As long as these groups stay away from the left-wingers like Bernie and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, any road to the nomination becomes exceedingly problematic and near impossible, especially with the delegate-rich heavily minority-populated large states.

But beyond mere surface tensions, what could possibly be motivating has-been Hillary to jump back into the fray so spectacularly? There are a number of solid possibilities. First and most notably, the two-time former candidate is leaving the door cracked open to another run. True, Iowa is just a week away, but it’s clear the race is fluid and will remain so at least through the Super Tuesday contests (on March 3). Clinton has tons more name recognition and party gravitas than out-of-touch uber-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, so she could give the go-ahead and automatically be right in the thick of things competing with the top-tier for delegates.

At a brokered convention, all bets are off. Can’t you just see the Clintons making the rounds canvassing for support? It’d be legendary.

As a side note, Hillary’s also no doubt hoping to push Tulsi Gabbard’s defamation suit to the side -- and what better way to do it than by assaulting Gabbard’s (probable) favorite candidate?

Second, if she doesn’t run herself, Hillary’s evidently decided Joe Biden is the only viable means to defeat Donald Trump this year and avenge her 2016 loss. At this point, redemption is the only thing left for the woman who was slated to be the first biological female to hold sway in the Oval Office (and no Monica Lewinsky jokes here, please!). If Trump wins again in November, the Clintons will be forced to witness another four years’ worth of systematic dismantling of everything they (and Obama) ever did.

Trump will go down as one of the most successful presidents of all time and the Clinton legacy hopelessly tarnished forever. Perish the thought! ‘Go Joe Biden!’

Third, Hillary hasn’t gotten past Sanders’ perceived slight (his delayed endorsement) after she was declared the victor in the Democrat presidential race. Though Bernie did eventually endorse her and passionately encourage his supporters to get behind her to defeat Donald Trump, he never truly embraced the Democrat establishment’s efforts to unify the party. Statistics show gobs of former Democrats (in the form of the white working class) voted for Trump, something that might’ve been avoided if “The Bern” hadn’t hesitated so long to actively campaign with her.

Sanders did offer a pretty good impression of a supporter in Philadelphia (site of the party convention), though. So why is she still so ticked off now?

Fourth, Hillary sees the dynamics in the Democrat race slowly shifting away from Biden and moving towards Sanders and figured it was time she did something to blunt the Vermont socialist’s momentum. If Clinton’s able to plant a seed of doubt in some Sanders supporters’ minds, perhaps it might be enough to provide Biden that extra boost of energy heading into Iowa.

Besides, Bernie’s tied down for at least a little while longer listening to the House managers drone on and on about abuse of power and contempt of Congress, speaking to a full upper chamber but virtually empty national TV viewer gallery. Sanders and “Pocahontas” Liz and Amy Klobuchar are all stuck in the senate chamber until Mitch McConnell rings the “it’s over” bell, so Biden will have a practically unimpeded campaign road in Iowa when it counts the most.

Lastly, could Hillary actually be right about Bernie? Maybe Democrats do hate Sanders and don’t want to work with him (again, sounds like she’s talking about Trump, doesn’t it?). By threatening to potentially withhold her endorsement and campaign assistance she’s trying to shock the liberal world into either backing (begging for?) her 2020 run -- or to jumpstart the badly foundering Warren campaign.

Liz is a “woman,” right? The only workable one left in the Democrat top-tier, too. If Biden implodes -- which with him is a very distinct possibility -- then the least Democrats could hope for is a female candidate to edge out crotchety old Sanders, who no one likes, right? Warren isn’t exactly the most warm and friendly alternative, though she does have a hauntingly similar attribute set to Hillary’s. Coincidence?

For his part, Sanders is making it easy for establishment Democrats to hate him -- he’s going full-bore against Grampa Joe these days. Jonathan Easley and Amie Parnes again reported for The Hill, “New national and early-state polls suggest the two candidates are getting some separation from the rest of the pack, and those polls have coincided with new, pointed attacks from the Sanders campaign on Biden.

“Team Sanders has accused Biden of supporting cuts to Social Security and is questioning his record on race as they seek to cut into his strength with African Americans and older voters.

“The Biden campaign is swinging back, releasing new ads accusing Sanders of mischaracterizing his record and making the case that Biden is best positioned to win a head-to-head match-up against President Trump.”

So much for that vaunted Democrat unity, eh? If the party ruling elites’ candidate -- Biden -- loses his luster, he’ll come apart quickly. Sanders is using quotes from decades ago to show Biden isn’t as big on entitlements as he currently maintains he is. Both want to give away the farm! What does it matter if the bad agenda is packaged with a thick northeastern accent or Joe’s everyman in-your-face tough dialect?

With the impeachment trial droning on in Washington and the Iowa caucuses only a couple weeks away, Democrats will be hard pressed to maintain some semblance of togetherness heading into a very stressful few months. Will Bernie Sanders’ attacks on Joe Biden have an effect? We’ll soon find out.

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