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Assault on America, Day 397: Would a Sanders Iowa win launch a Dem version of #NeverBernie?

Iowa Polls Sanders
At long last, it’s here. Iowa Caucus day has arrived, and not a moment too soon for a pundit class that’s spent the better part of a year -- or three years, more accurately -- talking about who would succeed the illegitimately elected (to them) and loutish (again, to them) President Donald Trump on the Democrat side.

Iowa Republicans also vote tonight but there isn’t a whole lot of suspense involved with the outcome in that event.

Much has been said and written in the establishment news media about the recent Iowa (and national) polling “surge” of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the 2016 Democrat runner-up and emerging clear in-state leader (if the latest polls are to be believed). Granted there were really only two possibilities for Democrats to select from in the last party nominating scrum four years ago, but it’s not the case this time. For those who claimed Hillary Clinton fell into the title as Democrat nominee because there wasn’t another legitimate option to oppose her, this cycle’s Sanders-dominated (at least in the news sense) horse race has definitely proved otherwise.

The nature of covering politics means you don’t have to make firm predictions all that often, but here’s thinking Sanders will win tonight in the Hawkeye State, and it won’t be close. General election races are harder to gauge because you can’t always detect much of what’s going on below grade with enormous get-out-the-vote efforts in full gear, but primaries and caucuses are a lot more visible on the surface. And to this observer, Sanders has all the momentum, plenty of money to fuel his machine and the passion of his supporters behind him.

These are all bad signs for the establishment. Throw in the fact that the elites’ choice, Joe Biden, doesn’t inspire a whole lot of fervor on his own… and it looks to be a long night at Washington party headquarters and in the minds of Democrats across the country who’ve placed purported “electability” high above everything else. For a long time, Americans were served a steady diet of swamp consultant-driven “Biden beats Trump” propaganda, but in Iowa (and probably New Hampshire, too), it appears they want their man, the unabashed apoplectic socialist from the Green Mountain State.

I could be wrong…I’m not a liberal and not a Democrat either. But having closely followed the Republican race four years ago, I gather the grassroots will have its say tonight in the one-of-a-kind Iowa caucus format. Regardless of who comes in first, questions will remain concerning Sanders, most notably… is he electable nationally? Kristen Soltis Anderson touched the subject last week at The Washington Examiner. Anderson wrote, “[T]he relatively similar standing between Biden and Sanders in polling matchups with Trump, including in key swing states, makes me skeptical of just how big the ‘electability’ gap really is.

“Biden consistently runs 2 points better than Sanders in these hypothetical matchups; in the latest, from ABC/ Washington Post poll, Biden bests Trump by four, while Sanders does so only by two. Fox News’s latest national polling has Sanders running ahead of Trump with 48% of the vote, as Biden leads with 50%. Whether these 2-point gaps are minimal or huge depends on how sticky you think these numbers are and how tight you think the election will ultimately wind up. If you think people are going to swing from voting Democratic to voting Trump if Sanders is nominated, or that this will be a tight contest where picking even a half-point weaker nominee could mean losing the whole ballgame, then yes, Sanders is a risky bet.

“But if you think people’s minds are largely made up, that this is a referendum on Trump, and that Democrats could nominate a cactus plant for president and it would still get 44% of the vote, then perhaps Bernie Sanders’s ability to energize otherwise disenfranchised and disillusioned voters (sound familiar?) makes him perfectly electable after all.”

‘Tis true, political junkies note Sanders does possess many Trump-like political qualities. Like Trump, the oldest candidate in the Democrat field stirs emotions -- but you’re never quite sure what they are at any given moment.

I do agree with Anderson’s premise that a “cactus plant,” Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or even Jesse Ventura could probably get 44% of the vote this year against Trump. If the exalted Ronald Reagan couldn’t crack the 59 percent threshold in 1984, there’s no conceivable way Trump wins in a runaway popular landslide in our day’s toxic political environment. Walter Mondale was unelectable (as history demonstrated) and he still earned four out of ten American votes.

As a side note, would it be dumber for Democrats to elevate Bernie Sanders now than it was to choose Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter’s vice president, to lead them that year? Sheesh. People forget how dull and uninspiring the Minnesotan was… and compared to the silver-tongued Reagan? I’m still shocked the Gipper didn’t win every state and command two-thirds of the popular vote in the 80s’ second election (maybe because I was still too young to vote). Booming economy, strong military, excellent leadership skills, morning in America… that was President Reagan. But doesn’t this describe Trump too?

Political winds have shifted considerably since, to the point where any candidate with a D by his or her name would receive at least 44 percent of the final tally. The old haggish crones on “The View” alone represent a big slice of the Democrat electorate. Don’t forget, the heinous, unlikable, crooked, corrupted, scandal tainted, tarnished, despoiled, polluted, truth-challenged, name-calling, off-putting, rhymes-with-rich Hillary Clinton got 48.2 percent of the popular vote, right? Does anyone think Bernie Sanders would do markedly worse than arguably the nastiest major party nominee of all time?

As has been stated many times in the past decade or so, the mobs of liberals, Democrat-favoring ethnic minorities, immigrants (illegal and otherwise) and the brainwashed by socialism younger generation that resides in the big blue coastal states (and Illinois?) guarantee the Democrat standard-bearer a huge proportion of the popular vote. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize Bernie would win by double-digits in California and New York even if he were on deathwatch about to expel his final breath. Any Democrat would be in the same boat. Maybe even Eric Holder!?

Granted Trump wasn’t the ideal candidate in 2016. He was untried, overexposed (for negative celebrity attributes) and even many in his own party suspected his motives. Trump overcame it all and beat Hillary because she was so awful that the “hold your nose and vote” factor was real. But the GOP outsider also presented an excellent and doable issue platform, had millions of motivated “drain the swamp come hell or high water” backers and an overhanging issue he didn’t choose -- a Supreme Court vacancy -- in his favor.

Therefore, is Sanders (or anyone else) truly unelectable? It’s far too simple to say yes or no. As with any political race -- at least one that takes place outside of gerrymandered partisan preordained outcomes -- shades of “maybe yes, maybe no” are in evidence. There are a few factors to consider.

One, Sanders’ strongest support stems from perhaps the most unreliable group in America, the youth vote. These are the kids on college campuses who think it’s cool to tout free stuff for all, feed off of white guilt, don’t know squat about how government or bureaucracy works and don’t care about anything other than their next social media ping. “Bernie Bros” probably think wearing a Bernie button will get them a date with a brain-numbed leftist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  But they’re also the most likely to be enthusiastic and willing to volunteer, too.

And young impressionables are the most susceptible to sell-jobs by leftist interest groups. “Vote for Sanders or the earth will melt in a dozen years.” Why save for retirement? Look at the Squad. What a collection of nimrods. But they’ve all got good command of the communications avenues young voters use. Bernie too.

Second, Sanders will eventually command the Democrat establishment’s support whether they willingly deliver it or not. Faced with another four years of Donald Trump in the White House, along with more tax cuts, additional energy exploration (bye bye planet!), a boosted military, dismantled Obamacare, a federal judiciary stocked with originalist judges serving lifetime tenures (not to mention at least a couple more Supreme Court appointments) and a federal workforce scrubbed clean of corrupting influences (well, maybe not this one), Democrats would have no choice but to work like heck for Bernie this fall.

Lastly, Bernie Sanders shouldn’t be considered “unelectable” because America wants a true either/or choice in this year’s election, even if it’s a clear one embodied by a crazy hand-gesturing near octogenarian loon with a thick northeastern accent. Joe Biden and most of the other Democrat presidential candidates based their campaigns on nebulous “I’m not Trump” platforms. Grampa Joe keeps saying “this isn’t who we are” and how he wants to restore the “soul of the nation,” which sounds nice… but does it get anyone juiced?

In contrast, Sanders offers his own version of political red meat to the tofu scarfing liberal masses. He promises everything under the sun in addition to proposing to drain the bank accounts of every rich (and ultimately, middle class) person from sea to shining sea. He bashes corporations, too (where a lot of conservatives sort of agree with him). And most glaringly, “The Bern” presents a distinction. Voters like a “bright colors” option.

Would a Sanders candidacy actually be good for the country? Roger L. Simon wrote at The Epoch Times, “It’s high time that something this serious, this contrasting [a Trump vs. Sanders matchup], were put before the public. I say, bring it on.

“The battle would be epic. Sanders has remarkably devoted supporters who have been with him for two elections. His fundraising capabilities are legendary. He is the master of the grassroots, a leftwing rock star who overcame a coronary, seemingly in minutes. In a very real sense, Bernie will have deserved his nomination.

“The challenge to Trump wouldn’t be simple. Merely calling Sanders ‘Crazy Bernie’ would not suffice. Indeed, as yesterday’s strategy, it could well backfire by seeming to trivialize important distinctions.”

If this is what Simon wants, it’s looking more and more like he’ll get it. If Sanders wins tonight, he'll probably win in eight days in The Granite State as well. Simon also likes Bernie’s chances in union-dominated Nevada, and the crotchety old socialist is polling way ahead in California.

This is real, folks. Bernie Sanders could easily end up on November’s ballot. And it all begins tonight in Iowa where Hawkeye State residents have had a good long look at the Democrat party candidate offerings. The political world just might be about to be turned upside-down, a development many would welcome. It’s all over but the voting.

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