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Assault on America, Day 408: The American economy stinks? According to Democrats it does

Donald Trump
“I don’t care what you say, I just don’t see it.”

We’ve all been in situations where someone refers to something (Hey! That guy looks just like so and so!), says it reminds him or her of a mutual friend or family member, and upon further examination, the doppelganger comparison just doesn’t cut it for you. There are a million factors going into every such scenario and our brains filter information in vastly different ways to the point where two people often can’t see eye-to-eye on the simplest of contrasts.

It’s especially true in politics, where everyone perceives the political spectrum through their own very different lenses. Whenever there’s a focus group it’s fascinating to witness a room full of people disagreeing with each other when simply presented with one or two common subjects. The same goes for polling, where responses and conclusions often depend on the way a question is asked. “Do you support President Donald Trump?” versus, “Do you favor President Trump and his agenda that’s produced millions of new jobs, solid and sustained economic growth and helped reduce carbon emissions despite a drastic increase in domestic energy production?”

Only a Democrat would say “no” to the second example but that’s why there’s political gridlock in America today.

In the aftermath of her party’s epic failure in the recently finished impeachment drama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decided she wants her Democrat underlings to emphasize the economy in their pitches to voters in the upcoming election. But instead of focusing on the plethora of good news blanketing the government’s reports, San Fran Nan wants her people to tell voters things aren’t as great as they appear... or in essence, to distrust their own senses.

This isn’t that complicated. The media does it all the time by slanting statistics, omitting pertinent information and/or burying storylines in a pile of otherwise negative hit pieces. It’s why public opinion surveys show Americans don’t trust journalists. It’s a fact.

In other words, Pelosi hopes to tell people that what they’re seeing isn’t actually happening -- and there’s a completely different reality. Heather Caygle and Sarah Ferris reported at Politico the other day, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking to make a sharp pivot ¨from the heated politics of impeachment and lash President Donald Trump in another key area: the economy.

“In a series of private meetings this week, Pelosi has all but explicitly told her members that with the election just nine months away, it’s time for Democrats to shift the spotlight away from the Ukraine scandal and other controversies ensnaring Trump. To further underscore that point, Pelosi hosted a special speaker’s meeting on Tuesday with a top Obama economics adviser to explain to Democrats why the economy isn’t actually as strong as Trump claims and how they can message that to voters.

“For moderate Democrats in competitive districts— including those where Trump dominated in 2016 — the shift away from impeachment less than a week after the Senate acquitted the president is a welcome reprieve.”

Do ya think? The last thing potentially vulnerable Democrats want to talk about these days is the impeachment farce. One can only imagine Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler weren’t happy when their party leader opted to switch the subject away from their personal vendettas, but we’ve heard enough from those clowns over the past several months to last a lifetime. From now on Democrats will do their darndest to avoid the “I” word at all costs, but as time passes and the respective races heat up, the subject is bound to resurface.

Even if Democrats don’t want to mention it, their conservative and Republican opponents will be more inclined to do so -- impeachment, impeachment, impeachment… do you remember impeachment?

And the establishment media will keep the topic alive, too. Liberal cable TV hosts need something else to talk about when the positive Trump-favoring economic news isn’t necessarily what they enjoy debating with guests. There’re only so many times Democrats can say “The wealthiest Americans are taking all the benefits while Joe and Suzy working stiffs need to toil at two and three jobs just to put food on the table.”

If anyone is working two and three jobs it’s probably because openings are so plentiful in times of full employment, and wages are increasing, so working longer hours is a good thing.

As has been stated many times before, presidents from both parties tend to receive too much credit or blame for the current economic conditions, but it’s pretty hilarious to see Democrats now trying to resurrect the Obama administration’s policies as the reason for today’s good tidings. An old saying goes that a government can’t tax its way to prosperity… and bureaucrats can’t regulate their way to it either. Logic indicates the more rules and restrictions you place on entrepreneurs and business people the harder it is for them to get the economic engine started.

It’s like your neighborhood being overseen by a very aggressive Home Owner’s Association. The greater the opportunity for others to pass judgement on the way you use your property the more likely you’ll run afoul of their tastes and dictates. Not everyone sees things the same way, right? And “messaging” won’t force people to see what isn’t there.

There’s no getting around it, Obama’s two terms were unalterably associated with low growth, shrinking workforce participation, vastly increased applications for disability and welfare benefits, high unemployment (at times) and an antagonistic regulatory state that hounded businesses until they couldn’t take it any longer. Anybody remember when Obamacare kicked in, it required companies that employed at least 50 full-time employees (known as the infamous employer mandate) to provide health insurance? How many business owners slashed hours and manipulated schedules to ensure they never had more than 49 regulars on their payrolls because of it?

Then Trump was elected and the atmosphere literally changed overnight. And Americans are feeling better than recent times, too. According to Gallup, “Americans’ confidence in the U.S. economy is higher than at any point in about two decades. The latest figure from Gallup's Economic Confidence Index is +40, the highest reading recorded since +44 in October 2000.”

Here’s thinking Democrats will have a heck of time convincing Americans that the economy isn’t doing as well as they perceive it to be. From my own personal observations, people are so busy they don’t have a lot of extra time to listen to Democrats gripe about how awful Trump is and that the economy is sputtering despite all the prosperity around them. As Trump himself is proud to point out, stock portfolios have skyrocketed since he took over the executive branch, meaning retirement savings have increased accordingly. Capital’s being freed up to pour into ventures, risky and otherwise. The labor force can barely keep up.

The media fans the myth that only fat cat wealthy folks are enjoying the inflated numbers. Hardly. Anyone who invests in a 401K is seeing big increases, money that will one day be spent to keep the economy humming. Despite what Democrats want you to believe, creating wealth helps everyone from top to bottom. And government doesn’t create wealth -- it merely confiscates it, spends it, wastes it, and, in many cases, redistributes it.

Further, surveys indicate Trump is being credited for fostering the strong economy, with six in ten approving of the president’s performance in this area. Considering Trump’s overall approval rating is hovering around 50 percent, this means even some who don’t think the man living in the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue is doing a good job still appreciate his economic policies. This most certainly includes minority voters who are seeing record lows in unemployment. It’s hard to convince someone their situation is in the dumps when they just received a decent sized raise and the business next door is trying to recruit them for an even better opportunity.

The affordability of healthcare remains a hot topic but Democrats, as demonstrated by their presidential candidates, aren’t exactly wowing people with wild and unsupported promises of Medicare for All and abolishing private health insurance. Costs will come down when consumers are given choices and market forces take over, not when government rations and taxes people to death. Trump’s said many times he wants any potential solution to cover preexisting conditions -- so Democrats would have a tough time demagoguing in this area, too.

Impeachment ended only a week ago and already Americans have moved on to more pressing matters. And talking about the economy plays right into Trump’s best case for reelection. Let Democrats try to change the subject; it won’t work. They’re better off droning on about “climate change”, transgender bathrooms and universal college tuition. It’s what they’re good at.

If there’s one economic topic both parties don’t seem to want to touch it’s the federal budget deficit and the national debt. Here too, Trump is moving in the right direction with many, many delineated cuts in his proposed budget. What do Democrats offer? Victor Davis Hanson wrote at The Washington Times, “Democrats say they appeal to diversity, protect the average working American and are suspicious of the billionaire class. But the Democratic primary race so far reminds us that party rules favor rich, white candidates.

“The agendas voiced on the debate stages are not those of Middle America. So far Johnny-come-lately multibillionaire Michael Bloomberg has spent hundreds of millions to buy his way onto the Democratic debate stage and move up in party polling. Billionaire Tom Steyer has virtually no support, but he has qualified for the debate stage solely due to his billions...

“The Democrats have nine months to unite around a centrist candidate. They have to give up on aborting Mr. Trump’s first term and instead offer a realistic counter-agenda to Mr. Trump’s booming economy and recalibration of foreign policy. Democrats also have to run their debates and primaries competently, fairly and professionally.”

Sounds like too steep of a challenge for the Democrat party to handle all at once. Up until last week Pelosi and all Democrats in Congress were talking about how the president had to be removed or he would “cheat” in the upcoming election. Now, according to the Politico story cited above, they want to pivot to telling people that the economy isn’t doing that great and everyone’s suffering.

Lest we forget, Trump campaigned in 2016 to “Make America Great Again” and offered numerous ways to jumpstart the economy and put more disposable income in everyone’s pockets. He also promised to keep the country out of endless needless wars overseas and to always put America First in discussions with foreign leaders.

And he’s kept all of those vows, and then some. The economy improved due to the new policies but it also elevated because Americans believed their government wouldn’t step on their best efforts through high taxes and burdensome regulations and red tape. It didn’t happen through convincing citizens that our country was trash and the only way anyone can get by is by having Uncle Sam provide the means.

No matter how hard they try, Democrats will have a heck of a time convincing Americans that the economy isn’t working for them and that the only solution to their woes is to turn Trump out of office. Telling someone to see something that isn’t there isn’t exactly a sound strategy for success.

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This just proves that Pelosi is no longer up for the job. Having people tell me I'm stupid because I think the economy is roaring because it IS will not get my vote. Yeah, THIS is the way to go. Tell us that we're really not seeing a good economy, while I look at my paycheck which has gone up due to raises and lowering of taxes. Real good idea, Pelosi. Really good.