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Assault on America, Day 411: Time to stick a fork in Joe Biden’s comatose candidacy…or is it?

Democrat Latino Voters
!Bienvenidos a Nevada!

For people who get annoyed when a choice of languages is offered on a run-of-the-mill service phone call or a visit to a bank’s ATM machine -- and always tersely “press one for English” -- it means “Welcome to Nevada!”

The appropriately named Silver State is the next-in-line to vote (its caucuses are set for Saturday) and therefore, is receiving the bulk of the attention and focus from the surviving Democrat candidates vying for their oh-so-precious party nomination to set up a showdown with President Donald Trump in November. For Iowa and New Hampshire co-winners and de facto field frontrunners Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, Nevada can shore up their claims to legitimacy and long-term viability. For up-and-comer Sen. Amy Klobuchar, another solid finish could conceivably boost her into the establishment favorite category; and for early also-rans Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and Joe Biden, Nevada is close to do or die time.

Biden in particular desperately needs some sort of good news to serve as the necessary tar to plug the enormous holes in his campaign ship’s leaky hull. After limping home in fourth place in Iowa and an even more gut wrenching fifth place showing in New Hampshire, the former Obama veep and Democrat polling favorite has been left for dead by many a political observer, this one included. And deservedly so.

Democrats put their stock in impeaching Trump, thinking it would weaken the president’s re-election case and simultaneously elevate the fortunes of their chosen favorite (Biden). But it didn’t end up that way. In fact, Biden was actually the one felled by impeachment. Can he execute a political double summersault and return to his former glory?

Daniel J. Flynn thoughtfully wrote at The American Spectator, “This politically unwise gambit [impeachment] never possessed a chance of removing the president. It did, predictably, harm the chances of Joe Biden, a candidate uniquely suited to wrest back some of those Rust Belt Democrats who cast Trump ballots in 2016, winning the nomination. Strangely, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and so many Joe Biden well-wishers overlooked this rather obvious result.

“The same delusional arrogance that foresaw a blanket of immunity protecting Biden from impeachment fallout inspires Establishment Democrats to demonstratively undermine the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the very beneficiary of the Establishment’s massive misplay on impeachment.

“In 2016, CNN employee Donna Brazile fed candidate forum questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign at the expense of Sanders. Last month, CNN talking head Abby Phillip asked Sanders, ‘I want to be clear here. You’re saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the election?’ He responded, ‘That is correct.’ She then passive-aggressively ignored what Sanders had just said and asked Warren, ‘What did you think when Senator Sanders told you that a woman could not win an election?’”

It was a seminal moment in January’s pre-Iowa Democrat debate -- at least for Sanders. At that instant it became clear that the Democrat poohbahs, which certainly includes the bulk of the mainstream media, weren’t about to let a senile old socialist anti-establishment coot like “The Bern” come in and control the narrative of their presidential race. The elites figured they could do damage to Sanders by painting him as a two-faced non-believing woman-dismissing semi-“deplorable” who tacitly discriminates against females because of anatomical differences and a perceived lack of ideological bona fides.

They were wrong. Instead of blowing a sizeable hole in Sanders’ credibility the assaults only hardened his supporters’ resolve to not give the establishment what it demands -- namely, a Bernie-free party nomination race.

Couple Sanders’ rise with the crash-and-burn post-impeachment performance of Obama darling Joe Biden and there’s much weeping and gnashing of teeth in Democrat-land today. The question now becomes whether Joe is indeed a political corpse headed for the graveyard of failed presidential wannabes or if he can somehow turn it all around in Nevada and South Carolina and give the smart-set what they’ve hoped for all along. The odds aren’t great, but there are several credible arguments in Biden’s favor that a return is possible… if not plausible.

First and most importantly, Democrat voters don’t give a hoot about whether a candidate is a truth-bending sleazebag (Bill Clinton), is likable (Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, etc.), has questionable associations (Barack Obama) or even if he or she can barely put two coherent sentences together (AOC, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, “Chucky” Schumer, and…every Democrat?). No, all they care about is whether candidate XY or XX (fill in the blank) can one, bring home the organically grown climate-change resistant bacon and two, beat his or her Republican opponent when the chips are on the line.

Biden’s near half-century of Washington experience would indicate he’s got a good grasp of the DC swamp’s pork-barrel spending apparatus and can deliver on condition one. Whether he’s still electable and can beat Trump will be settled in Nevada and South Carolina, but if he can somehow get a top finish there, it’s game (back) on.

Related to argument one is argument two. Both minority-voter heavy Nevada and South Carolina stack up much more favorably for Biden than either pasty-white Iowa or New Hampshire did. There’re tons of “Bienvenidos” signs in Hispanic southwestern state Nevada (which borders on the illegal alien paradise of California), and everyone knows Hispanic Democrats are more inclined to choose perceived “moderate” choices with union support. Ditto for end-oriented black Democrats, who tend to shy away from crazed socialist loons like Bernie Sanders.

Nearly three-in-ten Nevadans are Hispanic or Latino -- and another nine percent African-American -- quite a contrast to the northern states with their predominantly pale-faced populations. The Palmetto State has over twenty-seven percent black inhabitants, and since most are Democrats, there are lots of votes to be had. In other words, if Biden is to do well anywhere it’d be in these two states.

Third, the same buyer’s remorse and boredom virus that crippled Biden’s candidacy after leading for so long will soon creep into the campaigns of Buttigieg and Klobuchar. Doing well in political races is ultimately required to win a nomination but success also brings with it the type of scrutiny that many candidates can’t withstand. Such will certainly be the case for Buttigieg and Klobuchar because they’re so new to the political world and haven’t been properly vetted for bugs and other latent vermin that infest the doldrums of their pasts.

As Roger L. Simon pointed out last week, Buttigieg’s late father was particularly partial to communists, which means if the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, the son could just as well be disguising his own fondness for the radical left and its totalitarian schemes. A close perusal of Pete’s issue positions demonstrates he’s not nearly as “moderate” as he portends to be either. And besides, we’re still just getting to know him as a national figure. Seeing more of him might not be a good thing to many voters.

Likewise, Amy Klobuchar has very little name recognition, and, like Buttigieg, is just as liberal as the rest of the Democrats. Most Americans probably heard of her for the first time in the past month or so and the pundits have been desperately searching for a not-Bernie alternative. As soon as the light of truth is shined on Amy’s (literally) shaky bob-hairdo scalp, here’s thinking people are going to run away from her like bison in a stampeding herd.

At least everyone understands Biden. There ain’t a whole heck of a lot to discover that isn’t already common knowledge with the guy. Compared with the others… you never know.

The fourth argument for a possible Biden comeback is, the farther away from impeachment we go the better Biden’s prospects appear since his (and son Hunter’s) name won’t be plastered all over the news like it was in the past few months. As it is, Americans don’t possess the longest of political attention spans and there’s bound to be a huge amount of impeachment fatigue. By now, citizens have heard all about Hunter Biden’s Ukraine sweetheart deal and his daddy’s fierce defense of his boy’s modus operandi for making unearned cash from corrupted American-aid recipients.

People will eventually forget about impeachment and Biden will benefit from every day it’s not in the headlines.

Fifth, Biden’s got the establishment firmly behind him. Experience shows the ruling elites’ backing could be just as big a liability as a positive chit on his campaign ledger, but no one should underestimate the swamp class and completely count them out. Every time they’re left for dead -- like after the glorious 2016 election -- they reemerge with investigations, arrests, witch hunts and assorted other dirty deeds. Like slime on a stagnant pond, the establishment just kind of lays there and grows and solidifies.

You never know, the ooze could end up suffocating Biden’s competition.

Lastly, it would really only take one or two good results to get the pundits raving about Joe again, especially since they hate Bernie so much and the Democrat race has devolved into an “anyone but Sanders” mentality. It’s a natural reshuffling of the candidate deck that voters go through every four years, the invariable “window shopping” and “dating/romances” they engage in.

Will Democrats fall back in love with Biden? Here’s guessing probably not, but it wouldn’t be unprecedented if they did. Susan Ferrechio reported at The Washington Examiner, “While Sanders has been closing in on Biden in Nevada, his campaign was handed a potential setback on Wednesday when the Culinary Union, which represents 60,000 hotel and casino workers, warned in a flyer to its members that both Sanders and Warren would eliminate popular healthcare plans with their Medicare for All agendas. The flyer was first reported by the Nevada Independent.

“Union support for Biden would help secure a victory in Nevada, but Biden must still find a way to strengthen weak fundraising numbers.

“Biden, more than his competitors, is dependent on big donors, and some are becoming skittish about his viability after he bombed in the first two contests. ‘I think he’s reeling right now,’ [former Harry Reid aide Jim] Manley told the Washington Examiner. ‘And I think his money problems are only going to get worse from here on out.’”

If Joe somehow pulls off a win in Nevada and follows it up with a convincing victory in South Carolina, the establishment money spickets will turn back on and money will flow into Biden’s coffers like a raging river in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. If this happens there won’t be much bellyaching about Iowa and New Hampshire in Biden-ville any longer.

Democrats will then concentrate on taking out Bernie Sanders. The phony “moderate” lane will once again be filled by Biden and every establishmentarian face will crack a smile at the prospect of the back slappin’, hair sniffin’, nude swimmin’ Biden receiving his chance to face Trump later this year, just like they’d planned all along.

Anyone with eyes and experience knows Joe Biden’s campaign is in trouble and may be on unalterable death watch. But it’s still too early to say for sure whether the former Obama veep is comatose and headed for political obscurity. Nevada and South Carolina will have their say. Will Biden spring back to life?

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