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Assault on America, Day 412: Fundraising and policy success is Trump’s way to ‘feed the wolf’

Trump rally
Among many things the late U.S. Olympic Hockey coach Herb Brooks was famous for uttering, was, “The legs feed the wolf.”

Huh? What the heck does it even mean? Brooks wasn’t exactly as renowned as baseball legend Yogi Berra for producing cryptic yet insightful sayings, but the 1980 American team’s players certainly remember all these years later the truisms that were literally drilled into their skulls by their coach in the months leading up to their immortal February moment of glory (and these two weeks mark the 40th anniversary of arguably the most improbable and greatest of all sports upsets, the young U.S. team’s defeat of the Soviet Red Army team -- widely regarded as the best hockey team of all-time -- to set up a gold medal in that fateful Olympics).

Well, if “the legs feed the wolf” in Brooks-speak, then money/fundraising feeds political campaigns in American elections. President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee are receiving record contributions these days, the results of which are bound to show up later this year with a well-oiled campaign apparatus at all electoral levels. Madison Dibble reported at The Washington Examiner, “President Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee raked in $60.6 million for their 2020 war chest in January as they prepare to take on Democrats.

“Together, the two more than doubled the money earned by President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee in 2012, when the former president was at the same point in his first term as Trump is now, ahead of the November election. In 2012, Obama and the committee brought in $29 million, which is $31.6 million less than the Republicans.

“The massive haul brought the Republicans' cash-on-hand to more than $200 million. At the same point, Obama and the DNC had just $93.7 million cash on hand, along with $7.2 million in debt.”

Pundits and Washington experts regularly lauded the Big O’s ability to generate campaign provisions during his eight years at the helm, but this is exemplary even when pitted against Obama’s abilities. The Trump economy is certainly adding to the good and generous feelings among conservatives and Republicans, but it’s more than just extra change burning holes in everyone’s pockets that’s “feeding the [political] wolf.”

Trump -- and to a much lesser extent, Bernie Sanders -- has become symbolic of the grassroots’ drain-the-swamp mentality and it’s resulting in national enthusiasm that’s evident everywhere. RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel (yes, she’s Sen. Mitt Romney’s niece and well-grounded in the DC establishment) credited the Democrats’ incessant smear campaign against Trump for the record cash haul and added that the party already has half a million volunteers trained and activated, waiting for the chance to take to the phones, streets and neighborhoods to campaign this year.

Meanwhile, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale lauded the data operation that Trump’s people are building and honing which will combine all the latest technology with on-the-ground efforts to make sure no electoral stone is left unturned. Each massive Trump campaign rally results in a haul of new names, email addresses and phone numbers, which translates to one-to-one outreach and a motivated volunteer force at the ready. Data is like booty to a pirate, only you don’t have to bury it on a beach somewhere to dig it up later.

The president’s name, stellar accomplishments and lifelong celebrity will create an impressive, perhaps unprecedented level of proficiency. Can’t wait to see it in action in a few months.

Dibble’s article pointed out how Democrats outraised Trump and the Republicans in 2019, but that money was spread among numerous presidential campaigns, and will continue being expended as the party’s voters try to settle on a liberal nominee to take on the formidable populist incumbent. On the other hand, Trump is running uncontested (mostly) and doesn’t have to spend much at all on the traditional primary race to secure the GOP nomination. Needless to say, the vast majority of his funds are being put away to use at will after Labor Day.

Democrats are burning through loot like it’s going out of style.

Further, impeachment served as a non-stop fundraiser for Trump and Republicans as the party hauled in over $100 million during the committee process and trial. Not bad for a few months’ work. Do Democrats want to keep up the investigation nonsense? Here’s thinking every time Adam Schiff or Jerrold Nadler are featured on Fox News, the RNC’s hotline rings off the hook. Send in those checks, folks -- and people don’t even need a gift offer to entice them to do it!

Everyone knows money is certainly vital to sustain political campaigns, but it isn’t everything. Michael Bloomberg proved that a large cash stash will buy you access to Democrat debates -- and maybe a pile of delegates in the medium run -- but it ultimately won’t result in success. You can’t buy your way to political power, at least not in America. Trump spent considerably less than Hillary Clinton’s campaign did in 2016. Scoreboard, baby!

Besides, Trump has plenty of issue fodder to feed his own “wolf,” starting with the burgeoning U.S. economy that shows no signs of tanking or even slowing down prior to November’s vote. The stock market fluctuates along with the news of the day, but here’s thinking Wall Street will remain strong in the near term, because the one thing investors hate most is… uncertainty.

Trump came into office promising to put America first with a renewed emphasis on negotiating trade deals that promote American workers vis-à-vis “free trade” (it’s in quotes because truly free trade never really existed under the previous regimes from both parties). Shortly after his election the president-elect got to work on discussing new agreements and his first forays overseas resulted in tearing up old customs and ushering in a new way of thinking. If foreign countries wanted to participate in lucrative American markets, they had to lower their own barriers.

The recently consummated phase one trade agreement with China has already produced lower tariffs in both countries and promises to bring an agricultural boom to the midwestern farm economy, while also preserving the benefits American consumers enjoy from low cost Chinese manufactured goods. The same goes for improvements incorporated into the congressionally ratified USMCA deal which replaced the decades-old flailing NAFTA, an outdated pact that didn’t do American employees any favors in its quarter century of existence.

Then there’s the visibly successful “Opportunity Zones” policy spearheaded by Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and highlighted during Trump’s State of the Union address. These programs make a real difference in urban communities that haven’t seen change in decades -- or at least in a positive direction.

It’s a new attitude as much as it is policy victories. Voters see that Trump is one, accomplishing something after years of broken promises from presidents of both parties, and two, shifting positions in the global political economy has given America new might to demand concessions. The United States’ newly attained status as the world’s number one oil and natural gas producer means there’s no longer a need to defer to rogue Middle Eastern governments for energy. The entire balance of power has shifted in America’s favor, largely through policy backing from Trump.

At any rate, there’s stability in the marketplace, which reveals itself in boosted stock prices, low interest rates and people getting more bang for their bucks. The financial powers-that-be don’t seem bothered by the political class’s debt problem, so for now, everything looks great for the election.

There’s stability in other ways as well. The ongoing debate and tug-of-war over illegal immigration appears to have died down some as the Trump administration quietly builds the border wall (and/or repairs existing sections) and works with federal agencies to execute the existing laws to the best of their ability. Because of the stepped up patrols -- and hiring more personnel -- border agents are seeing fewer families with children making the dangerous journey together. Mexican smugglers are returning to trying to get individuals across (like the old days) instead of larger groups.

If this is the case then liberal media outlets won’t get as much mileage from showing years-old footage of children being locked in chain-link fence pens (cages?) from the Obama/Biden administration. Democrat presidential candidates still mention the so-called “family separation” issue as a problem, but clearly they’ve never visited the actual facilities themselves and seen the magnitude of the challenges there.

Perhaps the Mexican military’s involvement (patrolling its own southern border) together with the Trump administration’s successfully keeping potential asylum seekers on the Mexico side is showing up in the on-the-ground situation. At any rate, it looks like finally there is positive movement on illegal immigration, yet another feather in Trump’s cap to “feed the wolf.”

For their part, Democrats prefer pandering to Hispanic voters by promising to decriminalize border crossings, abolish ICE and establish full benefits for everyone, including illegal aliens. This will soar like a lead balloon as a general election issue, particularly if trends continue and Bernie Sanders is nominated as the liberal party candidate.

In addition to those attracted by the healthy economy, Trump will most definitely have gun owners on his side. The president notably mentioned protecting Second Amendment rights in his SOTU, and thanks to the overreach of Democrats in Virginia, the threat of liberals going after everyone’s firearms is no longer just an empty one.

Brad Polumbo reported at The Washington Examiner, “It’s no longer hyperbole: Virginia Democrats want to take your gun rights. At least, that’s what a new bill passed by the Democrat-controlled Virginia House of Delegates on Tuesday would do.

“The law bans so-called assault weapons, outlawing future sales. This bans popular models such as the AR-15, one of the most popular guns in America. Yet, the wide-ranging ban also makes it a crime to possess or transfer certain magazines. Virginians would have a year to comply and turn them in. If they don’t, they could face jail time.

“It’s a radical bill and one that’s arguably unconstitutional and undoubtedly ineffective.”

Polumbo further reported that the NRA indicated “anyone who owns a standard capacity magazine must submit to mandatory confiscation or face one year in jail for each magazine they own.”

Democrats are no longer merely threatening to rescind our rights, they’re actually doing it. When the party won full control in Virginia last November (with narrow majorities in both the state House and state Senate), they quickly got to work passing heinous legislation, ignoring the pleas of tens of thousands of lawful and peaceful protestors last month. They’ll stop at nothing, and conservatives recognize it.

In other words, Democrats are helping “feed the wolf” by revving up the Republican base before the election.

It is undoubtedly true that money helps “feed the wolf” in political campaigns. Without it you can’t pay staff, purchase advertisements, send out mailers or do other tried-and-true canvassing methods. But big bucks don’t buy everything. President Trump has a healthy war chest and issues on his side -- and that’s all he needs to succeed in November.

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