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Assault on America, Day 413: Floating Hillary as VP won’t win Bloomberg any bets in Vegas

Hillary as VP
Hillary Clinton for…. Vice president?

Don’t spit out your coffee. As Democrats gather in Las Vegas to participate in the party’s latest presidential debate (has it really only been twelve days since the last one?) tonight, rumors began circulating over the weekend (the fire was curiously lit on the Drudge Report) connecting the 2016 loser and the upcoming choice the faction’s presidential nominee will make in a matter of months. Even if there’s a brokered convention this summer, someone must serve as number two water-carrier for the head Democrat guy or gal. Apparently uber-billionaire and every TV station manager’s best friend, Michael Bloomberg, is floating Hillary’s name as under consideration to join him on stage for all the photo ops and adoration from the liberal establishment onlookers.

It’d be a heck of a scene, wouldn’t it? The Bloomberg family (in case you’re not aware, he’s a bachelor, which means his “First Lady”, Diana Taylor, would technically be single) basking in the spotlight, balloons falling all around them while Bill & Hill and Chelsea and the Clinton grandchildren enthusiastically point to supporters and clown for the cameras so as to maximize their own exposure. What fun! And they say politics is simply show business for ugly people.

Still, Bloomberg would be nuts to drag Hillary’s Chardonnay-soaked mug out of forced semi-retirement. But if that’s the case, don’t expect a warm reception from most Americans. Kevin McCullough wrote at Townhall, “My theory holds the entire sequence was a trial balloon to garner reaction before the Nevada debate and caucus to insert Bloomberg’s campaign into the equation. He is still not on the ballot for two more contests. Odds are also shaping up for increasing momentum to be garnered by Sanders ahead of Super Tuesday, where his lead in California and now Texas have expanded big time...

“Rightfully Sanders has jetted (in first-class no less) to the top of the polling of not only the next three important primary dates but to a ‘beyond the margin of error’ lead in the national polling amongst Democratic voters.

“The Hillary trial balloon is a dumb idea that traditional party leaders are desperately yearning for because of the steadiness of Sanders’ support, and the now no-longer-able-to-hide-it factor that the Democratic base is fully behind socialism.”

The evidence is there to support McCullough’s “trial balloon” contention. “The Bern” has taken over the Real Clear Politics average lead, which shows the 78 year-old Vermont Senator and 2016 Democrat runner-up with a healthy advantage going into tonight’s debate. By all appearances Sanders is dominating the Democrat race, which must be giving party poohbahs a severe case of stressed-induced hives at the thought of an avowed socialist actually being voted into power by the grassroots.

It should be noted that “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg still only commands a little over ten percent in national horserace surveys, placing him in fifth position behind Sanders, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg and even Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, which indicates the 38 year-old’s all-out effort to generate a fever in Iowa and New Hampshire didn’t spread to other locales … certainly nothing to brag about. The Democrats’ other flavor of the moment, Amy Klobuchar, lags behind in sixth with less than half the generic support of Buttigieg (that means around five percent, hardly intimidating).

What, the country wasn’t wowed by Klobuchar’s fifth place in Iowa and third place showing in the Granite State? Shouldn’t everybody now be falling over themselves to get one of those catchy pea-green “Amy for America” signs for their front yards? Here’s thinking the Minnesota senator is still running for the vice president’s slot, which would be completely aborted if Hillary Clinton entered the picture.

Granted Bloomberg needs to make a splash tonight to firmly establish himself in Democrats’ minds as a real contender, but why would he even suggest he’s thinking about partnering with Hillary Clinton if he somehow wins the nomination? This has all the telltale symptoms of a public relations farce, a desperate fishing line cast into a fish-less pond hoping to snag a crab.

For all of his faults, Bloomberg certainly isn’t dumb. He recognizes there’s a host of potential pitfalls out there in media-land waiting to swallow his momentum. There’ve been persistent #MeToo whispers about his misogynistic past, complete with audio and video to back up the victims’ claims. And that’s not even including the most recent revelations regarding “stop and frisk” and his overtly racist utterances. If a Republican candidate said any of these things the media would be on him or her faster than a turkey vulture on a decaying roadkill deer carcass.

So perhaps from this standpoint it makes sense for “Little Mike” to float the possibility of bringing Hillary Clinton back. National Review’s John Fund wrote that there’s no way Bloomberg would ever choose Hillary, partly because of the corruption she represents as well as her myriad of ethical challenges that she’s never convincingly explained. But maybe Bloomberg’s mentioning Hillary takes negative attention off him right at a time when folks are getting to know the man everyone’s talking about as the one to defeat Trump.

As demonstrated by their staying power, the Clintons have more political lives than the proverbial cat, and establishment Democrats are still fond of them even if they’re terrified of Hillary getting back in the race. Talk about polling -- the minute the 2016 loser indicated she’s serious about a candidacy she’d automatically command top-tier status, especially with the specter of Sanders looming over the entire race. Democrats would drop their temporary fixations with Buttigieg and Klobuchar and latch onto her. She’d even outpoll Bloomberg on day one -- wonder if he realizes it… and that’s the reason he’s flattering her with a comment.

Regardless, if a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket ever came to fruition, can you imagine the hilarity this fall when the nominee’s poll numbers invariably start sinking vis-à-vis Trump’s and there’s the oh-so-predictable clamor for Mike to “do the right thing” and bow out of the race leaving Hillary as the stand-alone nominee (of course she’d then have to choose a running mate and there’s not a liberal minority female in the land who wouldn’t be besieging her campaign door to be considered)?

Conservatives and Republicans are having a grand time seeing Democrats go through the same struggles GOPers experienced four years ago during Donald Trump’s historic run to the top. Back then there was much discussion of “running independently of the party nominee” and “disavowing what he stands for.” Weak-spined ruling class Republicans saw Trump as a good “opportunity” to demonstrate “independence” and to place themselves “above politics.”

What a crock. If Bernie Sanders lives through similar hurricane force winds against him this time, Democrats will have no choice but to back him and his platform to try and beat the odds -- or concede Trump another four years in the White House. That means more tweets, more anti-establishment broadsides, more stepping on toes, more State of the Union page ripping from Nancy Pelosi (who will need to do it from the gallery next time because she won’t be Speaker), more crying from Chuck Schumer and more lamenting from party poor-sports about how Trump is “ruining” America.

Sanders presents the perfect dilemma for the normally ideologically united Democrats. If they boost Bloomberg -- or Clinton, or Biden, or Klobuchar, or Buttigieg, or Michelle Obama, or Oprah -- over Bernie, there’s a good chance the Democrat socialist’s backers won’t support them this fall. And even if they “adopt” Sanders and welcome his crazy illogical belief system, he’ll still lose in a landslide.

A brave few have said nominating Sanders -- and losing to Trump -- is the only way to save the party… and the nation… in the long run. David Catron wrote the other day at The American Spectator, “After the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, each of which awarded Sanders the majority of votes cast, the Democratic establishment and much of the media are terrified. As one headline put it, ‘Yes, Bernie Sanders Could Be the Nominee — and It Would Be an Epic Nightmare for Democrats.’ They should, however, welcome the news. It does portend election losses in the short term, but it offers a chance for rational Democrats to purge their party of faux socialist headline hunters like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and ‘the Squad.’ Yet, even pragmatic veterans like James Carville fail to see the opportunity...

“...Carville, Penn, and other rational Democrats should get out of the way and let Trump take out Sanders and the radical Democrats who control the House. But this will work only if Sanders is the nominee. If some ostensible moderate is handed the Democratic nomination by the party elite and proceeds to lose, it will strengthen insurgent socialists like AOC who are already pursuing a hostile takeover of their party. It’s time for a strategic retreat. That means defeat by Trump and the GOP in November, which would indeed be hard to swallow. In the end, however, it would be good for both parties and the nation as a whole.”

Again, this is a similar line of argument to the one #NeverTrump critics advanced when it became clear Trump was taking over the party from the outside. How many Democrats chuckled at the notion of nominating tabloid playboy Donald Trump to head the GOP ticket thinking it would purge the party of his Alt-Right-supporting ignorant “deplorable” followers for good, clearing the way for permanent rule by “moderate” Republicans who believed in open borders, big government spending and of course, removing any inkling of social policy from the lips of candidates forever.

You know, all those “divisive” things that would never “unite the country” as if such a fantasy is even possible in today’s toxic political environment.

Bernie Sanders wouldn’t “unite the country” any more than “Pocahontas” Warren or Joe Biden or Amy Klobuchar -- or Michael Bloomberg -- would. Neither will President Trump’s reelection, but he’s done a solid job of bringing Republicans together (who would have thought it four years ago?). At the same time, a Sanders-Trump match-up and Bernie defeat won’t forestall the Democrats’ march towards socialism.

Bernie’s a symptom, not the disease. There’s no such thing as a “moderate” Democrat any longer. All but three of their Washington delegation voted to impeach Trump. Where’re the voices of reason, the respect for the office and the Constitution? Anyone?

Michael Bloomberg will get his first widespread exposure to the national audience in Las Vegas. After he speaks for a minute or two, folks will quickly grasp that he’s not the answer for Democrats. He’s boring. And uninspiring. “What time does the Blue Man group show start?”

National elections have a way of sorting things out and this year’s will be no different. Tonight, Democrat presidential candidates will hem and haw about “unity” and “restoring the soul of the nation,” but there’s no getting around the fact we’re one divided nation. And having Hillary Clinton as vice presidential nominee wouldn’t make it better.

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