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Assault on America, Day 419: Sanders and Dems bank on youthful ignorance to fuel campaign

Biden South Carolina
We hear it a lot in the gun debate – liberals asserting that if we can’t trust kids to purchase alcohol, we shouldn’t be selling firearms to eighteen-year-olds who could still be in high school. Conservatives counter -- if we can’t feel good about young adults handling potentially lethal weaponry, why would we allow teens to join the military and then hand them rifles?

Or, even more urgently, should we put the fate of the republic in the hands of sixteen or eighteen year-olds by granting them the right to vote?

It’s a question we should keep in mind tonight as the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates gather in Charleston, South Carolina for their tenth “debate.” Of course it’s only been six days since last week’s disastrous (for the party) “fight night in Vegas” forum which featured two solid hours of the six most viable surviving contenders tearing at each other’s electoral skin like hungry lions on a lifeless gazelle.

Wounds were created. Egos shattered. Friendships questioned. Loyalties assaulted. And, if you listened hard enough, there was the barely audible sound of the Democrat establishment shrieking in pure horror at the prospect of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leading their party.

Of course, Sanders won another huge victory in Nevada over the weekend, vaulting him into the undisputed party delegate lead and establishing the avowed “Democratic Socialist” as the one to chase from here on out. South Carolina will be critical to determine if Sanders can possibly be slowed down or whether Democrats would be better off conceding the inevitable and handing him the nomination right now.

Much has been written about “The Bern’s” solid base of support, stemming primarily from young voters, many of whom still inhabit college campuses or just recently completed their secondary education. There’s little doubt that teens and twenty-somethings are having an oversized impact on this year’s presidential race, and they’ll ultimately determine who Democrats will be stuck with later this year. Young voters fell in love with Barack Obama’s airy “Hope and Change” rhetoric twelve years ago in the midst of war (in Iraq and Afghanistan) and an economy that collapsed from poor mortgage lending decisions and an overabundance of swampy interference in the marketplace from the ruling class.

Getting down to it, they’re really just kids, aren’t they? Should we even be having this conversation?

Philip Carl Salzman touched on the subject at PJ Media, “Should teenagers even be allowed to vote? They are intellectually and emotionally immature; they have little experience in the world; most remain economically dependent on their parents or on the taxpaying public. They could hardly be considered responsible citizens. But Democrats are not satisfied with exploiting the 18- to 21-year-old segment of the population. They want to lower the age of voting to 16. ‘On April 3, 2019, Andrew Yang became the first major presidential candidate to advocate for the United States to lower its voting age to 16.’ It is always leftists who support giving the vote to children...

“We might also want to ask what happened to our universities. How is it that our heavily subsidized public colleges and universities, as well as private ones, have come to advocate radical ideologies that aim to destroy our great Western tradition and to replace the most successful economic system the world has ever seen, capitalism, with the socialism and communism, the abject historical failures of which should be our warning. Is it not said that insanity is imposing the same mistaken economic policies over and over, expecting a different outcome?”

Yes, it is kind of insane, but then again, our culture in recent times has rapidly shifted towards “listening” to the complaints and demands of neophyte citizens rather than having them pipe down and observe, to the point where young people’s opinions are often more highly regarded and considered more well-formulated than those of much older folks. How many times have we seen glorified media reports of confused children and teens choosing to switch gender identities and begin the process of permanently altering their anatomies?

Not sure about you, but it gets me squeamish to ponder our futures (in the political sense) being determined by a demographic group that widely believes it’s okay (for a token few) to extinguish pronouns and self-identify as the opposite sex. Putting a face to the dilemma, would we really want Bradley/Chelsea Manning selecting our nation’s near-term path?

It’s a topic the candidates won’t face tonight, and none of them would dare question the wisdom of youth voting – it would be Democrat political suicide. Similar to the need to stand up for abortion-on-demand up until the moment of birth (and maybe beyond if you’re “blackface” Virginia governor Ralph Northam), each candidate robotically sings the praises of today’s college crowd. As if taking sociology and women’s studies courses concurrently with engaging in voting grants the youthful and hormonal some special sort of erudition.

Not to mention the fact most young voters don’t make much if any money – and definitely don’t pay taxes. There’s no skin in the game for Bernie Sanders’ “bros.” They haven’t a clue what consequences will flow from their choices, and colleges and universities aren’t teaching them to think. If this weren’t the case then why are so many graduates moving back to their parents’ houses after college, taking up space in the family basement and living off the dole as long as they possibly can?

Salzman’s point is a good one. Teenagers aren’t prepared for the responsibility of voting. Of course liberals plead that if you’re old enough to be drafted, society owes it to you to give you a say in the political decision to go to war. The age question was formally solved by the twenty-sixth amendment to the Constitution, which reads, “The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.” It was ratified in mid-1971, the quickest Amendment to ever travel through the process (congressional approval and given the okay by the states).

What have they done? Clearly those who proposed and pushed for this Amendment didn’t foresee its consequences. Theoretically speaking, it made sense to lower the minimum age of the franchise, but little did the movers anticipate it would directly lead to someone like Sanders coming within smelling distance of the presidency (or at least a party nomination). The young and ignorant aren’t the only ones attracted to Bernie’s socialist message but statistics say they’re driving his candidacy.

Perhaps additional seasoning would help young people recognize what they’re getting everyone into. Sanders’s Soviet and Cuban heroes are totalitarians responsible for killing tens of millions in the twentieth century. They ruined entire economies while suppressing free speech, imprisoning their domestic opposition, enriching themselves off the confiscated wealth of others and starting world wars.

Socialism doesn’t work. Capitalism isn’t perfect but it does allow motivated and creative people to risk their own money in hopes of one day seeing a profit and improving their lives free of government interference. All socialism does is cause resentment, jealousy and envy among those who view their class as being held down by someone else. Young voters are schooled by the leftist education establishment to see themselves as victims, and opportunistic politicians like Bernie Sanders take advantage of their political illiteracy.

The chances of ever reversing the current trend towards universal voting aren’t good and certainly we’re saddled with having teenagers and twenty-year-olds having a major influence in nominating contests (at least on the Democrat side). But it’s also true that if Sanders ends up the Democrat nominee there will be a party reckoning at some point. They’re “low information” voters on steroids and the elites won’t stand for it when they could have someone like Joe Biden back slappin’ his way to power.

Never forget the Democrat ruling class cooked the contest for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Think they won’t do it again?

As for now, Sanders is polling at or near the lead in South Carolina which likely guarantees him another top finish, or at worst, a close second. Last week, New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg proved he isn’t the Democrat savior his TV commercials promoted him to be, so it will be interesting to see if tonight’s debate tone is more measured and cerebral than the Las Vegas slug fest. During one particularly awkward moment last Wednesday, Senator Amy Klobuchar asked “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, standing right next to her, “Do you think I’m dumb?”

Not exactly, but the Democrat powers-that-be better distribute internal memos to the campaigns to try and present a more welcoming presence this time, which will be difficult since the feelings are still so raw – and the lower-tier candidates (which means everyone but Bernie at this point) have quite a lot of impulse to remain on the attack.

Wild horses couldn’t drag them out of the race, however, especially with the establishment media encouraging all of the non-Bernie contenders to stick it out in hopes of a brokered convention. If ‘ol Grampa Joe says he’s not going anywhere, he probably means it. Soon enough, without a clear frontrunner Bernie-alternative, the ruling elites’ strategy will switch to depriving Sanders of a qualifying delegate total on the first ballot. This will bring the superdelegates into play – and they can vote on the second ballot.

Young and impressionables aren’t the only ones drawn to Sanders these days. Polls show black voters are starting to warm to “The Bern” as well. Marty Johnson reported at The Hill, “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is closing the gap between him and former Vice President Joe Biden when it comes to black voters, according to a new NBC News-Wall Street Journal national poll.

“Among black Democratic primary voters surveyed, 31 percent said they back Biden, while 29 percent said they back Sanders, which fell well within the poll's margin of error.

“The black voting bloc is a demographic that Biden has been able to point to as a strength during the Democratic nomination process.”

Biden’s inability to maintain dominance over African-American support is the main reason his poll numbers slipped in South Carolina, so anticipate him playing the race card big-time tonight. If you’re considering a drinking game for the debate it might pay to center it on how many times Joe – or any of them, really – mention Charlottesville, Bloomberg’s “stop and frisk,” white supremacists, Trump’s purported fondness for racists, slavery reparations, etc. Anything that has a racial component is fair game for this group.

Don’t forget, former candidate Kamala Harris’s “I was that little girl” moment (way back in June of last year during the first debates) injected race and Biden’s record into the forefront of the Democrat contest. Democrats don’t have much else to run on, so why not ramp up the “fear” motive?

As the Democrat presidential race moves towards the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday on March 3, the non-Bernie Sanders candidates recognize they’re in a tight spot. Time is running out to alter the course of the contest, so expect another bash-on-Bernie fest in the Palmetto State debate tonight.

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Youthful ignorance

I fully expect that, if Bernie becomes the candidate, Congress will TRY to raise the voting age back to 21 (or higher). It will fail, but they will TRY.