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Assault on America, Day 427: Democrats forget Joe Biden is/was an awful (and old) candidate

Bernie and Biden Super Tuesday
What have we done…????” (Miscellaneous Democrat in state X upon seeing the Super Tuesday results last night, which showed a big Joe Biden comeback. It’s now basically a two-person, head-to-head race between Biden and Bernie Sanders.)

Click this link for up to the moment results. Biden won nine states, Bernie Sanders four, with one too close to call. For all his hundreds of millions spent on TV ads, Michael Bloomberg wasn’t much of a factor, but we’ll include him here for analyses’ sake.

Now that Super Tuesday’s in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look back to how we got here – and to glimpse the (near) future. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg withdrew from the Democrat presidential race on Sunday, and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar called it quits on Monday, leaving the party’s voters to choose between three near octogenarian white men to serve as their nominee. It basically means if a Democrat is elected later this year he will instantly become the nation’s oldest president ever on day one.

Unless, of course, a “White Knight” candidate (hint, hint, Hillary Clinton) swoops in to save Democrat hopes at a brokered convention…that is until she gets clobbered by President Donald Trump again on Election Day. And Clinton is no spring chicken herself (at 72 years-old).

Back to the old guys. Joe Biden is the youngest of the fearsome threesome, he being a spry 77-year-old (born November 20, 1942) with a proven talent for forgetting facts and tripping over his ever-flapping tongue. The middle bro of this less-than-formidable Democrat trio is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a little more than nine months older than Biden, he having entered the world on February 14, 1942 (Happy Valentines birthday, Mini Mike!).

Last but certainly not least is “senile old coot” (coined by none other than Roger Stone) Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who first graced the planet with his would-be world-altering presence on September 8, 1941. That’s right. With all the WWII 75th anniversary commemorations taking place these days (Iwo Jima’s flag raising date was February 23), “The Bern” arrived before Pearl Harbor was bombed and a little more than two years after the Nazis invaded Poland.

Liberal cable news channels could run a week’s worth of specials on all the events that have transpired during their lifetimes – and CNN might even throw something together about how much better off we’d all be in the next 75 years if their new big government/socialist policies were implemented.

How things have changed during the leading Democrats’ lifetimes! And funny how all of them (to one degree or another) intend to break down and obliterate the attributes that made America great in the post-war world, like low taxes, personal responsibility and accountability and an emphasis on individual liberties and valuing human life.

Of course President Trump is a septuagenarian as well, though his legendary energy and obviously still-intact intellectual capacity makes him seem much younger than his 73 years. Trump’s talent for drawing Democrat angst and controversy also remains in full swing, so much so that liberals wonder whether the president’s own party will ever put restraints on him. It’s desperation time, folks. Not only are Democrats trying to take the spotlight off their aging contingent of wannabes, they’re assaulting Trump’s legitimate exercise of his presidential power and effective use of the bully pulpit.

Fox News’ loneliest contributor, Juan Williams, wrote on Monday at The Hill, “What will it take for the American people to march on the White House and say: ‘Enough is Enough’? What will it take to get Senate Republicans to march to the Trump White House — as they did long ago when Nixon was in the Oval Office — and tell the president he is hurting the country and it is time to go?

“Less than a month ago, Senate Republicans gave Trump a pass despite clear evidence he committed a high crime by pushing a foreign government to interfere in the 2020 election. They even refused to hear witnesses...

“As House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) told Republicans at the end of the Senate trial: ‘Now you may be asking how much damage can [Trump] really do in the next several months until the election? A lot…If right doesn’t matter, we’re lost. If the truth doesn’t matter, we’re lost.’”

If Democrats gain power… we are lost.

It’s evident the wounds from Trump’s preordained escape from the Democrat impeachment snake pit are still fresh among the liberal commentariat class. They’re bored senseless by the Democrat near-octogenarian circus, so they long for the good ‘ol days of impeachment and the lead-up to the primaries instead of the current free-for-all of party elites trying to stop Bernie Sanders.

Williams directed his Trump-did-this, Trump-did-that rant (specifically, replacing the acting Director of National Intelligence with non-deep stater and Trump backer Richard Grenell, firing of biased Ukraine deep staters Alexander Vindman and Gordon Sondland, using the president’s pardon power to free deserving people a few weeks ago and then criticizing the biased judge and jury foreman in Roger Stone’s trial) at Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins, who voted with everyone else in her party (except turncoat extraordinaire Mitt Romney) to acquit Trump last month in the Democrats’ stupid impeachment witch hunt.

As though Collins would change her mind today on the validity of the articles of impeachment after Trump’s had a month to use his presidential authority to clean house of the liberal vermin infesting the place. Ask most people what they think of Washington, DC, and they’d say the swamp needs a complete cleansing, not a simple spot application of soap. Trump’s dispensing with enemies inside his own administration – and bringing in outsiders like Grenell to replace them – indicates he’s only doing what should’ve been done months if not years ago.

And should Williams (or anyone in the sane world?) be leaning on habitual liar Adam Schiff’s predictions for the future? It’s absurd. Schiff’s recently proven, for the umpteenth time, that he can’t be trusted with sensitive national intelligence secrets. The man’s mouth is a leak instigating sieve for any tidbit of information that could be twisted by the media to damage Trump.

One wonders how/why Williams and other liberal political observers remain so bitter and slighted that career government staffers failed to take down Trump from their civil-servant protected perches within his administration. It’s only natural for Trump to want to surround himself with people loyal to him and his policy preferences. Would Barack Obama have allowed opponents to operate within arms’ reach of his decision-making apparatus? Hardly. Why the double standard with Trump, liberals?

Didn’t Obama fire General Michael Flynn over policy disagreements?

Trump isn’t the one who needs to be held back. He’s the only president who’s highlighted the rot at the center of official Washington and then had the guts to do something about it. Democrats like Williams are terrified that if Trump wins reelection he’ll finish the job and the Alexander Vindmans and (whistleblower) Eric Ciaramellas of the world will be utterly eradicated. Sooner or later the purge will commence. They’re lucky this isn’t a socialist dictatorship… at least their lives aren’t in danger, just their jobs.

What’s at the heart of all of this? It appears to be the perilous situation in the Democrat primary race. Super Tuesday only made it clearer that Democrats have a heck of a problem on their hands, with the likelihood of a brokered convention increasing with each passing week. Establishment Democrats celebrated Joe Biden’s South Carolina win last Saturday – and privately rejoiced at Buttigieg’s and Klobuchar’s clearing of the (perceived) “moderate” lane for Biden and Bloomberg – but the reemergence of Obama’s veep only complicates matters further.

Here’s thinking in the weeks and months ahead that the clamor to “find another candidate” will grow louder and louder with Democrats citing the eventual winner’s age and concerns about his health as the driving force behind the new urgency. The blubbering will be particularly acute if Sanders regains his delegate lead (we’re only a few months removed from the Green Mountain State senator’s heart attack, remember?) and his supporters threaten to bail on the Democrats if their man isn’t awarded the honor.

If the Democrat race reaches Milwaukee (the site of their convention) without a clear winner, sit back and enjoy the fireworks detonating all around. Tensions have started surfacing in Democrat circles over Sanders’ strength in fundraising and grassroots organizing. Bloomberg has his money but “The Bern” has a huge advantage in volunteer enthusiasm. Biden has neither money nor emotional sentiment behind him. Joe didn’t earn much loyalty for his half-century’s worth of groveling to the powerful (but he did secure a cushy financial situation for his son). The establishment sure thinks he’s great, though!

Have Democrats forgotten Biden’s bugaboos already? Even if he won the nomination, Hunter Biden’s face would be plastered on every GOP TV ad this fall. Think it won’t matter? Did impeachment just disappear?

Further, as alluded to above, one scenario involves Hillary Clinton. What if a deal is engineered to give Hillary Clinton the nomination and to grant Sanders, Biden and Bloomberg (if he’s still around at the end) some sort of “consolation prize” such as the vice presidency, Secretary of State office or something even more bizarre, like first say in the next Supreme Court nomination?

Then again, Biden’s already been the vice president and Bernie and Mini Mike are too old to care much about lower-tier patronage consideration. Who knows, maybe Democrats will try and “split the baby” and create a three-way extra-constitutional presidency? Remember the 1980 GOP convention where party elites tried to finagle a co-presidency between Reagan and Gerald Ford?

Democrats always work to one-up Republicans, so perhaps they’ll try dividing the nomination between the three. And Donald Trump would beat them all. A lot of it’s due to common sense. Morgan Chalfant reported at The Hill, “President Trump said … that he believed it was safe to continue holding campaign rallies across the country during the coronavirus outbreak.

“’I think it’s very safe,’ Trump told reporters when asked whether he believed holding rallies was safe during an Oval Office meeting with Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez … Trump … also told reporters they should ask the same question of Democrats running for president.

“’Well this was set up a long time ago and others are,’ Trump said, referring to the North Carolina rally. ‘You could ask that to the Democrats because they’re having a lot of rallies.’”

Imagine if Trump offered to cease holding rallies (due to the coronavirus) in return for Democrats likewise agreeing to call off live in-person campaigning for the near-term. The uproar in media circles would astound the sensitive and infuriate the Trump-haters even further. But Michael Bloomberg would love it!

Of course the coronavirus (like any virus) is most dangerous to the elderly and individuals with health conditions, so wouldn’t it be a goodwill gesture for the surviving Democrat candidates to take the lead in working to suspend the spreading of the disease?

Besides, isn’t attending a political rally of any type a personal choice everyone makes? It’s really not much different than opting to travel abroad or to board a cruise ship – travelers know there will be a potential to contract viruses that aren’t necessarily found at your local doctor’s office. And be sure not to touch those handrails or dine at an amusement park restaurant!

Common sense and history would suggest hardly anyone will be talking about the coronavirus in a month, especially after a vaccine is developed and released (the Israelis are reportedly close to finding one). The topic-of-the hour will disappear but Democrats will still be saddled with their ancient candidate problem.

With the Democrat nominating contest dwindled down to two viable contenders, the chances of party voters settling on one clear leader before their convention aren’t great. The effort to stop Bernie Sanders will continue but it’ll take something akin to a miracle to make either of them look as strong and vibrant as Trump.

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