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Assault on America, Day 436: Questions debate moderators should ask Bernie & Joe on Sunday

Biden and Sanders
It's always fun to dream up potential questions for presidential candidates, and with the next -- and probably final -- Democrat “debate” set for Sunday night, the subject possibilities are endless.

Broadening the horizons even further is the fact only two men (Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders) will compete (assuming the event goes forward as conceived in the midst of the Democrat-fanned coronavirus panic), which basically means both hopefuls will be granted wide latitude to answer specific directives from the “moderators”. Of course it depends on whether the media personalities actually pose substantive queries and demand true responses rather than the standard political puffery we’re conditioned to enduring from starry-eyed “Things suck and we can make it instantly better” liberals.

Want to spice up the program, media members? Here are a few samples to get you started. Imagine the ratings going through the roof!

“What’s Hunter up to these days, Joe? How’s the grandkid in Arkansas? Did Hunter’s experience with drug abuse have any influence on your policy on the issue?” Or, “Mr. Vice President, President Trump tweeted that your son Hunter’s Ukrainian energy job was proof positive that you, when you were in office, used the power of your position to financially better yourself and your family. How do you respond?” (The follow-up to Biden’s canned “nobody said we did anything illegal” crapola: “Is $83,000 a month reasonable compensation for someone who doesn’t speak the language of the company’s board or have any demonstrable expertise in the energy industry?”)

Then there’s the mental competence angle:

“Mr. Biden, on the campaign trail you’ve called a college student a ‘dog-faced pony soldier,’ a 83-year-old farmer a ‘damned liar’ and just a few days ago, blubbered that a Michigan auto worker was ‘full of sh-t’ for suggesting you intended to take away his firearms, which you’ve said many times you would do concerning so-called ‘assault rifles’. Then when he protested your response, you threatened to ‘slap [him] in the face’ and told him to ‘stop being a horse’s ass.’ These are just a few examples. This fall, should you win the nomination, how would you deal with tough questions without exhibiting signs of senility and reacting with hostility?”

“And what exactly does it mean to ‘be a horse’s ass’?”

How about, “Mr. Vice President, there’s been much discussion of your age and state of awareness and you’ve suggested that you might only serve one term. Assuming you weren’t already removed by your cabinet and much younger vice president under the 25th Amendment, is there any truth to the rumor that your former Democrat rivals colluded with party leaders to drop out of the race and consolidate behind you in exchange for cabinet positions -- and possibly more -- in your administration?” After Biden denies it, here’s this beauty: “Last June Kamala Harris looked you in the eye and suggested you were excusing racist behavior by championing having worked with segregationists early on in your senate career, yet now she claims you’re the only one who can bring the country together. Was she guaranteed the Attorney General’s position to act so submissive in public?

There are many, many more good ones, but it would take more time and column space than necessary. We get the picture. As the enemy of the establishment, Bernie Sanders will probably be asked a few tough ones himself, but the elites also likely figure they’d better start playing nice with the Vermont socialist lest he instruct his “morons” not to vote for the party nominee in November.

All along, “The Bern” counted on young voters (a.k.a. leftist morons) to come out by the millions to fuel his outsider populist burn-it-down “revolution,” and it didn’t happen. There’s not much left for him to contemplate. Joseph Curl wrote at The Washington Times, “Bernie, unlike Joe, supposedly draws massive support from the youngsters. He has, the mainstream media say, tapped into the youth vote (maybe, just maybe, promising to do away with all that college debt is spurring support from the kids who just got out of college) ... But they just don’t vote...

“’According to results from the NBC News exit poll released at around 5 p.m. EST on Tuesday — two hours before the first poll closings in eastern states — only 13% of Democratic voters in the Super Tuesday primaries are between the ages of 18 and 29. That is 10 percentage points fewer than the second-least likely voters — the 30-44 age group, which made up 23% of Tuesday’s electorate,’ wrote Jonathan Vankin at the Inquisitr.

“Voters between the ages of 45 and 64, meanwhile, came in at 35% while voters 65 years old and older hit 29%. Combined, that’s nearly five times as many voters 45+ than 18-29.”

So that’s why “The Bern” underperformed so badly! His minions aren’t nearly as amped up for him as the media’s claimed in the past year. Where’s the enthusiasm? Where are all the people who’d never voted before and were now ready to do so because of Sanders’ “free everything” promises? Was the socialist wave flattened by the powerful Trump economy?

Curl’s piece also indicated that these same still-wet-behind-the-ears neophyte citizens weren’t wild about Biden, either. Of those who did manage to make it to the polls in the first three states, ten percent -- or less -- opted for Grampa Joe. Ouch. So much for the gushing pundit class claiming that Biden would bring out the old Obama coalition of minority voters, single women and the cool, hipster youngster class.

Curl aptly concluded by writing, “It’s a long way to Nov. 3. After a nap in their parents’ basement, maybe the youth vote will turn out to the polls then.”

They may, but probably not. Based on my own informal observations of young-ish folks in my neck-of-the-woods I see just as many MAGA hats on the younger crowd as Bernie for President stickers on their parents’ old cars they’re now using to shuttle themselves around a college town. This isn’t to say the age group is moving in a more conservative direction -- surveys would indicate otherwise -- but the luster of backing “The Bern” appears to have worn off and Biden clearly isn’t a viable alternative for the newbie Democrats.

As has been suggested a lot lately, if Trump improves his standing with minority voting blocs (primarily African Americans and Hispanics) from 2016 and Democrats fail to rouse the barely-out-of-high-school kids to participate in sufficient numbers, it’s over for them before it even begins. Again, with Biden’s frequent “dog-faced pony soldier” insults and prevalent flashes of temper, Obama he’s not. In fact, the more time passes, it’s clear Biden was the compromise “old white guy” choice for the much younger Barry O to balance his ticket in 2008.

Now Democrats are stuck with the faded and tattered residuals from the “Hope and Change” glory days. Is there an Obama in the house? Where’s the optimism? Where’s the talk of brighter days ahead if only the government would suppress Republicans and conservatives and pave the way for a new breed of Democrats typified by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar?

Further, why is it that Democrats are always so angry? The most recent party debates turned into slug-fests because the candidates -- particularly the over 70 crowd -- couldn’t speak for a minute consecutively without gritting their teeth and practically shouting to reveal how ticked off they were to everyone. Think about it -- the elderly and madder-than heck dominate the upper party echelons (don’t forget to add Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer in here). There was Hillary in 2016 (with Bernie a close second) and now it’s Joe Biden in 2020 (with “The Bern” a semi-distant second, but clear runner-up).

The two thirty-somethings in the Democrat field -- Tulsi Gabbard and “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg -- were much calmer and collected than the geriatric pols at the center of the stage. Face it, the stereotyped old folks gave all senior citizens a bad reputation as over-the-hill and eternally cranky as though the nursing home staff didn’t deliver their evening nightcap in time.

It's quite a contrast to 73-year-old President Donald Trump who conducts his “shows” as though they’re upbeat pep rallies for his Keep America Great agenda. And Trump’s attendees are smiling, laughing and cheering at his every dramatic pause, keen nickname and grin-inspiring comment. Trump has a way of compartmentalizing complex issues into digestible bundles for the masses. It's as though he’s articulating hopes and dreams, not playing on the unmerited angst of the unproductive class like Democrats always do.

Biden and Bernie are perpetually pissed off. Since we posed some possible q’s for Joe (up above), here are some good ones for Sanders: “Senator Sanders, not too long ago, Hillary Clinton said nobody likes you or wants to work with you. Seeing as you’ve only had a handful of legislative accomplishments in your decades of congressional service, is Hillary right? Are you simply an agitator or someone who’s effective?”

Or, “Senator, you’ve hit President Trump and Republicans hard throughout your career, yet you’ve refrained from bringing up issues that could define your Democrat opponents. In 2016 you famously said ‘I think people are sick and tired of hearing about the damn emails’ and in this campaign you’ve stayed away from Mr. Biden’s questionable dealings with his son and Ukraine. Do you really want to win or are you merely having a good time etching your name in history?”

It's safe to say none of these topics will be posed on Sunday in Washington DC (it was supposed to be in Arizona but they moved it to the capital over coronavirus worries). It’s a pity. Instead the program will be another coma-inducing snooze-fest, rendered even more boring and intolerable by the absence of an in-venue audience.

Democrats never learn. To demonstrate the point, Tim Graham wrote about Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt to rehabilitate her reputation at CNS News, “Most conservatives who lived through the Clinton years would not want to stomach all 253 minutes of the new ‘Hillary" documentary streaming on Hulu, a platform now owned and controlled by Disney...

“At the end of four hours of whining and victimhood, Hillary Clinton's last words are: ‘I have no regrets. I am a very grateful person.’ That's also false. Clinton sat for 35 hours of interviews, so there was even more venting than what's been unloaded here.

“Why this epic rehash? Let's guess that Clinton thinks she should be running for reelection right now, and she wants all eyes back on her. Just like her nemesis former President Richard Nixon, she's always seeking to rehabilitate her image. Just like Nixon, she never will.”

If Crooked Hillary talked for 35 hours for this documentary that’s 35 more hours of first-hand testimony than she gave to Obama deep state prosecutors before they determined she wouldn’t be charged with any crimes in 2016. People forget that Hillary’s “damn emails” hung like a dark cloud over the entire 2016 Democrat campaign -- with its likely nominee under investigation.

What if James Comey and Loretta Lynch had indicted Clinton for real crimes? Then the Trump fans would’ve gotten farther with, “Lock her up!”

With the Democrat presidential race all-but over, Sunday’s “debate” is bound to feel anti-climactic and like a waste of time. Perhaps the only yet to be determined matter is whether Biden can keep his wits together for two hours -- and whether Bernie finally takes off the gloves regarding Joe’s massive corruption deficit.

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