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Assault on America, Day 442: COVID-19 vaults illegal immigration to the top of 2020 debate

Biden and Deportations
“Let ‘em all in,” remarked an enthusiastic liberal friend back in 1989, a few years after President Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty into law that supposedly would signal an end to the illegal immigration problem. The “’em” he was referring to was people from other countries, primarily to the south of the United States, who according to this particular know-it-all came here only for a better life and didn’t want anything other than an opportunity and a means to send money home.

California’s illegal immigration situation grew steadily worse during our college days in the late 80’s (perhaps best embodied by a hunger strike by protesters seeking to pressure the university board to change their policy regarding in-state tuition for illegal aliens), and this admittedly Democrat-thinking person thought the changes in our home and native state were good for the economy as well as advantageous for his feel-good human rights leanings.

Of course back then we could have (mostly) civil conversations about political differences without wondering whether nuts from the “other side” would physically assault us for voicing a non-PC viewpoint (note: I recall the term “politically correct” didn’t come into vogue until the early 90’s). Remember how each person could express opinions and others comment without threats or recriminations? Having now known this particular person for decades, he’s since seen the light and is about as pro-Trump and pro-immigration enforcement as anyone I know. Time and circumstances have a way of instructing those who are otherwise open to experience and facts to steer their positions on vital matters.

As the 2020 presidential race amply demonstrates, not everyone feels that way. Delaware Democrat Senator Joe Biden wasn’t nearly as famous in those days, though his 1988 run for the party nomination ended in disgrace and would-be banishment over a plagiarism scandal. Biden had picked apart, smeared and destroyed the impeccable reputation of Judge Robert Bork during his 1987 confirmation hearings, and now, over three decades later, he’s the almost certain Democrat nominee thanks to three more victories in Tuesday’s Arizona, Illinois and Florida primaries. (Note: Ohio didn’t vote as scheduled due to the health scare.)

Everyone who’s anyone is obsessively talking about the COVID-19 quarantine, though Biden and final Democrat hanger-on Bernie Sanders (is he quitting?) did depart from the subject du jour to blather about immigration the other night for a few minutes. In so doing they revealed just how far the Democrats have moved away from what used to be considered a fairly bipartisan mindset. Not only are they almost universally adopting my friend’s “Let ‘em all in” mentality, they’re now committed to ending deportations for all aliens if elected president.

My, we’ve come (gone) a long way, haven’t we? Byron York wrote after the debate at The Washington Examiner, “At his one-on-one debate with Bernie Sanders Sunday night, Joe Biden said that if he becomes president, his administration will not deport anyone, no one, under any circumstances, during his first 100 days in office. After that, Biden said, he will only deport those who have committed felonies in the United States...

“Biden's promise, which he had been making on the stump before the recent pause in campaigning, is consistent with the Democratic Party's move to the left on immigration in the last few years. Various bipartisan proposals in the past would have barred illegal immigrants from staying in the U.S. if they had a felony or three misdemeanor convictions. Now, Biden says that only a felony committed in the U.S., and that would surely mean only a felony conviction, not an arrest, and only after full appeals, would result in the deportation of anyone...

“[T]the two men agreed on what would be an unprecedented loosening of U.S. immigration enforcement. Both promised to immediately end the Trump administration's practice of making thousands of illegal border crossers wait in Mexico while their asylum claims are considered in the U.S. Both promised to send more immigration judges to the border to decide those claims. And both promised not to detain anyone while those decisions were being made.”

In other words, both Biden and Sanders have essentially agreed to trash the entirety of U.S. immigration law and conduct enforcement according to their whims and the purported demands of their leftist open borders supporters who couldn’t care less whether we “let ‘em all in” without proper screening or justification for the undocumenteds having come here. Then, once the aliens reach our soil, Democrats want to give them free health care, welfare benefits and educate their kids on the public dole, too, not to mention placing them on a path to citizenship and with it, the capacity to vote and elect more Democrats.

Venezuela and Cuba, here we come! To Democrats, if you can’t win the political argument with sound reasoning and common sense, simply ignore the laws to expand your ethnic voter base. Also swear your opponents’ voter ID laws are racist and every time you lose an election cry and moan about voter suppression. Sooner or later liberals echo the talking points of the elites and the gullible and uninformed believe it as gospel truth!

With so much going on these days it’s hard to hammer the facts on this issue, but it must be done. Democrats failed with the Robert Mueller fiasco, the fake impeachment scandal and now they’re seemingly not getting anywhere with blaming Trump for the coronavirus. What’s a Democrat to do? Pander to illegal aliens!

Amidst the COVID-19 panic it’s curious how Democrats continue to chastise Trump’s travel ban from certain afflicted countries (and continents) as allegedly racist and “xenophobic” but they don’t credit him for keeping the southern border open. Mexico is considering closing its border to U.S. travel purportedly to prevent Americans afflicted with the coronavirus from spreading it down there. What do you think of that, Democrats?

During their “debate,” Both Biden and Sanders also spoke out in favor of sanctuary cities, promising not to force locals to turn aliens over to federal immigration authorities if caught committing crimes. In the process Democrats turned a deaf ear to the cries of Angel families whose loved ones were killed by illegal aliens. They also refuse to acknowledge the devastating economic effects of “undocumented” persons running free and unhindered without fear of being caught and… deported.

If for nothing else, now is the perfect time to have the political discussion regarding illegal immigration, since we’re struggling with the whole concept of globalization. With the American (and world) economy practically shutting down because of fears of a COVID-19 pandemic, people are losing their jobs. Through no fault of their own business owners are seeing their livelihoods disappear and families are being ordered to confine themselves and ramp up social distancing to prevent possible infection, making it extremely difficult to go to work unless it can be done at home.

It's all because China didn’t tell the truth about coronavirus from the beginning and planes full of potentially sick people spread throughout the world, making victims of people who couldn’t possibly have known what they were getting into.

Further, many have predicted that Europe’s struggles to contain and treat the horrible effects of coronavirus are soon to reach our shores, which could only mean one thing -- a long period of government imposed quarantine which will wreck the market even more dramatically. With coronavirus’s devastating destruction of the economy, should we really be talking about babying illegal aliens like Biden and Sanders are doing? What if Mexico and other Central American countries refuse to accept deportees because of possible contagion concerns?

Democrats are setting themselves up for electoral disaster by championing non-Americans when the president and administration leaders are calling for unity to combat the health threat. Similar to a wartime declaration, Trump has been out front leading on COVID-19 and has the backing of the medical community. His calls to bond together to face the unknown will lead to a strong position when the coronavirus eventually winds its way out of the national conversation.

With the economy bound to be in recovery mode for months (if not years), Democrats aren’t winning many converts by taking the side of people who broke the law to reach America (or overstayed their visas). Any number of typical election-year issues will take a backseat to the current media obsession over health matters, but immigration will remain at the forefront regardless. With all the hype over China’s secrecy, the need to manufacture critical national security hardware and medicines domestically, citizens won’t have much tolerance for the plight of illegal aliens.

Many Americans will need help to get through this. The Democrats have thrown-in with the wrong crowd on this one. When so many resources are being devoted to Americans, the last thing anyone wants to hear is a plea for leniency for illegal aliens.

Democrats used to be known as the party of the working man and little guy, but increasingly they’re representative of the out-of-touch elites, goody-grabbing unproductive class and illegal immigrants. Sound like a winning formula in western Pennsylvania, Democrats?

Speaking of, Biden and Sanders bashed on fracking too, though Joe’s position seems to be evolving. J. Winston Porter wrote at The Hill, “Fracking is seen as a critical issue to many Democratic voters in the presidential campaign. Bernie Sanders opposes any fracking. Joe Biden, on the other hand, said he would not support a nationwide ban on fracking, but would ban gas drilling on federal lands...

“Think about the millions of jobs that fracking has created, along with revenues for governments at all levels and money going to property owners who have received royalty payments for oil and gas production. The economic and environmental benefits from fracking have been enormous.

“In short, fracking is a state of the art technology which has enabled America to be the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas. Fracking is safe and cost effective, and it has dramatically reduced carbon emissions – all in 15 to 20 years. Banning of fracking would be counter effective.”

Yes it would. But so would placing a moratorium on all illegal alien deportations for a hundred days like Biden proposed. In these times when the COVID-19 panic is erasing wealth by the billions, fracking and energy production is critical to the future economic viability of our nation. To suggest that it should be shuttered or curtailed is just plain stupid, especially when, as Porter pointed out, it’s helping reduce carbon emissions in the U.S. (with natural gas replacing coal). Isn’t this what the greenies want?

And Democrats claiming they’d seek to make energy producers suffer is another electoral loser. Ask Americans how much they care about “climate change” now in relation to trying to hold down a job and pay for the necessities of life. Or healthcare in general. What’s to gain?

With the Democrats’ primary race ending and the presidential election approaching, Americans will now begin focusing less on personalities and electability and more on the candidates’ issue positions. Joe Biden won’t win many converts by promising to go easy on illegal aliens and vastly curtailing energy exploration. It just makes Trump’s job easier.

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