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Assault on America, Day 470: Joe Biden’s task force would dictate to businesses after COVID-19

Biden Dangerous for America
Earth to Petty Tyrants: Tell us the difference already!

How does a church differ from a supermarket?

Not many contemplated this type of question prior to the onset of government mandated Chinese Communist Party (CCP) coronavirus social-distancing, but a lot of people are wondering about odd practical distinctions these days as they go about their daily routines in our strange new world where it’s suddenly become illegal -- not just uncomfortable -- to not keep your distance from others outside of your home environment.

Perhaps it took the coming and going of Easter Sunday to highlight some of the more absurd aspects of our governments’ COVID-19 quarantine measures. Stories of governors and local officials exceeding their authority to compel worshippers to stay home are legendary by now, but liberty lovers’ greater worry is, how far will the petty tyrants take their newfound power to order people to cease and desist from freedom and living? When these “leaders” use their offices to mess with belief systems, that’s pushing a dangerous line that shouldn’t -- and can’t -- be crossed.

Akin to teens relishing bossing around junior siblings when their folks aren’t watching, the de facto dictators engage in an adult version of “Mom and Dad said I’m the boss of you and you’re going to bed early because you didn’t eat your broccoli.” Younger children in every family understand there’s only so much transferable clout from the powers-that-be to their designees. Similarly, policemen who carry out the unconstitutional mandates are arguably just as guilty as the thought-controllers and faith-stiflers themselves. Where does it all end?

Meanwhile, parents and adult children who live in separate locations are forced to engage in a game of “is there a place where we can meet halfway that won’t draw the notice of the night watchmen?” One can go to the store and walk through the aisles and pick out items (assuming they’re there) like always, but even a great many retail outlets are self-limiting what they’re offering for sale. Who ultimately decides what is essential and non-essential?

Sooner or later Americans will rebel against the hypocrisy. It’s apparently tolerable to get within sniffing distance of a fellow citizen in “approved” places but not others? Heck, some particularly ambitious local politicians indicated parishioners couldn’t even attend worship services in their cars (parked appropriately apart with windows rolled up) and pastors couldn’t administer communion, regardless of precautions. It doesn’t take a genius to say, “This is stupid and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are not malleable, no matter how much liberal politicians (like Biden) and judges suggest otherwise. Like the 10 Commandments aren’t the “10 suggestions,” and the Bible is not a buffet line that you can pick and choose what you adhere to, our governing charter sets a firm unbreakable line on Americans’ liberties. The First Amendment opens with the words, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” Through 200+ years of case law we understand there are exceptions, but the underlying principle remains the same.

Unless the government can articulate the practical difference between a grocery store and a church (observing applicable guidelines, of course), then the whole basis for voluntary self-confinement will dissolve.

Would Joe Biden know it when he sees it?

As would be expected, Democrat nominee-to-be Joe Biden believes he knows what should be done to reopen the American economy. Gabriella Muñoz reported at The Washington Times, “In a New York Times op-ed, the former vice president said continuing social distancing practices would be the first step in his plan, in order to ‘significantly’ cut down on the number of cases in the country.

“’As we prepare to reopen America, we have to remember what this crisis has taught us: The administration’s failure to plan, to prepare, to honestly assess and communicate the threat to the nation led to catastrophic results. We cannot repeat those mistakes,’ he wrote. He called on President Trump to use the Defense Production Act to the fullest extent to ensure that frontline healthcare workers have the resources they need to effectively and safely combat the outbreak.

“Mr. Biden slammed the Trump administration’s approach to testing, saying it’s far behind where the nation needs to be. In his plan, he called for antibody testing — a product President Trump’s task force is in the process of approving — to help local governments prepare to meet an uptick in cases the country does eventually reopen.”

Doesn’t it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside to hear Joe Biden’s up-to-speed on the situation and he’s got a plan for what to do if he somehow gets voted into the presidency in November and takes the oath of office nine months from now? No doubt Grampa Joe has opinions on the matter -- or has been told what to say by his close-by political handlers -- so it’s acceptable he should express them and let Democrats know he hasn’t melted into the rug in his at-home coronavirus bunker, and that the Democrat nominee will be ready when called upon!

But is there even a smidgen of credibility here? Anyone feel heartened that Biden will listen to the “experts” more than Trump purportedly does now or the state and local “petty tyrants” already do? Muñoz additionally reported that Grampa Joe, to address the risk of a coronavirus flare-up when the economy reopens, would put together a task force to look into how businesses could operate safely, such as implementing new layouts with more space between tables at restaurants.

Seriously? This is scary. Does it put citizens’ concerns to rest knowing a future President Biden would convene a “task force” to assemble in a large swampy meeting room and while enjoying morning coffee determine proper social-distancing for restaurants and other establishments? Where in the Constitution does it grant the power to make such resolves -- and the regulatory state isn’t even elected, is it? Sounds like a wave of court cases are headed this way if Biden ever gets elected. Lawyers are gearing up for the challenges -- as though the legal system needs to be clogged even further.

Aren’t the current guidelines (set by Trump) the product of a declared “national emergency”? Does Biden intend to extend the declaration and make it permanent? Otherwise, where would the “task force” get its authority?

Besides, how much of this would be open for public comment? Legendary Virginian Patrick Henry (credited as the voice of the American Revolution) famously said, “The liberties of a people never were nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” Trump’s often criticized (by his enemies) as being an authoritarian who rules by fiat alone and only listens to daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner as counselors, but the president has gone way out of his way to make all of the deliberations on COVID-19 (sometimes painfully) public.

Would Biden’s “task force” meetings be open to the citizenry as well? Here’s guessing once the membership is announced there would be plenty of instructions from them and the orders would be more like “take it or else.” The logical extensions are endless here, which makes it all-the-more unfeasible and frightening. Will amusement parks only be permitted to operate single-seat rides? Should every stadium or movie theater be torn down so team owners can erect new taxpayer-funded venues that conform to the guidelines?

What would a redesigned Kennedy Center or Broadway show venue look like? If Super Bowls were formerly played before crowds of 80,000 or more, the new and enlightened reality would be attendance of 25,000 or less. Think the average fan could buy a ticket? The elites will enjoy more space but the unwashed masses would need to watch on TV.

How about airplanes? Whereas successful “cattle car” carriers like Southwest Airlines have been eternally profitable through customer volume and a first-come-first-served business model -- would they be ordered by the “task force” to heighten the distance between seats? If the capacity of a 737 (just guessing here) is 150 passengers, can the government require airlines to reduce the number of tickets sold to satisfy the rules? (No more middle seats -- at least there’d be one good thing about it!)

There’s currently a government issued certificate (fire code?) in every restaurant that lists an acceptable level of patronage. Would restaurants that are already struggling to reopen and remain profitable just junk half of their tables and chairs and institute electronic ordering schemes? Where’s the human element? What if Grampa Joe decides there’d no longer be waiters and waitresses, only masked and gloved bus boys and gals who must avoid any contact with diners under penalty of imprisonment?

As far as increased COVID-19 testing goes, this almost certainly will be a hot campaign topic regardless of when the country is reopened for business. Is it really necessary? And have the experts determined, based on facts, that it works to help control the spread of coronavirus? There are simply too many “what ifs” for Biden to be so certain about his proposed solutions. No one can say for sure whether the current guidelines have even helped flatten the curve.

A number of authorities have boldly suggested a vaccine must be devised and tested before it’s safe for people to come out of their homes. Assuming such a scientific miracle could be accomplished in short order, it would be months before quantities would match demand. Would it initiate a bidding war? Who gets the vaccines first? Would those who can afford it be able to purchase the drugs while the rest of the world waits their ruling class-finalized turn?

There are more problems than solutions here. Some sort of staged re-opening seems to make the most sense, with areas of the country with the least risk being allowed to resume normal first. And then see what happens while keeping an eye on hospital capacities and supply.

Liberals don’t like what guns could do post-coronavirus

The liberals’ biggest dilemma is human behavior always gets in the way of their do-gooder ploys. Jessica Chasmar reported at The Washington Times last week, “In a video accompanying [Alyssa Milano’s] post, the former ‘Charmed’ star said she was troubled by recent reports that many Americans are responding to the outbreak by buying up guns and ammunition.

“’I know that we are all scared and really stressed out during these uncertain times,’ Ms. Milano said in the video. ‘But that’s exactly why stockpiling weapons could have dire consequences for our own personal safety and those around us.

“’You know, the weapons that people are buying today could end up being used in households, schools, churches, bars and on our streets in the future,’ she continued. ‘So we all have to look out for each other. Please, please, please share this video to help stop the coronavirus gun surge. We can’t lose any more lives to guns during this pandemic or after it’s over.’”

In case you forgot, Milano urged an entertainment industry boycott of states that had passed tighter abortion restrictions last year. She totally cares about life, doesn’t she?!

Biden-supporters like Milano are already planning their next round of nanny-state no no’s which includes rescinding or ignoring Second Amendment rights because crimes could happen when this is all over. Who knows, maybe Grampa Joe would appoint her to his social-distancing task force, where she and her cohorts could impose new boundaries on assembly so as to alleviate mass shootings!

We can only assume Milano and all Hollywood liberals agree that abortion clinics are “essential.” But church is non-essential, even in your car…?

There’s no end in sight to liberals’ crazy proposals for dealing with our new realities after everyone returns to work and socializing is once again “permitted” by the petty tyrant swamp class. Joe Biden wants to appoint a business safety task force and Alyssa Milano begs people not to buy guns. Another day in coronavirus paradise.

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