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Assault on America, Day 474: Trump’s enemies petrified he made the right call on reopening

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Trump doesn’t consider himself a monarch, and Bill Kristol is not a conservative

As we draw nearer to the end of April and the possible easing of President Donald Trump’s 30 Days to Slow the Spread guidelines, speculation mounts as to when there will be an actual let-up in the government’s mandated social distancing and semi-voluntary home confinement orders. Last week Trump released his three-phase plan to reopen the country, allowing for a gradual return to “normal” (if there is such a thing anymore). Needless to say, the millions who’ve been thrown out of work through no fault of their own crave the opportunity to re-enter the economic bloodstream and assume their ability to pay bills like they’ve always done.

President Donald Trump’s briefings continue and many folks -- supporters and critics alike -- appear to hang on his every word. No matter how many times Trump answers the same questions (phrased a bit differently every day by the antagonistic establishment media), there are those who aren’t inclined to cut him a break no matter what he replies. These people distort his message and basically just cause trouble.

Unfortunately, they have some wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, false-flag “allies” to help them spread the fabricated rumors.

In a piece titled, “Conservative group accuses Trump of thinking he’s king,” Rebecca Klar reported at The Hill last week, “A conservative group is accusing President Trump in a new ad of viewing himself as a king in light of his claim that he has ‘total authority’ as president.

“The ad, which includes clips of Trump’s recent White House coronavirus briefings, shows him with an animated crown atop his head. The ad by Republicans for the Rule of Law [aired last] Friday on ‘Fox & Friends’ in D.C. and will be promoted across digital platforms.

“’As Americans sacrifice to fight the worst public health crisis in a century, our governors and local leaders are taking decisive action to protect our communities and reopen the economies safely. But now President Trump thinks he has the absolute power to tell states what to do,’ its narrator says.”

If you’re curious you can click on Klar’s piece and view the entire ad. Taken at face value you might envision lots of people at home nodding in agreement with the premise of the spot, with a spoken or unspoken “That’s right” accompanying their observations. Anyone who’s devoted hours to studying American history understands our Founding Fathers rejected the notion of an elected “king” long before the Constitution was written and ratified and there’s nothing about the coronavirus and self-quarantine that’s changed people’s minds.

So something’s not right here. What “conservative” group would actually pay to produce this type of manipulative and phony rubbish and then spend even more dough to distribute it to a conservative Republican audience (such as Fox News’s) attempting to discredit the president? Well, it turns out “Republicans for the Rule of Law” isn’t conservative at all, at least if you judge by who founded and identifies with the group.

According to Wikipedia, “Republicans for the Rule of Law is the principal 2019 initiative of the conservative political group Defending Democracy Together, founded by Bill Kristol, Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, Sarah Longwell, and Andy Zwick.” Some of these people might still loosely associate with the GOP, though it’s doubtful any of them would dare show their faces at the party convention (assuming there is one) in August. Conservatives and Republicans who’ve rallied to Trump’s banner know who’s with us… and who’s against us.

A more appropriate moniker for this odd band of malcontented misfits would be “Former Respected Republicans-turned-#NeverTrumpers for the Election of Grampa Joe Biden”.

Wikipedia additionally added RFTROL ran ads during the Democrats’ impeachment farce seeking to persuade GOP congressmen and senators to vote to convict President Trump. Seeing as not a single House Republican and only one (idiotic) party senator (RINO Mitt Romney, the worst upper chamber fool of all time) agreed to impeach Trump, they spent a pile of cash for absolutely no success (and definitely no respect). People who pay attention aren’t swayed by the persistent griping and sore loser-sobbing of these so-called anti-Trump “conservatives”. They aren’t relevant and the media fawns on them solely because they hate Trump.

There’s no need to rehash here, but certainly Bill Kristol has become the figurehead for disgruntled and unreformed swampy establishment Republicans (think Jeb Bush and John Kasich) who couldn’t get past the idea that the grassroots, not the neoconservative Bush-revering elites, determined the party presidential nominee at the ballot box in 2016. This microscopically small smidgen of GOPers doesn’t show up much on the political radar these days, but apparently they must be well-funded by wealthy ruling class donors… so they can throw together nonsensical commercials about “kings” (complete with fatuous crowns) and other assorted distortions.

Does anyone -- perhaps with the exception of Nancy Pelosi, “Chucky” Schumer and practically all Democrats in Congress -- believe Trump meant to imply that he possesses king-like powers because of the COVID-19 epidemic?

Trump’s own actions refute the notion, especially since he’s consistently refused to declare a nationwide one-size-fits-all federally-imposed lockdown and largely left local safety measures (including when to reopen) to governors and mayors, much to the chagrin of conservatives in various places who’ve been subject to unfair -- okay, let’s call it stupid and inane -- restrictions on their freedoms.

Democrats assailed Trump for being too slow to react to the crisis (despite his early action to ban travel from China while the impeachment spectacle was in progress) and also for being too hands-off in his approach to federalism.

By declaring that he alone has authority to declare a return to business, Trump essentially claimed the responsibility -- and accountability -- for doing so. It no doubt took a great deal of humility for him to place the burden on himself alone -- it’s what leaders do. Instead of accusing him of believing he’s a king, commentators should praise for his buck-stops-here mentality. For although it is indeed up to governors and local authorities as to when to allow citizens to try and return to normal, they’d be hard pressed to go against the president’s recommendations and maintain civil order.

Most Americans look to Trump to set the proper date. If you’re a Democrat governor in blue state X, just try and delay and pontificate when citizens in the territory next door are going about their business while your constituents are still chained to the fallacy of virtual self-immolation. We have to come out of our shells someday, and it should be sooner rather than later.

Last week’s unemployment figures elevated the jobless rate to its highest level in history. Meanwhile, the number of cases and percentage of deaths relative to infections has leveled off in the hottest spots. It won’t be long before people start losing interest in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s regular updates. While New York City continues battling the pandemic, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And all of the horrific model-based prophecies of overwhelmed hospitals and tens of thousands of sick persons at once simply didn’t come to fruition.

Naysayers think Trump faces a lose-lose situation, but he’ll turn it into a winner

Americans’ anxieties are not boredom based, they’re reality and freedom based. It’s more than mere dollars and cents that’s causing widespread anguish. We’ve all seen the funny memes about Americans gaining weight, drinking more and going nuts caring for kids barred from going to school, but the worries stem more from the uncertainty of not knowing whether our freedoms will survive this trying period. President Trump senses the uneasiness and must pit the opinions of the “experts” versus the needs of ordinary people to manage their situations and start believing in the future again.

Some have said Trump faces a lose-lose decision regarding when to reopen the economy, that he’ll be politically isolated if the coronavirus numbers spike once again and he’ll be similarly blamed if the economy doesn’t rebound the way he’s predicted. This is the ultimate “glass half empty” way to look at it, for those embittered souls like Bill Kristol and his dour assortment of pessimists. They’d peck at “King Trump” no matter what he does or did.

The truth is, nobody knows when the proper moment is to “go back” to the way it was. Scientific models can’t forecast it -- it’s a human decision. Society has been permanently altered by the events of the past month. Political observers predict the possible effects on the parties and this year’s election, but the changes are much more profound than simply counting votes.

Conservatives acknowledge the impossibility of the pronouncement and there aren’t any guidelines that soften the difficulty of the undertaking. Democrats and the media will search for every sign that something’s wrong and blow it way out of proportion. When Congress reconvenes in Washington, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi will jumpstart their moribund investigations and disseminate rumors of another impeachment, maybe in the middle of campaign season!

“Chucky” Schumer will join with the #NeverTrumpers in swearing Trump’s a tyrant. He’ll also repeat ad nauseum the unfathomable idea that Trump and Republicans didn’t spend enough money to help stricken Americans cope with their individual problems. It's all nonsense, like a scratched vinyl disc from Joe Biden’s record collection that skips and repeats and can’t be replaced.

Republicans and conservatives trust Trump to make the right move

Conservatives will support Trump no matter what happens, because his verdict was based on sound logic and keen instinct. Even Joe Biden knows the GOP base will back Trump in his time of need. Jonathan Easley reported at The Hill, “Speaking at a fundraiser hosted by Joe and Sara Kiani, the founders of the Masimo Corporation, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee was asked if he hopes to gain support from the president’s base during the general election campaign.

“Biden responded with a laugh, according to the pool report from the fundraiser. ‘His base? Probably not,’ Biden said.

“’There are people who support the president because they like the fact that he is engaged in the politics of division,’ he added. ‘They really support the notion that, you know, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are bad and ... dividing this nation based on ethnicity, race. This is the one of the few presidents who succeeded by deliberately trying to divide the country, not unite the country.’”

That’s right, Joe, keep pounding the “deplorables” racism angle. It worked so well for Hillary Clinton four years ago, after all. With so many worried about their current situations and terrified about the future, Trump’s base isn’t about to abandon him for an idiot who babbles about “divisions” and racism and climate change, etc.

What exactly would “unite” the country when Democrats insist that Trump’s voters are a bunch of toothless backwoods white supremacist bumpkins who’d just as soon string up a coronavirus patient as help him or her if the person has non-white skin? Where’s the evidence that this is actually occurring? Does Trump secretly harbor resentment against his own Surgeon General (African-American Jerome Adams) because of his race? It doesn’t seem like it.

Biden’s obviously slipping mentally. He probably couldn’t fashion of a real response to the question so he found comfort in his default “racism” diatribe.

President Trump thrives on making hard choices, which made his call on when to lift the federal guidelines and begin opening up the economy an attractive one for him. Conservative supporters understand the gravity of the situation and the difficulty of the decision; it’s time to back the president and unite behind common sense.

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