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Only You Can Put America Back To Work

Road to Opening
The heavy-handed government response to the Wuhan virus has proven two things to many, if not most, conservatives: First, is the abject failure of government by “experts” and second is the existential threat to constitutional liberty posed by collective remedies to individual problems, such as the illness caused by this new coronavirus.

And make no mistake, as much as the experts would like to convince you otherwise, the threat and solution to the illness and the panic it has created rest with the individual, not the collective community.

Just a few examples will illustrate the point.

In Michigan, America’s worst Governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, has imposed a series of arbitrary and capricious collective orders, allegedly to maintain social distancing. These include prohibiting the sale of seeds and plants, prohibiting solo boating, prohibiting the sale of home improvement goods and “elective” surgery, among other draconian measures.

And Whitmer is even attempting to block “non-essential” advertising in clear violation of the First Amendment.

None of these outrageous measures have a demonstrable scientific effect on coronavirus transmission or can be shown to reduce the severity of the disease in an individual who contracts it.

In California, city officials across the state are filling skateboard parks with sand to prevent their use and enforce “social distancing.”

This collective solution fails to take into consideration that the younger people who skateboard are at low risk of serious illness from the Wuhan virus, and that “social distancing” could be easily maintained by limiting the number of users.

What’s more, the collective imposition of “social distancing” at parks is completely illogical in the face of California’s decision to allow marijuana dispensaries, liquor stores and big box stores to remain open.

But what is even worse than the tyrannical imposition of these collectivist rules is the number of people who appear to be willing to accept them.

After some 10,000+ car loads of Michiganders descended on the state capitol in Lansing to protest the outrageous rules Governor Whitmer was attempting to impose on the Wolverine State’s residents, social media was full of comments defending even the most absurd of Whitmer’s edicts.

Sarah Nietupski @MsNietupski tweeted:

Replying to @GovWhitmer

I am so grateful for your work. I am proud to have you as our governor and that we Michiganians can rely on your leadership with medical facts to ensure our safety. #StayHome

Stephen Vicinanza @savicinanza tweeted:

Replying to @JillWineBanks and @GovWhitmer

So many of them will blame @GovWhitmer when they get sick and many will because they had to protest her it's her fault. Like the redneck who blamed Obama on CNN for failed coronavirus response it's just too twisted for fiction

Michael Tacoma @newmissio tweeted:

Replying to @politico

I live in Michigan.  We have hunters galore and even have a gun shop called Guns Galore. The (very small) demonstration in Lansing did not represent SMART people.  We are Liberated.  The MAJORITY spoke through VOTING.  We trust our @GovWhitmer  #TrumpOwnsEveryDeath

Why are people willing to accept the gross abuse of the Constitution and their individual rights? Why would they accept that prohibiting advertising of items the government deems “non-essential” is science?

It would be easy to chalk this all up to politics and Trump Derangement Syndrome, and maybe a lot of it is.

But there’s another reason: Fear

As our friend Dr. Timothy Daughtry explained in his must-read Townhall article, Flattening the Fear Curve and Opening Up America Again:

Outside the relative safety of lockdown, however, lurks the coronavirus. Any plan for reopening America must help to manage the fear that appropriately comes with the reopening. Otherwise, fear will keep Americans emotionally locked down and hesitant to resume normal activities even as the physical lockdowns are eased. In a sense, we must flatten the fear curve just as we have flattened the curve of disease growth.


Fear occurs along a continuum from low to high, and it affects behavior differently at different intensities. Too little fear in a dangerous situation leads to complacency and foolish risk. At very high levels, however, fear can lead to avoidance of reasonable activities and interfere with the ability to meet other needs such as social activity and providing for ourselves and our families. But, between the extremes of complacency and panic, managed fear can focus our attention and provide the energy we need to take appropriate precautions when confronting risk.

Clearly, the imposition of tyrannical collective rules are only acceptable to those with high levels of fear; prohibiting skateboarding, forbidding solo motorboating and “non-essential” advertising are rightly losing the support of millions of Americans who are already ignoring them as unscientific, irrational and in many cases unconstitutional.

But that doesn’t mean that fear of the COVID-19 illness is unreasonable – it means that each of us must manage our fear by taking responsibility for own safety and the safety of our families and neighbors by following sound scientific guidelines for going about our business in an environment where an infectious disease is common.

If you want to start back to work and begin to move toward life as it was before the Wuhan virus panic, then conquer your fears and take responsibility for your own safety. Follow the President’s Guidelines for the Phase One reopening of America; if you are vulnerable, continue to self-isolate, wear a mask when you are in public, follow scrupulously the personal hygiene and surface cleaning recommendations, stay home if you are sick and get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms and reclaim your liberty from the fearmongers.

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