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Assault on America, Day 477: Media fixates on Biden VP choice to steal spotlight from Trump

Pocahontas Warren Biden
Bored media busies itself with Biden veep speculation amidst Trump domination of coronavirus conversation

Where did the campaign go?

Where American politics is concerned, it’s always good to maintain perspective. The eleventh, and as it turns out, final, Democrat debate was over a month ago on March 15 in Washington DC (moved from Arizona due to the coronavirus) at CNN’s sound-proof studio with no audience in attendance. Nominee-in-waiting Joe Biden took on Bernie Sanders (the only major challenger left in the race) in a social-distanced forum that had all the energy you’d anticipate from two well past prime liberals (with a combined 80+ years of Washington experience) going back-and-forth over how awful President Donald Trump is and what they intended to do if elected to replace him.

Even then, everyone knew Biden would be the party nominee. There was no suspense. No drama. The only question was whether “The Bern” would drop out and clear the way for Grampa Joe’s unimpeded coronation. The one thing of note from that night was Biden announced he would choose a woman for his vice president. Now, without much else to talk about, the media speculates on who the man will choose.

Will she have expertise in any certain area? Amie Parnes reported at The Hill, “Joe Biden is being advised by some Democrats to select a running mate with strong economic credentials as the country faces a steep climb out of a coronavirus-fueled recession, according to sources close to the campaign. The crisis has raised the stock of politicians who were already seen as potential veeps to Biden, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer…

“Biden has committed to selecting a woman for his running mate, and his campaign is considering a wide swath of candidates even as they’ve narrowed the search to candidates who meet two major requirements: Their ability to step in and be president and someone with whom he feels comfortable.

“The former vice president has noted his own experience working with former President Obama in outlining what he’ll be searching for in a running mate. He’s suggested comfort and an ability to see eye-to-eye on the issues will be critical.”

There are lots of things at play here, but the most obvious is the comfortability angle. As far as seeing eye-to-eye on issues, that shouldn’t prove to be much, if any, hindrance to every woman Biden is allegedly considering. This is true for two reasons: one, as has been exposed throughout his half-century long political career, Grampa Joe doesn’t harbor any firm issue positions (other than pure dedication to big government), and two, the twenty-first century iterations of Democrats pretty much all believe in the same things -- socialism or complete government control of everything -- and therefore there are only differences in degree.

Not so in the Republican Party, which staged a bloodless (to some) virtual civil war over Donald Trump’s candidacy four years ago. Trump’s populist take-no-prisoners campaign style violated the delicate sensibilities of the irritable establishment set, the purveyors of amnesty for illegal aliens and those who champion perpetual war and American military occupation of all foreign lands so as to guarantee the world’s vulnerable peoples a chance at democracy and western-style liberties.

Trump wouldn’t have any of it. His campaign slogan -- Make America Great Again -- strongly suggested that the swampy governing class of both parties was responsible for setting the country on a path to decline (or non-greatness), from which he offered a refreshing new outlook. The warmongers didn’t take to Trump’s bluntness on the miscalculations of Bush-ian foreign policy. As did the big business interests (over the candidate’s unbreakable oaths to enforce immigration laws), the neoconservatives couldn’t live with the possibility the “stupid party” (GOP) would actually grow a brain and start pulling back on boundless global commitments.

Trump bet the American people would accept his nationalistic emphasis on border security and trade protectionism, and he was right. As was amply demonstrated by the recent coronavirus conundrum, border security = national security. And there’s no going back to the old ways now.

As for Democrats, no such major policy schism exists. Pundits and commentators have dwelled on the supposed intellectual chasm between the “moderates” (represented by Grampa Joe, Amy Klobuchar and “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg) and the burn-it-all down leftists/socialists, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. The media made hay over the irreconcilable distinction between the establishment and Sanders, for example, but in essence, they all believe in income redistribution and bureaucratic power concentration, without exception.

Is it true? Name an issue that’ll be part of this year’s campaign. The economy? Biden has always been a big pro-labor guy who would chew off his arm to make the union bosses happy. We haven’t heard the term “card check” in a while, but expect it to make a comeback if Joe ever gets within smelling distance of power.

How about healthcare? Biden is committed to restoring/preserving Obamacare, which granted, is a shadow of its former destructive self, due to the Trump administration’s (and to a lesser extent, Congress’s) efforts to stifle the most hurtful provisions. Gone are the individual mandate penalty and the “death panels” that anchored the legislation. And Republican Attorneys General have made great progress on challenging the entire law based on the lack of a severability clause. All Democrats -- even the mislabeled “moderates” -- favor some form of big government role in healthcare.

Biden may say he doesn’t go as far as single-payer or Sanders’s and Warren’s Medicare for All, but it’s six of one, half dozen of the other in practical terms. “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” Yeah, right!

Amnesty for illegal aliens? Check! Abolish ICE? Check! Tear down the wall? Check! Abortion on demand? Codify additional giveaways to the LGBTQ lobby? Kowtow to foreign governments on NATO? Shutdown the energy industry? Check, check, check, check!

So Joe should have absolutely zippo problem finding an ideological soulmate among the names on his veep search short-list. The distinctions between all of them are as subtle as the difference between white and winter white (bone, cream, ivory -- only a woman would truly care, right?) or vanilla and French vanilla. Add ‘em all to Nancy Pelosi’s giant ice cream stuffed freezer and they’ll blend into the same flavor!

Forget agreeing on the issues, Biden wants to get comfortable with his running mate

Which leaves the “I need to be comfortable with her” conundrum. Jokesters would surmise the Democrat gal must therefore enjoy having her shoulders rubbed by the borderline senile candidate as well as make sure to wash her hair in Joe’s favorite scent (all the better for some serious hair sniffin’!). And she’ll need to prepare her family in advance for Grampa Joe’s creepy tendency to be a little handsy with the young ones -- children and grandchildren beware! And needless to say, the eventual “winner” must be okay with Joe’s fondness for swimming au naturel.

All good things. But what else would make Joe “comfortable”?

It's just as worthwhile to examine what would make Biden “un-comfortable.” It’s a long list, but there’ve been many clues. First and foremost, Joe doesn’t take it well when asked about son Hunter and the lad’s multitude of corruption-reeked business dealings in Ukraine and China as well as personal bugaboos within the family. Directly related is questioning Biden’s obvious quid pro quo demand that he made to Ukrainian leaders while serving as Obama’s veep. Nope -- these topics are deal-breakers with Joe. Mentioning Hunter gets him fired up!

Second, Biden doesn’t like being asked about China and his cozy relationship with the communist ruling junta that’s lied to the world about the country’s complicity in the coronavirus pandemic. Third, Joe hates it whenever anyone challenges him on his plagiarism or proficiency to jumble facts into a word salad that isn’t the least bit edible.

Lastly (again, there are more, but how much time do you have?), Biden despises being queried about his senatorial career and his all-too-close friendships with white segregationist colleagues and his dubious dedication to the race-is-everything Democrat party causes. This one alone likely rules out California senator and former fellow presidential contender Kamala Harris from further consideration, since she scored perhaps the campaign’s most memorable zinger against Grampa Joe during the first candidate debate last June (remember, Harris’s “That little girl was me” scorcher?).

Grampa Joe doesn’t like being humiliated, which isn’t hard to do these days, but still! Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren was one of the (if not the) last to endorse Biden, not having done it when she pulled her name from the race after disastrous finishes in every primary state (including her own, where she finished third in Massachusetts behind Biden and Sanders). So, scratch her name off the list too!

Michigan guv Gretchen Whitmer makes every “normal” person uneasy with her petty tyrant dictates, which is something Biden will likely score as a chit in her favor. But the Wolverine State governor’s only recently come onto the country’s radar screen, so it would be a long shot to choose her. Have the two even met in person? Would Joe remember it if they had?

We’ll know soon enough who Biden favors in the number two capacity.

Jumping the gun a bit, Grampa Joe’s planning his transition

In the interim, the Democrat nominee-in-waiting is wasting little time in assembling a transition team. You can’t make this stuff up. Jonathan Easley reported last week at The Hill, “Speaking at a digital fundraiser hosted by Jed Katz, the managing director of Javelin Partners, Biden said he first started putting together a transition team shortly after his string of primary victories on Super Tuesday in early March.

“’I promise you that has already begun,’ Biden said. ‘Sounds presumptuous. I don’t want to say we started thinking about it a month ago, we did, because that sounds like I was certain this was going to happen that I would be the nominee. I don’t want it to sound like that, but it has to happen and that’s why the transition team is already being put together.’…

“The former vice president said he might announce some of his Cabinet level picks before the election, and that he would take the advice given to him by former President Obama to surround himself with people who ‘know more than you know.’”

One can only imagine the difficulty President Trump had with taking Obama’s advice on certain subjects, the longtime businessman and real estate mogul having acquired a lifetime’s worth of practical knowledge on the way things work.

Joe Biden will experience no such similar limitations, since just about everyone over the age of six who has a smidgen of experience knows more than the Democrat nominee on how to lead a “normal” life. Not only is Joe’s intellectual capacity slipping -- yes, he’s already forgotten what he forgot yesterday -- Biden’s spent the better part of his existence hanging out with a who’s who of Democrats and other political swamp dwellers.

Their cumulative knowledge about the everyday family’s concerns is slightly higher than absolute zero. Easley’s story reported Biden is considering creating several additional cabinet-level positions, such as one for “climate change” that “goes beyond the EPA.”

So we can garner Biden’s transition team and cabinet would be chock full of big government know-it-alls who consider their own opinions superior to the rights guaranteed citizens by the Constitution. What will we get if Grampa Joe becomes President Biden? Government by expert. And we’ve recently seen what that entails. It doesn’t work well.

With not much else happening in the coronavirus-dominated news cycle, the media is working overtime to generate interest in matters like Joe Biden’s upcoming running mate selection. We can’t be sure who he’ll choose, but we know for certain she will be a big government loving nanny state liberal…just like him!

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