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Assault on America, Day 478: WARNING! Scam artist Dems force leftist lunacy on America!

Grampa Joe Al Gore
Many blood sucking parasites see coronavirus as a means to blow open the doors to the U.S. treasury

Scams. We’ve all seen or heard about ‘em (and hopefully not been caught in one).

The dictionary defines “scam,” when used as a noun, as “a dishonest scheme; a fraud.” Scam as a verb is “swindle. ‘a guy that scams the elderly out of their savings.’” The term is usually associated with personal privation where the victim is cheated out of his or her money or property through the clever but criminal actions of an unscrupulous swindler. But make no mistake, there’s plenty of scamming going on in today’s politics as well.

Poli- tics. Of course, “poly” means many and “ticks” are blood sucking parasites, so theoretically speaking, combining many blood sucking parasites together in one electronically connected environment equals a scam. Or so you would think.

Both parties are guilty of scamming to some extent, though the Democrats appear to be having an especially grand ‘ol time whooping it up over proposals they’ve touted for decades yet were unable to push through a doubting Congress due to, prior to the last month at least, an abundance of caution and a healthy dose of common sense. But the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus crisis is proving to be a Godsend for a collection of true-believing scammers of the DC swamp variety, and we’ll need extra vigilance to spot the vermin before they infect the right-minded and scam us all into ruin, one coronavirus “fix” at a time.

As would be expected, Democrat nominee-in-waiting Grampa Joe Biden is acting as lead scammer licking his chops at the prospect of turning people’s fears into socialist utopian reality. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner, “Candidates and lawmakers alike are using the novel coronavirus as political cover to pursue their different policy agendas under the guise of a pandemic response.

“Republicans have skewered presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for repeatedly describing the COVID-19 outbreak as an ‘opportunity.’

“The two-term vice president and 36-year Delaware senator told CNN last week the virus could be leverage to ‘fundamentally change the science relating to global warming.’ Earlier, during a March virtual town hall, he suggested federal government negotiations over an economic stimulus package were a chance to push for investments in green jobs and infrastructure.”

Hmpf. Green jobs and infrastructure. Here it is, the year 2020, and world oil prices dipped below zero for a short period of time this week and liberal dolts like Biden (and to be fair, every Democrat) are talking about “green jobs” and “climate change” as though it’s a panacea of future productivity. It may sound cruel, but if there was one good thing to come from the COVID-19 panic, it’s that energy costs have dipped so low that citizens are saving cash by the bucketful. I myself spent thirteen bucks on gas two weeks ago and I’m still not running short.

For most of us, there’s nowhere to go so it doesn’t matter how cheap gasoline has become. Hopefully, with several states set to partially reopen their businesses next week, that will change soon. I would be willing to pay a pretty penny more for a gallon of gas if it meant freedom was back and our invaluable American energy industry returned to full strength and solvency.

For now, Democrats aren’t missing a trick. For them, “Climate change” is just the tip of the proverbial spending spear. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal would send the world economy into a wicked tailspin (more so even than now), but this catastrophe would pale in comparison to universal government paid-for healthcare. If government took over as single payer for all things medical, there won’t be a need to keep track of the expenditures because there won’t be any money left to cover the invoices.

It’s been said a lot lately, but “science” hasn’t proven very reliable in the coronavirus conundrum. For a couple months now, the learned intelligentsia’s (defined as “a status class of educated people engaged in the complex mental labours that critique, guide, and lead in shaping the culture and politics of their society”) fashioned models that supposedly forecasted millions, then hundreds of thousands and then tens of thousands of American deaths as the result of COVID-19. The tens of thousands part turned out to be true but the CCP virus as yet hasn’t demonstrably shown to be more deadly than a really bad flu season.

And there’s reason to believe lots of people have/had the virus and didn’t show any symptoms, making it much more prevalent (and therefore, dramatically less deadly) than currently depicted by our betters in the political class. It only makes sense that many, many people have contracted the virus but only the sickest were tested and confirmed to have endured or died from it. As we’ve been hearing a lot lately… who knows, maybe tens of millions have it and don’t know it.

How and when to reopen the economy has been the hot topic of discussion lately with numerous red state governors listening to the pleas of their citizens by agreeing to at least try easing the shelter-in-place restrictions if people pinky swear (or scout’s honor if you prefer) that they’ve absorbed the social distancing and hygiene lessons forced upon us all since this blew up in late February and early March.

Which basically means Democrats are running out of time if they’re to capitalize on this crisis and get long lasting impact out of it. Expect to hear Grampa Joe, Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer ruminating about the dire need to battle “climate change” now while we have the Congress spread throughout the country and big things can allegedly be passed by unanimous consent and voice vote (or not -- thank you, Thomas Massie!). Conservatives would need to be trapped under a heavy object out of reach of their smart devices to assent to greenie whimseys advanced by the nutcases, but with the way things are going these days, who knows?

The doom and gloom prophecies of the science crowd haven’t come within smelling distance of reality, so who in their right mind would trust the expert smart-set with pinpointing the climate conditions ten or twenty years from now? We’ve all appreciated President Trump’s daily news conferences with Doctors Anthony Fauci (did you realize Fauci is 79, almost two years older than Joe Biden?) and Deborah Birx, but they could’ve saved the entire country a lot of heartache simply by admitting there’re lots of things we don’t know about transmission of this virus and how dangerous (or not dangerous) it is to those outside of the most vulnerable categories.

A snapshot of a Biden administration is frightening to contemplate

If Joe Biden is elected president he’d probably declare a national emergency on climate change (enviro-kook billionaire Tom Steyer actually suggested he would do this) and his daily briefings would sound a lot like this:

President Biden next year: “According to trusted climatologists from Harvard and Yale, the earth warmed one thousandth of a degree last month and therefore, at that rate, the average mean temperature at the north pole in the year 2079 will have increased by two-fifths of one degree Fahrenheit. Polar bears will die by the hundreds of millions, the oceans will rise by an inch-and-a-quarter, and ginormous icebergs will be visible from New York’s central park. Therefore, as president, I’m declaring a two-year lockdown on non-electric cars and aircraft as well as banning furnaces and air conditioners, fertilizers and flatulating bovines (farting cows to the non-enlightened).

“Next we’ll hear from the cabinet-level director of the newly created White House office on eliminating economic activity, Bernie Sanders, who will address the issue of working people hoping to earn a living without a mandated government handout. After Bernie talks, we’ll go to vice president Gretchen Whitmer who will discuss the economic impact of climate change on Trump supporters and the reason why allowing the sale of tomato seeds can actually be deadly to both the seller and buyer. Finally, ambassador to the world climate league, Hillary Clinton, will weigh-in on prosecutions for those caught using gasoline powered lawn equipment.”

Yes, it’s a scam, but the American public’s been swindled by Democrats for as long as memory serves and warned their lives are in grave danger by out-of-control burning of fossil fuel -- so any means to combat it will be justified in the liberals’ eyes. What’s there to stop ‘ol hair sniffin’ Joe from declaring himself a dictator and backing up all his executive order nonsense with white paper studies from the heavily federally subsidized academic community?

Lim’s article additionally reported that Republicans were using the coronavirus panic as a justification to try and pass tax cuts, etc. -- like giving hard-hit industries a financial break is a means to permanently change the world. The political process will take care of itself in this realm, but proposing to cut tax rates doesn’t quite rise to the level of a scam.

What politicians should be doing because of the coronavirus crisis that isn’t a scam is recommending and debating long-term fiscal measures that hypothetically speaking, would bring the federal government back in line with its original purpose, to serve as the conduit to safeguarding freedom among the states (to enact their own policies), to protect the “united” nation from external military threats, to resolve disputes among the multitude of American interests and to regulate foreign relations.

Not to sound repetitive, but how about a balanced budget amendment? Think about what a BBA would do. First and foremost, it would eliminate much of the bickering amidst the political class because there’d be a lot less money to go around. They’d actually have to write bills and vote instead of lumping everything into voluminous omnibus legislation that no one reads.

No scams there. But it’s too simple of a solution for the poly-ticks, isn’t it?

There’s nothing dishonest or fraudulent about Mike Pence visiting a ventilator plant

Grampa Joe Biden made headlines in another way this week by suggesting a vice presidential visit to a Wisconsin manufacturing business was a naked ploy to win favor ahead of this year’s election. Again, you can’t make this stuff up. Emily Larsen reported at The Washington Examiner, “Joe Biden ripped Mike Pence's planned trip to Wisconsin, accusing him and the Trump administration of turning the visit into a photo opportunity rather than aiding the state in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“’This attempt to use Wisconsin as the backdrop to a political photo opportunity comes as the state is suffering a devastating loss of life to COVID-19, particularly in the African American community, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin workers have filed for unemployment in recent weeks, and Republicans drive dangerous efforts to prematurely end social distancing efforts,’ the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said in a statement...

“’The Trump Administration routinely takes steps too late and by half measure. President Trump is now, belatedly, saying he will invoke the DPA to produce more testing swabs,’ Biden said. ‘For weeks, I have urged President Trump to adopt the policies in my COVID-19 plans and statements, including the recommendation to implement the DPA for urgently needed lab supplies like swabs.’”

No one ever said Biden, as the Democrat nominee-in-waiting, needs to agree with or compliment everything the Trump administration does to combat the CCP virus, but this critique is absurd. Bunker-confined Biden’s been blathering about a ton of things and what he said about testing, blah, blah, blah, doesn’t matter a hill of beans when it comes down to it. He’s just an old coot griping from afar.

And notice Joe played the race card, too, specifically implying Trump and Pence were being insensitive to minority communities. Talk about a scam!

It doesn’t take a genius to see the American public’s being scammed by a lot of deceitful political swindlers during the coronavirus panic. As the time nears for some of us to reopen our businesses and start leading “normal” lives again, we’ll need to watch out for the scammers and their ruthless schemes to abolish our freedoms.

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