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Assault on America, Day 482: Biden says Trump will delay the 2020 vote. Blatant lie or reality?

Grampa Joe Gets Emotional
Anyone agree with Grampa Joe that Trump’s planning to sabotage the election?

“Mark my words I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held,” [Joe] Biden told supporters, adding that doing so is “the only way [Trump] thinks he can possibly win.” (Reported last Friday by Marty Johnson at The Hill)

Whenever you hear someone say “mark my words,” they’d better be right about whatever comes after them. Granted no one, including himself, truly grasps whether Grampa Joe really thinks this way or if he even understood what he was saying at the time, but the Democrat nominee-in-waiting obviously feels pretty strongly about the way (political) things are going of late. With polls (somehow) showing him maintaining and even growing a lead over President Donald Trump six months-plus before the election, the longtime DC swamp bloviator-in-chief is seemingly enjoying his forced home confinement/vacation. It beats having people at town halls asking him tough questions… and maybe Hunter is safely barricaded in his room.

The balance of Biden’s boast (to his donor audience) was an overt call for mandatory vote-by-mail, the type of cheerleading many Democrats are engaging in, likely figuring it’s the only way they can manufacture enough ballots to push a dolt like Grampa Joe over the top in the oh-so-constitutional Electoral College. If liberals can’t somehow convince legislatures and judges to trash the Law that Governs Government (a.k.a. the Constitution), then they’ll devise another means to achieve what they’re aiming for.

The old Nike slogan was, “Just win, baby,” and it’s equally applicable to the liberal attitudes within the Democrat Party, whose members are frustrated to the point of hyperventilation that they’re not in control of the new federal leviathan’s more-powerful-than-ever levers. Biden had the nerve to suggest Republicans were engaging in voter fraud, which is the ultimate example of the pot calling the kettle black. Or more aptly, it’s a keen case of “I’m rubber, you’re glue, what you say bounces off me and sticks to you.”

Nevertheless, some commentators argue Trump’s stepping up the populist rhetoric just to counter the Democrat threat. David M. Drucker wrote at The Washington Examiner last week, “President Trump is revving up his populist message, appealing to his base on issues such as immigration, abusive behavior by large corporations, and coronavirus-related economic lockdowns that have decimated small businesses and workers.

“Trump suspended some categories of legal immigration, shamed big businesses and well-endowed universities for taking federal aid, and encouraged protests against Democratic governors who have supported extended shutdowns of the economy. This populist offensive, though not risk-free, could help shield the president from political fallout generated by the coronavirus and a pandemic-induced recession that has left millions unemployed by motivating grassroots Republicans to stick with him in November.”

Drucker’s point is well taken, but it’s not exactly as though Trump is saying and doing it purely for political reasons. The president’s order restricting immigration last week, for example, was entirely in line with the prudent thing to do under today’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus reality and is an extension of the same arguments Trump’s made as a candidate and then through three-plus years of his first term. Similarly, Trump has consistently advocated for the “forgotten Americans,” so why wouldn’t he shine a spotlight of scrutiny on snobby elitist Harvard University (with its $41 billion endowment) to return the $8 million-plus appropriated to it in “relief” funds?

Other entities that are doing just fine (or even thriving due to reduced expenditures for fuel, etc.) despite the coronavirus shutdown that’s crippling the economy should feel equally obligated to return the money. The entire country/world will be forced to have this conversation sooner or later. Why not now? And what are Democrats so worried about anyway? In what way, shape or form is reopening the economy (again, with common sense precautions against COVID-19 spread) a bad thing? Are they really that concerned about the populace’s health that they’re poo-pooing proposals to save millions upon millions from financial capitulation?

Five reasons why political conditions in April/May won’t matter on Election Day

Several things are at play here. First and foremost, if the economy recovers to a recognizable level by November, people will credit Trump for his leadership in the crisis. And besides, it's easy for Democrats to be semi-united in their opposition to the prospect of reopening, because they’re not the ones being impacted the most from the shutdowns. For all they care (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?), the government could permanently shutter businesses (like the oil and gas industry) and they’d be okay with it as long as their pet constituencies are still living well in seclusion.

Put it this way; it’s doubtful there are many small business owners who’d prefer to stay in their homes another month. Since when do the non-owners get to make policy for those most impacted by the crisis? Doesn’t seem right, does it?

Heck, Nancy Pelosi is likely lobbying behind the scenes (if not right out in public) that it’s okay for her to remain indefinitely behind her walled protected enclave enjoying her expensive ice cream chilled by lavish freezers. Do you think it troubles Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi that John and Suzy business owner (and Trump-voter) on Main Street, U.S.A. is resigned to eating canned baked beans because they’re saving every penny to try and stay afloat?

If anything, the longer this shutdown lasts the more dependent people will become on government. Translation: victory for Democrats. Freedom and independence and individual decision-making is the natural enemy of every nanny-state tyrant who loves to pit the public’s health concerns versus the much larger worries of those in rural areas (without the same COVID-19 problems) who’re being ruined by red ink. It ain’t fair.

Two, the Trump campaign is mostly holding its fire until the crisis recedes. The president is busy doing his job and there hasn’t been any excess time to advance his message vis-à-vis Joe Biden and the upcoming canvassing season. If anything, Trump’s real nemeses are Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer, the die-hard obstructionists cowering behind procedures and parliamentary rules -- and secrecy -- to throw a wrench into Trump’s efforts to jumpstart the economy.

Besides, why would Trump delay the election when he and Republicans are the ones claiming their convention will take place as planned in four months while Democrats are rushing to push everything back and to cancel anything related to mass-gathering fun until the powers-that-be give the go-ahead? It doesn’t make sense. Democrats are the saboteurs and delay agents.

Three, Trump’s true strength -- grassroots campaigning -- is on hiatus. During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump prided himself on conducting several rallies a day at different points across the country. He might’ve deemed the Bush contender “low energy Jeb,” but it was Hillary Clinton’s featherlight schedule that made a lot of difference on Election Day. Once Trump can again unleash his boundless energy stirring up the troops, he’ll be back in his element and the polls will reflect the same type of enthusiasm gap that existed prior to anyone learning there was such a thing as the novel coronavirus.

Four, Biden is benefitting by basically not having to say anything. The media reacts to each Trump utterance and spins it in a negative way most of the time. The dimwitted and uniformed hear reports from the establishment talkers and formulate their own opinions based on faulty data and statistics from places like New York City that have little in common with areas without such dense population bases. Meanwhile, Biden is tucked away in his basement granting interviews only to outlets he feels he can manipulate and truthfully hasn’t faced a tough question in months.

The old saying “no news is good news” rules the hour where Grampa Joe is concerned. All the onus is on Trump these days, and when things don’t go exactly as predicted in certain ways it’s open season on the president with the media. With many Americans just wanting to hear when they can start acting “normal” again, Trump’s press conferences aren’t as stimulating as they initially were. Biden isn’t on the hook for any of the difficult choices and he’s taken to his role as long distance bomb-thrower. Why advocate for a change in the status quo when opinion polls indicate he’s better off keeping away from it? It’s not that hard to figure out.

Lastly, as I’ve been saying a lot lately, there’s the candidate factor that will reveal itself in the near future when the “real” campaign starts. Are people really saying they’ll vote for Biden (a useful idiot if there ever was one), or is it they’re unsure about the future and whether Trump can pull us out of this tailspin? Politics, like everything else, is wrapped up in the topsy-turvy daily news cycle.

But elections are always about the future, not the past, a lesson Hillary Clinton certainly learned four years ago. Hillary was little more than a next-in-line legacy candidate who didn’t offer anyone a reason to vote for her apart from not being Donald Trump. The same applies to Biden now since everything that emanates from his blathering mouth is anti-Trump fearmongering. What would the future look like with a placeholder president (for Michelle Obama or some other more marketable Democrat) at the helm?

Would the country survive?

China will play a major role in this year’s campaign. Which candidate is more credible?

The polling news wasn’t all bad for Trump last week. Paul Bedard reported at The Washington Examiner, “The nation’s focus during the coronavirus on its economic reliance on China has prompted a big majority of swing state voters to back a Made in the USA agenda as they turn from worrying about their health to switching the economy back on, according to a new survey.

“Some 75% told Heritage Action for America’s new Project 2020 that they want manufacturing returned to America, as President Trump has often called for. Said the group, swing voters ‘support bringing manufacturing back home to end our reliance on Chinese and foreign factories for essential supplies such as masks and medication.’

“In the survey of over 8,000 swing and ‘persuadable’ voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Iowa … , 63% said that they approve of Trump’s handling of the crisis. Just 21% disapproved. And they appear to support his gradual shift from focusing on fighting the virus to also reopening the economy, and a reliance more on businesses than Washington to lead the way.”

As with the polling numbers referred to above, this is only one survey (granted, with a pretty large sample), but it shows a level of support on a specific topic -- repatriating manufacturing -- that fits right into President Trump’s Keep America Great agenda. China will no doubt be on the minds of many voters come this fall when the proverbial smoke clears and people are looking for a bit of revenge on the perpetrators of the worldwide panic.

Grampa Joe Biden doesn’t talk much about China these days, preferring to change the subject rather than face serious examination of his role with the east Asian giant that’s looking more and more like a Soviet-style Cold War nemesis. Citizens gravitate towards strong leaders in such a scenario and it defies common sense to think they’ll see doddering Joe as a stronger foe of the Chinese leaders.

Maybe Joe will appoint son Hunter as ambassador to the adversary since the younger Biden seems to have a chummy relationship with them despite not speaking their language.

The new reality with China is yet another reason why Trump wouldn’t dream of delaying this year’s election, since Joe Biden’s dirty fingerprints are all over the subject and voters tend to have short attention spans. There’s a long way to go before November and the world is changing awful fast. Stay tuned.

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