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“Occam's Razor” – The Case of the Chinese Corona Virus

Occams Razor
Sometimes the most obvious explanation is the right one. I believe that is the case when it comes to the corona virus pandemic.  One must ask, who would benefit the most from a global pandemic with crushing economic consequences.  Where does the evidence take us?

When a spouse is found murdered, experience would tell a seasoned investigator to look at the husband or wife first.  In most cases, that would prove to be correct.  It is unlikely that the police will find a videotape showing one spouse killing another or a document that spells out the whole murder plan.  No, like all initial investigations, it will start with circumstantial evidence.

What was the motivation?  Money? Another romantic relationship?  How did they commit the murder?  Was the spouse hung with a rope and tied up with duct tape? If they were, did the suspect recently buy duct tape and rope?  Did the suspects daily routine change prior to the murder and for what reasons?

You can see where I am going with this. Now, lets all ask ourselves, what one country would benefit from a major collapse of the U.S. economy?  The answer may include a number of lesser suspects but one suspect will always stand out above the rest.  The answer is China.

For the first time in forty years the American’s are getting serious about leveling the playing field with international trade.  The American’s are serious and will use tariffs to accomplish this.  Is there any country more of a threat to Chinese global economic and military dominance then the United States?

The Chinese are highly motivated to protect their forty-year legacy of economic growth and technology theft. But that is not enough to say the Chinese used Covid 19 as a weapon.  It just explains why they might.

What circumstantial evidence do we have against the Chinese?

Intelligence reports in 2017 indicated that there may have been a theft of a Covid 19 sample from a level four, Canadian Bio-War Lab.  In 2018, numerous reports indicated that the Chinese, Wuhan, level four lab was beginning to work with the virus.  Now we have evidence that places the weapon within reach of the Chinese government.

In 2018, there is amply existing evidence that the Chinese began a government purchasing program that would acquire hundreds of millions of medical grade face masks, an assortment of personal protective gear and medical equipment, such as ventilators.  This purchasing program included chemical “re-agents” that are used in testing kits to detect viruses.  The purchasing program lasted well into late 2019.

Why would the Chinese, all of sudden, need massive quantities of PPE and specialized medical equipment and supplies?  Was there any current medical surveillance indicating we were facing a catastrophic flu season.  According to the WHO and CDC, the answer is no.  Now, we have a country in control of a pandemic virus buying virus related medical supplies in an environment where there is no obvious need for them.  Would a jury of their peers see this as another indication of a Chinese plot or simply and unrelated coincidence?

In 2019, our Department of Defense and U.S. Intelligence assets picked up numerous signs that the Chinese government was running government continuity drills.  The kind of drills our country’s leaders would participate in, in anticipation of a nuclear strike or major environmental disaster.  Do the Chinese do this on a regular basis?  Have they done this before in recent history?  The answer to both is no. What event are the Chinese worried about that would stress the government so greatly it would have to make arrangements to protect the leadership class?  A pandemic? Could that be it?  If not that, then what?

In 2019, the Chinese started to exercise their leverage with the World Health Organization (WHO).  It started a process in which the pro-western leadership at the health organization was replaced with a pro-Chinese leadership.  Why all of a sudden, just months before a global pandemic did the Chinese take action to change the leadership at the WHO?  Will a jury of their peers see this a just another coincidence or another indication of an organized Chinese plot?

As an American, what are your detective skills telling you?

Richard Lawless is a former senior-level banking executive and author of Capitol Hill's Criminal Underground.

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