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Assault on America, Day 485: What happened to #BelieveSurvivors? The Tara Reade travesty

Grampa Joe Tara Reade
Coronavirus may soon have to share the media spotlight with Tara Reade. Or not.

Q: What do the novel coronavirus (also known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus) and Grampa Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade have in common?

Both were virtual unknowns just a short time ago and both could easily change the course of history if events play out the way they seemed destined to do. Of course, the virus and the pandemic it caused -- and the panic and fear it instilled -- has already inexorably altered planet earth in ways no one could’ve anticipated months ago. With America engaged in a petty two-bit inspired impeachment witch hunt in the first part of 2020, while simultaneously moving towards the quadrennial national election, focus was elsewhere as innocent people in Wuhan, China, were getting sick and dying by the thousands.

Of course, it would have been different if the Chinese communists hadn’t eliminated whistleblowers (real ones, not Eric Ciaramella) and leveled with the world about the existence of the plague and adequately warned others that danger was at hand. Instead, the seriousness of the threat was downplayed and even ignored. No one will forget this one.

Many of us, myself included, initially argued COVID-19 was no more of a threat to the American masses than was SARS, Ebola or swine flu, products of media-fanned hysteria that seemingly grips the country every few years but never amounted to much of anything up until now. While there’s little doubt the CCP virus is more lethal than the annual ordinary flu outbreak, reasonable minds diverge on whether it was necessary to shutter the domestic and world economies to defeat it -- assuming it’s even possible. Common sense suggests some medical genius somewhere will solve the riddle and develop a vaccine or antibody that will allow people to come out of their homes again and engage in commerce -- and fun -- like the old days.

But the Tara Reade travesty is a little different. In case you’ve been trapped in the media’s wall-to-wall pandemic coverage and haven’t heard about her, Reade (now 56) was an early 1990’s staffer for then Senator Joe Biden. According to Reade, “Uncle” (back then) Joe committed an act that would’ve gotten him in hot water and possibly ruined his career if news had leaked out about it. Unlike Christine Blasey Ford (of Brett Kavanaugh confirmation infamy), Reade recalls specific details of the crime (where, when and how) and corroborators have come forward validating her contemporaneous accounts of the incident.

These witnesses are Biden-supporting Democrats, too, so there’s little suspicion of political favoritism here.

The proverbial jury is still out on whether Tara Reade’s #MeToo tale will cause the downfall of Joe Biden the presidential candidate since there’s a cloud surrounding the nominee-in-waiting that doesn’t appear as though it will dissipate anytime soon. Should the scandal blow up (it definitely would if it were a Republican who allegedly did the more-than-handsy perpetrating), Democrats just might be looking for a replacement presidential nominee.

Think it can’t/won’t happen? Quin Hillyer wrote at The Washington Examiner, “If I were an ambitious and canny Democratic politician right now, one with a sort of mid-level public profile, well known to activists if not the general public, I would start planning to make a big splash early this summer.

“There is a real chance, still small but growing, that the national Democratic Party might need to shove aside Joe Biden and engineer the party’s presidential nomination for someone else. If so, the only way to do it while pulling the party together rather than splintering it would be to choose someone widely acceptable, but without the enemies a prior contender naturally makes during bitter party primaries.

“In other words, there are already factions within the Democratic Party that are strongly anti-Bernie Sanders or strongly anti-Hillary Clinton. There are plenty of Democrats who now think Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are proven losers who had every chance to win the nomination but instead showed glass jaws.”

Hillyer’s correct in arguing that a “replacement” nominee would have to come from outside this year’s Democrat presidential field, but he’s off-base in maintaining he or she should be an anonymous outsider who could swoop in and instantly command the adoration and support of the shocked (by Biden’s sudden demise) party faithful. Quin offered Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (who’s gained notoriety for his handling of the COVID-19 situation in his state), New Orleans Mayor and former Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu and Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo as possible saviors for the Democrat cause if Joe is deposed.

Like the coronavirus and Reade, these Democrats were largely unknown (nationally) a few months ago. Judging by their lack of high public profile even now, they’re not destined to become all that famous in the near term either. Should Biden somehow fall from his lofty perch, it’s doubtful they’d be near the top of the party poohbahs’ short lists to replace him.

Only a well-known pol with political street credibility could handle such a responsibility, especially this late in the contest. With some states (that haven’t already voted) cancelling their primaries, it wouldn’t be possible to jumpstart a new process complete with fresh contenders and legitimate voting. Mail-in balloting wouldn’t even work since it would run afoul of party rules and local election laws. There’s simply no way an obscure candidate could command enough followers to make it work.

The most conspicuous “candidates” to replace Biden if he is somehow removed are Michelle Obama, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and yes, Hillary Clinton. These three possess the clout and fundraising capacity to step onto the campaign trail tomorrow (or whenever the powers-that-be allow it). All would earn respectable poll numbers immediately and needless to say, the media would slobber over them like a Saint Bernard gnawing a bone.

But Grampa Joe won’t be felled by the Tara Reade scandal, here’s why

In a larger sense, we shouldn’t waste too much time and energy pondering who would replace Biden because there’s almost no way he’s going anywhere. Many conservative commentators are crying foul over the glaring hypocrisy exhibited by Democrats regarding #MeToo accusations. The memories of the clown circus Democrat senators put now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh through are still fresh. Who could forget the sneering antipathy of Sen. Kamala Harris (“Will you call for an independent FBI investigation?”) and the sad grandstanding of “I am Spartacus” Sen. Cory Booker?

This is small potatoes here. Grampa Joe’s a great guy who everyone loves, right?

First and foremost, the Democrat grassroots simply doesn’t care about such things, at least when the accusing finger is pointed at one of their own. Not to downplay Ms. Reade’s particular assertions, but Democrat politicians have been blamed for -- and been culpable of -- much worse, yet still carried on. The late senator Ted Kennedy was plainly guilty of murder or manslaughter at Chappaquiddick and party members strained their necks looking the other way. Kennedy was even thought of as a credible presidential candidate when he challenged Jimmy Carter in 1980. Teddy was a member of the elite ruling class and therefore beyond reproach!

Kennedy demonstrated that if you’re liberal enough and willing to go to the mat to advance the party and its leftist motivations, there’s practically nothing that can bring you down -- because Democrat voters are ends oriented and tolerant of misbehaviors if it suits them.

Then there was Big Bubba Bill Clinton in 1992, who easily overcame allegations from numerous women that he’d, to put it mildly, treated them like trailer park trash (he probably preferred it this way, but that’s a topic for another time). With wife Hillary at his side, Bill obfuscated and sidestepped every credible charge, and the establishment media was complicit in the cover-ups. Talented actor Hillary shot Bill her best starry-eyed school girl glances and that was all it took for Democrats to leave their concerns in the past.

The fact Bubba played hide the cigar with 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinsky didn’t even alter their impressions of Bill. The man’s star was already so high that there was simply no chance he would be felled by something as “innocent” as a little extra-marital funny business outside the presidential study.

It’s probably no coincidence that Biden made his moves on Tara Reade after Clinton was first elected and had taken office in 1993. Who knows, maybe Bubba offered him some pointers! The Delaware senator had already become a national figure for his atrocious treatment of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork and for his malevolent partisan “high-tech lynching” of Clarence Thomas. Heck, Biden was a prominent Democrat and the pervert-in-chief was in the Oval Office. Joe must’ve felt he could do anything he wanted to young female staffers and there wouldn’t be any repercussions.

Not only do Democrat voters stand by their man (again, as long as he’s in a position of power and sufficiently ideologically pure), the party establishment would never allow Reade to get too close to Biden. There won’t be any (House) congressional hearings, no appearances by the accuser on “The View” or prominent liberal Hollywood figures lecturing doubters to “Believe all accusers!”

Democrat ruling elites will do everything within their power to forget Tara Reade ever existed and party voters won’t mind. Just win, baby -- it’s the Democrat mantra.

First it was Obama, now it’s Hillary formally endorsing Grampa Joe

As yet another sign that Biden will emerge untouched from the Tara Reade controversy, none other than 2016 loser and consummate Democrat mosh pit participant Hillary Clinton decided to formally back him this week. Max Greenwood reported at The Hill, “The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and former secretary of State announced her support for the former vice president during a virtual town hall event focusing on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on women.

“’I am thrilled to be part of your campaign — to not only endorse you but to help highlight a lot of the issues that are at stake in this presidential election,’ she told Biden in a joint livestream.

“Clinton also recounted her relationship with Biden from their time together in the Senate to their work in the Obama administration. ‘I’ve been in the lobby of the Senate. I’ve been in the cloakroom and I’ve watched Joe bring people together,’ she said. ‘We need a leader — a president — like Joe Biden.’”

Well, if anyone has experience with hearing firsthand reports of naughty, inappropriate and criminal sexual behavior, it’s Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump had his own bugaboos with women in his past, though there weren’t any who accused him of law-breaking no-nos like with Grampa Joe and Big Bubba Bill.

It would be astonishing if Hillary reacted any other way than to endorse Biden’s bid (though I still suspect she’s hoping he’ll fall flat on his noggin and need to bow out due to health concerns). Why would the “With Her” candidate withhold her official approval over such a trivial matter as a young girl’s (back then at least) sob story of sorrow and lifelong haunting memories?

These truth-tellers were callously left behind like so many roadkill carcasses on the political highway by powerful Democrats in high places. Hillary wouldn’t dream of letting one woman’s pain get in the way of a chance to defeat the man who humiliated her for life, President Trump.

Mental trauma is only acknowledged and honored when there’s a Republican or conservative in question. If you don’t believe it, revisit Brett Kavanaugh’s opening statement after Blasey Ford had testified.

Biden accuser Tara Reade isn’t likely to go away, but the Democrat establishment wouldn’t dream of allowing her a full hearing in the court of public opinion. All the party’s pontificating over “believing survivors” during the Kavanaugh sideshow goes out the window when one of their own is threatened. Grampa Joe will be on the ballot in November.

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