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Assault on America, Day 489: Time to fuel up and let Trump be Trump across America again

Trump Air Force One
President Trump is “itching” to visit the country and Americans need to see him

“On the road again… I just can't wait to get on the road again… Goin' places that I've never been… Seein' things that I may never see again… And I can't wait to get on the road again.”

Country star Willie Nelson crooned the lyrics all those years ago (November, 1980, the same month Ronald Reagan was elected president!), but his classic tune put to music an urge we’ve all experienced of late, not necessarily just to travel for travelling’s sake, but to resume “living” and discovering what’s out there beyond the limits of our own towns and neighborhoods. Needless to say, the feelings of confinement are acute for everyone but particularly those conditioned to goin’ places they’ve never been and seein’ things they may never see again.

President Donald Trump embodies the latter group. During his COVID-19 response press conferences, he’s mentioned, numerous times, that he hasn’t left the White House except to speak in Norfolk, Virginia, to send the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort to relieve the overstressed medical personnel in New York City (the fact the ship wasn’t called upon to use its facilities at anything close to capacity is beyond the point). Trump is the antithesis of a homebody -- it’s an individual sacrifice for him to remain in one spot for so long.

Four years ago Trump the reality TV celebrity and worldwide real estate developer took to retail campaigning like no one else -- it came very naturally to him, like a duck in the water -- and he's carried on with frequent visits to important locales all throughout his presidency. It’s often been said presidents should take their agendas and sell them directly to the people -- that direct communication demonstrates a sense of gravity and urgency.

George W. Bush tried to market his social security reform proposals after his 2004 reelection, for example, but the effort wasn’t successful. Perhaps it was the messenger and not the message. Privatizing aspects of the social security system would’ve been a Godsend to many, many people, and could’ve commanded majority support (at least among the people) if it had been packaged the right way and wasn’t mercilessly demagogued by the do-nothing Democrats in Congress. It didn’t happen. We’re all suffering for it.

At any rate, now that many states are easing coronavirus quarantine orders, the travellin’ president appears primed to get back on the road again. Rob Crilly reported at The Washington Examiner last Thursday, “The White House is drawing up a busy travel schedule for President Trump, … [starting with] a trip to one of the states sticking closely to federal guidelines on opening businesses, according to aides and former officials.

“It is part of a plan to signal that the country is reopening and to highlight those states that are following the federal three-phase plan for easing social distancing...

“The president has left the White House only once since early March and has told aides that he is ‘itching’ to get back on the road.

This is an understatement. Not only has Trump been bogged down in Washington dealing with coronavirus, he hasn’t been able to journey internationally as well. It’ll probably be months -- or longer -- before any diplomatic missions or multi-national conferences are convened, so the president’s likely doing a lot of phone work (brings up remembrances of the infamous Ukraine phone call, doesn’t it?) these days. Seeing as it’s an election year, restricting travel is a political privation as well as a personal one.

Beyond the need to get out there and “be seen,” Trump’s duty is to highlight the continuing nature of the coronavirus (Chinese Communist Party -- CCP -- virus) conundrum. All throughout the crisis Trump repeatedly refused to issue national, one-size-fits-all mandates to the states. But championing federalism doesn’t necessarily entail treating everyone with equal amounts of praise or condemnation. Crilly’s story added that a former Trump official familiar with the discussions said his first destination would be selected to send a signal to other states.

Here’s thinking it won’t be Georgia or Virginia, where Gov. Ralph “Klan robe” Northam has gone out of his way to keep things (including the economy) shut down for as long as politically allowable. Soon enough we’ll discover where Trump’s going and cable news coverage will inevitably follow.

Beyond highlighting successful states in the battle against COVID-19, Trump fulfills another role here, namely leading by example. If he projected an impression of being the slightest bit hesitant to leave his protected confines (due to worries about contracting the virus), it would send a terrible message to those millions who remain scared motionless by the media into self-imprisoning themselves in their houses. It’s doubtful Trump will wear a mask during his visits, either, which hopefully will allow others to deem it “Safe to go out now.”

It shouldn’t be forgotten how Trump himself is in his mid-seventies, a member of the age group most impacted by Wuhan virus infections, hospitalizations and… deaths. He’s consistently maintained his good health despite the media’s non-stop drive to portray him as a lazy TV-watching fast-food munching slob with an “itchy” Twitter finger.

One wonders… will Joe Biden follow Trump’s lead and begin emerging from his Delaware basement bunker too? Not likely. Doddering Grampa Joe appears to be a prime candidate for a care facility and his lack of sun exposure isn’t helping him appear any younger and more vibrant. Doing press events in his library -- or wherever it is -- is only exacerbating his already considerable age-related public relations challenges.

Democrat leaders are undoubtedly terrified if Biden appears outside a strictly controlled environment that he’ll one, keep making a donkey of himself with his incomprehensible and inedible word salads and inexplicable gaffes, and two, possibly contract the virus, which would be a disaster. Not only can Joe not afford to get sick (for obvious reasons) but even a series of coughing fits like Hillary Clinton experienced in 2016 would send an irreversible signal that he’s not up-to-the-job.

Trump’s political prospects -- and the economy -- depend on his getting out of town

Another reason why Trump must hit the road running is because he needs to. Reports surfaced last week that the president wasn’t happy with his (mildly) sinking poll numbers in swing states, which are unquestionably attributable to the ceaseless negativity of the fake establishment news media, but also because Trump hasn’t been free to roam the country and speak to Americans about his agenda. Everyone needs reminders of what’s at stake in the upcoming election. The virus conferences have been terrific exposure, but there’s a limit on how much political value that can be extracted from them.

In a separate article, Crilly (from the Washington Examiner) reported on how Trump advisors (Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore) predict a strong economic recovery this fall if states reopen rapidly, which of course depends on public confidence that it’s safe to do so as well as satisfying the statistical thresholds of the president’s guidelines (there apparently will be no new parameters issued). The strength of America’s economic resurgence -- or at least signs that it’s happening -- are crucial to Trump making the argument he needs another term to keep matters moving in the right direction.

Grampa Joe hasn’t said how he’d reopen the country, and it’s on purpose… he doesn’t have a clue. Democrats are horrified at the prospect of being wrong. What cowards.

In order for the U.S. to wrest itself from this self-imposed malaise, several things need to take place. First, as Trump himself is doing, citizens (except for the elderly, of course) must exit their homes, resume working in their offices, taking business trips, staying in hotels, giving patronage to conference venues and convention centers and start providing the impression that not everyone is terrified of threats to their own immediate mortality.

Beyond this, the world oil glut must ease over the course of months so prices will gradually inflate to where they were pre-virus and money is, pardon the pun, pumped back into circulation. It’s hard to envision conditions returning to “normal” with empty airports and airplanes and roads devoid of traffic jams (who ever thought we’d miss it?). People need places to go -- and opened states -- if anything positive is to be gained. We all need to drive and buy tanks full of gas. It’ll feel great, won’t it?

Unfortunately, a move towards reopening ain’t happening in California, where Gov. Gavin Newsom announced last week he’s closing the beaches until “Phase two” (which is vaguely defined) is achieved in his estimation. This is bad not only for state residents enduring an unrelenting heat wave (it’s always cooler by the Pacific Ocean, which I know from years of first-hand experience) but also the hospitality industry that relies on tourist traffic. If visitors can’t get “on the road again” to the Golden State, related businesses die. What about all the tax revenue that won’t be earned through airport fees at LAX? Does the guv think Uncle Sam’s gonna make up the difference?

No wonder Trump is insisting on highlighting states that are adhering to citizens’ wishes and opening up. It’s a winner for the economy -- and for his political prospects at the same time.

While the media ignores Tara Reade, Biden’s trusting Teddy Kennedy-buddy Chris Dodd to screen his VP list full of women

One thing Grampa Joe Biden can (mostly) do from his home hideout is vet his potential running mate choices. Who he tabbed to help him with the chore is telling, however, especially since he’s already in hot water with the credible #MeToo allegations of Tara Reade. Becket Adams reported at The Washington Examiner, “The Biden campaign, which is under mounting pressure after a woman claimed Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in the early 1990s, announced Thursday that former Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd will assist in the effort to evaluate potential female running mates.

“Yes, that Chris Dodd. As in, the other half of the late Ted Kennedy’s infamous ‘waitress sandwich.’

“Biden’s Vice Presidential Selection Committee will also include Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester of Delaware, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and former White House counsel to the presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Cynthia C. Hogan.”

People shouldn’t be shocked that good ‘ol back slappin’, hair sniffin’, child repellin’, nude swimmin’, neck massagin’ and staffer sexual assaultin’ Grampa Joe would add a sleazebag like Dodd to his VP vetting team. After all, they’re both charter members of the Democrat senate good ‘ol boy club populated by pasty white men from safe blue states born (which definitely includes Kennedy) before or during WWII who never did a damn thing in their lives but dwell in the DC swamp and take advantage of its perks.

Dodd ran for president in 2008 along with Biden but dropped out after a sixth place finish in Iowa. To put things in perspective -- and to give you an idea of how long Grampa Joe has been in Washington -- Biden started his senate career eight years before Dodd (who was sworn-in in January, 1981, and served three House terms prior to it).

So logically speaking, Chris Dodd would be an authority on how to choose a female VP (which will be as crucial to Democrats this year as it was in 1944), since he’s about the same age (almost 76) as Joe and knows everything there is to know about putting babes -- I mean women -- in their proper place. In this instance, under Joe. Well done!

Word that President Trump plans to get on the road again is welcome news to conservatives and Republicans weary of seeing him confined to the White House and unable to appeal directly to voters instead of being bludgeoned by Democrats and the media without let-up. Here’s to well-worn luggage, Mr. Trump.

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