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Assault on America, Day 490: Forrest Gump sets the line between science and common sense

Biden on Virus
Forrest Gump offers a lesson on how to balance science versus common sense

One of my favorite quotes from the movie “Forrest Gump” was when the title character described his simple but optimistic philosophy of life to wife Jenny on her deathbed. In his infinite wisdom, Forrest said, “Sometimes [in Vietnam] it would stop raining long enough for the stars to come out. And then it was nice. It was like just before the sun goes to bed down on the bayou there was over a million sparkles on the water. Like that mountain lake. It was so clear, Jenny. It looks like there were two skies, one on top of the other. And then in the desert, when the sun comes up, I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the earth began. It was so beautiful.”

In contemporary vernacular, it’s something like, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

You wouldn’t have to have seen the film to appreciate the imagery of low IQ Gump’s keen observations. All of us have had similar moments of clarity even if some haven’t quite lived the adventurous and consequential life of Forrest Gump. And yes, those things he mentioned are quite beautiful -- and prevalent -- if we pause long enough to absorb and appreciate them.

The quote is terrific in providing perspective for those of us still trapped in blue state governor Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus quarantine hades, too, since it is becoming more and more difficult to decipher why we’re continuing to endure mandatory sequestration at the hands of “leaders” who can’t -- or won’t -- articulate the reasons behind their seemingly arbitrary orders that have shut down schools, most businesses and just about every recreational activity that has any meaning in today’s world, all with the goal of minimizing or stopping the spread of a health pandemic without proper definition.

“Science, science, science” is the cry from the authorities, who toss out the word as if it were a delectable piece of raw meat maneuvered into a cage full of hungry lions. “We must listen to science and base our decisions on science,” they repeatedly utter, as though the rest of us ignorant rubes with something less than PHDs in STEM subjects equates to an inability to comprehend what we’re up against. One can’t help but surmise the powers-that-be are hiding behind the mysterious mockups of scientific model-makers, suppressing the average person’s desires for freedom and autonomy for their own good.

And that’s not even mentioning the severe infringements on our constitutional rights such as freedom of worship, petition, assembly and speech, or the ability to purchase and maintain firearms for personal protection.

Just like with Forrest Gump, sometimes it’s impossible to tell where science stops and run-of-the-mill common sense begins. And it’s not beautiful. Decades worth of education and experience means little when pitted against government “experts” or agents with badges, guns and attitudes -- and the power of the state behind them. Elections are a long way off and there’s little recourse but to comply… and grumble.

Democrat nominee-in-waiting Joe Biden’s been one of those mentioning science a lot lately as if formulas and hypotheses mystically reveal all the answers to questions we’ll ever run across. But science won’t save him from his date with destiny, which will include close scrutiny of his corrupted relationship with China. Katie Pavlich wrote at The Hill, “Biden’s position on China [namely, that the country is not a threat or a competitor] is dangerous and not based in reality. For years the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been sending Chinese students to America’s top doctorate programs in order to gain access to university research labs. There, they steal intellectual property from the highest levels of U.S. science.

“Now, we know China’s dangerous handling of viruses in its own labs has led to one of the most devastating and fastest economic destructions in global history.

“According to recent Harris polling, 77 percent of Americans believe China, led and controlled by the CCP, is responsible for unleashing the disease on the world. The CCP is being held responsible for the health and economic consequences of the virus. Further, 54 percent of Americans want paid reparations from the country. Given Biden’s record, this spells trouble for him in November.”

Yes indeed, though polls (somehow) indicate otherwise. But as I’ve argued a lot lately, whatever voter impressions may be in May have little bearing on what they’ll think closer to Election Day, which is now a half-year away. It’s safe to say most voters -- at least the persuadable ones -- aren’t fully up to speed yet on Grampa Joe’s views and past chummy relationship with China. By the same token, everyone’s probably heard of son Hunter but aren’t well versed in the Biden family’s business dealings with the Middle Kingdom.

Just like everything else in America, the impending election’s battleground topics have shifted of late. Whereas in the lead-up to the primaries Democrat presidential candidates wrestled over various socialized medicine proposals, codified rights for transgenders, protecting abortion-on-demand up until (and after?) the moment of birth, universal amnesty for any and all illegal aliens and “climate change,” the focus dramatically swung to a party full-court press against Trump and his administration’s coronavirus response.

Think about it. As December turned to January Democrats were droning endlessly on about impeachment and the infamous Ukrainian phone call and protecting whistleblowers and presidential behavior and obstruction of justice, blah, blah, blah. They swore the president needed to be removed from office less than a year before the national vote or he would compromise national security and sidestep the law to fashion his own dictatorship.

How quickly the common wisdom switched to “science” and health concerns!

“Science” won’t cover Joe Biden’s sell-outs to China

Those other issues are still important, mind you, but Americans only focus on so many things at once. China is destined to be one of the major bones of contention as the election draws nearer -- its role in the creation of the virus, its unwillingness to warn the world of the danger and its repeated denials of complicity. All bad things.

Through the establishment media’s unending obsession with the worldwide battle, the virus has drawn scrutiny to China’s (or its leaders’) goal of immediate world dominance. As Pavlich mentioned, Chinese students infiltrated U.S. universities to advance the regime’s sinister aims. The Chinese stole our industry secrets, artistic copyrights, hacked into our data systems, devalued their currency (to cheapen Chinese goods to stifle competition), refused to cooperate with international treaties and, get this, ignored the “science” on global warming and “climate change” with nary a peep from the environment-is-everything crowd.

Forrest Gump became famous for his stock-phrase “Stupid is as stupid does.” Well, China isn’t stupid and they’ve done plenty with the means they’ve created or pilfered ever since the U.S. normalized diplomatic relations with the country in the 70’s (note: most favored nation trade status was granted in 1980, a pivotal point in modern history).

As China emerges as the central point of interest later this year, voters will pay close heed to the candidates’ records on the topic. Grampa Joe Biden has enough trouble explaining his stance on anything these days -- which certainly includes Tara Reade and his handsy habits with women -- so how could he be trusted to touch on China, North Korea, the U.S.’s longstanding alliance with South Korea, the prospect of Japan developing its own nuclear weapons, etc.?

Like with all Democrats, Biden employs “science” every other sentence and leans on obscure concepts to bolster his otherwise untenable positions on healthcare, the economy (“climate change”) and culture. Conservatives are dying to ask him about “science” as it relates to abortion -- when does a “fetus” become a baby? With viability dates being pushed back further and further all the time, how do liberals justify denying a child his or her right to life?

Forrest Gump admittedly couldn’t tell where the heavens stopped and the earth began. There’s an inevitable clash between science and common sense, something American voters will weigh later this year. Science hasn’t proven reliable in forecasting the enormous economic damage the country is experiencing and is yet to endure with coronavirus shutdowns; it only goes so far. Sooner or later human beings default to trusting their own judgments. That time is now.

Democrats would do well to provide answers and real issue positions rather than responding to every query with the equivalent of “Scientist X said we need to maintain social distance, wear masks, avoid stores (except for Walmart and Costco?), stay out of churches and most of all, not walk on the beach!”

As bumbling Grampa Joe falters, a black widow spider spins her web

His suspicious past connections with China aren’t the only threats to Grampa Joe Biden’s candidacy. Party insiders may be pushing him to add a familiar name to his ticket, someone who could step in at a moment’s notice and takeover the fight against Trump when he can’t do it any longer. Liz Peek wrote at The Hill, “Clinton is the only VP candidate who would be able to pull off such a last-minute switch. She has the team, the resources and the experience to be the nominee; Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), former Georgia state Rep. Stacey Abrams and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) do not...

“How would Hillary stack up as a nominee this time around? Hillary certainly looks stronger and more fired-up than Biden; she has the energy he lacks. She has a bigger following on social media (28 million Twitter followers, compared to 5 million, for instance) and she has a large devoted following who, like Hillary, still cannot believe she lost in 2016.

“Hillary is hideously polarizing, but she would be a more forceful nominee than Biden, has enormous name recognition and, perhaps most important, can begin and end a sentence without major detours. And, she has not been credibly accused of sexual assault. Hillary may be Democrats’ nominee of last resort. You know she wants it.”

Opinions diverge widely on whether the Tara Reade situation will end up hurting Grampa Joe, but the subject doesn’t seem likely to go away quietly. Biden addressed the controversy last Friday during a rather laughable appearance on a Democrat-honk “news” show, but it’s doubtful anyone came away convinced there’s no “there” there.

That’s the nature of he said/she said allegations, but Democrats made the bed… now they must roll around in it.

It doesn’t seem plausible Biden would choose Hillary for his running mate unless he himself had already agreed in advance to step down. It only makes sense that at some point, Grampa Joe’s bound to realize that it’s a pain in the backside to run for president -- and he hasn’t even gotten out on the real campaign trail yet. Tons of questions await him regarding Reade’s #MeToo, Hunter, “science” and, of course, China.

Biden may very well be searching for the escape hatch lever, and it might have the words “Hillary Clinton” affixed to it. Peek is correct, it’s obvious from her post-2016 public appearances and rather odd behavior that Hillary Clinton is dying for another shot at Trump. Endorsing handsy Grampa Joe was the only means to preserve her claim to being the best one to succeed the faltering dolt.

Who knows, it could happen! “Science” would show Biden is too old and feeble to be a good presidential candidate. Common sense says people are noticing that Democrats made a huge blunder by letting Joe get this far. If Hillary is named the VP choice, Peek could be right.

These days it’s hard to tell where “science” stops and good judgment begins, but the coronavirus conundrum and China’s role in the pandemic will help reveal the dividing line. Democrat politicians can only hide behind graphs, charts and models for so long -- sooner or later, they’ll have to start making sense.

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