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GOP Must Stop Pelosi’s $3 Trillion Vote Fraud Power Grab

Pelosi 3 Trillion Bill
Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has announced the House will vote Friday on a roughly 1,800-page bill that includes $875 billion cash for state and local governments, or what Democrat leaders say is the centerpiece of the fifth coronavirus relief package. It also includes $20 billion each for tribal nations and for U.S. territories.

Chad Pergam, the well-informed Capitol Hill reporter for Fox News reports “House Dems coronavirus bill contains more than a half trillion dollars in state aid. $25 billion for the Postal Service. $100 million to combat domestic violence. $3.6 billion for election assistance” in its estimated $3 trillion price tag.

It’s hard to know where to start explaining just how bad Speaker Pelosi’s next gen bailout bill is – but we will start with the institutionalization of California-style vote fraud.

In addition to its $3.6 billion for election “assistance” the bill includes mandatory early voting for every state, mandatory mail-in ballots for everyone and voter ID and witness requirements are prohibited for voting by mail. You can see the specific election language Democrats want via this tweet by Nate Madden, Press Secretary for the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee.

Hard on the heels of that travesty are the various Blue State bailouts, perhaps the most egregious being the reinstatement of the unlimited state and local tax deduction on federal income taxes, the net effect of which is to have middle income taxpayers in low tax (read Republican) states subsidize the wealthy in Democrat states. You can read the specific language on that via a tweet from our friend principled limited government constitutional conservative Congressman Chip Roy (TX-21).

One of our friends who works on immigration and border security issues sent us a quick take on the outrageous anti-America worker provisions in the bill. With as many as 30 million Americans out of work, Democrats want to:

Give cash payments to illegal aliens (page 151)

Automatically extend Obama’s DACA and TPS work permits (page 1730)

Grant amnesty for illegal aliens working in critical infrastructure, which includes ag and food supply (starts on page 1737)

Expedite the importation of foreign health care professionals, even as American hospitals are laying off staff and medical practices are closing (starts on page 1739)

The bill also includes a Federal Reserve bailout for the city government of Washington, DC, a local government that has long been a hotbed of corruption and ineptitude.

But even worse, as our friend Mary Vought, Executive Director of the Senate Conservatives Fund pointed out in a tweet, the bill includes $1 million to study COVID-19 “disinformation” which seems a lot like social media policing Mrs. Vought noted.

Oh, and there’s also $10 million for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Politico reports that beyond the aforementioned California-style election mandates, the legislation also includes a slew of liberal priorities left out of previous bills, including $75 billion for mortgage relief and $100 billion in assistance for renters, It would include another round of $1,200 checks for adults making up to $75,000. Under this bill, kids would receive the same amount, instead of $500. It would also make $10 billion available to small businesses that haven’t received funds from the Paycheck Protection Program. Another provision would allow cannabis businesses expanded access to bank accounts and loans.

The proposal also makes local news outlets eligible for small-business loans even if they are owned by much larger entities and represents a bailout for big media companies, such as the USA Today network of newspapers.

Republicans, such as Tennessee’s Republican Rep. Tim Burchett (TN-02) were quick to express opposition to Pelosi’s massive bill. Rep. Burchett tweeted:

We haven’t spent all of the last Coronavirus relief package and now @SpeakerPelosi  brings a $3 trillion dollar pork filled Democrat wish list. This has zero chance of passing in the Senate. Open the House and let’s pass a bipartisan bill that will pass in the Senate.

On the Republican-controlled Senate side of Capitol Hill, Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters Monday, "I'm in constant communication with the White House and if we decide to go forward, we'll go forward together… We have not yet felt the urgency of acting immediately. That time could develop, but I don't think it has yet."

Lisa Hagen, a politics reporter for U.S. News & World Report, reports that while President Trump said last week they're in "no rush" to work out another relief bill, the president has been open to more major spending and has floated an infrastructure package – a long-heralded priority – in addition to a payroll tax cut as a way to provide relief for Americans.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday that the administration is looking to secure a payroll tax cut in the next piece of legislation, though the White House agrees with holding off on immediately passing more virus relief, wrote Ms. Hagen.

While bipartisan negotiations are stalled, the White House says it's still engaging in initial talks with lawmakers in both parties.

Larry Kudlow, Trump's top economic adviser, told ABC's This Week that the White House is engaging in informal discussions with members on a roadmap for future legislation. Kudlow and another economic adviser Kevin Hassett have started speaking with lawmakers in both chambers by phone.

"It's not that we're not talking. We are," Kudlow said Sunday. "It's just informal at this stage."

Setting aside the outrageous Progressive policy wish list tied-up in the Pelosi bill, we are opposed to the idea of subsidizing an indefinite lockdown of the economy through a never-ending series of bailout bills. It is time to get America back to work and everyone earning a paycheck.

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators and Representative tell them Pelosi’s $3 trillion vote stealing plan is a non-starter and that America needs to get back to work.

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Reject this nonsense!

This bill lays bare the worst desires of the Democrat socialists. Fortunately, this bill is going nowhere in the Senate. Best move for the Senate will be to pass a bill with some small amount for something needed, include the liability protection for it and hand it off to the House. If they refuse to pass it start screaming about how they're denying critical aid.

This really highlights how crucial it is to re-elect the President AND give both Houses of Congress to the GOP this fall!