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Assault on America, Day 499: Democrats to ditch convention over worries about doddering Joe

Grampa Joe Convention Speech
Democrats (may) cancel their convention over worries about what might not -- and should not -- happen

How much time do we spend every day worrying about what might not -- indeed, likely will not -- happen?

It's something all of us have asked ourselves lately, especially since the onset of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or Wuhan coronavirus panic. While common sense and sound experience suggests some worry is a good thing -- it helps focus the mind and prioritizes things we ought to be concerned about -- most of the time we end up planning for contingencies that never materialize. This is what is generally referred to as a “waste of time” and produces a degree of guilt that can’t be helped or extinguished.

Face it, worry stems from fear of the unknown. And these days, there’re lots of things we don’t know, including who to believe and whether to suspend our own good sense, purportedly in exchange for “safety” offered by authority figures. Is it a win-win scenario… or a lose-lose disaster?

At any rate, Democrats appear to be doing a lot of worrying these days, more than their share and certainly a greater amount than Republicans. It’s reached the point where the minority party is entering the preliminary stages of canceling their quadrennial convention. You can’t make this stuff up. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner, “Democrats are likely to cancel their summer presidential nominating convention and instead hold a virtual meeting online. The decision will depend on whether public health officials are still advising people to avoid big gatherings by mid-August because of the coronavirus pandemic...

“A DNC official told the Washington Examiner that organizers were weighing contingency options for the Aug.17-20 program set to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so ‘all delegates will be able to cast ballots and accomplish their business, regardless of their ability to travel and participate in person.’

“’Protecting the health and well-being of our host community in Wisconsin and everyone involved with the convention will drive every decision convention planners make as they put plans in place for August,’ the spokesman said, adding it all depended on the latest federal, state, and local guidance available at the time.”

Call me skeptical, but Democrats aren’t solely worried about “protecting the health and well-being” of folks in Milwaukee and convention attendees. Assuming the economy is fully “open” by then, there’s more at play here. They didn’t come out and say it, but this announcement reeks of the party establishment stepping in to quell any talk of replacing Grampa Joe Biden as their presidential nominee. As the days and weeks of blue state quarantine go on (ironically, Delaware’s at-home mandates are set to expire today) and doddering Joe saying more and more bizarre things, the movement to do something about him gains momentum.

It only makes sense that Democrats are doing away with their convention now while millions are still focusing on sheltering in place orders and avoiding mass gatherings of humanity. To go ahead with plans to conduct four days of revelry and debauchery (this is the Democrats we’re talking about, right?) wouldn’t sit well with sizable pools of party voters still feeling the effects of lockdown directives. True, the banging of the opening gavel is still a little over three months away, but you can bet your bottom dollar that fears of virus transmissions will still inhabit the tips of every Democrat leader’s tongue, even in August.

Republicans face a similar dilemma but I haven’t heard much apprehension from conservatives and GOPers about not being able to gather in Charlotte, North Carolina, for what promises to be one heck of an extravaganza to re-nominate President Donald Trump. If Trump and party were to pull the plug on the convention this early on, it wouldn’t look very reassuring, would it?

Seven reasons why Democrats wouldn’t want a “real” convention

Democrats have no such public relations concerns, but they’ve got plenty to occupy their worry meters. Here’s thinking they’ll cancel their convention for a number of reasons. First, no party gathering means no opportunity for a last-ditch Bernie Sanders effort to stick his unapologetically socialist nose into the platform writing committee, and his “bros” won’t earn much negative media scrutiny assembling in some anonymous location to gripe about their dissatisfaction with Biden, the Democrat poohbahs and the exclusionary nominating rules (“super delegates”).

If the Democrat establishmentarians were similarly empowered to exclude the Sanders storm-troops from the Philadelphia convention four years ago, they might’ve saved themselves a lot of embarrassing apologies and confrontations when they should’ve been concentrating on nominating Bill Clinton’s wife. Remember how the Wikileaks email dump took place shortly before the party fiesta? It was embarrassing, wasn’t it?

Second, related to the first reason, not having a “regular” convention will stave off street protests. Granted, most hateful goons derive more satisfaction from making jacka--es of themselves outside the GOP meeting, but there’s bound to be a healthy dose of leftist angst at the Democrat pow-wow as well. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” followers would launch choreographed calls for the “Green New Deal” and immigration groups would pressure Democrats to demand all laws and restrictions on illegal crossings be repealed and rescinded if party delegates actually met together.

Add the fact that Biden looks to be the most shining example of a “default” candidate ever and the demonstrations could get messy. Even the establishment media would have to exhibit the riots. With polls showing nearly three-in-ten Democrats wishing they could replace Grampa Joe at the top of the ticket, there’s a groundswell of emotion to do something drastic in the lead-up to the November election before it’s too late. The coronavirus conundrum delayed or ruined the party’s opportunity to “rally” around Biden as the primary season wound down. The candidate’s home basement bunker confinement hasn’t been good for the enthusiasm factor, for sure.

Again, Republicans don’t have this problem. Only a tiny percentage of GOPers gripe about Trump. And they probably wouldn’t make much noise -- or be drowned out -- by the much larger body of fans.

Three, no Democrat convention could open up an avenue for a “White Knight” candidate. Though it’s not likely to happen, delegates at the meeting could’ve staged some sort of revolt and refused to officially elevate Biden to the top, particularly if he doesn’t reach the minimum pledged delegate threshold (due to canceled primary votes). There was considerable talk about staging such a “coup” at the 2016 GOP convention (by a bunch of disgruntled sore losers), but it never got off the ground.

If an overwhelmingly popular alternative to Grampa Joe arose (think Michelle Obama), it wouldn’t be beyond the realm of contemplation that Biden would be replaced. It would be fun to watch, wouldn’t it?

Fourth, no official convention likely means Biden won’t be making a traditional acceptance speech. Sure, Democrats will try to put much fanfare behind Grampa Joe’s “virtual” speech, but it’ll probably be no more exciting than were his regular basement bunker orations. President Trump’s speaking skills are unmatched. The Democrat nominee-to-be isn’t in the same category, even if his handlers spruce him up, dress him properly and position the teleprompter just right.

Even with set remarks, there’s always the risk Biden would experience one of his all-too-frequent brain freezes in the middle of the speech. It would be a disaster. If the nominee is sequestered somewhere, party fixers could just as easily pre-record the speech and either re-shoot or edit it so that it’s perfect! What other way could they possibly make faltering Joe Biden look good?

Fifth, a drastically scaled back or shortened convention would help disguise the Democrat party’s lack of depth. As was demonstrated by the fact two men in their late 70’s were the final candidates standing at the end of the primary campaign season, there isn’t much up-and-coming talent on the party bench. Heck, even Democrat congressional leaders are a tad long-in-the-tooth. Nancy Pelosi is eighty-years-old and looks every day of it.

Democrats won’t need to worry over a dearth of star power if there’s no four-night convention to plan for. And this way, they’ll probably be able to deny Bernie Sanders a speaking slot because there wouldn’t be time to squeeze him in when reserving windows for Grampa Joe, his running mate, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and a couple other prominent Democrats. AOC and the “Squad” won’t make the cut either… and neither will Adam Schiff.

Sixth, if Democrats scratch their convention it will provide a greater (but false) sense of “unity” and consolidation behind Biden as their standard-bearer. There won’t be any visible platform fights, petty disputes over speaking openings (see the previous section), rules challenges or noticeably uncomfortable moments onstage. Remember four years ago when Obama was together with Hillary Clinton? It was obviously awkward (and Hillary’s pantsuit looked as though it were fashioned in North Korea). This year, it will be hunky-dory leading up to an electronic kumbaya moment! Maybe they’ll do it via Zoom.

Lastly, if there’s not a Democrat convention, there will be no booing God (like in 2012)! The party has no place for pro-lifers or believers in traditional, biblical values. Why hide it?

Democrats don’t want to revisit how irrelevant Obama has become, either

It goes without saying that President Trump has done a wonderful job of dismantling and discarding much of what Obama “accomplished” in his two terms. Through economic growth, tax reform and regulatory reductions, the pre-coronavirus economy was humming along. Now there’re the shocking recent revelations about deep state corruption and Gen. Michael Flynn. Democrats…don’t want to talk about any of it.

Professor Charles Lipson wrote at Real Clear Politics, “[Obama's] presidential edifice has come down in two episodes, and the dust has not yet settled from either one. The first wrecked President Obama’s most consequential policies: the Affordable Care Act and the Iran nuclear deal. The second, happening now, is crushing its reputation for integrity, for following the most basic rules for conducting free and fair elections.

“Consider Barack Obama’s biggest policy achievements. Trump campaigned on overturning both Obamacare and the Iran deal. And that’s what he’s done as president. For Democrats, these were bitter losses. Liberals and progressives alike were determined to defend them, even after losing the House and Senate in 2016. On those and other touchstone issues, such as immigration and judicial appointments, they were not looking for compromise solutions.”

The balance of Lipson’s piece deals with the previous administration’s sinister strategy to eliminate Gen. Michael Flynn from Trump’s intelligence operation. Flynn would’ve exposed the Obama “Russian collusion” ruse from the inside if he’d been allowed to stay on. So they concocted a scheme to get rid of him. Nothing they tried worked, which included intimidating then Attorney General Jeff Sessions into recusing himself from the phony probe, getting Rod Rosenstein to appoint Robert Muller as a special prosecutor, and then, late last year (and earlier this year), the ridiculous impeachment witch hunt.

Through it all, Obama’s eight years are slowly disappearing -- or being disgraced. Trump didn’t run as a status quo-promoting defender of the swamp. Now the truth is coming to light, and Democrats are pulling out whatever rhetorical stops they’ve got left.

And they’re proposing bloated, budget-busting $3 trillion “relief” bills to distract from it all, too.

We all spend too much time worrying about things that probably will never happen. Democrats are taking their uncertainties to the extreme by (likely) canceling their quadrennial nominating convention this summer. Perhaps their fears are justified, however: President Trump is dismantling Obama’s legacy -- and they are powerless to stop it.

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