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Assault on America, Day 504: Will the ghost of 'The Bern' haunt Grampa Joe on Election Day?

Bernie Sanders
Joe Biden’s battle to win over Bernie bros has just begun, and it doesn’t look promising

Will Bernie Sanders defeat Joe Biden?

Relax and breathe easy. We’re not re-litigating the 2020 Democrat primaries, which emphatically proved (despite being interrupted and all-but terminated because of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or Hunan virus pandemic and panic) that party voters preferred the failing mental and physical hulk of Grampa Joe Biden to the slightly older but more “with it” self-proclaimed socialist senator from Vermont. As everyone knows by now, “The Bern” threw a good scare into the Democrat establishment in the first three voting states (Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada), but then South Carolina rolled around and the rest is history.

All along, the Biden team must’ve figured if he maintained the love and loyalty of the Democrat Party’s most devoted interest group -- African-American voters -- that Biden’s “firewall” would hold solid down south. And it did. Both Iowa and New Hampshire’s populations are pasty white and Nevada didn’t pan out much better for Joe because Hispanics aren’t as in-the-tank for Obama’s veep as black voters apparently are.

Such is the reality on the ground in Democrat-land where it doesn’t matter a hoot what the different candidates purportedly believe (since they basically all think the same) but it counts a heck of a lot what you look like, and, for lack of a better way to say it, who you’ve been with. All Biden had to do in South Carolina was beg longtime Rep. James Clyburn to endorse him and the state’s large black community rallied ‘round the establishment choice like a flock trailing the shepherd.

But all’s not well with the Democrats despite the perceptible consolidation of its major players in doddering Joe’s camp. Sure, to the cameras and journos they’re all touting Biden as a great guy, non-sexual assaulter, team player and dedicated soldier to the Obama cause. But Sanders’ minions aren’t going along with it. As George W. Bush used to say, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Jonathan Easley reported at The Hill, “A top adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign warned in a memo on Friday that former Vice President Joe Biden could lose the election in November because ‘a significant portion’ of Sanders’s supporters are ‘currently unsupportive and unenthusiastic’ about his candidacy.

“The memo, written by Jeff Weaver, who recently launched the America's Promise PAC aimed at turning out progressives for Biden, said the presumptive Democratic nominee faces a ‘clear and dangerous trend’ that could block his path to the White House if he does not address his shortcoming with Latinos, working class voters and young people.

“’There is a real and urgent need to help Biden consolidate Sanders supporters,’ Weaver wrote. ‘If all of Sanders’ base turned out for Joe Biden in November, he could defeat Trump and take back the White House for Democrats. Here’s the problem: significant portions don’t currently plan to.’”

The Sanders voters’ aversion to Grampa Joe is understandable. Whether or not it was legitimate to the average person, the “Bernie bros” saw in their candidate a message carrier who wasn’t just running to win four years’ worth of pampered treatment by the White House staff. No, the ultra-leftists championed Sanders because he was as close to anti-establishment as you’ll find in the bigger government party. Whereas Biden -- and most other Democrats -- pretend to favor a heavily regulated capitalistic free-market economy (they don’t, of course), the Vermont near-octogenarian dynamo made no pretenses of trusting ordinary people to make their own way.

In this anti-swamp orientation, Sanders was similar to Trump four years ago. The New York real estate developer, celebrity and first-time politician launched his campaign against the way things always were done in Washington, essentially a dual crusade against Hillary Clinton and the hated (by the masses) stodgy Republican establishment. Trump didn’t run for president to make friends; from day one he stepped on plenty of skulls to get where he was headed. The grassroots loved it then and they still believe in his MAGA agenda today.

Sanders sidesteps direct criticism of his Democrat colleagues but much of what he ran against is in the chairs adjacent to him in the senate chamber. Only Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren seemed to buy into Bernie’s takeover everything mindset.

Biden, on the other hand, speaks out of both sides of his mouth (and maybe the top and bottom as well), claiming to be great chums with swamp creatures from both parties and boasts he can “get stuff done” because the blue bloods all know him -- and therefore, he can rain goodies down on all the right people to obtain necessary congressional votes. Sanders simply promised to bludgeon dissenters and impose things like Medicare for All regardless of what anyone else cautioned. Common sense be damned -- who needs that?

Sanders has an aura of authenticity Biden couldn’t hope to match, which explains why a large chunk of the Democrat base followed him and now flat-out refuses to accept warmed-over Obama-ism instead of the full measure of tyranny their candidate represented. These people didn’t buy into Biden’s oath to bring “change” to Washington. Grampa Joe’s slithered through the DC scene for nearly half a century. He was first elected when Richard Nixon was president.

If anything, some of Bernie’s fans probably migrated to Trump because at least he means what he says. Grampa Joe is just a cog in the corrupted political machine. Add the fact he can’t string consecutive coherent sentences together and you’ve got a gigantic problem.

Democrats went through similar travails four years ago, too. Hillary Clinton practically coasted to the nomination despite Sanders earning over 43 percent of the vote and corralling wins in 23 states in a two-liberal race. The party’s “super delegate” system ensured Clinton’s victory from day one, since “The Bern” couldn’t hope to sway the party’s ruling class to take a chance on him and he was too nutty to win the delegates on his own. Besides, it was Hillary’s turn, since she’d waited patiently (pfft!) for Obama to serve out his terms.

It all boils down to a deeply divided Democrat party. #NeverTrump critics and the media snickered about Republican divisions in 2016, but now, the GOP has never been so united. Trump came to office and demanded the elites cooperate or be left behind as dead weight. Former Speaker Paul Ryan went back to Wisconsin. Wishy-washy John McCain went to heaven. And loser invalids like senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker “retired” in disgrace.

Mitt Romney’s the only dissenter left and there’s no reputable right-leaning entity that actively opposes the president. Even the Bush family stays out of the way. It’s Trump’s party now and with all the exposure Mike Pence is earning with his stewardship of the administration’s coronavirus response, he’d be awfully hard to defeat in 2024 if he chooses to run. Mostly gone is the 2018 talk of Trump acting as a drag on down-ticket office-seekers. These days, if you don’t have Donald Trump’s approval, you might as well not bother running.

Don’t believe it? Just ask Justin Amash.

Democrats claim they’re all together behind Biden, but are they?

Easley’s article (cited above) included details on a couple Democrat groups (including one backed by Sanders) that purportedly are working to draw in the Bernie bros so Democrats can go into November on a solid anti-Trump mission. Much was written last week about Biden adding New York airhead loon Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to his policy team -- she’ll co-chair his task force on “climate change” with the “undertaker” John Kerry.

Considering AOC is facing a serious primary test herself, by no means is dragging her controversial name into the equation destined to help Biden. The freshman congresswoman has acted as nothing but a thorn in Nancy Pelosi’s and the party establishment’s side since knocking off a safe Democrat incumbent (in her district primary) two years ago and she’s openly threatened more “moderate” legislators with challenges if they don’t move strongly left and adopt her pipedream fantasies like the Green New Deal.

Conservatives hope Biden continues being influenced by Sanders and compiles his issue platform with the far left’s stamp of approval. As it is, Trump won’t have much difficulty setting distinctions with his Democrat opponent on the top topics of the day, which includes coronavirus leadership, the flattened economy, when to reopen businesses, immigration, national security (anyone heard of the Bidens’ cozy relationship with enemy China?), and the list goes on and on.

This isn’t even encompassing the recent revelations of Obama administration deep state corruption and its mission to destroy Gen. Michael Flynn, which Joe Biden was indelibly entangled in. If anything, Bernie Sanders’ voters will recognize how Obama, Grampa Joe, Hillary and the Democrat ruling elites were knee-deep in sleaze and reinforce their antipathy towards the Biden-led effort.

Tossing AOC’s sneering mug into the fray won’t make a dime’s worth of difference for the ticket. And Biden’s running mate choice will likely make his situation even worse, since the gals the nominee is reportedly considering aren’t exactly in the burn-it-all-down mold like Bernie and AOC. Even if Joe tabbed “Pocahontas” Warren for his number two, the Sanders forces will be more enraged than pleased (since she didn’t bow out to give their guy a clear shot at Biden one-on-one when she clearly couldn’t win).

The Biden campaign can’t win the national election without the solid backing of every core Democrat group. There’s very little indication Sanders’s people will turn out in large numbers to vote for a swamp dweller like Grampa Joe. You heard it here.

Republican women answering the call to run for House seats

No one’s claiming it will be easy for President Trump and Republicans in November, but there are more and more signs the party is coming together to mount an intense effort to retake the House after two years of Nancy Pelosi’s condescending and inane obstruction and grandstanding. Julia Manchester reported at The Hill, “Republican women are helping to drive a 2020 surge in female House candidates, a sign of hope for GOP women who have seen their share of seats drop in recent years.

“Data released this week by the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers University shows an overall uptick in women seeking seats in the House this year, with 490 filing to run so far. Democratic women still lead, with 295 filing to run.

“But Republicans have greatly improved their numbers, with 195 women running in House races under the party’s banner this year. That’s up from a previous record of 133 during the Tea Party wave in 2010.”

One should always be cautious reading too much into trends such as this, but the numbers appear to contradict the establishment media’s narrative that all women hate Trump and support Democrat platform items like universal abortion-on-demand and prefer nanny state intrusions into everyone’s lives rather than freedom. Unlike Democrats, conservatives couldn’t care less which bathroom (no, not a transgender reference) a candidate uses as long as he or she believes in limited government and traditional values.

If it helps the party to have more women running for office, by all means, recruit more females, especially if they’re pitted against Democrat old guard hypocrites who pretend to value women’s rights but ignore legitimate issues like Joe Biden’s Tara Read-#Me Too controversy.

Like with black or Hispanic voters, if Republicans gain a few percentage points of the women vote it will mean curtains for Democrats on Election Day. That’s what happens when a party puts all of its proverbial eggs in ethnic and gender-based baskets.

Both parties’ prospects depend on being able to turn out their bases and here’s thinking Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats will encounter more than their share of resistance from the Bernie Sanders revolutionary faction. Much damage was done during the party primaries and won’t be repaired no matter how many endorsements flow in the interim.

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