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Assault on America, Day 518: Miscreants and thugs won’t ruin America -- unless we let them

Silver linings, the Second Amendment and Trump’s reelection in November

Far be it from me to declare, but perhaps something good might result from the recent domestic turmoil and pseudo-“protests” masquerading as riots.

It’s actually more than one something but if I started this column off by cheerleading mayhem, people would tune out after the first line -- justifiably so. But the darkest of clouds still contains a silver lining, even if you have to sift through wave after wave of gloom to find it. And that’s what we’ve had here lately, beginning with the tragic death of George Floyd. No one deserves what Floyd suffered through, and the vast, vast majority of law enforcement officers would agree and feel enormous regret and sorrow for what went down in Minneapolis.

It’s what came after that’s caused serious soul searching from everyone with a conscience. Americans have been through a lot lately, with the effects of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP or Wuhan) virus still weighing heavily on everyone’s mind, especially those of us living in still-locked down states. Testing has dramatically increased and the number of cases has remained steady, though they’re declining everywhere (the curve was flattened in April). There’s no discernible difference between states that have reopened versus those remaining under oppressive orders. So much for the experts’ warnings.

The graphic video images of “protesters,” rioters and onlookers clashing with police all across the country has been truly upsetting. This jumbled collection of passive (liberal) people exercising their free speech rights (realistically, about half?) intermixed with thugs and organized leftist terror groups (Antifa) has left an indelible impression on the already dazed public. In the midst of numerous governing authorities continuing to insist on social distancing and wearing of masks to contain the coronavirus, it hasn’t made much sense.

The lockdowns lost a lot of credibility over the past week. The Editors of the Washington Examiner wrote, “As the public watches similar scenes play out in dozens of cities, why should it comply with bans on church gatherings? What is the justification, in the face of this lawlessness, to keep summer camps, schools, and day care centers closed?

“The surviving lockdown orders will be made even more difficult to maintain if the mass rioting does not lead to a spike in coronavirus cases a few weeks from now…

“Densely populated cities have been the hardest hit by the virus. If this mix of largely peaceful demonstrations and violent riots does not cause a spike in new cases, it will weigh heavily in the scales against the conventional wisdom favoring sustained shutdowns.”

Yes it will -- if it hasn’t already done so. Call it a sign of the times, but as I watched the non-stop media coverage of the riots, I thought to myself, 'Hey, they're not wearing masks.' The TV news reporters were wearing masks, of course, but most of those milling around weren’t, except for the very identifiable Antifa goons all dressed in black. Antifa was into face coverings before it was cool for Democrat governors to order them. Next thing you know we’ll be instructed by the liberal ruling elites to wear all black clothing and be lectured on how to assemble urine bombs, Molotov cocktails and crude weaponry.

Those rabble who were wearing face coverings no doubt did so to cover their identities, not because they were worried about public health -- theirs or someone else’s. Or they might’ve figured that the unwashed scum marching and shouting and initiating the rioting beside them reeked of body odor. Or that they were carrying all forms of disease, not necessarily confined to the now notorious COVID-19.

I also didn’t see many in the at-risk categories represented on the news feeds, either. Senior citizens tend to avoid raucous mobs, wanton looting and clashes with police, not only because of the high likelihood of injury but also because older folks have the requisite common sense to honor community standards and time-tested rights like freedom of assembly.

In contrast, 2010’s Tea Party gatherings were “safe spaces” for seniors, because the Constitution-revering patriots knew in advance that personal security was a given and the only bombs and barbs lofted in any direction would be rhetorical in nature. Having attended President Trump’s inauguration swearing-in ceremony in January, 2017, I noticed many, many seasoned citizens among those witnessing the very civil proceedings then too.

The news talkers don’t exactly come right out and say it, but only the young and stupid frequent leftist throngs.

The good news is it wasn’t all bad news from the social un-distancing

The ending of hypocrisy was the first good thing to stem from the “protests” of the past week. The same liberal governing officials who’ve harped on lockdown orders and shamed people for not wearing masks were commending and tolerating the “No justice no peace” demonstrations by hooligans who didn’t give a squat about social distancing or keeping their neighbors safe. Without double standards they’d have none at all. Who would listen to them now?

A second positive element will be renewed scrutiny of the police. This in itself is not necessarily a good thing, but a deeper, harder look at police unions is very much in order. National Review’s John Fund penned an excellent column the other day on law enforcement unions and their unrelenting protection of members -- including those with multiple complaints of excessive force filed against them.

It doesn’t take a genius to surmise not every teacher is great at his or her job, yet teacher’s unions fight for the accused whenever there’s a job performance issue. The same goes for police unions, which helps explain why rogue cops like Derek Chauvin (the jerk who killed George Floyd) are permitted to remain on the job -- and on the streets -- even after multiple credible instances of abuse. If state legislatures and Congress act on the matter, we could see progress in weeding out the obviously bad apples that give departments a foul name. Bust the unions. It’s simple.

What unions gain in advancing blanket protection to all members is lost in negative publicity and settlements (or jury awards) in lawsuits. It makes no sense to expose the innocent (in this case, the law-abiding officers) to shelter the perpetrators. Most officers are conscientious individuals who care about their work. They’re the ones who risk their lives to save others, and it’s a nasty job with little appreciation from a skeptical public where bad attitudes flourish. The police run into situations to enforce the law. Punishing those who step over the line would make for improved relations -- and better policing.

Question: Why are the leftist goons so honked off about the excesses of local police forces but don’t seem to care about what the federal police did to Gen. Michael Flynn under Obama? Do innocent people’s lives matter, even if they’re not black? (Crickets chirping)

A third possible good thing to result from the nationwide looting and rioting is greater respect for the right to bear arms for personal protection. Seeing images of buildings burning, one can only imagine the hurt and anguish of business owners being victimized by nameless, faceless thugs engaging in an orgy of pandemonium. The police weren’t stopping them, either, which certainly must have enraged the victims even further.

It explodes the myth that the government and police will protect you from all threats. The Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment for a reason, to guarantee some measure of self-defense in the direst of emergencies -- including when government agents overreach. Disarming the population would lead to tragic consequences, since the only thing an arsonist might possibly fear is not making it out alive if they come face-to-face with someone lawfully wielding a gun.

To suggest thugs who target businesses for no reason other than their physical proximity are cowards is a no-brainer. The masked vermin do harm anonymously because they figure they’ll get away with the crime when the police aren’t around to stop them. We’d see how brave those little Antifa miscreants and neighborhood lowlifes are when challenged by someone fighting back with deadly force. They’ll scatter like so many black-clad cockroaches. They love their own pampered good lives too much to die for the leaders of their movement.

Here’s to every responsible citizen arming themselves from here on out. Then the journalists could return to obsessing over pandemics.

A fourth benefit, though it’s not something tangible, is the likely political outcome from all of this. Citizens don’t exactly have long memories for particular issues or partisan petty fights. Every time there’s a government shutdown, for example, pundits drone on and on about the “fallout” from a work stoppage, but the topic never comes up when election time rolls around.

People will remember the riots, however, and the reactions of the leaders in dealing with them. President Trump assured Americans that the Justice Department -- and if necessary, the military -- wouldn’t stand for the lawless crimes of a relative few. The reprobates on the streets wouldn’t figure to be Republican voters, but the folks holed-up in their homes fearing for their lives want to know that the violence won’t last -- and it won’t be tolerated.

Simply put: law enforcement messages work in political campaigns. And it’s doubtful that voters will forget who was on the side of the rioters. Hint: it wasn’t Trump and Republicans. Political correctness may sound good in the heat of the moment but down the road, citizens opt for stability and normalcy. The same goes for the various state governments’ handling of the coronavirus plague. The pro-opening side will definitely prevail. The left’s freak-out over the actions of one rogue cop will still be fresh in the minds of voters on Election Day, and here’s thinking there won’t be much sympathy for those who condoned, coddled and enabled the savagery.

Lastly, in a strange way, the events of the past week are a victory for free speech. Peaceful protest is a long way from the senseless violence we’ve seen. Contrasted to the universally peaceful “Reopen America” protests of recent times, there’s little doubt which groups of protesters equal the greater threat to public health.

Policemen collecting license plate numbers in church parking lots on Easter or running down surfers on a mostly empty beach won’t be forgotten either.

Democrats have a lot to answer for. We’ll see how it pans out in November.

Suddenly the media wasn’t talking about Trump’s timeline, masks and COVID-19 deaths

The old saying in journalism is, “If it bleeds, it leads.” After three plus months of non-stop media obsession with the CCP virus, the “unrest” occurring in America’s cities finally displaced the mysterious coronavirus in the hearts and souls of the media. It happened so fast you could get whiplash if you weren’t careful. Tiana Lowe wrote at The Washington Examiner, “[T]he ‘you just want to kill grandma’ crowd went silent as thousands of violent protesters across dozens of cities burned cars and looted businesses in the name of peace. Most of them, it should be added, appeared to scream and cough and breathe over each other without any semblance of mask-wearing or social distancing...

“To recap: Robbing Korean beauty shop owners brings justice to police brutality 1,000 miles away, but shame on the rest of us for going outside. How dare you have a drink or patronize a local business while social distancing — if only you were somewhere lighting fires and stealing television sets, thus promoting justice...

“[F]or a certain contingent of zombie elites, credulous over whatever propaganda Beijing is spreading on any given day, the mask was never just a tool to minimize coronavirus transmission. It was an ideological symbol — a statement. Now that it's not as useful anymore, it can be tossed aside.”

Many a commentator suggested the “protests” were due -- in part -- to people being cooped up for a couple months under lockdown orders. There may be something to the theory, but millions have been subjected to the same conditions and yet 99 percent of the population didn’t feel compelled to burst from their cells and light fires in some random store window.

There’s no “justice” involved here, and the marauding bands of goons couldn’t care less about real causes or inequities. And they sure as heck don’t care about masks and viruses. Neither do the political honks doing the whining and griping about “killing grandma” and “staying safe.”

It's about political power. They all want the same ends, just different means.

We are living in strange times and the nationwide “protests” go along with the overpowering sense of weirdness. Not everything is as it seems, however, and there may be some positive points emerging from the recent craziness. When the smoke clears, Americans will take another hard look at the ruling class. What will they see?

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