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Assault on America, Day 520: Which side does Joe Biden favor, the criminals or the victims?

Biden taking a knee
“What do we want? Um…JUSTICE! When do we want it? Um…NOW?! … Is that right?”

What do they want?

Such is the refrain in many a household these days as news reports flow-in regarding further “protests” in America’s major cities, continuing scattered violence and general confusion as to what should be done first to halt and then address what caused the mess in the first place. President Donald Trump’s critics and enemies peck and dissect everything he does and says on the subject, ranging from calling on state and local authorities to do their jobs in protecting people to holding up a Bible in front of St. John’s Church the other day.

Earlier this week Fox News Host Tucker Carlson posed the “What do the protesters want?” question on his show. He then asked rhetorically, what program or government policy would assuage them and flip the magic switch signaling them to return to their homes and be happy with the outcome? Of course there is no such instantaneous solution to the problem, since long ago it ceased being about the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and morphed into officially sanctioned permission (by liberal elected officials) for the dredges of society to throw heavy objects through store windows and remove whatever contents might be inside.

Politics rears its ugly head in everything these days, and the crisis-of-the-hour is no different. Trump has mostly taken the stance of restore order at all costs, and Democrat nominee-to-be Joe Biden? Well, he’s caught between a rock and a hard place. W. James Antle III wrote at The Washington Examiner, “While President Trump will be judged by his response to the violence engulfing cities across the country, the riots also pose political risks for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“Biden needs to express unequivocal support for the protests against police treatment of African Americans without appearing to endorse the increasingly violent tenor of these demonstrations, a challenging feat for any politician much less one who is widely regarded as no longer at the top of his rhetorical game. He also cannot hug law enforcement too tightly, while some in the White House are encouraging Trump to make a pro-police statement even as he expresses sympathy for George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died in custody…

“The riots have spread from Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed, to over two dozen cities, including New York City and Washington, D.C. Democratic strategists point to Biden’s empathy and ability to project calm in contrast with Trump’s inflammatory tweets. Yet, however incendiary Trump’s rhetoric may be, it leaves little doubt where he stands on looting, smashing windows, and assaulting store owners. ‘The biggest victims of the rioting are peace-loving citizens in our poorest communities, and as their president, I will fight to keep them safe,’ he declared Monday evening.”

Poor Grampa Joe. Like Trump, he’s taking “fire” from all sides but in a completely different manner. First there’s the ongoing shelter-in-place orders issued by various blue state governors and mayors mandating people stay home as much as possible, even as many states have already reopened. Biden doesn’t seem bothered by the grounding as he's only peeked his balding noggin outside a few times to check on the weather and then return to his comfy confines to do another electronic interview with softball questions from a biased friendly interrogator.

Perhaps for that reason, instead of working at the epicenter and actually making a difference in what people think, Biden can’t really say much about what’s going on, the true “existential” crisis of our times (you mean it’s not “climate change” after all?). As a Democrat, Grampa Joe purportedly politically represents the “protester” in the street having acquired, through nearly five decades of sucking-up to minority voters, the unsanctioned title of grievance manager in chief. The nominee recognizes he can’t win the White House without African-American backing, so he wouldn’t dare speak out to any great degree against the hooligans.

But Joe’s inertia makes him all the more irrelevant. Because he’s still under self or party imposed lockdown (though he has started making public speeches again) -- likely because he’s a prime candidate for severe COVID-19 sickness -- the thought of risking being among his constituents on the streets of America is too much for his delicate composition to tolerate (besides, they might turn on him because of his skin color), though it would no doubt be popular with limousine liberals locked behind fortified residence walls.

It’s almost like Biden’s position is best articulated by surrogates, including some of the most notorious names in anti-Americanism today. Don’t be surprised if/when the Biden campaign hires Colin Kaepernick as an advisor and spokesman while also retaining LeBron James’ services as a campaign advance lead who introduces the party nominee at rallies later in the year (if there are any). Democrat voters don’t give a hoot about what their man has to say, but they sure do want to beat Trump!

As would be expected, the former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback is relishing the chance to take a preeminent position in fanning the flames of manufactured discontent. This is what hiring Kaepernick did for Nike (video shows hoods ripping apart a Nike store in Chicago)! Isn’t it funny how the thugs cover up their faces while in the store so as to hide from security cameras? They’re professionals at what they do, just like CK! There are gonna be a lot of shiny new $300 Nike shoes worn on the South Side this week, that’s for sure.

Riots and mayhem are predictable offshoots from decades of liberal social policy

Sooner or later Biden will be forced to articulate real opinions, however. In the meantime, as I watched footage of the rioting from the safety of my living room, a thought occurred to me: We’re seeing the true-to-life manifestation of decades of supposedly benevolent and well-intentioned social policy gone wrong. Much has been written about the role of Antifa in the riots and mayhem -- mainly since they’re mostly white kids from privileged backgrounds -- but what about the obviously young African-American males in the pictures? #BlackLivesMatter is a cousin to Antifa but most definitely not the same animal.

It only makes sense that human beings aren’t innately anti-social and bent on destruction. We aren’t born that way. If it can be said that you must teach a dog to be aggressive and dangerous, the same goes for most living, breathing males and females. Every single one of the rioters had to be honed and molded by someone into a vicious malcontent without hope of redemption.

With statistics showing roughly seven-in-ten black babies are born to mothers who aren’t married to the child’s father, an awful lot of these kids are growing up in households without a positive male role model, one who could conceivably restrain the boys and young men from going out unsupervised to do God-knows-what in the streets and city centers. They’re angry at something -- and it must be more than mere police excesses. Perhaps they’re lashing out at a system that ingrained poverty into them before they learned to walk.

The past fifty-plus years’ worth of government welfare policies that disincentivized the oh-so-yesterday nuclear family and Christian work ethic together with feminism’s non-stop assault on traditional male and female gender roles resulted in minority communities being packed with potential time-bombs that ironically seem to “explode” every quarter century or so (it’s more than a little coincidental that nationwide rioting occurred in 1968, then again in 1992 after the Rodney King verdict and now the flare-ups in 2020).

As the most high-profile proponent of perpetuating and even expanding these harmful social policies, a Joe Biden presidency would be a disaster for the United States. Coddling the purveyors of destruction isn’t the way to stop them from acting -- and it certainly doesn’t make their lives better by breaking laws. Democrats appear to believe that all “injustices” can be worked out through adding more government programs and social mandates designed to equalize outcomes without requiring the recipients to merit them.

It doesn’t work that way because people don’t think this way.

The “protests” seem to start out peaceful with mixed-race gatherings of suitably pissed off participants waving signs, chanting “Black Lives Matter!” (does anyone seriously argue that black -- or any -- lives don’t matter?) and no discernible purpose other than to draw media attention. Sooner or later they get bored and start marching in some direction without a set final destination. The anarchists among them then pound on windows and look for the nearest police vehicle to burn and we’re off to the races.

Much of the inspiration for this mindset was fostered by people like Joe Biden who constantly lecture Americans on inequities and the perceived presence of “white privilege.” Remember how he told an Iowa audience that “Poor kids are just as bright as white kids?” At the time Joe’s blubbering was thought to be just his latest gaffe, but maybe it was intentional, planting a seed for the next occurrence of pent-up rage exhibited by those with too much time on their hands and little else to do.

Figures reveal there are a lot more poor white people in America than any other ethnic group and they’re found just about everywhere, hardly “privileged” in any way. Try and tell the folks in West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky that they’re “privileged” to be white and they’re the reason why minorities are picked on in cities by the police. Where is their voice in all of this? Should they be taxed to fund more “sensitivity” programs for minorities who feel left behind? Or to supply universal college educations and pre-K for the dissidents? How about slavery reparations?

White liberals with severe cases of white guilt enable the rioters. As a pale skinned human, it’s almost like a form of self-loathing to partake in these demonstrations to prove their “woke” credentials and certify membership in the politically correct burn-it-all-down crowd. Bernie Sanders probably supplied the leftist organizations with donor lists to call up for instant strike forces. Somebody should look into it.

The world is burning down around us and still the establishment frets over Trump’s tweets

Earlier this week President Trump, in characteristic style, promised swift action to combat the rioters, anarchists and revolutionaries pilfering America. But instead of rallying behind the law and order message, GOP elites claim he’s blowing another chance to build bridges ahead of the election. David M. Drucker wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Republican insiders say the wave of civil unrest roiling American cities could boost President Trump in his reelection bid against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden if he can meet the moment with consistent leadership that is measured and reassuring. They doubt he can.

“In interviews Monday, more than a half-dozen veteran Republican strategists told the Washington Examiner that the bloody, destructive riots that erupted from coast to coast over the weekend could push voters into Trump's arms. He has cultivated a law-and-order image since the earliest days of his first campaign, and suburban voters who fled the GOP because of a deep dissatisfaction with the president’s provocative style could reconsider amid fresh concerns about domestic security.

“But in responding to the social conflagration primarily with a staccato of politically charged tweets, while picking fights with Democratic governors and mayors on the front lines of the mayhem, Republicans fear Trump has reinforced the long-held notion among persuadable voters in the suburbs that he is part of the problem.”

What? I missed that. Say again? Part of the problem? Are they serious?

The GOP establishment’s paid anonymous talking heads would criticize Trump no matter what he said on Twitter or during a speech, because to them, it’s always too mean for the light-hearted, and hence will scare off suburban waifs who care more about nanny, nanny boo boo rhetoric than about respecting leaders who will secure the community and ensure a healthy economy.

Was there “peace” under the sainted Obama all those years? Anyone hear of Ferguson (Missouri), Baltimore, Milwaukee and Charlotte (2016)? Did Trump’s tweets turn people off then, too?

This isn’t saying Trump couldn’t do more to mitigate the “tone” of his tweets, but they -- and he -- are not the problem. The president is trying to lead. Some aren’t allowing him the ability to do so. It’s just one of many things the upcoming election will decide. Anyone see Joe Biden as a tower of strength?

It's possible -- but highly doubtful -- that we’ll learn in the coming weeks and months what the “protests” were all about, and the leftist “leaders” will clarify what exactly it is that they want. Until that time, political schleps like Joe Biden will continue making hay out of social stupidity, and the world won’t be a better place.

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