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Assault on America, Day 524: It’s all race all the time for Grampa Joe’s running mate vetting

Amy Klobuchar Police Shooting
Politically confined inmate Grampa Joe’s running mate choices cut in half by riots

If it could be said Joe Biden faced a difficult dilemma choosing a running mate before George Floyd became a worldwide household name, now the task has been rocketed into the nearly impossible category.

Why? Because if the Democrat nominee-to-be was already beholden to the identity politics prison warden before, now he’s been tossed into solitary confinement without hope of parole or pardon. If you’re Joe Biden the hopelessly compromised 77-year-old doofus political shill, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t tell a small gathering in a Philadelphia church last week (in a city that was ravaged by “protests” and riots) there’s systemic racism and that he’s a healer qualified to do something about it and then choose a pale-skinned gal for your number two. Since Grampa Joe’s already assured the nation that he’s gonna go with a woman as his potential VP choice, there really are only so many possibilities to begin with.

Everyone knows Biden’s intellectually slipping as it is. Maybe he came up with the idea of running with a woman at his side over breakfast one day and couldn’t be talked out of it by advisors who pleaded with him that he needed to secure the nomination first before opening his big mouth about a sidekick. But now the die is cast and Joe’s stuck. Adding to his burden are polls indicating he’s lagging badly in the enthusiasm category (even if he has healthy leads overall) -- and that selecting a woman of color might help in this regard -- so the possibilities are getting even more narrow for the hapless Delaware schlep.

Paul Bedard reported at The Washington Examiner, “Likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden suffers from a voter excitement gap, but he could close it by picking a woman of color, according to a new survey testing the nation’s politics during the George Floyd protests.

“In two new surveys [last] week, Biden voters are less enthusiastic than those backing President Trump. In the latest Emerson College Poll, 69% of Trump voters are ‘extremely or very excited to support him.’ For Biden, it’s 55%. In Scott Rasmussen’s latest Just the News poll, the excitement gap is bigger: 76% for Trump and 49% for Biden.

“Emerson, however, found that the winning trick for Biden could be to pick a ‘woman of color.’ That survey analysis said that ‘46% of Biden voters saying this choice would make them more excited, and 8% saying it would make them less excited.’”

Hmpf. Wouldn’t you love to ask follow-up questions to the 8 percent of Biden voters who indicated they’d be less excited if he chose a pigmented woman for his “one heartbeat away” backup act? Wow. Those people are probably in hiding now because there’s no way they’d dare say something so non-politically correct after Democrats have spent the better part of two weeks apologizing profusely for “white privilege” and the evils of living in the land of the free without the proper “experience” of being clubbed into unconsciousness by a racist police officer.

Of course the actual data and statistics suggest that instances of police brutality are much rarer than the liberal party and its media honks, celebrities and apologetic professional athletes would indicate. If you listened to these people, you’d think the next Derek Chauvin and trio of inert law enforcement onlookers was waiting around the corner for a black or brown face to appear and torment. Tucker Carlson (who has been particularly excellent of late) has blown their arguments to the nether regions by examining the actual cases of killing of unarmed black men and women by cops. Hint: it’s extremely uncommon. The results are mind-blowing, but hardly unexpected (and it’s based on reporting by the Washington Post, not exactly a right-wing propaganda rag).

But whoever said facts matter to Democrats? As long as there’s the widely accepted -- but concretely disproved -- notion that all policemen, including minority officers, are bigoted anti-black pseudo-white supremacists, then you must toe the party line come hell or high water! So, at this point it seems clear Biden must go with the safe choices. Bedard listed Sen. Kamala Harris, Georgia gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams, Rep. Val Demings (who is a former Orlando (FL) police chief) and former Obama aide Susan Rice as examples of black women who are under consideration for the spot.

It’s not like the white candidates were good ones anyway -- here’s thinking they were originally added as window-dressing to make it seem like the back slappin’, hair sniffin’, nude swimmin’, neck massagin’, child repellin’, sexual assault denyin’, and all around great guy Joe was considering all shades of the rainbow in his quest for the perfect identity politics match. In this sense, Biden is fortunate that there wasn’t a white chick who was the obvious fit.

Reports surfaced a few weeks ago that Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar -- she of the shakes like a frozen rat during debates fame -- was being vetted for the job (doesn’t mean she’d get it, but there were strong hints). But it was recently revealed that in her former capacity as Hennepin County (i.e., Minneapolis) Attorney that she had a shot at prosecuting Mr. Chauvin for a long-ago excessive force claim. And she blew it! We don’t know the circumstances, but again, Democrats don’t care about facts and stuff like that. Imagine the questions Amy would face on the matter. She’d shake so much people would think she’s an earthquake in progress!

Then there’s Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, the bespectacled lily white faux Native American from one of the deepest blue states in the country. The arguments in favor of choosing Liz included her gender, and… well, she’s also seen as close to “The Bern” Sanders, so she supposedly could unify the warring ideological factions within the party. Maybe “Pocahontas” would invite everyone to her teepee and pass around a peace pipe with a little funny stuff purchased in downtown Denver. But the rioters were already tripped out on pot (and likely harder drugs) and lord knows, they raided a ton of liquor stores. So who needs her?

Warren is a phony, and no matter how much photoshopping is done to her images, there’s no way she could come across as an authentic person of color.

The last pale-faced human with ovaries that was prominently mentioned as a potential Biden running mate (better watch the use of the “mate” word where Joe’s concerned) was Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a credentialed petty tyrant whose reputation has increased ten-fold with the onset of coronavirus quarantine restrictions. Gretch is young, fairly good lookin’ and appeared to be in the same light and airy personality category as Grampa Joe. But she’s fallen out of favor ever since her hubby exposed her “Rules for thee, not for me” hypocrisy with the ultimate “Don’t you know who I am?” moment.

Plus, she’s white, from a state with a fairly sizeable minority contingent. Couldn’t Michiganders come up with at least a tan non-Christian gal like Rep. Rashida Tlaib (from west Detroit) for their governor? Maybe the “Squad” member and proven anti-Trump zealot should be a last-minute addition to Biden’s vetting list? Tlaib is definitely more acceptable to the identity politics purveyors than Gretchen Whitmer.

Realistically speaking, only African-American women are under consideration now

So it won’t exactly be a hardship for Biden to toss out the pasty whites from his daily agenda discussion items. That’s good, since it certainly appears as though his attention span is pretty limited as it is.

But further bad news is the black Democrat women possibilities are extremely flawed in their own “diverse” ways. California Sen. Kamala Harris is already on record questioning Grampa Joe’s commitment to the cause, not quite insinuating that he’s a Trump-like “deplorables” racist, but still accusing him of being less than prudent in his early career associations (“That little girl was me.”). Harris was a prosecutor herself, one who was renowned for looking the other way at abuses and questionable practices (as exposed by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard during one of the debates).

After all, a state’s Attorney General is often referred to as the “top cop.” That’s bad in Democrat-land, even if your liberal bona fides check every other box, including race. And Harris’s personality lends itself to being a stern, mean-spirited authoritarian, which is no good to the #BlackLivesMatter zombies from all ethnic categories. Grampa Joe probably can’t pick her.

Much less known is Florida Rep. Val Demings, but she was a #$#^*^%^* police chief in her past. Can’t you just see all the excessive-force-under-her-watch opposition research going on right now? The militants won’t take kindly to having the next-in-line being so blatantly pro-police in her background. That’s like awarding the transgender beauty queen first runner-up prize to someone who’s actually female.

Susan Rice isn’t well-known outside of Washington circles and there simply isn’t time to build her a profile as a presidential candidate. Since Biden is in his late 70’s and looks ten years older, most voters will consider his running mate as having a better-than-average chance of taking over the Oval Office if time and circumstance removes Joe from the position.

That leaves Stacey Abrams. Despite never having held any kind of executive job, Abrams managed to sell herself as a terrific fit for the current Democrat mindset. She’s identity politics to the core, too, which means the Democrat brain trust believes every black and brown person from sea to shining sea would march in lockstep to the voting booth to choose Grampa Joe and Abrams, a dream ticket!

Abrams naturally sets up a “voter suppression” argument too, should Trump be reelected. Antifa and Democrat mayors are probably setting plans in motion to coordinate a fresh round of riots if/when they lose the election, too. Abrams and Biden will argue that voting against a black woman means the idiot-set in America doesn’t care about black lives. Just saying.

Optimistic estimates put the unemployment rate at below ten percent by the end of the year

Regardless of which woman Grampa Joe gets down on bended knee and proposes to run with him, the election will largely hinge on the post-coronavirus economic recovery and how the public views the nationwide “protests” and lawlessness of the past two weeks. Some officials see a glass half full scenario on the former front. Tal Axelrod reported at The Hill, “Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia expressed confidence that the unemployment rate could fall below 10 percent by the end of the year as businesses across the country start to reopen.

“’I think that we can get under 10 percent by the end of the year, Stuart,’ Scalia told Fox Business host Stuart Varney [last week]. ‘I really do believe that as hard as this has been for American workers and their families, it was always meant to be temporary. We had an extraordinarily strong economy.’ …

“To help blunt the fiscal impact of the pandemic, Scalia said it is worth considering a plan circulating on Capitol Hill to provide a $450 per week bonus if one goes back to work.”

There’re some indications that job growth is already happening. But it could also be that the economy hit rock bottom and the only way to go is up. And wait a second. We’re already paying people extra benefits not to work (allegedly due to health concerns) and now we’re going to boost their incomes when they go back? This smells a lot like the universal basic income proposals of leading liberals, a path we can’t afford to take.

Imagine what happens when the “bonus” payments expire, what then? Will lower wage workers go back to toiling for what their employers offer them?

There are other issues. Who is going to rebuild the inner cities?

The economy, already brought to its knees by coronavirus lockdowns and mandated closures, will stagger along in the blighted urban centers. We’ll see how much “No justice, no peace!” matters to the liberal elite class when the tax revenues from burned out city businesses disappears entirely and Uncle Sam isn’t inclined to bail them out.

Somewhat to his credit, last week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio to task for failing to get control of the rioting situation. Maybe it was a moment of clarity, or perhaps it was a realization that the city “leader” was killing any chance the state had to recover. Either way, it’s bad news for the innocent people living there.

Recent events have placed further restrictions on who Joe Biden can realistically select as his running mate. With today’s race-is-everything fixation in the Democrat party, the nominee simply can’t go against the liberal grain and choose someone like Amy Klobuchar or Elizabeth Warren. Biden’s built his own prison -- now he must serve time in it.

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