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Assault on America, Day 530: News flash: Dems won’t defund the police, but slavery reparations?

Slavery Reparations
Even liberals must realize defunding the police is societal suicide, so what are they really after?

Just when sensible folks thought the post-George Floyd murder freak-out couldn’t get any weirder, last week there was the growing chorus of opportunistic liberals and Democrats calling to pull funding from police departments, if not to abolish the forces entirely. The suggestion was poorly thought-through on its face, but who cares about things like facts when you’ve got to make up for centuries of “white privilege?”

Never let a good crisis go to waste. And the kooks were out in numbers to elaborate on the concept.

Dominick Mastrangelo reported at The Washington Examiner, “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voiced support for growing demands from criminal justice reform activists that local governments scale down funds typically given to police departments and direct that money to social programs instead.

“’The problem is not a lack of resources here,’ Ocasio-Cortez said Wednesday on Good Morning America. ‘In fact, many folks here in our community say that the problem is the opposite, is that not enough resources are being put into the very kinds of social programming and investments that prevent crime and social discord in the first place.’ ...

“Ocasio-Cortez said the phrase ‘defund the police’ had less to do with funding for law enforcement than it does with how governments spend taxpayer dollars. ‘And so what a lot of folks are talking about, when it comes into this movement, is that they’re asking for the same budget priorities that many affluent suburbs already have,’ she said. ‘And it may sound strange, but many affluent suburbs have essentially already begun pursuing a defunding of the police in that they fund schools, they fund housing, and they fund healthcare more as their No. 1 priorities.’”

Excuse me, miss. I’m not a politician, so you probably think I don’t get such things, but on one hand you’re calling for more resources for social programs and in the next breath you’re saying “affluent” communities are already defunding the police by devoting dough to… government programs? What are the “programs” she’s talking about, free drug needles for addicts, abortions for any woman who wants one, complimentary Lebron James Nike shoes for every teen (which would stop them from raiding stores, wouldn’t it?), window shattering tools for every thug and a PlayStation 5 for each household?

Going against the grain a bit, conservatives should be thankful for AOC and her media-desirable views, eye-catching appearance and bubbly-friendly demeanor. What better spokesperson for the wacko freak movement than the vivacious and attractive congresswoman from New York?

AOC’s thoughts on defunding are ridiculous enough on their face and don’t require much elaboration. No one in their right mind would listen to such logic-less babbling in the first place.

On a non-related note, has there been any investigation into whether some of the criminals who were released from prison due to coronavirus considerations participated in any of the “protests” that led to looting, rioting and mayhem? No wonder they’re hoping to abolish the police. Just saying.

And I don’t normally delve too deeply into conspiracy theories, but something doesn’t seem right here. For a good many Democrats at the local and national level to journey into the heretofore uncharted territory of calling to defund police departments -- which even the dumbest, most compromised political shill on earth realizes will lead to anarchy, gang violence, further responsible citizen flight from inner cities and depression-level loss of business investment and the tax base -- there must be a different, more realizable goal in mind.

Could it be slavery reparations?

It's a common negotiation tactic to set your initial demand extremely high so as to extend concessions (earnestly fought for!) in the course of talks to make it appear as though you’re reasonable while also acknowledging the other party’s (or parties’) point-of-view. No one honestly believes they’ll get everything they want in the session unless they’re truly holding all the proverbial cards and the opponent is, to use another cliché, over a barrel.

Or, if you prefer a visual, in a military action you might send a smattering of troops forward to make a demonstration, lulling the enemy into thinking they’re advancing by their own skill and bravery, only to fall back to a fortified position bolstered by artillery. Then watch as the opposing general -- who you already figured was an egotist who couldn’t resist the temptation for glory -- send his infantry against your impregnable fort in wave after wave of fruitless assaults. (Of course, this would be in the old days before satellites, smart weaponry and airpower.) The human toll is devastating -- to the bad guys.

In the present circumstances, it could be argued Democrats aren’t really after defunding the police at all. Sure, they’ll give it lip service to keep their brainless leftist anarchists happy -- and pacify the radicals -- but they figure Trump, Republicans and any sane elected officials would never go for it. And nonetheless, the media will fan the flames of discontent since the notion is so nuts that it turns heads just to hear or read about it. There’s no doubt a lot of head-shaking going on out there these days.

So perhaps Democrats figure the time is ripe to withdraw their demand for defunding law enforcement and redeploy to a more sellable issue that goes with the times -- slavery reparations. Think about it: paying folks who claim African blood for all the hardships they’re forced to endure by virtue of their birth’s outward appearance while simultaneously punishing pale Americans of European ancestry for their “white privilege” even if they’re not aware of it?

Obviously those with healthy amounts of white guilt have already surrendered to the ruminations of the #BlackLivesMatter crowd. Anyone who’s watched footage of the recent peaceful protests knows the “protesters” weren’t predominantly black (or at least it seemed like it was majority white). How odd it would’ve appeared a decade ago if a mob of white people marched down streets holding signs reading “Black Lives Matter” and “No justice, no peace!” and then returned to their suburban enclaves or heavily secured high-rise bungalows while driving expensive hybrid or electric cars. Before reaching their gated communities, however, a stop at Starbucks or the high-end organic-only grocery store was in order.

Slavery reparations would make everything good again for every liberal category! (Joe Biden said last week it must include Native Americans, too! Score!) How many white celebrities, professional athletes, business and corporate leaders and politicians have “spoken out” in the past few weeks in favor of ending systemic racism (whatever that is) and apologizing for not getting “woke” sooner? The few who did say something contrary to the prevailing acceptable attitude -- think Drew Brees -- were swarmed over and suffocated until they kneeled, groveled and begged for mercy (and/or forgiveness).

Liberals plot Japanese honey bee course to suffocate common sense

Remember last month when the media fixated on reports of “Asian murder hornets” showing up in Washington State to terrorize local beehives and threaten honey production? Then a video came out showing how Japanese honey bees had devised a way to deal with the invaders -- basically waiting until a scout entered the hive and then wrapped themselves around the much larger insect until it died from heat exhaustion.

The left is employing a similar strategy now, lying in wait until someone dares speak a contrary opinion and then attack and shame the person until they apologize and slink away in defeat. Brees simply stated he would never agree with anyone who disrespected the American flag and it was all over for him and his family within minutes. Don’t be surprised if many of these white guilt-destroyed famous people now start joining the leftists in demanding cash reparations for the wrongs of a the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Colin Kaepernick can’t get a job in the NFL, so he’s the most deserving of all for the first payment. Forget the fact the Super Bowl was won by an African-American quarterback (Patrick Mahomes) and the league MVP was also a black signal caller (Lamar Jackson). There must be systemic racism in professional football -- too many white dudes! Management does continue to be pasty white though… but here’s thinking the next wave of hires will change the balance.

Who knows -- if AOC and Democrats work hard enough they can get checks sent to every African descendent in the Caribbean (which were the original havens of mass slavery), central America and South America, too. Taking the logic to its lengthiest extreme, Democrats will expand their reparations coverage to the continent of Africa as well. Why not shoot for the moon and compensate those who could’ve been enslaved but for a trick of fate?

There’s another grateful potential voter base out there. Think Democrats would pass up the opportunity?

Don’t be surprised if the media brings up the issue of slavery reparations more and more this summer -- and Grampa Joe Biden will definitely be onboard. “Systemic racism” couldn’t possibly be eradicated without some form of recompense for all the poor unfortunate victims of the cruel United States of America. Uncle Sam may be bankrupt, but who cares?

Michelle Obama fans the flame of racial discontent. Let’s get pissed off, kids!

Among the many things former first lady Michelle Obama is famous for was her 2008 quote, “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” The media didn’t make a big deal of it at the time, and today, if a would-be first wife uttered such anti-traditional American nonsense, she’d be celebrated!

Last week Michelle shared some advice for recent graduates. Emma Colton reported at The Washington Examiner, “Obama released a video Sunday for 2020 graduates and addressed the lockdowns designed to curb the spread of the coronavirus and the protests in response to the death of George Floyd while he was in police custody.

“’Over these past couple of months, our foundation has been shaken — not just by a pandemic that stole too many of our loved ones, upended our daily lives, and sent tens of millions into unemployment, but also by the rumbling of the age-old fault lines that our country was built on: the lines of race and power that are now, once again, so nakedly exposed for all of us to grapple with,’ she said...

“She said later in her address, ‘Graduates, anger is a powerful force. It can be a useful force. But left on its own, it will only corrode and destroy and sow chaos — on the inside and out. But when anger is focused, when it’s channeled into something more — that is the stuff that changes history.’”

Translation: what the former FLOTUS was saying, was, “Stay ticked off forever, kids, because chances are you’re old enough to vote and polls show our buddy Joe Biden is lagging with the youth voters that gave my husband and me eight years of living large on the public dole.”

“A good belly full of anger will hopefully last long enough to ensure we get back in power, because when they go low, we go high. Who knows, someday I might run for president myself and we’ll need you to stay enraged at the system, so you can vote for me. If you ignored all the crap we’re espousing and actually made something of your life, we’d have no use for you!”

So much is made of former presidents supposedly holding criticism of their successors, but which former first lady has had a higher public profile than Michelle Obama? While it’s true lady Obama possesses some genuine political talent, there’s really nothing remarkable about her other than the fact Barack was one of the most gifted political salesmen of his times.

Does Laura Bush give commencement addresses? Would the media promote them if she did?

We don’t need to mention Hillary Clinton… that’s another story.

These days it certainly isn’t easy to tell what Michelle Obama and other Democrats are truly after, since pleas to completely defund police departments aren’t likely to succeed. Digging just below the surface, there appears to be a whole host of possible motivations, most of which involve multiple dollar signs and more white liberal groveling to the masters of racial politics.

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