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Assault on America, Day 531: Once beautiful Pacific Northwest now capital to nihilists & thugs

Seattle Autonomous Zone
Pacific Northwest becomes the capital of 2020’s incomprehensible thuggish morons

The Pacific Northwest was cool, wasn’t it? (I’m not talking about the temperature, either.)

Growing up on the west coast, I often realized there was a ton of worldly envy where location was concerned. Folks from somewhere else would always tell me how lucky I was to live in California, a privilege I was fortunate to be born with since my Minnesota-bred parents had relocated there years before I arrived. In my locale, the sun always shone and people did stuff outside, like, constantly. Artists wrote songs about the weather and the “atmosphere” of the Golden State as though it were a nirvana God placed on the planet destined to serve as the promised land for those searching for the ultimate slice of earthly paradise.

Somewhere along the way California’s neighbors to the north acquired a similar degree of “coolness” and esteem, celebrated primarily for their natural beauty and wild and untamed nature. Oregon, for example, gained a reputation for its vast stands of old-growth forest, home to loggers and environmentalists alike. Anyone remember the controversy over saving the Spotted Owl? It practically put the Beaver State on the map, with devotees (kooks?) chaining themselves to trees, etc. to stall the rate of progress.

A little further north is Washington State, renowned for many of the same things as Oregon, but adding its standing as a modern-day beatnik hangout for non-conformists. Seattle, the northwest’s largest city, became famous for its own style of rock music in the 90’s, widely referred to as “Grunge”, probably because it’s stars looked like unkempt slobs badly in need of a shower. Back then, the Seattle scene was singled out for its particularly edgy and hard-driving, anti-establishment orientation.

“Nirvana” singer Kurt Cobain killed himself (in Seattle) in 1994. Those familiar with his music genre weren’t all that surprised. He’d said many times he couldn’t handle the fame that came along with his popularity. He just wanted to sing and be left alone.

Today it seems like Seattle -- and Portland to the south -- are traveling through their own kind of collective identity crisis, perhaps on their way to a different kind of suicide. The Emerald City -- or at least a portion of it -- was taken over last week by Antifa and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The leftist anarchists cordoned off several square city blocks and declared the territory as no longer part of the United States. Police aren’t welcome there, and politicians dithered while the non-radical part of the citizenry waited to see what would ensue.

President Trump didn’t mince words when he found about it. David Sherfinski reported at The Washington Times, “President Trump said [last week] that ‘domestic terrorists’ have taken over in Seattle, Washington, where some activists have established an ‘autonomous zone’ amid the ongoing national unrest. ‘Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle, run by Radical Left Democrats, of course. LAW & ORDER!’ the president said on Twitter.

“He said Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan ‘are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before. Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be stooped [sic] IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!’ Mr. Trump said…

“Mr. Inslee and Ms. Durkan responded by telling Mr. Trump to butt out. ‘A man who is totally incapable of governing should stay out of Washington state’s business,’ said Mr. Inslee, a former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.”

There’s little disputing which side the media will take on this matter. Trump could so much as blink and his enemies would savage him for shutting his eyes to the new realities. It’s very much devolved into an us vs. them mentality. No more hiding it.

For those with short memories -- or those who didn’t bother tuning-in to the first couple Democrat candidate debates last summer while he was still in the field -- Governor Inslee (in Detroit) tried to establish himself as the liberal contender most exasperated and aware of the dangers of “climate change”, declaring it “an emergency” and taking Grampa Joe Biden (who was then merely the race frontrunner) to task for failing to recognize and acknowledge the urgency of it all.

And now Inslee has the nerve to say Trump can’t govern. Hmpf. Idiot.

In Seattle, the police abandoned a precinct, which all-but invited the anarchists to move in and install street barriers while openly mocking the authorities and practically daring the police to come and get them. They’re armed with the knowledge (and who knows what else) that the state and local political leadership won’t do a (darn) thing to question their absurd demands, so they’re operating as though they’re rightful owners of the land through adverse possession (or more commonly referred to as “squatters’ rights”). Who needs a deed or legitimacy when some lily livered political hack just waltzes to the side and lets you take his property?

The situation brought back memories of my law school days where one of the first real property concepts we learned was how possession and use of land (rather than mere title) was considered most valuable at common law. The elements of adverse possession are, “The law states that the possession of the property must be (1) actual, (2) open and notorious, (3) exclusive, (4) hostile, (5) under cover of claim or right, (6) and continuous and uninterrupted for the statutory time period.”

Litigants and a judge would likely stipulate that the first five elements have already been satisfied by the leftist scum with only the “statutory time period” in question right now. The amount of time varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and could be as little as three years or as much as forty. Seattle’s human vermin haven’t been around that long, but without determined heads to go in and kick them out, who knows, it could happen.

Seattle could very well add another element to the adverse possession mix. A seventh precondition would be “presence of spineless liberal elected officials who pretend nothing’s on fire while the world burns down around them.” Unfortunately, this description fits many of the officeholders these days. Name a major city and chances are almost 100 percent that its mayor is a Democrat who’s paid homage to the totalitarian mindset of political correctness, whose adherents demand obedience without doubting the underlying premise or feasibility of any loony idea.

What separates Seattle from most of the others is the boldness of its leftist goons who’ve taken over and their out-and-out flaunting of legitimate authority. Along with the standard “F the police” slogans they’ve declared themselves independent and established an “autonomous zone.” They might as well designate a spokesperson to lecture the media on the new rules of Hood-opolis. Maybe Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi will appoint envoys to visit the head honcho, but not before kneeling to and properly saluting the nearest dark-skinned junta member they can locate.

President Trump was correct in directing the local managers to take charge of the situation, but the fact the “protesters” are in complete control of the ground with no official personnel within their “borders” -- doesn’t it bring up special federal considerations? If the insurgents basically proclaimed themselves a separate political entity, can’t they be treated like a foreign threat or as insurrectionists?

It's a logical extension of the sanctuary jurisdiction argument where various states and cities defiantly asserted that they’d no longer enforce federal immigration laws. Now these rebels have taken the revolution a giant leap forward, shunning the election process entirely and claiming to be the bosses of the soil (or concrete?). It’s a sad day in America -- we’ve been having a lot of those lately -- but wouldn’t Trump be within his right to station U.S. troops on the “borders” and simply wait them out?

To get the childish miscreants to leave, take their toys away

The leftist punks who annexed Seattle could be stopped fairly easily -- and bloodlessly.

All utilities could be switched off -- including communications -- in the affected area and food deliveries could also be halted. It wouldn’t exactly be like World War II’s siege of Leningrad, would it? Those inside don’t look like they’d have much stamina for a prolonged holdout and they’re certainly not willing to die for a cause they can’t even explain. They’re primarily a throng of spoiled 20-somethings with no respect for public property much less anyone else’s viewpoints.

It’s never been clearer that the time is now to completely cut off federal money or aid to any city and/or state that declares itself apart from federal laws enacted by Congress. Three weeks after the death of George Floyd (which was supposedly what they’re “protesting”, isn’t it?) the situation has spiraled out of control -- as if it could get any worse. Trump must feel politically hamstrung to send in the big guns and create a mess, but what other alternatives are there at this point?

Federal law enforcement could also be tasked with exposing and stopping the funding sources for these organizations. It’s been well established that George Soros and his ideological brethren are those providing means for the dredges of society to sustain their rampages. As much as the media would like us to believe otherwise, these mobs aren’t materializing out of nowhere. Somebody is formulating the ideas and devising battle plans. They’re not “protesters”, they’re revolutionaries bent on destroying the foundation of the country.

If they can’t peaceably be stopped now, don’t expect them to slither away later.

Confederate soldiers take revenge beyond the grave

While anarchy reigned in Seattle, thugs and rioters in Portsmouth, Virginia received a dose of their own medicine last Wednesday night. As they burned an American flag and beheaded statues of Confederate soldiers and sought to drag them down, one of the figurines fell directly on top of a “protester,” injuring him severely. A couple of women aiding in the monument defacing and destruction immediately began screaming for a “medic” as though the police should assist them while they trash history and authority. Funny how instinctive it is to call for “help” when someone’s life is threatened.

In a further bit of irony, the wife of the injured man said she wasn’t sure whether she would file a lawsuit against the city. You can’t make this stuff up.

The crowd cheered when the statue toppled and didn’t initially realize something was wrong. The mood changed when they saw the actual carnage. Definitely a nominee for this year’s Darwin award.

Finally, one calm voice in the storm of leftist politically correct hypocrisy

It goes without saying that professional athletes -- both current and retired -- have been on the front lines of spreading fear and misinformation about the police and the situation on the ground in America’s major cities. One notable retired basketball star bucked the trend last week. Jessica Chasmar reported at The Washington Times, “NBA legend Charles Barkley is calling for police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s killing but acknowledged that ‘most of the cops do a fantastic job’ and that defunding them would be a mistake...

“’We need the cops, most of the cops do a fantastic job, but instead of defunding and all this other stuff, let’s just do police reform,’ Mr. Barkley said. ‘Everybody should be on board for that, whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, conservative or a liberal.’

“Mr. Barkley slammed Democrats and Republicans alike for failing to address police reform and said it should be their first priority right now.”

Barkley’s right, it’s a problem both parties need to address, not just the GOP. Democrats have milked the “protests” and riots for every last drop of political milk and it’s about time someone suggested they should shut their holier-than-thou pontificating traps and get to work on real solutions that will help people instead of propounding more media fluff implying that violence is legitimate.

Barkley’s common sense view is likely the majority’s as well. As time goes on, more and more people had better speak up -- before everything goes up in flames.

Seattle may be the latest example of a once proud American city that’s become ungovernable and unlivable, but it won’t be the last unless political leaders stand up and put an end to the nonsense. Survey after survey shows citizens want a much stronger law enforcement presence. Are “autonomous zones” here to stay?

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