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Call The White House: Urge Expansion and Extension of President Trump's Limits on Immigration

Trump Immigration Order
On April 22, 2020, President Trump issued a much-needed Proclamation limiting immigration while millions of Americans are unemployed due to the effects of the Wuhan virus.

The restrictions on immigration imposed by that Proclamation are due to expire this coming Saturday, June 20, 2020 and we strongly urge President Trump to renew and expand those desperately needed protections for American workers and their families.

Along with NumbersUSA and other pro-American worker organizations, we are joined in this by Senators Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas), Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) who recently sent a letter to President Trump outlining the case for such an extension and expansion.

"While economic shutdowns in states and localities across the country have been necessary to reduce the spread of this pandemic, the results have been devastating for businesses and workers alike. As you know, more than 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment coverage just since mid-March, and approximately one-fifth of the American workforce is currently out of work. This is a stunning difference compared with the historically-low nationwide unemployment rate of just 3.5 percent in February this year. The United States admits more than one million nonimmigrant guest workers every year, and there is no reason to admit most such workers when our unemployment is so high," the Senators wrote.

Among the measure the Senators urged upon the President were the following:

That is why, to protect unemployed Americans in the early stages of economic recovery, we urge you to suspend all nonimmigrant guest worker visas for the next sixty days. Exceptions to this suspension should be rare, limited to time-sensitive industries such as agriculture, and issued only on a case-by-case basis when the employer can demonstrate that they have been unable to find Americans to take the jobs.

After sixty days, we urge you to continue to suspend new nonimmigrant guest workers for one year or until our national unemployment figures return to normal levels, whichever comes first. That suspension should, at a minimum, include H-2B visas (nonagricultural seasonal workers), H-1B visas (specialty occupation workers), and the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program (extension of foreign student visas after graduation). We also urge you to suspend the EB-5 immigrant visa program, effective immediately.

The Senators are absolutely correct in our view.

As NumbersUSA explained in a recent email, guest worker programs, which bring in hundreds of thousands of foreign workers each year, were not addressed by President Trump's April executive order. But new reports say that the Administration is considering a freeze on several guest worker programs, including the H-1B high-skilled program, H-2B non-agricultural, lower-skilled program, L-1 intracompany transfer program, and the J-1 foreign exchange program.

This would mean a freeze on the following visa programs:

Our friends at NumbersUSA have also urged the White House to mandate that no alien should be permitted to enter the United States prior to being tested for COVID-19 or (preferably) COVID-19 antibodies.

Astonishingly, there are voices inside the White House urging the President to lift the existing temporary visa restrictions. And countering the Cotton, Cruz, Grassley, Hawley letter Big Business interests sent a letter to the White House claiming that there are insufficient skilled American workers to fill various high-skilled positions, especially in the so-called STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

As we have written on many occasions, in articles such as Conservatives And Labor Unite Against H.R. 1044 Green Card Expansion Bill, that is a lie, but somehow it keeps getting repeated and accepted by the establishment news media.

The reality is even before the COVID-19 pandemic each year 800,000 young Americans graduate with degrees in healthcare, engineering, software, science, math, architecture, business, or design. However, their salaries and careers are damaged by the government importing 1.2 million foreign workers, mostly from India.

These 1.2 million foreign workers are eager to take Americans’ jobs at low wages, in part, because the federal government also allows employers to nominate them for hugely valuable green cards. Companies save a fortune in salaries by offering this taxpayer-funded bonus to their foreign contract-workers.

We think Senators Cotton, Cruz, Grassley, and Hawley nailed it when they said at a time when millions of American high school and college students are wondering about their future prospects there is no reason why these young people, especially, should not have access to seasonal, nonagricultural work such as summer resort employment or landscaping before those positions are given to imported foreign labor under the H-2B program.

Likewise, there is no reason why unemployed Americans and recent college graduates should have to compete in such a limited job market against an influx of additional H-1B workers, most of whom work in business, technology, or STEM fields.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to contact the White House switchboard 202-456-1111 to let President Trump know you support expanding and extending the limits on immigration, as set forth in the Cotton, Cruz, Grassley, and Hawley letter. You can also contact President Trump through the White House web portal.

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