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Assault on America, Day 537: Trump rocks in Tulsa, Biden still missing in (political) action

Trump Tulsa rally
Now that Trump is back on the campaign trail, lucky Joe Biden has run out of excuses

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

You might think I’m referring to The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy reaches Munchkin land and bids the little people to come out from hiding (since the Wicked Witch is dead, of course!). But in this case, it’s a call for Democrat nominee-to-be Grampa Joe Biden to take a page from President Donald Trump’s book and emerge from his coronavirus-proof basement bunker to engage in a real battle of competing worldviews ahead of this year’s crucial election.

As would be expected, in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday night, Trump gave a rousing performance where he hit full stride early in his opening remarks. After a few minutes it was as though he’d never been away from the campaign trail at all. There was the same content-packed address, the same plethora of applause lines and the same showmanship that are Trump standards when speaking before friendly audiences. It’s been over three months since the GOP’s leading man put on a presentation, and he’s not rusty. Except for the presence of a handful of masks and repeated references to the coronavirus, it was as if he’d never been away.

For a few moments it seemed like nothing had changed in the intervening time, emerging from a political time warp where things made sense again. But although Trump was his characteristic self and the audience ate up every word, the world is a very different place today than it was when we last saw the president in full campaign mode.

One guesses Biden was watching the excitement, along with top aides and all Democrats hoping against hope that Trump had somehow forgotten how to stir up the masses. They were no doubt disappointed. Grampa Joe would have difficulty drawing anywhere near this kind of attendance (even though the arena wasn’t full -- apparently Trump’s enemies ordered tickets to the event they never intended to use). Or perhaps Joe would just use an excuse that he was limiting the number to 50 socially distanced followers due to pandemic restrictions.

Either way, Joe will have a tough time when he does actually come back. Kristin Tate wrote at The Hill last week, “As November draws closer, expect the Biden campaign to continue using the pandemic as a reason to reduce his visibility and liability, especially at the party convention, which will likely be sparsely populated compared to previous election cycles. Democrats could even try to avoid a live debate with Trump by citing the pandemic. This would then allow Biden to speak mostly with scripted comments and surrounded by his staff.

“Trump is not out of the woods. His approval fell below 40 percent in some polls, and there is plenty of time to make his own errors. But we have seen a race between Trump and another Democratic candidate who struggled before. Biden could hide behind the effects of the coronavirus. While the country moves on, his campaign may act too slowly to fight the fact that Biden has been the only American to benefit from the crisis.”

Good point, but has Biden truly benefitted? Pundits and politicos will spend the next month or two (prior to the party conventions) talking up the possible effects of Joe’s absence from the trail and the results will at best be inconclusive. Much has been written about how the ancient Washington swamp dweller is different/better than Hillary Clinton was four years ago -- mainly because he’s seen as more “likable” -- but voters have been intensely focused on other things of late, at least since early March.

Thinking about it, Biden’s campaign season was incredibly short. As the presumed next-in-line and shoe-in for the Democrat nomination, party candidates spent much of last year pecking at Joe’s flanks but not really exposing him to the full measure of rhetorical artillery fire until the primaries inched closer. It was almost like his fellow contenders felt so sorry for mentally slipping Joe that they largely avoided the most potentially damaging issues in the campaign (in case you’ve forgotten, things like Joe’s corrupted relationship with China, his questionable dedication to the race-is-everything cause, his son Hunter, and… did I mention his son Hunter?).

Meanwhile, in Washington, Biden’s main competitors were all tied-up in the senate chamber listening to Adam Schiff and the no-name House managers drone on and on in hopes of swaying any Republican to abandon Trump and presumably lend his side credibility (which flip-flopper wimp Mitt Romney eventually did) in the hopeless impeachment witch-hunt. The campaign lost two-plus weeks of media attention to the sideshow under the capitol dome. Where was Joe?

By the time the Iowa caucuses rolled around Biden had lost his polling lead and most (correctly) speculated that someone else -- probably Bernie Sanders -- would prevail there. Few foresaw the rapid -- but temporary -- ascension of “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, but it doesn’t really matter. After the Hawkeye State and the following week in New Hampshire (where Biden finished a pathetic fifth place), most began writing Joe’s political obituary to the tone of, “Good bye, Joe, it’s time to retire to the Democrat senior care center where you can play cards everyday with the good ‘ol boys and still make a speech or two if some host needs a guest on a Sunday talking heads show.”

The Nevada Democrat caucuses threw the liberal party into full panic mode when Sanders crushed the hapless establishment candidates. The brief but notable appearance of Michael Bloomberg in the race took additional scrutiny off of Biden, since everyone had left him for dead (politically, of course) and the former New York City Mayor was a much shinier object worthy of the media’s time and attention. Only when “Little Mike” spectacularly flamed-out in his two debate appearances (thanks to Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren) did folks return to give Grampa Joe another once-over.

By then it was Joe or no one. With the South Carolina primary on the doorstep and the weakness of the non-Sanders field truly exposed, Biden took his strength with African-American voters and prayed like crazy that the Palmetto State would rescue him. Which it did. Like in 2016, Sanders never really had a chance down south. Black Democrats weren’t into his dramatic demands for socialism and besides, Joe was Obama’s political soulmate, best bud and good cop/bad cop sidekick. So what that he couldn’t string two sentences together or that he looks a couple counselor assessments away from the insane asylum?

Biden wasn’t Bernie! That was enough for establishment Democrats to pull the default lever and elevate Grampa Joe to the top spot. Then, by the time the contest was all over -- or nearly done -- March had come around and people started obsessing over the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus and the urgent need for doddering old dolts like Biden to isolate themselves. It coincided perfectly. Biden really had only about three or four weeks as the true frontrunner and Democrats were stuck with him before they’d realized what hit them.

Trump then went to battle with the media over his administration’s coronavirus response (all the while having the talkers swooning about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo) and Biden just bided his time, watching the socially-distanced reporters posing their ridiculous and inane questions and Trump struggling to get the real information disseminated amidst the most recent round of character assaults and recriminations.

And just when it looked promising for the economy to reopen, the George Floyd incident occurred. The left went nuts, burned a lot of stuff and killed a few innocents. The race themed riots played right into Grampa Joe’s strong suit since he’d launched his campaign a year before falsely claiming Trump was too divisive and “this isn’t who we are” and “we can do better” and a whole lot of other nonsense that only the politically ignorant would latch onto.

The media slobbered like panting dogs on a hot day over the “protests” and ramped up the negativity accordingly. Everything Trump did or said was pecked apart. Celebrities and athletes joined the fray, assaulting the remaining vestiges of American tradition and culture in favor of leftist mind-control and a beat-down of anyone who pointed out that the violence and discontent almost universally took place in Democrat run jurisdictions with years and years of politically correct governance.

Biden watched the country burn while he cheered on the unrest

Again, Biden didn’t have to do anything but sit back, permanently tune the TV to MSNBC, CNN, the major networks, make a bag of microwave popcorn and enjoy the (literal) fireworks knowing there was no way in heck his media backers would ever credit Trump for anything. And they’d blame the president for the “tone” of the argument as well.

All that was required of Joe was a public appearance or two wearing a black mask and a few more softball-type interviews where he just had to confirm he was still alive. And his poll numbers crept upward while people sorted out what was really going on. I’m surprised his handlers didn’t suggest that he merely release a photo with him holding the day’s front page from the New York Times to show people he was still vertical. Yeah, like a hostage.

Many have surmised that Biden is the most fortunate politician of our times by securing the Democrat nomination at just the right moment and then, through circumstances he had nothing to do with, holding himself apart from the increasingly rancorous public debate over what to do about COVID-19, Antifa, police departments pulling back, unruly mobs ripping down statues and, the crowning insult, thousands of miscreants taking over six city blocks in Seattle. They installed a separatist “government” with the local political leadership’s blessing.

With Trump now back on the campaign trail and proving as effective as he always was, Grampa Joe will need to weigh-in on the tough topics. He’ll no longer be permitted to babble on about gun control when Seattle’s rabble openly carries firearms and flaunts the local authorities. And who the heck now cares about “climate change” when the world is literally on fire? Anyone for cap and trade or the Green New Deal?

If Biden was thought to be fortunate before, his luck has run out. Politics always has an ebb and flow nature and Grampa Joe peaked way too early. Like a fine bottle of wine, the Democrat nominee is now on his steady, inevitable decline. Watch as he struggles to plug the holes in his intellect and resume.

In Tulsa, Trump showed he was back. But where’s Joe? Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Obama set to campaign with Grampa Joe this week. Who will outshine the other?

Yet another reason why Joe Biden can’t hide away much longer -- his former boss is ready to go stumping with him! It wouldn’t look right for Barack to do it all alone, would it? Seth McLaughlin reported at The Washington Times, “Mr. Obama will headline a virtual fundraiser targeting small donors for Mr. Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, marking the first time he has teamed up with his former vice president since endorsing him in April shortly after Sen. Bernard Sanders suspended his bid.

“’This is a critical moment in our history — and we need Americans of all backgrounds and political stripes to join together and fight to create a more just, more generous, more democratic America where everybody has a fair shot at opportunity,’ Mr. Obama said in a Biden campaign email. That’s why I am so excited to be joining my friend Joe Biden to talk about his vision for the country.’

Vision? Maybe they need to take a vision test because the Democrat platform is all about race, protests and bashing the American institutions that still stand after their minions wrecked the inner cities the past three-plus weeks.

McLaughlin further reported Obama said in the email, “In November, we have the chance to rebuild our economy so that it works for everyone. We have the chance to cover everybody with health insurance. We have the chance to declare that no matter what we look like, where we come from, or who we love — all of us are equal and each of us should have the chance to make of our lives what we will.”

In case you’re wondering, the event is tomorrow night at 5:15.

Maybe “O” and Joe will lay out detailed proposals for police reform like Trump did last week. Or more likely, they’ll just keep going with the comforting knowledge that their biggest supporters don’t care what Biden proposes, they just want to get rid of Trump.

As demonstrated at the Trump rally on Saturday night, the president’s supporters will vote for him because they see his accomplishments and back his agenda. Biden’s people will choose him because they’re against Trump. The distinction will reveal itself on Election Day. In the meantime, where the heck is Grampa Joe?

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