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Assault on America, Day 539: Democrats and the media play ‘unity’ card, but it’s a huge bluff

Trump Empty Seats
Trump rally attendance raised red flags, but Democrats have bigger unity issues

It goes without saying that Democrats and the media made much hay over the less-than-overwhelming attendance at President Trump’s Tulsa campaign re-launch rally on Saturday night. Even supporters (such as yours truly) were a tad concerned that the predicted throngs of Trump enthusiasts failed to turn out en masse to get a glimpse of their candidate after months of partisan rally deprivation.

Afterwards, the campaign said protesters blocked folks from getting to the event. Anecdotal evidence indicates teenagers and Trump bashers requested tickets so as to keep fans from the arena (more on this below). Others cited the ongoing coronavirus scare and local officials’ warnings to stay away as reasons why the crowds failed to materialize. Common sense indicates there’s probably a little truth in all of these explanations. Trump supporters I personally know are every bit as excited about voting for him as they were months ago -- if not more so.

Without going into great detail, one credible theory has to do with coronavirus-forced practicality. America-loving seniors are among Trump’s greatest core groups, but they’ve been told (with stats to back it up) to steer clear of large gatherings that conceivably -- or undoubtedly -- would heighten their chances of getting sick. As a result, from the outset, there probably was a significant number of otherwise dedicated people who wouldn’t consider attending.

Another possible answer is fear for personal safety. Being seen out in public with Trump memorabilia is a ticket for random unhinged leftists to assault you or vandalize your personal property. Disagreeing with the prevailing totalitarian cultural mindset isn’t tolerated by the conformist thought police (the only type of police they endorse) so evident today. The fright is real -- and tangible.

Plus, Fox News covered the before, during and after rally happenings. Like a sporting event with national importance, there was always the opportunity to watch it on TV with all the comforts associated with domesticity. Why put yourself at risk? Only leftist “protests” and social unrest seems to coax the uninhibited from their comfy confines. To show everyone you’re “woke” is the highest priority. But the participants are mostly young and brainwashed anyway.

(Fox News drew 7.7 million viewers for coverage of the speech a record for the channel. People aren’t interested…? 4 million more watched on livestream over the internet.)

It brings up the “unity” concept again. Not all conservatives were happy with the content of Trump’s speech, including Cal Thomas at The Washington Times. There are definitely ways to improve for next time.

The less-than-anticipated response in Tulsa made some wonder whether Trump had “lost it.” Other indicators -- such as recent primary results -- suggest there is still plenty of urgency among Republicans to root for Trump. What about the Democrats? Are they unified? Signs imply it ain’t that simple. Amie Parnes and Jonathan Easley reported at The Hill over the weekend, “Democrats are worried their party unity is fraying five months out from the presidential election as several contested primaries pitting progressives against mainstream Democrats go down to the wire…

“While they [Democrats unaffiliated with Biden’s campaign] concede Sanders has done more to help Biden than he did in the 2016 race for then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, they still say Sanders needs to use his influence with his supporters to ensure they turn out, as well as donate to Biden’s campaign.

“Sanders’s endorsement of half a dozen insurgent candidates this week in upcoming primaries who are taking on establishment favorites has added to the unease felt by some Democrats.”

Now we get down to the crux of the problem. ‘Ol “The Bern” revolution-is-everything Sanders is actively departing from the party establishment line in the last remaining primaries and he’s taking flak for having opinions contrary to the powers-that-be who are terrified that the senile and mentally slipping nominee-in-waiting Joe Biden isn’t capable of rousing the rabble to defeat Trump in November.

They’re especially angry that Sanders isn’t begging his entranced supporters to open their wallets and send Biden part of their (welfare?) checks like they did for the Vermont senator all last year. Parnes’ and Easley’s report mentioned that senators Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and Kamala Harris co-hosted fundraisers with Grampa Joe but thus far, Sanders has insisted he won’t raise dough for his formal rival.

Polls show some of the Democrats’ key constituencies -- like Hispanics and young voters -- are less than amped about Joe Biden. It goes without saying that Sanders roused some who would otherwise disdain politics to participate in favor of his burn-it-all-down message and promises of mass redistribution of wealth in their favor. Biden doesn’t differ from Sanders a whole lot on the issue front, but perceptions are everything. Grampa Joe’s been around the DC swamp so long that it’s not clear exactly where he stands on the various causes so near and dear to the radicals’ hearts.

What a Democrat “unity” meeting might look like in the age of #BlackLivesMatter

What to do? Here’s thinking the Democrat family needs a mass intervention session to change minds, and short of that, to (literally) twist arms. This is what it might look like:

The scene is a fortified bunker in a major city in a Mid-Atlantic state that serves as the coronavirus hiding place for a certain Democrat politician who will challenge President Donald Trump in an election several months off. A Joe Biden campaign aide leads the newly arrived final participant, Bernie Sanders, into a big room with a round table and socially distanced chairs. Seated around it are Democrat leaders Biden, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Invitations were sent to former candidates “Beto” O’Rourke and Corey Booker as well, but they didn’t respond. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer was also summonsed, but he declined, citing potential health consequences from being around so many elderly potential fellow patients.

“Sit down, Bernie,” Grampa Joe said in his typical friendly manner with a warm smile and toothy grin. “Things have been going great lately, haven’t they? First, we all got several months’ worth of vacation from campaigning courtesy of that virus-thing and then there were those non-violent peaceful protests that served as a nationwide free commercial for our Trump-is-a-racist agenda. We have plenty of money for our fall effort, but we need more.”

Sanders sighed and smirked as he took his seat and noted that everyone else’s chair was cushioned and appeared comfortable with sufficient lumbar support. His, on the other hand, was a rickety old Soviet-style Gulag wooden stool, circa 1948, and he wondered if the smarty-pants establishmentarian Biden was sending him a message by positioning him on an ancient relic.

“Thanks, Joe,” Bernie said. Glancing around the room, Sanders continued, “Great to see all of you. It’s been awhile. The campaign was great fun and I still think I should’ve won, but we’re compelled to say we’re behind Biden now even when we know he’s got the intellect of a garden bunny. But ousting Trump is what we really want, isn’t it?” Seeing only averted eyes, “The Bern” asked again, “Well, isn’t it?”

No one present believed Sanders was really onboard for the effort. Harris and “Pocahontas” were there because they felt they had to be in order to stay alive in Grampa Joe’s veepstakes competition. Klobuchar rushed to the bunker when she heard about the meeting because there were rumors that Bernie’s minions might be after her because of her connection to Minnesota law enforcement. And Pelosi and AOC wanted to be sure that the presidential contenders understood that they’d settle for nothing less than full backing of the Democrat House platform, especially the Green New Deal.

“I need to say something,” Ocasio-Cortez interjected, not used to being alone in a confined space with everyone being twice her age. To her, it felt like a constituent visit to a rest home. “My people still love Bernie Sanders. He’s the only one who’s represented the spoiled and entitled the way they deserve to be. Adding me to your campaign team was smart, Joe, but no one’s buying it. You should step down and let Bernie takeover.”

Harris, not liking to be overshadowed by a much younger and perkier gal, spoke up. “Wait a second,” the California senator irately retorted. “Joe, don’t listen to her. She’s a twit who’s openly advocated for the removal of the party ruling elites in primaries. (Pelosi unconsciously nodded in agreement, remembering a meeting she’d had with “The Squad” about primary challenges.) She’s not even African-American. The slogan is ‘#BlackLivesMatter,’ not ‘Hispanic Millennials Matter.’ How are we going to sell her demands without plastering them on a new face? Choose me! Oops, shouldn’t-a said that!”

“Um, wait a second,” Warren interrupted. “Everyone knows Bernie and I were warriors to the same cause, and in my case, it wasn’t all about being an obedient squaw bowing to her medicine man. I may not be tanned but people know I’m as black on the inside as anyone else in this room. If we need Bernie’s money and voters, I’m the one to devise the rain dance and lead the hunt.”    

“Aren’t we gonna have ice cream?” Pelosi suddenly barked. “Where’s my mask? I’m still darn sore from that kneeling stunt we did a couple weeks ago wearing that heavy African shawl thing. Joe’s not that old. He’s younger than me, isn’t he? We’re all unified because I said so. What time is this thing going to be over? Where’s ‘Chucky?’ Get a clue. We need to pray for Trump.”

The others stared incredulously at Pelosi. She’d finally lost it.

“Before I say what I think,” Klobuchar chimed in, “I want everyone here to go to the media and tell their ‘protester’ followers that myself and family are not to be harmed in any way because of what happened to George Floyd. I didn’t prosecute that rogue Derek Chauvin because the grand jury didn’t indict him, okay? It’s not my fault. IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!! I’m staying the h--l out of presidential politics, too. Joe, take me off your short list!” The Minnesota senator, clearly on the break of a nervous breakdown due to a total lack of sleep, began shaking and crying hysterically and breathing heavily while fanning her face as though suffering from a menopausal hot flash.

“See what you did?” Grampa Joe glared at Sanders, giving the slightly older man his patented evil eye, a skill he’d learned from the master of such things, Barack Obama. “We need real brain power here -- where’s Beto O’Rourke? We’re not unified at all and the media made everyone believe Democrats are all behind me. Give us your G-- da---- (gosh darned) donor lists and get the heck out on the trail to appear with me. I may never want to leave this basement, but you never know. Masks mandatory, of course.”

It'd only been a couple minutes, but “The Bern” gingerly got up from his stool and left the room, never to return. He couldn’t take it any longer. Sanders heard the others bickering like entitled children as he slowly tottered away, thinking there isn’t any such thing as “unity” in today’s Democrat party. ‘That’s okay,’ he thought. ‘I’m a Democratic Socialist anyway. Let them eat their own.’

Liberals use fraud and social media to dampen Trump Tulsa rally attendance

For those who figured it just didn’t seem right that President Trump’s first post-coronavirus lockdown rally was so lightly attended, evidence is emerging that it was a leftist plot that spoiled the party. The plague of social media is becoming less and less humorous these days, isn’t it? Haley Victory Smith reported at The Washington Examiner, “The person who inspired an effort to distort the number of planned attendees to President Trump's Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally said it was not just a ‘prank’ but also a form of protest.

“CNN's Brian Stelter spoke to Mary Jo Laupp, a TikToker who posted a video Thursday encouraging people to sign up for the Tulsa rally with no intention of going. The woman from Iowa, who has become known as ‘TikTok Grandma’ ever since her video went viral, said what she witnessed was not ‘just an issue of pranking’ Trump, but a sign of a bigger movement by a younger generation that is ‘aware’ of issues regarding race.

“’Yes, they're treating it now like it was a prank, but a lot of the messages I got from parents and from their kids were, 'I never knew this much about Black Wall Street, this is so sad,'’ Laupp told Stelter on Sunday's episode of Reliable Sources. Laupp called the campaign's date and location selection ‘a slap in the face to the black community.’”

So says Mary Jo, who is white and… well, let’s just say, not real attractive. She apparently worked on “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg’s campaign prior to the Iowa Democrat caucuses. Here’s hoping she feels an enormous sense of satisfaction (not!) for determining, on her own, what teens should “feel” regarding this year’s election.

It's a great argument for reducing the voting age to 16, isn’t it?

Beyond the anger-rousing fury of Laupp’s hateful gesture, isn’t what she did called something other than her view of the deed? How about fraud? Or conspiracy to commit fraud, since her video encouraged others to order tickets to the rally under false pretenses. She may think it’s a “protest,” but federal law enforcement might not consider it the same way. What if Trump supporters did the same thing to Democrat candidates?

Of course they wouldn’t need to try and sabotage Biden, since no one wants to see him make a speech anyway.

Let’s hope the Trump campaign brains figure a way to counteract this for the next rally. Only a fool would think this is a one-off. Arresting Laupp for fraud would help put an end to the stupidity.

Democrats did their darndest to ruin President Trump’s Tulsa rally, but if you listened to the content and themes of the speech, it still was a huge success. The opposition party may depict themselves as “unified,” but just below the surface is a seething cauldron of anger and disagreement. It’s only a matter of time before it explodes into something more sinister.

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