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Assault on America, Day 540: Crime up in cities, but who to blame? Depends on who you ask

Chicago Violence
Democrats and Republicans both play the blame game, but liberals make all the rules

Division (or divisive, take your pick). It’s a word we hear a lot these days, and not in the context of a math lesson.

It doesn’t take a genius to ascertain we’re one heck of a divided country. Anyone who’s paid attention to politics in the post 9/11/01 (the last point where Americans seemed to be truly united) world knows fractures started developing at the outset of the Iraq War and grew from there. It’s now reached the point where friends are pitted against friends, families split into factions and the Congress in Washington is paralyzed by bickering and finger-pointing.

Naturally, the left cites the 2016 election of Donald Trump as the catalyst for Americans partitioning themselves on opposite sides of the ideological and cultural street. The weather is hot, the rhetoric is hotter and it’s only going to get worse from here on out. The traditional presidential campaign season ramps up after Labor Day, but the current one is already at peak intensity. Can the country be salvaged? Juan Williams wrote at The Hill the other day, “Feeling political heat, Trump is resorting to dividing and scaring people while posing as the strong man needed to satisfy what he calls the American public’s ‘demand [for] law and order.’ …

“Biden has raised the specter that if Trump loses the election, he may not concede defeat. Even worse, the president may call on his army of police officers to restore order and back an attempt to postpone, cancel, or invalidate the November election.

“Biden said he may have to deploy the military or law enforcement to forcibly remove Trump from the White House. No wonder so many Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction.”

Of course Juan didn’t mention any kind of authority to back up Grampa Joe Biden’s off-the-wall-from-nowhere claim that Trump wouldn’t turn over the keys to the White House if he loses and instead plans to cower behind a protective human shield of police officers and loyalist military figures who will fight to the death to keep hordes of “peaceful” protesters clamoring for a Biden presidency away from the deposed ruler. The notion resides within the cobwebs of Biden’s own failing brain but it doesn’t prevent liberals like Williams from jumping on the crackpot hypothesis and repeating it as though it were Gospel truth.

Williams’ column is posted on Mondays. Anyone who regularly watches Fox News knows the former NPR opinion-guru well. By all accounts he’s a good guy and earns his pay by providing alternative views on what most in establishment circles consider the “right-wing” cable network. It’s good to have someone who thinks and responds differently -- it helps clarify arguments. In the old days, such practice would be credited for forcing people to think.

On the same day Williams’ column came out (at The Hill), there was another story titled, “104 people shot, 14 dead over weekend in Chicago.” John Bowden reported, “Numerous seemingly random shootings were reported across the city, several of which killed children. The youngest victim slain was a 3-year-old who was heading home from a barbershop with his father.”

Don’t three-year-old black lives matter? What the heck?

Most if not all of the Windy City’s victims were African-Americans shot by others of their same race. Violence is rampant in the country’s inner cities (Shootings increased by 71% in May in Chicago compared with the year before, with 409 people shot. Murders were up 60%, with 85 reported.). And yet the dominant left-leaning “culture” still asserts police are the enigma. And a good portion of the political class agrees with them. They have no problem coming up with stooges.

Blame, blame, go away, don’t come back another day

Here’re the scapegoats that come immediately to mind: Blame the Founding Fathers. Blame the Renaissance (too religious). Blame western civilization. Blame the Greeks. Blame the Romans. Blame Jesus. Blame the Jews. Blame the disciples. Blame God. Blame the Virgin Mary. Blame Christopher Columbus. Blame Martin Luther. Blame the Reformation. Blame the capitalist English colonists who established Jamestown. Blame 1619. Blame the Pilgrims. Blame Sir Francis Drake (circumnavigated the globe, right?). Blame Napoleon. Blame the European explorers who discovered the new world and the kingdoms that conquered/colonized it. Blame the Catholic Church for its missionaries. Blame imperialism. Blame monarchies and shifting European powers.

Blame John Locke. Blame Montesquieu. Blame Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Blame Edward Colston. Blame Winston Churchill. Blame Thomas Paine. Blame Paul Revere. Blame Robert E. Lee. Blame Stonewall Jackson. Blame Jefferson Davis. Blame anonymous southern soldiers in Portsmouth, Virginia, enshrined on a monument to Confederate fighting men. Blame Andrew Jackson. Blame Francis Scott Key. Blame Ulysses S. Grant. Blame Mount Rushmore. Blame Teddy Roosevelt.

Blame the police. Blame guns (not the shooters). Blame gun manufacturers. Blame the Constitution. Blame the Electoral College. Blame Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania for choosing Trump in 2016. Blame your parents. Blame the church. Blame citizens who remain silent (silence is violence!). Blame the coronavirus (but don’t blame the Chinese -- that’s racist!). Blame the internet. Blame Twitter for not censoring Trump enough. Blame social media. Blame the state legislatures that voted to curtail abortion availability. Blame men for impregnating women. Blame old women who value traditional gender roles. Blame those who are crazy enough to think there are “only” two genders. Blame psychiatrists who label gender dysphoria as mental illness. Blame doctors who refuse to perform abortions. Blame nurses who fought to keep aborted babies alive. Blame churches that won’t distribute birth control.

Blame Trump. Blame the “deplorables.” Blame Republicans. Blame Betsy DeVos for reinstituting due process rights for the accused on college campuses. Blame school choice. Blame those accused of #MeToo infractions who said they didn’t do it. Blame the prison system. Blame Frank Rizzo (in Philadelphia). Blame the Family Research Council (labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center). Blame the Heritage Foundation. Blame Gone With the Wind. Blame biographers and history textbook authors. Blame General Michael Flynn. Blame Roger Stone.

Blame cities and states named after historic figures. Blame the slaveowners who wouldn’t defy the law and kept their people enslaved (it was against the law to manumit slaves without government approval until 1782 in Virginia). Blame citizens who advocate for maintaining historical markers. Blame anyone who wants law and order. Blame people who insist on funding the police. Blame people who call 911. Blame first-responders of all types. Blame emergency room personnel who want to be paid.

Blame “Uncle Tom” black conservatives for their two-faced betrayals. Blame Clarence Thomas. Blame Robert Bork for believing in originalist jurisprudence instead of legislating from the bench. Blame conservative filmmakers and TV personalities. Blame Mel Gibson. Blame Tim Allen. Blame past Congresses (including numerous Democrats) that passed laws that don’t fit today’s “woke” sensibilities. Blame voter suppression. Blame Voter ID laws. Blame Trump for not caving to those who demand universal vote-by-mail.

Blame NFL owners who didn’t immediately get in line with Colin Kaepernick’s flag-bashing fact-challenged cause. Blame advertisers that support Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham or Rush Limbaugh. Blame media whistleblowers like Sharyl Attkisson, Catherine Herridge and Lara Logan. Blame Kellyanne Conway. Blame Ivanka Trump. Blame Melania Trump.

Blame Papa John’s pizza. Blame the “My Pillow” guy. Blame the “climate deniers.” Blame the energy industry. Blame the military. Blame U.S. military bases named after Confederate generals. Blame the atomic bomb and those who developed it. Blame the Wright brothers. Blame immigration enforcement proponents. Blame border agents. Blame separated families. Blame Fox News (or more specifically, any right-leaning or conservative news outlet).

Blame consumers who buy big gas guzzling cars and trucks because they like safe vehicles. Blame home owners who won’t switch out their old HVAC systems for new ones because they can’t afford it. Blame land developers. Blame landlords for the homeless problem. Blame nuclear power. Blame oil companies. Blame logging companies. Blame airlines (for carbon burning). Blame the cruise industry. Blame farmers for using petroleum-based fertilizers. Blame the people who doubt or question Swedish “climate change” brat Greta Thunberg.

Blame corporations (well, some of them at least, the ones that don’t pay tribute to leftist shakedown artists). Blame small business owners. Blame the oppressive minimum wage. Blame the private health insurance system. Blame companies for not offering paid family leave. Blame the mental health system. Blame the rich for not paying enough in taxes. Blame white Americans -- dirt poor and prosperous alike -- for their “privilege.” Blame the now-fired New York Times editorial personnel who permitted Sen. Tom Cotton to publish his very un-woke op-ed a couple weeks ago.

Blame the Pledge of Allegiance. Blame the American flag. Blame a moment of silence in schools. Blame homeschool parents. Blame private schools. Blame your child’s first grade teacher. Blame your own first grade teacher. Blame college administrators or professors who don’t grant special grading privileges to black students. Blame a lack of Affirmative Action for too many Asian kids gaining admission to colleges. Blame anyone who’s ever done or said something considered insensitive to snowflakes or other delicate demographic coalitions. Blame senior care centers (not the blue state governors) for their high COVID-19 death rates.

Blame the Supreme Court -- at least when ruling on a case with a majority not including liberal Justices Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan. Blame the colorblind legal system. Blame the government for “systemic” discrimination and racism. Blame Barry Goldwater. Blame Ronald Reagan. Blame George W. Bush. Blame Richard Nixon. Blame the conservative movement. Blame the Tea Parties. Blame people who fight for lower tax rates. Blame libertarians who just want less government and more individual liberty.

Blame anyone who wasn’t already blamed. That will end the violence in Chicago and heal the division in America, correct?

Now, the people who can’t be blamed for America’s divisive status, an incomplete list

Don’t blame the Democrat Party. Don’t blame Barack Obama for miserably non-delivering on his “Hope and Change” promises. Don’t blame Amy Klobuchar for inaction against Derek Chauvin, George Floyd’s murderer.

Don’t blame trial lawyers. Don’t blame teachers’ unions. Don’t blame public employee unions. Don’t blame liberal school boards. Don’t blame Democrat-run city councils. Don’t blame illegal immigrants. Don’t blame gangs. Don’t blame Islam (for radicalizing terrorists). Don’t blame the “freedom fighters”, Antifa. Don’t blame CHOP/CHAZ. Don’t blame rapidly dwindling Protestant churches that have liberalized and alienated much of their membership.

Don’t blame major media company heads for sheltering known women abusers like Matt Lauer. Don’t blame the “peaceful” protesters for unlawfully occupying public property, blocking traffic, disrupting commerce and for defacing/tearing down monuments. Ever. Don’t blame those virtue-shaming cretins on social media that ruin reputations through innuendo and falsehoods. Don’t blame anyone on “The View,” “Morning Joe”, Rachel Maddow, CNN or MSNBC.

Don’t blame the establishment media newspapers. Democracy dies in darkness, doesn’t it? And the New York Times’ new motto should be, “All the news that’s woke to print.”

Don’t blame the tech companies. Don’t blame big government when it cuts checks to your favored constituencies. Don’t blame environmentalists who love public property ownership but don’t tolerate non politically-correct markers. Don’t blame the LGBTQ “community” for demanding everyone conform to their totalitarian mindset. Don’t blame convicted criminals in prison. Don’t blame Dr. Anthony Fauci and the health forecasters who’ve completely botched the coronavirus conundrum while tanking the world economy and throwing millions out of work without anything more than guesses disguised by graphs and models.

Don’t blame the deep state leakers. Don’t blame Eric Ciaramella (the infamous “whistleblower” of Ukraine phone call impeachment fame). Don’t blame James Comey, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe and company. Don’t blame John Bolton (now that he’s a Trump hater). Don’t blame the generals who came out against Trump -- but DO blame the ones who silently support him! Don’t blame the #NeverTrump crowd -- they’re “woke” when it comes to politics now!

Don’t blame Christine Blasey Ford because she couldn’t remember any details of her purported encounter with a high-school aged Brett Kavanaugh and not another human being on earth could verify her story. Don’t blame (former) Senator Jeff Flake for wavering over nothing!

And by all means, don’t blame yourselves. Such personal culpability is always someone else’s problem. One rogue cop in Minneapolis killing a black man relieved everyone on the left from any fault or reproach whatsoever -- at least as long there are marchers in the streets shouting, thrusting their fists towards the heavens and waving signs about (black only) lives mattering! Think of it as a society-wide get out of jail free card!

Meanwhile, post-George Floyd, crime is growing like a weed in a driveway crack in America’s major cities -- real people are getting shot and killed and there’re only cricket sounds from the “No Justice, No Peace!” mob about what’s taking place in some of their own neighborhoods. Don’t blame the liberal white “woke” Millennials taking over city centers while displacing poor people. Don’t blame Democrats for coddling the perpetrators. Don’t blame Joe Biden for anything he’s ever done because he was always on the “correct” side of the political fence.

Don’t blame Democrats for treating black voters like they’re taken for granted and will get in line no matter how much you promise and don’t accomplish. Don’t blame Maxine Waters for calling on leftists to “get in the face” of Trump officials. Don’t blame Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer. They care about the country, right?

The 2020 election is destined to be one heck of a nasty fight. Who will receive the blame for the rancor? Hint: His name starts with Donald and his last name rhymes with “bump.” And it’s not because he’s mean or racist or was a celebrity and regular presence in the tabloids. It’s because Trump represents a complete departure from the status quo. To the elites, that’s bad.

And the purveyors of blame have run out of other people to criticize (but don’t fret -- they’ll find more when Trump is gone).

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