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Assault on America, Day 553: Trump touts a Garden of Heroes, Biden counters with racism

Trump Salute to America
Trump used the holiday to do a little gardening, Joe Biden threw together a word salad

Not sure if you tuned-in, but over the Independence Day weekend President Donald Trump delivered two fine speeches commemorating the holiday, defending America’s unmatched and vaunted history, called for justice for the victims (including statues) in the recent leftist/anarchist rioting, and, in effect, steered his campaign back on course once again after a rough couple months where his reelection effort seemingly got off track.

It’s old news by now, but (via executive order) Trump created a “National Garden of American Heroes” and called for a task force to research potential locations as well as submit a list of candidates to be represented at the newly fashioned monument. He gave participants 60 days to report back. That’s the main difference between the current president and past members of the ultra-exclusive commander-in-chief fraternity -- he doesn’t dither for years of “study” without action. If the brains can’t sit around a table, do a few internet searches and come up with a host of possibilities in two months’ time, they probably shouldn’t have been added to the group.

If the task force needs help, I’d be happy to make suggestions. But it better be a large “garden” because there are so many prospects of all races, religions, creeds, genders (meaning men and women) national origins and earthly accomplishments in American lore that whoever narrows the final selections better be prepared to make arduous culling decisions. It’s a huge undertaking, for sure.

Such a “garden” would be like an American Hall of Fame. There are many, many more notable historic figures than there are baseball, basketball or football players or golfers, for example. The NFL Hall of Fame limits new inductees to five per year. The new national monument must include space for additions, as well, unless the country collapses under the weight of political correctness and “social justice” demanded by the leftist mobs of “protesters” who seek to burn the nation down.

Speaking of insurrectionists -- and their apologists -- while Trump was speaking on a fairly breezy evening at Mt. Rushmore (in South Dakota) and on a typically balmy afternoon in front of the White House in the nation’s capital the next day, presumptive Democrat nominee-to-be Joe Biden was… who knows where. The would-be president wasn’t completely idle, however, as he (or more likely someone in his campaign who can string together coherent thoughts) devised an op-ed for airing Joe’s views on Independence Day. As would be expected, the presentation sounded nice at first recitation… but still came across as all oxygen, nitrogen and argon (translation: hot air).

In a piece titled, “Trump erodes America's foundation. This Fourth of July, I pledge to rebuild it”, Biden (supposedly) wrote at NBC News, “That pursuit of a more perfect union has been thrown off course in recent years — and no one bears more responsibility than President Donald Trump. Every day, he finds new ways to tarnish and dismantle our democracy — from baseless attacks on our voting rights to the use of military force against Americans protesting peacefully for racial justice.

“He has systematically gone after the guardrails of our democracy: the free press, the courts, and our fundamental belief that no one in America — not even the president — is above the law. He has made it clear time and again that he won’t hesitate to tear apart our most cherished democratic structures for an ounce of personal gain. And that corruption of our founding principles threatens everything this nation has worked so hard to build, blighting our ability not only to elevate our values, but also to lead the world.”

Grampa Joe couldn’t possibly include an electoral pitch without the word “systematically,” could he? And, has Trump truly torn apart “democratic structures” for personal gain? If so, how? Is Trump benefitting financially? If three-plus years’ worth of non-stop media bombardment, character assassination and impeachment threats (and then the actual thing) were all for “personal gain,” then the New Yorker must be the ultimate masochist. What a crock.

If there’s any “personal gain” at issue here, it’s Biden’s. If you don’t believe it, maybe we should ask son Hunter how he made all that Ukrainian and Chinese dough independent of his dad’s position as Obama’s number two.

Biden concluded, “We must demonstrate to the world that the United States stands ready to lead again, not by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. That example — of a broad and broadening commitment to democracy — can and must be the most powerful force of influence in the world. November’s election will decide whether we will leave the house of democracy built by generations of architects and activists to decay, or whether we will come together as one nation to build it up, stronger and higher than it has ever been before.”

Yes indeed. I agreed with Joe’s last line. November’s election will definitely have a big impact on the future. As Trump so eloquently paid tribute to America’s past, Biden picks and chooses his “heroes” for his own purposes. He states that our democracy “rose up from the ground when we ended slavery and ratified the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments,” as though the concept did not exist prior to the Civil War -- and that the ideals of the American Revolution were forever discredited because of the presence of the peculiar institution at the time.

In the process, Grampa Joe didn’t even mention the Founding generation -- or Abraham Lincoln -- in his Independence Day op-ed. Curious, isn’t it? Maybe it was because Trump, as president, got to choose the better backdrop for his speeches. You know, Mr. Rushmore has George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln -- and Teddy Roosevelt thrown in there for good measure -- all etched in virtually indestructible granite and beyond reach of all but the most ambitious (stupid?) #BlackLivesMatter taggers.

With those presidents, who did more than just sit around spouting nonsense about “justice,” it was a stretch for Biden to generate new material. Poor guy. Will Joe’s face ever be etched in stone? So, let’s spout racism!

Of course, Biden included standard Democrat boilerplate nonsense about “democracy” and did his darndest to pander to every blighted Democrat ethnic and religious constituency in evidence today. Perhaps a pollster was present with the nominee-to-be’s op-ed writer. The ‘ol back slappin’, hair sniffin’, nude swimmin’, shoulders massagin’, sexual assault denyin’ and truth bendin’ Grampa Joe even added a plea to end Trump’s travel ban, which was a poorly disguised pitch to the oh-so-disgruntled Muslim population. Anti-Semitic Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib should be proud!

Everyone knows Joe is practically incomprehensible when he speaks, but this literary word salad was just as empty as his faltering intellect. You can almost picture the reaction in American homes:

“What do you want to eat tonight, honey? What do you think of a word-salad?”
“What’s that?”
“It’s a bunch of substance-free gobbledygook offered by politicians trying to make themselves sound smart and capable when really they’re serving the nutritional equivalent of iceberg lettuce and fat free cheese in a meatless carb-free taco tortilla. It’s mostly hot air and platitudes, not much to chew.”
“I don’t think so. I’m kinda hungry. Salad would be fine, but how about a Chicken Caesar with extra croutons?”

The dictionary defines “word salad” as, “a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia.” Not many have asserted Grampa Joe is actually schizophrenic, but he’s definitely on the lag end of mental sharpness. If the Democrat goes a minute or two without accusing Trump of being a racist or maintaining that there’s “systemic” bias in America today, aides probably swoop in to check his temperature.

Not only that, but the op-ed’s web page contains an obviously dated picture of Biden because one, he’s not in his basement bunker, two, he’s not wearing a mask (a suck-up to the coronavirus panic movement), and three, there are attendees in the background not social distancing (or wearing masks). Pardon the expression, but Joe wouldn’t be caught dead out in public without the equivalent of a bubble protecting him under the guise of “concern” for his fellow human beings. If he did so, it would destroy the entire basis for keeping him sequestered all this time.

Over the course of months it’s become clear Biden doesn’t have an agenda, so he must fall back to his default position by claiming all Republicans (in addition to just Trump) want to deny rights to some demographic or gender category. Democrats acknowledge they can’t be honest and forthright about “programs” and issues because the voters would-be turned off by them. So, their only potential is to try and make the election about Trump’s unique personality and hope the president’s critics and doubters can keep up the angst for four more months.

Would Biden sustain Trump’s “Garden of American Heroes” if he becomes president? What would it look like? Someone must ask him.

Movement afoot to bring back Steve Bannon to head Trump’s campaign

As long as we’re referring to the past as it relates to the present, some have intimated that Trump would do himself a favor by adding an old-reliable to his campaign team. In these days where nothing surprises anyone, would the president consider asking Steve Bannon to work for him again? Jennifer Harper reported at The Washington Times, “He left his role as a chief White House campaign strategist almost three years ago. Now some analysts are wondering if Steve Bannon should revisit his former advisory role as President Trump navigates his reelection bid amid negative polls and hostile news coverage.

“Mr. Bannon has already offered some insight on Mr. Trump’s campaign strategy, which essentially advises the president to act like a president.

“’He’s the president of the United States. He’s not a candidate. You act like president of the United States, you take action like the president of the United States, you govern like you are president of the United States, you are going to be reelected,’ Mr. Bannon said in an interview with talk radio host John Fredericks [last] week.”

In essence, Bannon tells his former charge to ditch the in-your-face campaign rally strategy that was so successful in 2016 and simply go full-bore on policy during his “day job” at the White House. If anyone questions Bannon’s political acumen, perhaps they should revisit the final three months of the GOP nominee’s campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Myself and other Trump backers have recently argued Trump must cease making politics personal and return to the issue-based campaign agenda he deployed in his first go-round as a candidate. The president’s Tulsa rally, while satisfying his already satiated base, didn’t do much to reach out to independent voters.

Bannon is right, and perhaps bringing the former Breitbart chief back is a good idea. He, along with Kellyanne Conway, instilled discipline in Trump four years ago. Steve could do it again.

But the president should continue with his rallies regardless, since it’s what the grassroots wants. When Trump does venture out on the road, he would do well to maintain his more reserved, “presidential” emphasis on issues, just like last weekend on Independence Day.

In these uncertain times, Americans crave substance. Joe Biden surely can’t/won’t give it to them. Trump and Steve Bannon could accomplish it very easily. Something to ponder.

Cutting through all the noise, America’s police actually do a very good job

President Donald Trump appears to have settled on a law and order message, which is a good thing. Just as Grampa Joe Biden is committed to an all-race-all-the-time emphasis, the president realized that telling Americans they will be safe and the country’s history is to be preserved on his watch is a winning strategy.

The numbers back him up, too. Author Heather Mac Donald penned her own op-ed over the weekend (at the USA Today) citing statistics proving police violence is vastly overblown by the media and communities that have less policing are demonstrably more violent. She also highlighted how the majority of police emergency calls are made by residents in high-crime areas. Put two and two together, and that’s why there are confrontations in certain communities.

Mac Donald also called for better and more effective training, a no-brainer if there ever was one. Therefore, even Joe Biden should be able to figure it out!

President Trump’s idea to create a “National Garden of American Heroes” was a stroke of brilliance for a lagging campaign that needed a new and fresh rallying point after months of health scare panic and political violence. Joe Biden can’t hope to match Trump’s positive message of reverence for all of American history. Trump is back on the right path.

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