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Assault on America, Day 554: Are leftists using Biden as a Trojan Horse for a true believer?

Biden VP Choices
Is Joe Biden being used as a pawn for a more sinister leftist plot to take over America?

Let’s go back in time six months (January 9th) to when 2020 just started. Nancy Pelosi was still sitting on the two articles of impeachment the House had approved a few weeks prior, claiming she didn’t want to begin the process until the upper chamber’s majority leader, Mitch McConnell, assured her that additional “evidence” could be introduced and witnesses be called in the senate trial to remove the president.

Recall how the two sides bickered back-and-forth over rules and procedures for the proceedings. Some commentators speculated that the “show” was a hoax and there might be no trial at all since there was no constitutional nor historical precedent for what Pelosi was doing, and perhaps she would simply decide to use the paper the articles were printed on as replacement toilet tissue in the Speaker’s Office bathroom (Ouch?).

Seeing as Republicans held a majority of senate seats (so they could decide on rules if they remained united) and more than enough GOPers had already indicated they intended to vote against the case the Democrat managers would present even before the whole thing started, the outcome was never in doubt. The only real drama involved whether so-called “moderate” Republicans would join most if not all Democrats to vote for conviction. Hence, it was a grand waste of time, resources and energy.

While all this was going on, the Democrat presidential campaign was entering its home stretch before the all-too-exciting primaries were to commence in early February. Grampa Joe Biden clung to a lead in most national surveys and longtime political observers surmised Pelosi could’ve been stalling the impeachment farce so as to guarantee that the field’s Democrat senators would be stuck in Washington, silently (by rule) taking in the circus while the establishment favorite -- Biden -- was free to roam the Iowa cornfields farming for votes.

Was it real? Who knows? But the Washington establishment -- which must have studied and revered the surveys showing Obama’s number two as their best shot to oust the controversial but still popular with the GOP base, President Donald Trump -- clearly saw Biden as the one they wanted. They did so regardless of the candidate’s obviously failing mental faculties, which even his fellow party opponents were wont to make fun of.

Time and events later, Biden will be the Democrat presidential nominee (party poohbahs still aren’t sure about how they’ll nominate him if there’s no in-person convention, but it’s a certainty now) and barring some extraordinary circumstances, he’ll be on the ballot in November. But even with the certitudes of the moment, there’s growing speculation that Grampa Joe’s being used as an empty-suit patsy for whomever the left selects as his running mate.

Is there a coup in the works? Former New Hampshire governor and senator Judd Gregg wrote the other day at The Hill, “Within a few months of assuming the presidency, Biden may find himself being the next statue toppled as the socialist/progressive movement moves closer to power. Replacing him with his vice president could be deemed necessary to the cause. His colleagues could declare him too old to handle the presidency and remove him under the 25th Amendment.

“Et tu, Brute?

“The Cause will have been completed. Power will be fully in the hands of the statue-removers, the social justice police and those who see America’s political history as basically evil. Socialist/progressive excess will govern. It will be a coup. Look over your shoulder, Joe. Watch your back. Donald Trump is not your most threatening problem.”

Wow. Gregg dared say what a lot of people are thinking these days, but if the swampy establishment (of which Gregg is definitely a member) is wise to the possibility of sinister forces lying in wait for Grampa Joe to falter, this is serious. One can only imagine the women (remember, no male Democrat veep choice!) being considered for Biden’s running mate as nervously chilling while awaiting the phone call from the top dog himself.

This is made all the scarier by the fact there really are only a couple legitimate possibilities for Biden to consider. As has been argued before, the Democrat race frontrunner eliminated over half of the potential candidates by announcing, during what turned out to be the final party primary “debate”, that he would select a biological female for his political soulmate. I don’t remember offhand, but did Bernie Sanders glare at him when Joe uttered the words?

Sanders had gotten into his own tiff with Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren earlier in the campaign when the Massachusetts senator relayed the contents of what was a private conversation between the two a couple years ago, where “The Bern” committed the ultimate un-woke no-no by alleging that a woman couldn’t be elected president. Bernie vehemently denied ever saying it, but from that moment on, it was clear the two northeastern ultra-liberal socialist candidates were no longer the closest of chums.

Nevertheless, the schism between the establishment and the burn-it-all-down leftist “Bernie bro” nutcases is still bubbling just below the surface. The party appears united -- at least in favor of the “protesters” and against President Trump -- but the harmony will likely dissolve once the cat’s released from Grampa Joe’s unity bag. Imagine the consternation in Democrat-land if Biden dares select a white woman for his running mate! Not all the makeup (war paint?) in the world would make “Pocahontas” look pigmented, and the party’s recent fixation over race will bring Warren’s “I’m a Native American” lies into intense focus.

Realistically speaking, Biden can’t even choose a non-African-American at this point. A Hispanic woman would check some of the boxes for the identity politics pushers, but the saying is “Black Lives Matter,” not “Latinos Matter,” or “Brown Skinned People from Mexico and points south Matter”. (Note: Grampa Joe wouldn’t dare consider a Cuban woman because they’re considered “different” than standard Hispanics and many of them are Republicans because of distaste for Democrat hero Fidel Castro).

Grampa Joe must be feeling pressure to pick…Kamala Harris

California Senator Kamala Harris is the most likely candidate since she’s actually got African blood (but only half!) and she’s also got great street cred with the leaders of the skin-tone-is-everything movement. She’s an unquestioned leftist despite having served as a pro law enforcement prosecutor in the Bay Area and then as the Golden State’s Attorney General. Just enough is known about the woman to make her acceptable to a national liberal audience, and people won’t be paying attention to her bad attributes once she’s placed on the would-be ticket.

Think about it; Harris couldn’t stir up grassroots enthusiasm in a deep but incredibly weak field of candidates that included two whiter than white political dinosaur poll leaders pushing eighty-years-old, a screechy bird-of-prey-eyed kook who thinks she’s a minority when really she isn’t, a no-name upper midwestern senator who couldn’t stop shaking like a frozen rat during debates and a thirty-something pasty white gay mayor from a medium-sized city with absolutely zero state or national governing experience.

It wasn’t exactly a formidably competitive cast of characters. Harris herself withdrew in early December, likely because she didn’t want to be embarrassed by finishing sixth or seventh (at best) in Iowa and New Hampshire. She was supposed to be the Democrat party’s fresh and promising female voice. But several debates and poor stump performance revealed Kamala to be an angry agenda-less soul without the star appeal of Obama… or Bernie Sanders.

But, as Gregg pointed out above, Americans could very well be calling her “President Harris” within a matter of months or a year or two. Far-left groups are probably already preparing a challenge to Biden on 25th Amendment grounds if he wins, possibly as early as days and weeks after Inauguration Day. Talk about a constitutional crisis! Grampa Joe could conceivably stay tucked away in his basement bunker until the election, but if he prevails, he’ll actually have to come out of hiding and say something.

If Biden were smart (I know, but it had to be said) he’d raise the 25th Amendment topic in depth with his short-list candidates to determine whether there’s anything afoot. Once he names a VP candidate it would be too late. The party “unity” will have already been shaken and suddenly another four years of Donald Trump might not look like such a bad thing compared with the likelihood of a President Kamala Harris. Or a President Susan Rice. Or a President Val Demings (again, who?). Or a President Stacey Abrams.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Abrams’ first go-round in an executive capacity was as President of the United States? She’d be a puppet herself, but to whom? Hillary Clinton? The Obamas? It could sure get interesting soon. President Trump will enjoy having weight taken off of himself when the vultures start circling above the Democrats instead of Republicans at all hours.

Joe Biden and Democrats have set themselves a pretty imposing trap. Grab the popcorn and enjoy the show once it’s sprung.

Trump is committed to defending American history, picks high-profile first target

President Donald Trump has never been one to shy away from a fight and now that he’s committed his administration to a course of defending American history (obviously including monuments and statues) no matter the subject, the New Yorker is going full-bore against the politically correct forces assailing the past.

Trump chose new anti-traditional culture and race-promoting NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace to serve as a figurehead of what’s wrong with the brainless history erasers. Brett Samuels reported at The Hill, “Wallace, who pressed NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag from his venues and has been widely praised within and outside NASCAR, came under attack from Trump, who falsely wrote that the noose found in Wallace's stall was a ‘hoax.’

“An investigation concluded that noose had been in the stall for months and that it did not target Wallace, but photos of it made clear it was not a hoax.

“’Has @BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX?’ Trump tweeted. ‘That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER!’”

Upon reading this tweet the media mob got its dander up and went to bat for the prevailing leftist-inspired “well, it wasn’t actually a noose but the garage door handle definitely LOOKED like one, so Bubba’s ‘feelings’ must be validated!” crowd. In reality, Bubba used his position as the only part African-American NASCAR driver to spread the #BlackLivesMatter myth to yet another major sport.

These people are incorrigible. It doesn’t matter -- at all -- what the truth is as long as there’s an appearance of “systemic racism” and some idiot makes an argument that he’s being singled out because of what he looks like. What a charade. Well, there are lots of people who care about facts and aren’t willing to overlook the trumped-up hysteria because leftist opportunists want to divide everyone further.

It’s about time someone spoke up for traditional American values and the average citizen, whether he or she likes NASCAR or not. The Confederate flag became a hate symbol based on what meanings the extremists (both right and left-wing) attached to it and was not considered all that controversial in the car race circuit to begin with. What, are the haters planning to go back and force “The Dukes of Hazard” to remove the flag from the old “General Lee” auto too?

The more professional “athletes” seek to make race an issue, the greater will be the backlash. Sooner or later, the only “fans” left to patronize these events will be Bernie Sanders’ self-loathing supporters. Think the sports will survive? Maybe Bubba Wallace should apologize… and then perhaps his cult-hero status as a “woke” star will subside. What a hoax, indeed.

The only ones that matter in any sport are the fans. Keep pushing, whiners. You’re the ones who will be begging people to come back…and by then it will be too late.

Time will tell whether Grampa Joe Biden’s candidacy is serving as a sham intended to sneak a leftist vice-presidential candidate into the Oval Office without having been elected to the position. With the Democrat nominee-to-be demonstrating more and more signs of mental incapacity, something’s got to give -- and very soon.

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