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It’s the Ballgame, America

Donald Trump
George Rasley, Editor of ConservativeHQ, and I, the Chairman, have decided that effective immediately and through the November 3rd election period, CHQ will be focused almost entirely on providing information, material, and advice as to how you and other conservatives can help save America.

Because of the colossal failure in leadership, it has come to be that only grassroots conservatives like you can save America.

One group that has failed America is the mainstream media. The media (journalists and owners) betrayed their profession as unbiased/objective reporters of news and they are now the point of the spear for the radical New Democrats’ goal to transform America forever.

The second group to betray America is the establishment Republican Party—its leaders and elected politicians. What a disappointment. But as much as it is a disappointment, it’s certainly not a surprise, because as long as I’ve been in national politics the vast majority of elected Republicans have been afraid of the liberal media. They seldom, if ever, say anything that would make them effective opponents of the Democrats.

Those few who have spoken out or do speak out and provide leadership have become our heroes/our leaders—Robert Taft Jr., Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and now Donald J. Trump.

Because of the betrayal by the mainstream media and the silence by most Republican politicians, it falls to us conservatives to ride to the front lines of the civil war that’s now raging between those who love America and those who hate America.

And you know what to do, because you’ve done it for so long.  Without the work, sacrifices, and leadership of grassroots conservatives like you, few Republican presidents, congressman, senators, governors, state legislatures, etc. would be elected.

It’s the many donations you’ve made to conservative organizations and Republican candidates, the hundreds and sometimes thousands of volunteer hours, and the books and publications you read and passed on to others.  It’s the thousands of hours spent learning the issues from Rush, Levin, Hannity, Laura, Tucker, and urging others to watch or listen, plus much, much more.

Now all that experience has been preparation for the most important political battle of our lives.  Because if you and other similarly experienced and trained conservatives don’t become fully engaged, it’s almost certain that the radical New Democrat socialists will win in November, and the America we know, and love will be gone forever.

This November, it is truly the whole ballgame for freedom-loving Americans!

George, I, and the entire CHQ team will be providing ideas, information, and campaign material on a daily basis for you to share with your family, friends, neighbors, and others.

I recommend that your next project be to read the attached memorandum I’ve written titled “It’s the Ballgame, America.”  In this memo, I explain the seriousness of the problem and propose a solution.

An important part of my plan for conservatives to save America is to enlist 1,000,000 Conservative Paul Revere (CPR)  Riders— to help revive America by educating voters that the New Democrats are mean, evil, violent, radical, elitist socialists who are bent on taking control of America, and with it, every aspect of your life.

We’ll provide the pamphlets, videos, emails, postal letters, books, booklets, etc., etc. for the ride through all 50 states, with special emphasis on 17 key battleground states.

Will you join me?

Also, I pray that you will go to and sign-up to be a Conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Rider and join me on the most important ride of our life—to save America—for our children, grandchildren, and generations of unborn—as those who came before us did.

With great thanks and appreciation for all you’ve done to preserve the blessings of liberty under God’s laws,

Richard A. Viguerie
Chairman, ConservativeHQ & FedUp PAC

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