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Assault on America, Day 555: Seeking a cure for America’s addiction to systemic liberalism

Antifa Burning Flag
Liberals’ good intentions lead to ill-conceived policies, dead bodies and social division

Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem. It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” -- Ronald Reagan

The way things are versus the way things ought to be. It could be said that conservatives and proponents of limited government are realists, that they see the way Congress and the federal bureaucracy function and are therefore innately skeptical of handing the authorities more power, knowing, based on quantitative facts, that good intentions don’t necessarily equate to favorable results.

Liberals (or lovers of big government?) envision what they’d like society to be and entrust (or command?) power to elected officials to realize their fantasies through the statute book or executive pen. In the process, reality usually gets left behind. An old saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Liberals -- or at least many of them -- mean well. But the issue solutions they devise and implement only make matters worse in most cases. And the fixes are expensive, arduous, unequal in application, dangerous and costly, too.

Like The Gipper indicated above, liberals know so many things that aren’t so.

Such is the certainly the situation with the recent #BlackLivesMatter “protests” over police brutality and ultimately, defunding or abolishing police forces. As has become crystal clear, BLM isn’t some well-intentioned collection of ultra-socially conscious do-gooders who lend their time and energy towards the commendable goals of equality, justice and racial harmony.

No, #BlackLivesMatter is a Marxist movement bent on the destruction of American institutions so as to impose a new government dedicated to political correctness, mind control, firearm confiscation, revocation of free speech rights and severe punishments for those who deviate from the carefully assembled thought pattern. Then there are the “protesters” who show up, wave signs, shout keen sounding slogans like “No justice, no peace!”, block traffic, destroy public property and take lots of selfies to instantaneously post to their social media accounts to demonstrate how “woke” and not racist they are to the world.

How do you disprove a negative? After all, we can claim we’re not racists, but how to achieve certification from the goon squad? Is having brown and black skinned friends enough? How about donating to historic black colleges or to Joe Biden’s campaign?

At any rate, the liberal-fueled BLM movement wants to do away with the police. The only problem is, when law enforcement pulls back -- as the radicals portend to desire -- crime goes way up and people get killed. Don’t innocent black lives matter anymore? Jeff Mordock reported at The Washington Times, “Law enforcement professionals say the eruption of violence is a perfect storm of animosity toward the police and liberal criminal justice reform policies that have put violent offenders back on the streets and hamstrung police departments.

“The police departments insist they have not ordered officers to stand down in the face of racial justice protests. But police, whether by order or for fear of prosecution for use of force, appeared to take a hands-off approach amid the growing violence...

“[Republican] Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry blames the unchecked violence on Democratic leaders who dominate nearly every large city in the U.S., which also are ground zero for the onslaught of killings. ‘Not all of America is dangerous right now. If you go out and look at smaller cities where there is rule of law and holding people accountable, they are safe. ... Big cities with large populations are dangerous right now because of systemic liberalism [Emphasis added].’”

There’s that word again -- systemic. Liberals drop the term every time something bad happens that appears to be racially motivated, like rogue Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin placing his knee on George Floyd’s neck until the man expired. Since Chauvin wore a badge and happened to be white, the haters assumed skin color was what motivated the officer to innately crave to extinguish all black lives he came in contact with. The totalitarian BLM mindset projected Chauvin’s naked brutality onto the person of all cops, regardless of gender or race.

Adolf Hitler devised a system -- referred to as “The Final Solution” -- to eliminate certain populations that he deemed inferior to the master race. Students of history recognize a system when they see one. American police departments don’t qualify for the term since it isn’t required of individuals to be racist in order to join them. But liberals still think it’s so, even if Democrat politicians dominate practically every major city from coast to coast.

Funny how racism is supposedly “systemic” but Democrats aren’t blamed for the holes in their “systems”. Is something wrong here?

Conservatives refute the notion of “systemic” anything because it’s the ultimate form of prejudice to accuse citizens of being ingrained with hatred. What if, for example, a Republican senator suggested irresponsibility, profligate spending and disdain for the unborn was “systemic” in all liberal Democrats? Party members would cry foul, call for impeachment, banishment, censure or whatever else would get their names prominently featured in establishment newspapers and cable TV talk shows as being sufficiently outraged.

Because liberals sought to ease the “systemic” law enforcement “burden” on inner city minority communities, in many places they passed laws and policies eliminating the need for offenders to post bail for what are deemed minor crimes. As a result, perpetrators who otherwise would’ve been detained until a bond was secured are automatically released back onto the streets. It appears many of them continue their criminal ways once “sprung” from confinement. Hence, crime is rampant, an easily foreseeable outcome.

Shootings skyrocketed in liberal cities with systemic liberalism. Chicago is a citywide open fire zone. New York’s shootings rate is double what it was a year ago. The list goes on and on. It turns out that relying on the criminals to stifle themselves didn’t work in practice. Hundreds of American have lost their lives due to their leaders’ good intentions but failed judgment.

And ever since the mass protests and nationwide civil unrest after Floyd’s murder, police forces have been, for lack of a better way to put it, gun-shy. As indicated above, police chiefs swear their officers are still out to enforce the law, but the good intentions only go so far when the next angry mob is in front of you and a corrupted district attorney is itching to bring you up on charges for using excessive force. Protecting yourself with deadly means could bring murder charges. We saw it in Atlanta last month.

Liberals could’ve gathered from history, scholarly studies or simple common sense that their loosening the grip on law enforcement was life-threatening to the innocent. Should we blame the cops rather than the criminals? Who cares about that stuff when there’s a mob to please and potential votes in question? Heck, earlier this week CNN host Don Lemon had the gall to lecture black actor and retired NFL player Terry Crews on what Black Lives Matter was all about.

Systemic liberalism means no one -- not even someone who’s part of an ethnic classification -- can have a different opinion on the prevailing liberal attitudes. Sad, isn’t it?

To liberals, patriotism is in the heart of the individual, not something visible to bind us together

Does the liberal viewpoint mean they’re not patriotic? It depends on the definition of patriotism. Don’t dare question whether a liberal loves his or her country, though.

Remember how Barack Obama stopped wearing his American flag lapel pin (allegedly) to demonstrate principled opposition to the Iraq War after 9/11? In October, 2007, “the big O” explained his no-flag stance:, “My attitude is that I’m less concerned about what you’re wearing on your lapel than what’s in your heart. You show your patriotism by how you treat your fellow Americans, especially those who serve. You show your patriotism by being true to our values and ideals. That’s what we have to lead with is our values and our ideals.”

What a crock of crapola, probably dreamed up in some “woke” university’s faculty lounge where the American flag is seen as a symbol of oppression and members of the elite teaching fraternity don’t dare do or say anything that might offend the powers-that-be -- or the students. This fear then trickles down to classroom lessons and the result is a virtual army of mind-numbed robots, perfect candidates for marching in front of city halls, state legislative bodies and, in special cases, private citizens’ houses or businesses.

No one wears his or her “values and ideals” on their clothes, so I’m not sure what Obama was talking about. But displaying a flag pin automatically identifies the wearer as an American. Joe Biden does it, right? Every time Grampa Joe goes on TV to bash Trump or talk about systemic racism, he’s got that pin right there on his blue suit coat. Has anyone else noticed it?

And, isn’t failing to speak out about something a bad thing? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the proponents of #BlackLivesMatter recently declared that “silence is violence,” didn’t they?

Liberals aren’t necessarily unpatriotic, they’re just against statements that would prove it in a verifiable way. That’s why, to them, thugs who throw bricks through store windows and mobs who then loot the establishments are “mostly peaceful” and only reacting to the anger and resentment they feel concerning encounters with police that could’ve happened years ago or to someone else. Or maybe didn’t happen at all, but they’re told by community organizers that police are evil and should be hated regardless of the protection they provide.

Liberal good intentions are the only ones that count to the systemic liberals

It goes without saying that President Donald Trump is the most systematically besieged politician of all time. Ample evidence demonstrates Trump was targeted well before he became president by members of the media and deep state bent on destroying him. The non-stop onslaught of negativity is shining an unwanted spotlight on this year’s election.

If it weren’t all about Trump, the incumbent would be way ahead. Brett Samuels reported at The Hill, “Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney … cautioned President Trump could face a steep climb to reelection if the 2020 presidential race becomes a referendum on him.

“Mulvaney argued in a Fox Business interview that Trump should focus on recent economic gains to make the argument that he boosted the economy upon taking office and could do so again in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

“’If the president can go back to drawing those contrasts between him and Joe Biden, that it becomes a race between Trump and Biden, I think the president does extraordinarily well,’ Mulvaney said. ‘And he shows people, ‘Look, if you hire me, this is what you get. If you hire him, you end up with no jobs.’”

Only the most cynical observer would suggest Trump didn’t have good intentions when he ran for president. The first-time candidate left a very comfortable lifestyle behind to run and then govern the country while donating his salary to charity. For the gesture, from day one, Trump’s been characterized by the media and Democrats as the devil in the center of, well, you know where.

But Mulvaney is correct. Trump needs to refocus on his winning issue portfolio, including the post-coronavirus economic recovery. For better or worse, the Republican president must take focus off of himself -- and put it onto Joe Biden -- if he’s to have a better shot at winning reelection.

Some commentators predict Trump will lose if he can’t distance himself from the personal stuff.

Good intentions never bought Trump any goodwill. Stick to the dry topics, Mr. President. This election is too important to forfeit over personal grudges. Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

There’s little doubt systemic liberalism exists in many parts of America today, particularly in large cities, the logical result of politicians with good intentions but insufficient wisdom to govern effectively. Radical separatist groups such as Black Lives Matter have altered the landscape of American politics -- and voters must wise-up before it’s too late.

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