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Assault on America, Day 558: How Kanye West could decide the outcome of the 2020 election

Kanye West WH run
If he’s serious, Kanye West’s “Birthday Party” just might ruin Joe Biden’s celebration

It doesn’t take a great deal of insight to declare that politics is strange. Politics is what happens when you group people together and task them with choosing one (or a few) leader(s) to take charge of the whole and to make all the rules. It’s like a popularity contest on steroids and whips both the voters and the candidates into a frenzy.

Politics isn’t typically found within families where there’s a natural hierarchical command structure. Or in the military, where pulling rank means… pulling rank. Kids do what mom and dad says or there’s a punishment waiting for deviating from the household’s norms. In the military, a serviceman or woman knows there’re consequences for insubordination or disobeying orders.

Not so in politics, where technically everyone is equal and anyone who meets basic requirements can run for office. When former Trump-supporting 43-year-old African-American rapper Kanye West announced last week he was running for the Oval Office -- including against Trump -- many passed it off as a silly political publicity stunt that wouldn’t go anywhere.

If true, West’s candidacy will be one of the more interesting discussion points of 2020. It might even end up benefitting the president’s reelection bid. West is the epitome of a colorful character, and it has nothing to do with his skin tone. Gabriella Muñoz reported at The Washington Times, “Kanye West has no qualms with running against President Trump, updating his plans and eyeing a 2020 candidacy, the rapper and entrepreneur told Forbes on Wednesday. Mr. West said he was changing his plans to run this cycle instead of waiting until 2024. Part of the reason was that he lost faith in the president during recent protests against racial inequality outside of the park near the White House…

“Mr. West, who is married to Kim Kardashian West, said he’s thinking about ‘Birthday Party’ as his new campaign slogan. ‘I am taking the red hat off with this interview,’ Mr. West added, although the interview noted he wouldn’t ‘tamp down the idea that the Birthday Party is a ruse to help re-elect Trump.’”

Fascinating. Far too often politics is about x vs. y, power vs. banishment and winners vs. losers. For Kanye West, it appears to be a fantastical quest to further his own legend while potentially helping a candidate who he claims he’s no longer fond of. The celebrity did add that he’d run as a Republican if there wasn’t already a candidate heading the party this year and also that he’s no fan of Joe Biden, saying the Democrat wasn’t “special” like Obama, Trump, Bill Clinton… and himself.

“The rapper went on to argue that it’s a ‘form of racism and white supremacy and white control to say that all Black people need to be Democrat’”, Muñoz additionally reported.

West’s made headlines the past few years for first, meeting with Trump the president-elect at Trump Tower during the transition and then seemingly striking up (or maintaining?) a friendship with the Republican president, a very courageous thing to do considering West’s fan base -- and therefore his meal ticket -- is supposedly part of the intractable Democrat African-American constituency. Trump does have his black supporters in the GOP, of course, but Kanye West is thought to be from a bit outside the narrow but widening circle.

Just like with everyone else, it’s likely a good many black conservatives are hesitant to speak out these days lest they be shouted down and targeted as traitors to the “cause” by the tyrannical “woke” minions who don’t tolerate opposing viewpoints, especially from people already judged as supporters of the movement. These voters are definitely part of the “silent majority” Trump has been mentioning a lot of late. The question is when, not if, they will actually follow the examples of leaders like Ken Blackwell and Alveda King and exit the Democrat “plantation” to be welcomed into a party that values ideas rather than innate superficial demographic characteristics.

With America changing rapidly before our eyes, one might surmise black voters are primed for a massive switch reminiscent of their 1930’s exodus from the GOP into FDR’s Democrat party. The loss of a few percentage points of black votes -- or if the disaffected people simply stay home -- could spell doom for not only Joe Biden, it would mean down ballot Democrat candidates fall short as well. Now there’s an example of poetic “justice” if there ever was one!

Democrats probably didn’t fret much when Kanye West and Trump mugged before the cameras in December, 2016, figuring the quantity of Trump-bashing famous African-Americans vastly outnumbered the relatively small contingent of identity politics-disdaining movement heretics like Kanye. The race-obsessed party arrogantly believes it’s cornered the market on black voters and the congressional black caucus doesn’t contain a single Republican.

We witnessed the open contempt Democrats have for disobedient black individuals when they openly mocked South Carolina Senator Tim Scott a couple weeks ago during his push for police reform. Grampa Joe Biden himself quipped that “you ain’t black” (to black media star Charlamagne the God) if you’re a person with African ancestry and still plan to vote for Trump. Does this mean Biden considers Kanye West less than black if he doesn’t recognize the “special” qualities of the Democrat nominee-to-be this year?

It’s interesting how West said he wouldn’t “tamp down the idea that the Birthday Party is a ruse to help re-elect Trump.” It’s almost as though the entertainer holds similar media philosophies to Trump himself, a man who generates publicity without ever trying. If indeed Kanye is running to draw black votes away from Democrats, it’s a ploy that’s bound for success. Third-party or independent candidates rarely make a difference in any election, but if you’re talking about taking from the liberal party’s most loyal constituency, any loss of support is Trump’s gain.

Democrats bank on 2020 being the identity politics election. They’re wrong

Identity politics is something Democrats engage in. Black voters don’t all think the same. Neither do women voters, union voters, young voters, old voters, etc. Just because Kanye West’s name is on the ballot doesn’t mean Trump is a shoe-in or that Biden better start measuring his basement bunker for new carpeting after he loses in November. But we get the point.

More significant was West’s insistence that Democrats are white supremacist or racist by demanding subservience from black people. This year’s political violence, statue tumbling and mass protests lends the impression that every African-American must loath Trump and American history. Common sense indicates it’s not true and there are lots of folks in black concentrated areas who are sick and tired of being taken for granted all these years.

Hypocrisy abounds where Democrats and black voters are concerned. There was last week’s controversy over Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson tweeting quotes from Adolf Hitler and making blatantly ignorant and anti-Semitic remarks (Jackson was then backed up by another Jackson, Stephen, a former NBA basketball player who claimed DeSean “spoke the truth.”). Where were the Democrat party leaders in condemning what the athletes were saying? Or were they too afraid of enraging the #BlackLivesMatter radical faction within their own party?

We’ve seen some of the black community’s Democrat-fatigue the past few weeks when out-of-control carnage claimed the lives of numerous innocent African-American children in urban areas, senseless killings perhaps made possible by the pull-back of police after the George Floyd riots and mob unruliness.

Election after election Democrats promise to improve the lives of black Americans yet return to the status quo after the newly elected representatives and senators are sworn-in. Liberals control nearly every major American city yet the mayhem never ceases. Democrats blubber on endlessly about “gun violence” but their only solutions involve taking away firearms from law abiding citizens. It’s not like criminals are applying for gun permits to obtain their deadly tools.

In contrast, President Trump asked black voters in 2016, “What have you got to lose?” The difference is now African-Americans have a better idea of what they stand to gain versus lose in the politics game. Trump’s policies -- like Sen. Tim Scott’s Opportunity Zones -- along with a business-friendly emphasis contributed to record low unemployment for black workers, including teens. Prior to the COVID-19 panic, incomes were rising, poverty was being left behind and the future looked bright.

Kanye West’s “Birthday Party” might restore all these positive advancements, but a better bet would be to return President Trump to the White House for another four years. There’s a lot of unfinished business yet to conduct, including hammering out a permanent fix to the illegal immigration problem, responsibly investing in infrastructure improvements (that will disproportionately benefit people in the cities) and, hopefully, a return to law and order with a newly trained but stronger police force.

Can’t we all just get along? Rodney King asked the question in 1992, but it still resonates today. “What the Left fears more than anything are white people and black people coming together and loving their country. This is why they are doing absolutely everything in their power to inspire a race war. Class and racial warfare are essential to their party platform.” Candice Owens

Whoever thought… maybe Kanye West can lead the way out for black Americans.

I’ll say it again, a major push for school choice will deliver black votes for Trump

Like with every identifiable political coalition, there are only so many “persuadable” people within a group. Common sense says most African-American voters will choose Democrats, just as they always have. But the pool of individuals who could be motivated to take a different path is probably as large as it’s ever been this year.

A month ago, conservative columnist Cal Thomas suggested creating a “Contract With Black America” where Republicans could win new supporters with substance. Thomas wrote, “I asked [Newt] Gingrich what such a contract might include. In addition to reinforcing universal values like health, strong families, faith, home and property ownership, the former speaker added: ‘Develop a new public-private partnership with neighborhood churches to strengthen their role in the community, including child care, better schools, and K-12 Pell Grants that parents could spend at church schools, private schools, charter schools, or traditional public schools.’”

There were other “planks” in the contract, but nothing will “liberate” poor African-Americans from their “systemic” poverty more than education reform. School choice will offer these folks something they’ve never had -- options on how their kids might exit the cycle of self-destruction that so many are forced to live with today.

Why do liberals fear school choice and vouchers so much? Several reasons. First, it takes money out of their control, which will translate to fewer tenured positions for administrators and underperforming teachers who fuel teachers unions. Public school bureaucracy is enormous, which makes everyone wonder, what are they all doing?

Second, if society takes curriculum control out of the hands of politically elected -- and biased -- school boards, there’s no way to shape and mold everything the young people are learning. Perish the thought! Imagine religious schools teaching youths about the Bible or home schoolers being instructed on the philosophical foundations of liberty and freedom based on a study course their parents select for them. Many, many parents, myself included, are frustrated by the demonstrated leftist turn in public schools.

I remember a couple years back when talking with some “gifted” classmates of my middle schooler that the honors program kids were planning a field trip to the “climate museum.” All well and good, youngsters should be taught about the theory of “climate change” so they know how to think critically about what they’re hearing. But upon asking the students if alternative “climate” theories were being presented, they only returned blank stares.

No wonder Greta Thunberg is seen as a cult hero by today’s young people. It’s crazy.

Lastly, the left fears school choice because it would likely mean fewer programmed anti-speech storm troopers marching in “protests.” What a powerful enemy, teaching the young to think for themselves. It might even make social media less “woke” and conformist.

We don’t know if Kanye West was serious about running for president, but it would make for a very odd addition to an election that’s already off the charts strange as it is. Perhaps West could stir Joe Biden into taking positions on issues that concern black voters beyond the typical Democrat race panders. School choice would definitely get Democrats nervous.

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