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Assault on America, Day 567: Ho hum, another call for fiscal sanity in the age of the CCP virus

Joe Biden
Prepare yourself for the demagoguery to come as Congress debates more “relief” money

If you’ve ever walked into a room and declared to your spouse an intention to go and purchase the latest fad gizmo and been slapped back to reality with the calm but truthful retort, “We don’t have the money,” you’ll know what Uncle Sam must be feeling these days when he stares at the mountain of red ink that his government is accumulating.

The calendar is rapidly moving towards the end of July, a crucial point in the battle against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus that’s eaten away at the economic and intellectual foundations of the United States -- and the world. The unemployment “bonuses” Congress passed a few months ago are set to expire in a matter of days, which means those who remain jobless because of lockdowns, shutdowns, what have you, will stop receiving the healthy chunk of federal “help” they’ve enjoyed for several months now.

As Congress debates an extension of the policy, keep in mind that there isn’t some magic cookie jar that Treasury folks are pulling funds from to continue printing and sending checks to everyone who claims to need them. As Senator Rand Paul pointed out last week, there just isn’t anything left in “savings” to draw upon and everything additional that is appropriated would be borrowed from someone.

A generation of politicians from both parties have squandered the Social Security Trust Fund and now that the mythical “rainy day” has arrived, what remains to tap? Sensible people -- or at least honest ones -- recognize that we can’t sustain the giveaways without considering the here and now of what we’re doing. For years, Sen. Paul’s been like a voice crying in the wilderness, so it’s not as though he didn’t speak up when things were sane and fears of the coronavirus weren’t knocking on everyone’s doors.

Lest one surmise that electing Joe Biden to replace President Donald Trump represents a reasonable compromise, think again. The Democrat nominee-to-be is bowing, bending over backwards (and/or bending over?) to accommodate the leftwing radicals in his party. His recently announced environmental policies demonstrate the degree of capitulation. The Editors of The Washington Examiner wrote, “In the primaries, Biden ran on a climate plan that would have spent $1.7 trillion over a decade. His new plan would spend $2 trillion in the first four years. This is proposed at a time when the United States faces an unprecedented debt that the Congressional Budget Office says is already on track to exceed the World War II record next year.

“Previously, Biden vowed for the power sector to be free of carbon emissions by 2050. Now, he has moved the date up to 2035 (much closer to Ocasio-Cortez’s target of 2030). Such an unrealistic goal would mean eliminating carbon-based forms of power, which currently generate 62% of all energy in America. The fracking boom has been a major boost to the economy and has done more than anything else recently to reduce carbon emissions, yet Biden plans to eliminate it rapidly.

“Biden is exploiting the coronavirus crisis in an effort to promote his sweeping economic stimulus proposals. This is ridiculous for several reasons. First and foremost, this isn’t the typical economic crisis in which there is an argument for government intervention to create jobs and increase demand. Today's economic turmoil is created by the government (justifiably or not) forcing businesses to shut down, as well as by people’s fears about resuming normal life during a pandemic.”

Common sense? We don’t need no stinking common sense! In their fantastical do-gooder “wisdom,” Democrats see a crisis and wouldn’t dream of letting it go to waste. In anyone’s right mind, when the federal budget deficit will approach (or exceed?) $5 trillion this year, who wants to hear about wild schemes to abolish fossil fuels at this juncture? One of the few bright spots for lots of us these days is driving less, and when we do head for a refueling stop, the prices are more than friendly.

I’m probably not representative of the whole, but I spend about $60 a month on gas fill-ups now, less than half of what I used to set aside.

If Democrats truly cared about the poor as they portend to do, shouldn’t they be happy that everyone is saving gobs of dough monthly on their energy budget? For years I lived in a household that was forced to use propane (no other choice) and was conditioned to monthly charges in the hundreds of dollars (budgeted over the course of 12 months). Now residing in a dwelling powered by clean burning natural gas, the bills have caused sticker shock -- because they’re so comparatively low. What’s wrong with being warm in the winter (I know, such thoughts are far off during a heatwave)?

Not much of the Democrat platform makes sense, but this particular item is a true head-scratcher. Democrats love taxes, right? Well, it doesn’t take a genius to assume that royalties, fees and taxes on whatever is extracted from the ground helps “fuel” many a state budget as well as gives the feds more funds to redistribute to their favored constituencies. Not only will so-called “green energy” fail to provide a similar level of coin, as Biden’s plan establishes, it will consume trillions of tax dollars in subsidies.

Where’s the money going to come from? While the unemployment rate has steadily fallen the last couple months due to businesses reopening and folks gladly going back to work, there’s little doubt that tax revenues will be down significantly from a “normal” year. Sure, jobless “benefits” are taxed along with everything else, but what percentage of people who normally would pay some in taxes will get back a rather sizeable refund check next year instead?

If Biden willy-nilly abandons his campaign’s premises, what were the primaries for?

Perhaps even more troubling -- if it’s possible -- is the leftward tilt of Joe Biden’s Democrat party. As highlighted by the Examiner editors, the promises Grampa Joe made during the primary campaign are being replaced by stepped-up plans created by people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was assigned to the nominee’s advisory team because she’s close chums with nutso communist Bernie Sanders. Joe likely figured he needs the Vermont senator’s “bros” to come out in force to vote for him on Election Day, so the strategy is to coopt Sanders’ agenda and make it his own without people noticing.

So much for all the malarkey Biden spouted during the months-long campaign about being a “centrist” who would temper the demands of the extremists. ‘Ol back slappin’, hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, child repellin’, nude swimmin’ and sexual assault denyin’ Joe might as well come out and announce that Bernie is his de facto running mate seeing as whatever the socialists want, the socialists get if he’s the one in charge.

Maybe Biden will appoint son Hunter to oversee his new enviro ploy. Didn’t the middle aged lad work for the Ukrainian energy company (Burisma) despite possessing no prior knowledge -- or speak the language -- in the industry? One speculates that if the elder Biden was presented with the keys to power that mobs of cronies would line up to take positions at yet-to-be-created green conglomerations, to be “fueled” with federal funds. Hunter would appear to be the perfect candidate to oversee the dissemination of payments. It takes a crook to recognize another one!

Republicans are hardly immune from accusations of blowing tax money on less-than-worthy causes like ethanol subsidies or the Export-Import Bank, but at least there’s a conservative backlash against insanity whenever the subjects resurface for renewal. Democrats always see the GOP’s dollars and raise the ante until the pot is so large it overflows the poker table. There is no limit to the things these people dream up because it’s part of a concerted effort to destroy the government’s fiscal footing from the inside.

Everyone realizes that Joe Biden is just a placeholder candidate, one with promising poll numbers who supposedly can defeat Donald Trump. Heavy emphasis will be on Grampa Joe’s running mate because it certainly appears as though the would-be president won’t last through a single term. If Biden can barely summons the energy to emerge from his basement bunker more than a couple times a week now, how could he possibly handle the crushing workload in the world’s most important elected office?

That’s “energy” that can’t be generated through the building of another gigantic bird-endangering windmill or acres full of solar panels in a barren desert. A President Joe Biden would be a disaster for this country on so many levels it can’t even begin to be articulated. If Joe wins in November, chances are his coattails would sweep liberal partisans into complete control of Congress, and then the sky, literally, is the limit.

Democrats’ “HEREOS” (Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act) would add another stratum of debt and accomplish nothing

If Democrats deserve credit for anything, it’s they don’t try to disguise the fact they’re big spenders who don’t care a lick about debt or anything related to sound money management. According to CNS News, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi is making the rounds on television, promoting the Democrats’ $3-trillion ‘HEREOS Act,’ which Republicans have rejected as nothing more than a ‘messaging exercise,’ ‘a laundry list of agenda items that have nothing to do with the coronavirus,’ as Sen. John Thune put it…

“’No, we need a trillion dollars for state and local,’ [Pelosi] said. ‘We need another trillion dollars, another trillion dollars for Unemployment Insurance and direct payments. Something like that, but probably not as much for the testing, tracing, treatment, etcetera.

“’So, a trillion dollars is: Okay, that is an interesting starting point, but it doesn't come anywhere near,’ she said.”

To clarify, Republicans are hoping to keep the next coronavirus bill to around a trillion dollars, which Madame Speaker clearly views as far too small to cover hers and her caucus’s wish list. The fact Pelosi distinctly mentions bailouts for state and local governments indicates she’ll stand on her head ‘til her ears are turnin’ red until blue state governors get their slice too.

Seeing as some states had much less restrictive lockdowns and managed to keep their unemployment rates reasonably low, it’s patently unfair for the federal government to rain money on the worst offenders in the CCP virus sweepstakes of ruin. Will Mitch McConnell keep his word and not send dollars to the blue states to rescue their overstuffed pension plans? We’ll see.

As far as extending unemployment “bonuses,” what the Democrats really want is a trial run for Universal Basic Income (U.B.I.), a concept popularized by candidate Andrew Yang during the party primary campaign. The notion is that changes in the economy -- like automation -- have displaced a good number of “traditional” manufacturing jobs and therefore, much less labor is needed when compared with yesteryear when businesses needed a human being to tighten the proverbial bolts on an assembly line.

Only now, the U.B.I. rationale is being extended to coping with the COVID-19 panic. This is nuts.

Anyone who’s ever seen how shipping behemoth Amazon operates has a visual of what Yang was talking about since the company’s mammoth warehouses are mechanized to a very high degree. I used to wonder why schools featured a “Robotics club,” thinking it was just a means for nerdy youths to play with robots, but the reality is these kids are and were designing machines that act like people. Only the mechanized help doesn’t show up late for work, take extended coffee breaks, get sick or demand more paid time off. No health insurance either.

Senator Rand Paul is right, we can’t afford to be paying people not to work. And for those most impacted by the ongoing lockdowns, there is standard unemployment coverage serving as a backstop. As I’ve stated previously, I’m seeing plenty of “Help Wanted” signs for those willing to take a job they might not want, but can fill-in during tough times.

If blue state governors and mayors won’t continue reopening the economy, there’s little alternative to just saying no to Pelosi’s and the Democrats’ bloated handouts. And needless to say, Grampa Joe Biden can take his “climate change” ideas and stick them, well, where the sun don’t shine. Isn’t that what they want anyway?

Now more than ever we need to speak up and say, “We don’t have the money.”

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