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Assault on America, Day 568: Hey Dems, since when does loving America equal abnormal?

Trump Supporters
If Donald Trump isn’t normal and Democrats are, I’d much rather be abnormal.

The Real Donald Trump.

Read the phrase and you’ll probably think of the president’s Twitter handle. But with all the talk of late about Donald Trump the candidate and last best hope of the free world versus Trump the combative personality and self-possessed egotistical megalomaniac, one might get confused as to which is which and who is who.

The media’s had a field day portraying Trump as the latter, a man who supposedly only ran for president to further his own legend while turning the government into a tabloid-worthy clown-show poorly disguised as his personal fiefdom. If you listened to the talkers on CNN and MSNBC long enough -- or read the pages of the New York Times and Washington Post -- you’d almost think the one Americans elected president four years ago installed a blinking neon sign over the front door and instituted an anything goes behavioral policy inside the executive mansion (like JFK and Bill Clinton?).

But as the old saying goes, a whole is not necessarily greater than the sum of its parts. The experts can’t neatly assemble a profile on Donald Trump that fits. And “normal” is in the eye of the beholder, oftentimes depending on who is starring in or producing any particular cable news show. Fox News’ liberal commentator, Juan Williams, doesn’t want America to assume Trump is an ordinary guy -- and hopes everyone will instantly understand the outsider politician is lying through his teeth with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Wow, if Williams is correct, Trump’s got about half the country fooled badly. Williams wrote at The Hill the other day, “Normal? How about a summer in which Americans are not allowed to travel to Canada or Europe? Seriously. That’s due to President Trump’s failure to halt the high rate of coronavirus infections in the United States.

“That’s not normal. Is it normal for an American president to stand in the White House Rose Garden and begin ranting? Trump said if presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins this year’s election, Biden will do away with the suburbs and windows. Yes, he really said that.

“There is so much that is not normal at the Trump White House that Rachel Maddow, the MSNBC host, recently spent an entire segment reading off a stunning list of scandalous acts now accepted as normal in the Trump era.”

Gee, Juan, based on your say-so we can all now agree that the president isn’t “normal,” but it’s not because Rachel Maddow’s staff prepared a list of alleged crimes against normalcy and therefore we’re better educated on where the center of American culture is located. Williams and others of his mindset seem to think installing personnel in certain positions who once worked in capacities related to their new federal jobs is a bad thing.

Williams additionally wrote, “As the Times explained, Trump’s Cabinet features ‘a former coal lobbyist as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, a former lobbyist for the defense contractor Raytheon Technologies as defense secretary, a lobbyist for the auto industry at the helm of the Energy Department and a former oil and gas lobbyist as interior secretary.’”

What, you mean putting people in charge of departments who might know the issues and represent solutions the president would favor to further the agenda he introduced to American voters and then won the presidency is wrong? It’s almost as though Williams and crew fault Trump for neglecting to elevate the president of the Sierra Club or Greenpeace or the World Wildlife Fund to oversee federal policy in the environmental realm. What a crock. Did Obama and Joe Biden consult the NRA whenever they considered banning firearms?

Barack Obama famously said, “Elections have consequences,” which the lay person would interpret as, “I won and it means I get to choose who heads the agencies and what they’re tasked with doing.” Need a visual? How about when Obama arrogantly slapped-down John McCain after assuming office when the Arizona senator wanted rationality in healthcare policy.

All throughout his 2016 campaign, Trump promised he would find the most qualified people to work in his administration. Many of them have resumes that wouldn’t meet the approval of the leaders of the Democrat party, but if Hillary Clinton were behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office today instead of Trump, it’s doubtful any Republican would’ve gotten within smelling distance of the president’s signature pen.

Democrats hoot and holler about “corruption” but didn’t seem bothered when the Obama administration explained away 2012’s Benghazi terrorist attack as motivated by some obscure kook’s Muslim insulting video, the contents of which were likely not even viewed by the anti-American perpetrators. How about that syrupy, phony, disgusting scene when the bodies of four Americans killed in Libya were pompously welcomed home by the president and Secretary of State Clinton? Remember Hillary and the big O standing at attention with hands over hearts saluting the hearses?

Or what was “normal” about Obama draping the White House in rainbow colored lights after the Supreme Court handed down its highly debatable decision legalizing same-sex marriage? Isn’t that stunt the very definition of politicizing an issue that should otherwise have been left alone? Why deliberately insult the significant portion of the country that believes in traditional values, and at the very least, would’ve expected such mandates to be enacted into law by accountable legislative bodies rather than nine men and women in black robes in a big white marble building?

Wasn’t it Obama who ushered in a whole host of new “norms” that tore the country apart? One of them, the hopelessly mislabeled DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, is still a huge bone of contention today. Immigration policy can’t possibly move forward under a different president when the unconstitutional executive actions of his predecessor are still in force (and the courts allow it to proceed).

It's sad that Democrats need to peck at the outer edges of Trump administration policy to find examples of what isn’t “normal.” If anything, the Trump presidency has embodied the very essence of the word when it comes to values most of the country used to share in common, such as support for law enforcement, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, individual rights, constitutional restraint, a strong emphasis on national security and adherence to the rule of law.

It isn’t members of Trump’s cabinet who are shouting down people who express alternative viewpoints. They’re also not out painting large murals in the middle of public streets to send political messages to the tenants of buildings (even when they’re elsewhere fulfilling other duties). Trump has fiercely defended “normal” historical monuments, asked for calm in the midst of widespread domestic turmoil and promised that criminals in places like Seattle and Portland will be brought to justice for terrorizing local residents.

Unlike Joe Biden, Trump isn’t suggesting police departments be partially defunded and have the money devoted to other priorities more in-tune with Democrats and liberals. Similarly, Trump isn’t the one planning on ordering industries to phase out the use of efficient and low-cost power sources in favor of boondoggle pipedreams that purportedly will stall the onset of “climate change.” Trump’s not selling his policy agenda to out-of-touch elites with crackpot theories detached from reality.

And needless to say, Trump has been a vocal and consistent advocate for American small business owners, responsible people who just want to make a living. In case Juan forgot, the coronavirus came to our shores courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party, most likely with sinister intentions to cause a worldwide pandemic. The Chi-coms have succeeded well beyond their wildest expectations as western democracies eat themselves alive trying to hash out a reasonable way to combat the threat while maintaining some semblance of “normalcy” in everyday lives.

Who’s the abnormal one, Democrats or Trump? You decide.

Liberals killed “normal” a long time ago. Trump is trying to restore it

It used to be, upon entering office, American presidents were given a certain amount of leeway to begin work on an agenda and expect goodwill from Congress to enact what were considered non-controversial items demonstrating that Americans would accept the lawful change of power in a peaceful, non-partisan way. Every president was given “the first hundred days” to get their proverbial feet wet and govern the country.

But not Trump. Thanks to the deep state and the ever-hostile establishment media, the 45th president came to Washington engulfed by a cloud of suspicion, almost immediately under investigation for “Russian collusion” and hounded constantly by enemies who needed no convincing that the new president was up to no good. False and illegal leaks from within the intelligence agencies perpetuated the myth and Trump’s understandably defensive posture was treated as cover for assumed guilt. Instead of digging to the source of “fake news” accusations, the establishment media doubled-down on the lies and innuendo.

Trump’s “conservative” #NeverTrump critics joined with the usual suspects in the Democrat party to create an atmosphere where nothing was “normal” and nothing was done without generating a mountain of controversy. Meanwhile, the president unabashedly expressed love for America and its traditions and began implementing policies that protected domestic interests while fostering friendships with the world community.

What’s not to like? What’s wrong with asking NATO allies to pay their committed share, developing a trade policy that encouraged fair competition among nations and enforcing immigration laws here at home?

Sounds like pretty standard stuff to me. Democrats are the ones who wanted a new definition of “normal,” one where human beings establish their own gender identities regardless of biological reality, and truth is determined by whatever will damage the political opposition the most.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation swung and missed yet liberals refused to acknowledge the strikeout and slink back to the dugout accordingly.

To trust the load of baloney Democrats are foisting upon the country regarding Trump is to adopt a willing suspension of disbelief. Decent people are getting sick of it.

More observers are starting to come out and say it -- Trump will win in November

The polls don’t paint a pretty picture. The Trump campaign just made a switch at the top. The media is playing up the coronavirus pandemic to the nth degree. And enemies are seemingly everywhere blaming the president for everything from failing to adequately respond to the health risk to politicizing “normal” White House events.

Yet some are getting the feeling that Trump is in great shape heading into November’s election. In a piece titled “Trump Has Already Won the 2020 Election,” Roger L. Simon wrote at The Epoch Times, “It should be obvious. Too many Americans are what Kurt Schlicter aptly calls ‘normals.’ These people aren’t just white. They are brown and black and yellow and everything in between.

“Some of them are friends and relatives and co-workers who aren’t saying a word about anything, who rarely ever do, who don’t want to get their cars keyed or something a whole lot worse to happen to them. But they are there.

“Some of them even cringe at some of Trump’s presumed excesses, but they cringe more at the thought that police will not be there in an emergency for their families. And they’ve seen that happen all around.”

As usual, Simon strikes at the heart of the matter. Americans may not always take to Trump’s interpretation of “normal,” but it doesn’t mean they’re planning to wholesale abandon the concept in this year’s election. What Democrats and Joe Biden represent is a complete transformation of the country and its culture, to the point where nothing will appear familiar.

Take for example the recent happenings in New York City. Citizens dumping paint on a Black Lives Matter mural smeared on a public street is described as “heartbreaking” by leftists but it’s seemingly okay to deface the World War II Memorial or pull down statues of George Washington. If a poll were commissioned to prove what was more “heartbreaking” to the average person, here’s thinking folks would opt for the statues being ruined.

No one asked the people at home whether it was okay for vandals and anarchists to take matters into their own hands and decide what counts as legitimate history. Kurt Schlichter’s “normals” are itching to show who’s still boss. They’re anxious for November, for sure.

The “real” Donald Trump isn’t necessarily revealed via Twitter and we sure can’t be certain of the man based on media distortions of what “normal” looks like. The 2020 election will settle where the American people stand on the matters of today -- don’t be shocked if Democrats are the ones deemed aberrant.

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