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Assault on America, Day 569: Demagoguery and demographics define 2020’s Democrat party

Biden on Running Mate
Joe Biden’s pre-convention momentum can’t last. When will he announce his running mate?

Who’s it going to be, Joe?

It's a question Democrat nominee-to-be Joe Biden must be hearing a lot these days. The 77-year-old political lifer is enjoying one of the best half-years of his career, a time when all the focus was on him to lead the party yet none of the pressure of governing has yet been placed in his soft, un-calloused hands. It could be said that the only things Grampa Joe must do these days are pore over polls, chat with star-struck well-wishers and potential appointment-seekers and occasionally spend a few hours contemplating his perfect choice for a running mate.

In the race-obsessed Democrat party, however, nothing is ever easy when you’re demographically restricted as to the type of person you can select. Naomi Lim reported at The Washington Examiner, “Joe Biden has winnowed down his vice presidential shortlist to a selection of names that includes four black women. ‘I am not committed to naming any but the people I've named, and among them, there are four black women,’ Biden told MSNBC Monday. ‘It is important that my administration, I promise you, will look like America.’”

This is juicy good. Everyone knows Biden can’t really talk about what he’d do as president because one, he hasn’t a clue about his own agenda -- other that calling President Trump and all Republicans racists -- and two, the hypothetical numbers he’s tossing out don’t mean anything in the real world. Earlier this week, for example, the Democrat standard bearer introduced a $775 billion (yes, with a “b”) “caregiving plan” that ranges from heavily subsidized childcare to taxpayer-guaranteed in-home service for aging seniors.

It must be fun to be a Democrat presidential nominee in the months prior to the Labor Day start of the traditional campaign season. And if you’re Joe Biden in the year 2020, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic (though it should be noted the global death toll from COVID-19 still hasn’t reached 650,000, so is the danger really worth all the hype?), it’s almost sublime… for a number of reasons.

First, your opponent is a highly effective leader whose administration achieved many important accomplishments, yet the country’s attention largely remains fixed on media-fanned hysteria and microscopic (in importance) side issues like the wearing of masks in public. Because a huge chunk of society remains scared to death of an enemy that’s nowhere and everywhere simultaneously, Trump has all-but called off his big rallies, which hits the candidate where it hurts the most. A natural showman at heart, Trump always gives a crowd-pleasing good performance for the tens of thousands who go to see him, but also the millions in the TV viewing audience at home.

The president has begun to conduct tele-rallies, but it’s not the same as being there. And let’s not forget, one of the biggest benefits from in-person events is the collection of data to be plugged into a large database somewhere and used to keep in contact with the most devoted of political backers. One would think the Trump campaign has other means to work the data operation, but not having the chance to get out across the country and meet people is definitely a bummer.

Second, without any real media scrutiny on the “plans” he’s introduced, near half-century long DC swamp dweller Biden can toss out numbers like a Bingo caller at a retirement home and not have to worry about anyone saying, “Um, sir, there isn’t any money left to do this.” Last week Biden droned on about the two trillion he would devote to his environmental agenda and, as indicated above, he’s calling for another three-quarter trillion to entice parents and families to trust Uncle Sam to watch the little ones during the day and to look after Grandma at night.

That’s not mentioning the $700 billion Grampa Joe dredged up to offer as economic incentives to “Buy American” a couple weeks ago.

Third, Biden can say things like “My administration will look like America” without defining what the platitude really means. Democrats have used the “Look like America” bromide for a long time, but avoid using words like quotas or proportional hiring in the process. If African-Americans make up roughly thirteen percent of the population, for instance, does this mean Grampa Joe will make sure thirteen positions out of every hundred will be devoted to persons with dark skin or African heritage? How about Asian folks? Hispanics? Native Americans? Eskimos? Pacific Islanders… or do they count as Asians?

Does ethnically diverse California look like pasty white North Dakota? Or Vermont? What does “America” look like? I thought being American meant you felt an affinity for freedom and liberty in your heart, not what resides on the surface.

Further, does “looking like America” mean Biden will encourage sports leagues to diversify so as to reflect population figures? Will the NBA have to drastically remake its rosters to as to ensure their teams look “more like America”? Seventy-five percent of NBA players are black and less than one-percent are Asian. Seems to this observer that team owners and management better start combing university campuses to find more Asians who can shoot a little hoop.

Fourth, Biden feels zero compulsion to come out of his basement bunker because the media is already doing all the heavy lifting in assailing Trump over the coronavirus panic. Confirmed cases have certainly spiked in recent weeks, which is providing many opportunists with all the fodder they need to argue the country should remain locked down indefinitely. Teachers unions are resisting having kids go back to school and various governors are saying “Not so fast” when it comes to businesses reopening. The virus still only seems particularly dangerous to the elderly and those with preexisting conditions, but why dampen the fright?

Lastly, Biden might be able to get away with saying he has “four” African-American women who are on his short list now, but once his running mate is officially introduced, someone’s bound to feel slighted. If Grampa Joe doesn’t choose one of those four and instead goes with Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, the finger-pointing will be intense.

“Hey Joe, didn’t you say you had four African-American gals that you vetted? You didn’t select any of them. What was it about Kamala Harris that you didn’t like? How about Val Demings? Or Susan Rice -- wasn’t she black enough? Did you drop Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms because she had COVID-19 and didn’t get that sick? Did you think she’d give it to you? Isn’t that textbook discrimination because of factors she couldn’t help?”

As Pat Buchanan recently wrote, the Democrats have their own “diversity” problems because there simply isn’t a way to please every coalition at once. The party has become so reliant on dividing up favors by race that there’s no room left for compromise and concession. Identity politics is a prison with a one-way swinging door, and once you enter the facility, you’re confined for life. It probably doesn’t keep Biden up late at night -- nothing likely could -- but the Democrat elders must be endlessly drumming their fingers wondering what news will emerge from Delaware.

Timing is everything for Biden’s VP choice. Or is it?

A long, long time ago in a political galaxy far, far away, a presidential nominee’s choice of running mate wasn’t considered all that critical and the revelation of the decision was often made at the party convention itself. Who could forget the suspense at the 1980 Republican gathering where rumors circulated that former President Gerald Ford’s establishment handlers were trying to force a “co-presidency” on Ronald Reagan in order to get their man named to the spot?

Reagan wouldn’t go for it and George H.W. Bush was added to the ticket to appease the blue bloods. Timing didn’t make a hoot of a difference back then. Is the same true now?

Lim additionally reported, “The presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee and two-term vice president detailed extensively for the first time the process he's undertaking before he unveils his pick before the national convention, slated for Aug. 17-20 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That process incorporates two-hour vetting reports, four of which he'd already received.

“’When I get all the vetting done of all the candidates, then I'm going to narrow the list, and then I'm going to have personal discussions with each of the candidates who are left and make a decision,’ he said.”

It's certainly fun to speculate on what those “personal discussions” might entail. Since the Democrat presidential ticket is viewed these days as though it were a de facto political “marriage,” can’t you just see Joe holding a “prenuptial agreement” in the faces of his fully-vetted candidates and wielding a pen while blubbering, “Sign this or this meeting is over.”

The agreement might look a little like this: “I, the undersigned, do solemnly swear that I am agreeing to join the Biden-X ticket with the utmost purity of intentions, that I will not secretly make jokes behind the nominee/president’s back whenever he makes a gaffe, will refrain from plotting his removal under the 25th Amendment and similarly promise to keep safe distance from the White House kitchen so as to resist the temptation to slip something into the president’s meal. I will, at all times, walk two steps behind Grampa Joe and never speak to him in public unless spoken to first.

“Further, I certify that my ethnic and gender identification are bolstered by nature of my birth and can be verified via DNA testing. I also acknowledge that running for president is a full-time endeavor but will be understanding when the lead candidate indicates he needs to leave an event early because it’s nap time (Joe didn’t get the nickname “Sleepy Joe” for nothing). Lastly, as a condition of my employment, I vow to never probe into the Biden family’s history nor ask about Tara Reade in written or electronic communications or in casual conversation. This agreement is valid in perpetuity.”

Grampa Joe says he’ll have narrowed down his list by August 1st, so he’s giving himself a bit of extra time to see the task through. Even his detractors must have sympathy for the man in this regard, because it can’t be an easy assignment. And the hype surrounding his choice will probably only last a day or two until the VP nominee’s flaws are exposed and party interest groups disassemble his wisdom like vultures on a roadkill deer. Poor Joe.

Crooked Hillary’s worried about President Trump’s cognitive abilities. Has she talked with Biden lately?

It's only natural that as the calendar moves towards Election Day that Hillary Clinton is a sought-after interview by liberal establishment media members who hope to remain in good standing with the Democrat powers-that-be. The 2016 loser and reported Chardonnay addict couldn’t resist getting in a few digs at President Trump recently.

Jessica Chasmar reported at The Washington Times, “Hillary Clinton said Monday that she and ‘every American’ should be concerned about President Trump’s cognitive abilities, claiming the president’s impulsive behavior ‘confuses a lot of people’ and puts the country at risk…

“’You know, if you were really looking for somebody to try to help our country get through this terrible virus that has cost jobs and lives and disrupted our society and economy, clearly he has failed,’ Mrs. Clinton continued. ‘He’s failed at the most fundamental job of being a president.

“’So yes, I am concerned,’ she added. ‘I’m concerned because he doesn’t seem up to the job, he doesn’t seem capable of having the attention, the concentration, the focus, the discipline to stay with a problem like the pandemic poses. He seems to be unfortunately impulsive in what he says and does, which confuses a lot of people, governors, mayors, others who are trying to figure out how to save lives and save jobs. So, I think every American who has seen him over the last four years, but particularly over the last six months with respect to the pandemic, should be concerned about him.’”

Same old story, different day. Democrats of all stripes and last names basically repeat the equivalent line of dribble, that Trump is crazy, he’s stupid, he’s not up to the job -- and it’s his fault that the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus invaded our shores and killed thousands of people. (Nancy Pelosi even called it “The Trump virus.”)

Meanwhile they’re ignoring the proverbial elephant in the room -- doddering dolt Joe Biden -- while claiming to know all the answers themselves. If this were true, why are blue states leading the COVID-19 death totals? Facts don’t matter to these people. It’s all about politics.

It's not exactly a surprise, but Democrats’ demagoguery over the coronavirus pandemic is astonishing, even for them. It might be that they’re desperately trying to cover for the obvious mental deficiencies of nominee-to-be Joe Biden, but they can’t hide him for long. Where is your running mate, Joe? Who will it be?

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