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Assault on America, Day 572: Democrats leap over taste line in calling it ‘The Trump Virus’

K Conway Pelosi Trump Virus
The little Speaker who cried “Wolf!” and then insulted half of America (a.k.a. Trump supporters)

In the realm of politics, there are throw-downs, and then there are throw-downs. It’s safe to say no one gets too wrapped up in the back-and-forth of politics on a daily basis, since if we did, there’d be no way to function in an age where the rhetoric is super-hot and both sides, to one degree or another, seemingly refuse to lay off the insult accelerator.

Then there’s Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The 80-year-old Californian who once upon a time was thought to be a fairly “moderate” and a calm, coalition-building influence, laid it all on the line last week in placing the entirety of Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus blame at President Donald Trump’s size 12 feet. She then jumped head-first off the sanity bridge in labeling the whole sorry pandemic as “The Trump Virus.”

It was a sad day in America. But what else would you expect from the leader of the dis-loyal opposition? Tal Axelrod reported at The Hill, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) dubbed the coronavirus the ‘Trump virus’ on Tuesday evening, ratcheting up her rhetoric over President Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

“’Well, I think with the president's comments today, he recognized the mistakes he has made by now embracing mask-wearing and the recognition this is not a hoax. It is a pandemic that has gotten worse before it will get better because of his inaction,’ Pelosi said on CNN's ‘The Situation Room.’

“’In fact, clearly, it is the Trump virus,’ Pelosi added, reiterating the phrase later in the interview as well… ‘If he had said months ago, let's wear masks, let’s not — let’s socially distance instead of having rallies and whatever they were, then more people would have followed his lead…He's the president of the United States.’”

Pelosi then told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Trump was responsible for thousands of deaths because he didn’t respond to the pandemic quickly enough. Granted the Speaker is a bit long-in-the-tooth and a tad (lot?) scatterbrained, but doesn’t she recall her own words at the end of February? For those in need of a refresher, Pelosi said, and I quote, “That’s what we’re trying to do today is to say everything is fine here. Come because precautions have been taken. The city is on top of the situation.”

Pelosi was talking about the possible danger from coronavirus infections in her home city of San Francisco, specifically Chinatown. She then decided to take a little stroll, and according to news reports, “As Pelosi walked from the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory to lunch at a dim sum restaurant, she hugged friends and waved to onlookers. She downplayed the racism issue, saying she understands people are concerned about China – the epicenter of the novel coronavirus. “All I can say is, 'I’m here.' We feel safe and sound, so many of us coming here.”

What, San Fran Nan actually acknowledged that people were worried about China’s complicity in the introduction and dissemination of the hated virus? Say it isn’t so! Why the heck would anyone point to China? Didn’t Trump cut off travel from the Middle Kingdom at the end of January (and Democrats called him a xenophobe for it)?

And oh yeah, Madame Speaker, you recognized the gravity of the whole situation and understood the disease prevention power of masks from day one, didn’t you? On the same day as Pelosi’s triumphant visit to Chinatown, President Trump said the situation was under control in the United States. Based on information that was available at the time, there was no reason to believe otherwise. If you need a little perspective, the Democrat Nevada caucuses were held two days prior to Pelosi’s stunt, on February 22nd. The South Carolina primary, which marked the start of an amazing comeback for old decrepit Grampa Joe Biden, was on February 29.

No one was wearing masks back then, except for maybe the Chinese residents of Wuhan. It was around that time when the communist leadership succeeded in squelching any information from leaking out to the world about the hazard involved. Folks-in-the-know who’ve studied the virus’s origins suggest it traveled across the Pacific much earlier than reported, as early as last September. It was here, for sure.

If there was a special brand of clairvoyance among members of the liberal party as to the severity, they certainly didn’t let-on about their advanced knowledge of the catastrophic danger. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio issued similar statements to Pelosi’s in February and March, both suggesting the threat was exaggerated and everyone should just go on out and have a grand ‘ol time in Gotham City!

In Washington, Democrats wrapped-up their impeachment efforts a few weeks prior, so the dried egg all over Pelosi’s wrinkled mug must’ve been flaking from the expensive and futile fiasco they promulgated. To her, there was incredible political promotional value from taking a saunter through the famous Chinese sector of San Francisco, “hugging” and “waving” to onlookers. Now, five months later, she’s saying it’s Trump’s fault that the virus spread like wildfire and resulted in over 4 million infections and 140,000 deaths.

If only Trump had run screaming through those streets that same day -- or better yet, mounted a horse and rode like a bat out of you-know-where while shouting in his well-worn New York accent, “The virus is coming, the virus is coming!” Or maybe he should’ve just bellowed, “The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming!” while chewing on an eggroll and garbling an order of Kung Pao Chicken from a local sanitized eatery.

As kids, all of us learned the Aesop Fable, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Repeated warnings about dangers that failed to materialize lead to no one believing the shepherd boy after a while. The current panic over the CCP virus and COVID-19 is serious, as the past few months have demonstrated. But there’s an overwhelming sense that the media-generated hype is excessive, too. Vulnerable Americans should continue to take special precautions to not contract the virus. For everyone else, it’s reasonable social distancing, copious hand washing and masks in indoor spaces.

President Trump may have been late to the mask game but it definitely doesn’t mean that all that’s gone before is his fault. And Speaker Pelosi’s contemptible babbling about “The Trump Virus” leaped over the taste line. If you listened closely, it sounded a lot like “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!”

She blinded me with Science

The whole notion that this is Trump’s fault is pure absurdity. The president’s made his fair share of overly-optimistic statements, but so have Dr. Anthony Fauci and others who worship at the altar of “science” and recommend that the entirety of government decision-making be handed over to numbers crunchers who supposedly know how to interpret the models. They’re the ones who decreed that it was okay for “essential” businesses -- like grocery stores, Walmart, Home Depot, liquor stores and pot shops, where applicable -- could remain open for customers, but the “non-essentials” needed to shut down or offer curbside to-go orders. Many people haven’t attended a church service in person for months. In some locations the rulers even said praying in your car with the windows rolled up at Easter violated the orders.

The authorities justified it based on “science.” Ever notice how Democrats commonly cower beneath the umbrella of “science” and claim they know everything because some pencil-necked nerd with pens in his white coat’s pocket mentioned, “This could be bad”? The Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization took on new importance to these people.

It may be redundant, but “science” is the same line of justifying logic liberals use to spread fear and loathing of the malevolent unquantifiable consequences from “climate change,” arguing ad nauseum that “the science is settled” and there’s no room for further debate, even if similarly learned academics disagree. Anyone who dares imply, as Trump has done many times, that the virus could just as easily be dealt with through the concept of “herd immunity” is automatically deemed a heretic and marched off to the nearest torchlit hill to be stoned to death as a witch.

Somehow the media twisted Trump’s daily coronavirus press briefings to make it seem like the administration’s actions weren’t motivated by “expert” thinking despite the fact there were numerous speakers at each one of them, obviously not under gag orders. The slightest bit of disagreement among the intellectuals was spun into “Trump’s making them shut up,” or, “Trump isn’t listening to the medical people.”

Meanwhile, some Democrat state leaders claimed -- back then at least -- to be appreciative of Trump’s help in sending federal resources to the hot spots. Gov. Cuomo had done such a good job of frightening the bejesus out of everyone that Trump dispatched a Navy hospital ship to New York in order to ease the expected mad rush on hospital beds. It turns out that the extra capacity wasn’t needed, however, because the governor had already instituted a mandatory policy for nursing homes to take patients regardless of COVID-19 status.

There were plenty of beds available after that, but not because patients recovered. No, the care facility residents were shipped away by the truckload to morgues and cemeteries. Great work, Andrew.

Was it Cuomo’s fault? Senator Rand Paul said last week that the governor should be impeached for his malfeasance. In doing so, the Kentucky conservative still did not suggest that the crisis be renamed “The Cuomo Virus.” And we’ve probably lived through enough impeachment proceedings for political reasons, we don’t need another circus. Just saying. If New York’s voters are angry at the state’s leader, they should take out their feelings at the ballot box.

Small signs that Joe Biden’s support is beginning to erode among black and Hispanic voters

If it could be said that the absolute all-out panic over the CCP virus defies belief, the same could be said of recent polls that show Grampa Joe Biden with a wide lead over President Trump. Most conservatives would concede that Trump’s made mistakes in his handling of the PR aspect of the pandemic, but the damage isn’t necessarily fatal to his reelection effort.

At the same time, some poll numbers should worry the Democrats. Be afraid, Joe, be very afraid. Tyler O’Neil reported at PJ Media, “Might a shift among the black vote in November put President Donald Trump over the top in the race against Joe Biden? While most black voters favor Biden by a wide margin, they do not support the presumptive Democratic nominee to the same degree that they supported Hillary Clinton just before the 2016 election, according to a new CNN polling analysis.

“Among those voters, Biden leads, 83 percent to 8 percent, a 75-point margin. While that means the Democrat still enjoys a sizeable lead over Trump for these voters, this margin is smaller than Hillary Clinton’s 79-point margin over Trump in polls taken just before the 2016 election. Both Clinton then and Biden now enjoy 83 percent support among black voters, but Trump has picked up some of the votes that went to third-party candidates in 2016.

“This shift might translate to about 0.5 percent of the vote nationwide, which does not seem significant — but in a close race, it could make the difference. Most polls have Biden far ahead of Trump, but a Rasmussen poll released Wednesday found the two candidates essentially neck-and-neck, with Biden at 47 percent and Trump at 45 percent. The race is likely to tighten as November approaches.”

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. Many a political commentator is writing or has written Trump’s political obituary based on his weak survey tallies the past couple months. “He’s not wearing a mask! He doesn’t care about me! What kind of leader is that! Joe Biden is such a caring guy, he kneeled at that black church in Philadelphia and he’s always got a face covering when he’s not speaking!”

Sooner or later people are bound to see through the folly of the Democrats’ and media’s incessant smear campaign. People are scared now, but they’re not dumb. The election is about more than the coronavirus. Teachers unions are demanding that schools be kept shut -- despite “science” that indicates they should be opened!

African-Americans will certainly be impacted heavily by shuttered schools. With a higher percentage of single-parent households, it’s difficult if not impossible to take care of the kids and work at the same time. Democrats can blame Trump all they want, but reality is a much better indicator of how people feel at election time. We’ll know in a few months.

The only thing Speaker Nancy Pelosi accomplished by calling the health crisis “The Trump Virus” was to awaken more Americans to the absurdity of blaming everything on the president. Considering the totality of the circumstances, voter attitudes are volatile at best. People are tired of the finger-pointing and name calling. When will it end?

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