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Assault on America, Day 575: Silent Majority and humble Trump will let it roar on Election Day

Trump Supporters
A lot of Americans are keeping secrets on their political preferences. Why?

“I’ve got a secret and you don’t know what it is.”

Even as adults the words still echo through our brains, the product of a childhood full of wonder and human-to-human playtime that doesn’t seem to exist anymore in the age of the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus pandemic panic. The natural curiosity you felt as a youngster when a friend or adversary purportedly knew something was intense, and depending on the circumstances, mind-consuming.

But there’s a different type of secret being hidden these days, a very personal one where ordinary citizens fear letting go of their political opinions. Being “outed” as a Trump backer can have unanticipated consequences for otherwise excellent employees in the workplace, and your neighbor… who knows what he’s got hidden in his garage for the wrong kind of political affiliation next door. It’s hush-hush to the nth degree. But will it show up on Election Day?

It's beginning to look like it. Paul Bedard reported at The Washington Examiner, “Many people in the United States who have been passively watching violent protests in cities and relentless attacks on the country and its founders are showing signs of pushing back…

“When the protests began, many initially held back their criticism, even when violence broke out. But that has changed. Conservative leaders, including top radio host Mark Levin, have spoken out for law and order in defending the country.

“And polls have begun to show support for Trump’s moves to use federal agents to control the chaos, possibly a key factor in his improving approval ratings and helping to make the 2020 race neck-and-neck between the president and Biden.”

It should be noted that other polls continue to show Democrat nominee-to-be Grampa Joe Biden with a large lead outside the margin of error, and that Rasmussen Reports, the source of last week’s good news (for Trump supporters) is seen skeptically by the “mainstream” polling industry as too pro-Republican. Rasmussen’s survey of likely voters last week: National Likely Voter (LV) Job Approval of @POTUS - 49%. Men LV App - 48%; Women LV App - 50%; GOP LV App - 81%; Dem LV App - 27%; Ind LV App - 41%; White LV App - 48%; Black Total LV App - 49% !; Other Non-White Total LV App - 57% !.

Rasmussen’s likely voter tally departs from those polls encompassing registered voters. Not the same animal. Perhaps the company’s found a way to figure in first-time or previously unmotivated voters. That would be special.

The bottom two figures are particularly startling. If it’s even close to being true that nearly half of black voters approve of Trump -- and other non-white approval of the outsider New Yorker is a whopping 57 percent -- then this is possibly a piece of earth-shattering political news. The establishment media is full of gleeful anecdotes of minorities hating Trump passionately, which may be accurate if you asked the attendees at a Black Lives Matter “protest” or Antifa gathering.

Yet the same respondents to the questionnaire still gave Biden a two-point lead. How can it be that Americans approve of Trump’s job performance yet still plan on choosing the exception this November, especially when the alternative is a mush-mouthed gaffe-committing swamp machine like ‘ol back slappin’, hair sniffin’, shoulders massagin’, child repellin’, nude swimmin’ and sexual assault denyin’ Joe Biden? It just doesn’t make sense.

People are so afraid to expose their own little secret -- that being that they plan to vote for Trump -- that they’re going to great lengths to keep it hidden. Look around town and you see the occasional Biden bumper sticker and a requisite number of Trump 2020 signs, but for an election that is viewed as life and death in many quarters, there’s a decided lack of visible opinion out there less than a hundred days from the big day.

Of course not all secrets are or were created equal and truthfully, some should never be revealed. Civil servants in the U.S. intelligence agencies, for example, are required to keep them on pain of termination and/or prosecution. I recall a neighbor who said he worked for the federal government who would be there one day and gone the next, his position so secretive that he sometimes couldn’t even tell his wife where he was going or how long he’d be away, just that he had to go and the time he had to depart. It’s hard to imagine living like that, but all of us should be grateful there are those willing to sacrifice to keep to themselves what ought to be sealed in an airless vault.

In our highly politicized world during President Donald Trump’s administration, some classified secrets have reached the light of day, the product of “leakers” who believed they’re privy to juicy tidbits of information that the media depicted to the public as gospel truth even when they hadn’t been verified -- and seemed preposterous. How many times during Trump’s first three years did Americans hear about the infamous “smoking gun” in the ongoing Russia investigation? Heck, Trump hadn’t been in office a week and the journos were after General Michael Flynn over a falsehood in which they hoped to entrap him.

The real story took over a thousand days to be divulged, and only then because Trump appointed principled and honest Rick Grenell as acting Director of National Intelligence, and Grenell opened the treasure chest of secrets about cover-ups and lies, etc. People have always turned a suspicious eye towards federal “intelligence” -- and it many ways, it’s warranted.

And it’s not like there are so many distractions to prevent people from focusing on the political theater these days (and keep secrets). One can’t even go to the movies or attend a sporting event in many areas of the country. What else are they doing in their homes, watching reruns of “Last Man Standing” or partaking in “Christmas in July” on the Hallmark Channel? Maybe they’re reading books or online news sources to pass the day away. Or watching Tucker Carlson every night at 8 eastern.

Americans have lots of thoughts on the election, they’re just keeping them tucked inside

No matter how hard one tries to run away from today’s political arena, there are reminders everywhere. There are the shocking and repulsive images of thugs and miscreants battling federal law enforcement officers (Dan Bongino pointed out the other night that they are NOT military, they’re the same personnel that populate every major American city every day). Then there are local news reports of shootings and police responses. Then there’s the standard unending COVID-19 infections data intended to keep the restless public pacified a little longer.

Gone are the daily illustrations of fist-thrusting “protesters” and sign-waving morons blubbering on about justice and “raising awareness” and other crapola nonsense the uninformed and overly emotional use to convey the importance of their cause. In their place are “woke” athletes kneeling for the national anthem or displaying some other tribute to Black Lives Matter, the perfunctory showing of conformity that’s become necessary lest the mob visit their social media platforms -- or maybe even their houses -- to terrorize them.

The nation’s capital gridiron organization formerly known as The Redskins will be referred to, presumably for this season only, as “The Washington Football Team.” Tell me this doesn’t remind everyone about how insane it’s been the past few months with the statue destruction, monument desecration, history erasing, free speech stifling, weapons confiscating, law enforcement violating, virtue signaling mob of degenerates marching and threatening anyone who doesn’t pledge allegiance to their fascist cause.

“Silence is violence,” they say. If that’s true, there must be a heck of a lot of non-confrontational violence these days because it appears there’s a huge undercurrent of people scared to death to say anything. If you don’t believe it, try going to the store without a face covering only to have someone -- likely not even an employee -- beseeching you to put one on. My son isn’t afraid -- he’s got a Trump 2020 mask and seems impervious to the dirty looks he gets from the thought-controllers.

The media MUST maintain the narrative that America is so captivated by the protests that they’ve wholesale gotten “woke,” abandoned Trump in droves -- or at least percentages -- and have now settled on voting for doddering Joe Biden. The only problem is attitudes shift over time after the feelings of the moment subside. Politics isn’t like a boulder perpetually rolling downhill, continuing to gather momentum until it reaches its maximum velocity dictated by gravity.

On the contrary -- politics is more like baking a thick prime rib roast. You might sear it for fifteen minutes at 500+ degrees to get the outside good and crusty, but then slow roast it for hours at low temperatures to get the inside to the desired doneness. Leftist political causes like Black Lives Matter are the equivalent of putting an expensive piece of meat in a cheap frying pan while setting the stove on high and thinking it’s cooked all the way through when it turns shade.

If people are keeping secrets about their political preferences, it’s because they don’t want to let out their own “recipe” for a well-fashioned voter meal, a hidden riddle the answer to which they’ll reveal on Election Day. Some might label it a backlash. Whatever. That works too.

The new and improved humble Trump is more palatable to voters. A smart political move?

It goes without saying that many of President Trump’s political allies have been pleased with his job performance yet more than a little bothered by his lack of focus on the “presidential” aspect of the office. For the leader of the Make America Great Again movement, it’s frustrating to witness him going off on tangents, attacking unimportant critics on Twitter or generally getting distracted by non-issues that detract from the overall mission.

Thankfully, it appears that’s changed of late. Rob Crilly reported at The Washington Examiner, “Trump allies believe the president is starting to right a troubled campaign, giving him a fighting chance of winning reelection after a week in which he struck a new tone on the coronavirus and delivered clear messages on law and order and China.

“For weeks, plunging polls, desperate economic headlines, and a growing coronavirus death toll have alarmed aides who became increasingly frustrated by the president’s pursuit of petty grievances.

“That changed with a series of coronavirus briefings, action on law and order, and his decision to abandon increasingly futile plans to hold part of the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida.”

The last point was particularly noteworthy. Ever since the hoopla over the CCP virus began, the president’s insisted that he’d soon be back on the campaign trail speaking to audiences of tens of thousands, drawing cheers and boos (whenever he mentions the opposition) and generally have a great time speaking for about two hours and leaving everyone with the impression that times are the best ever and there’s a steady hand steering the ship of state.

Everyone knows Trump is great at dishing out punishment to opponents. Democrats realize it too, that’s why they’ve become so over-the-top with accusations of racism and other absurdities that have nothing to do with signing orders in the Oval Office. As demonstrated by the Rasmussen poll above, most minorities don’t consider Trump a racist yet liberals keep up with the flame throwing.

It's only hurting them, and judging by the new and improved “humble Trump,” he’s taking a step back before bowing to his natural instinct to fight fire with… even more fire. The man in the White House represents the millions of forgotten Americans who depend on a victory this year to further make their lives better. All would be lost if Trump loses. And no one likes a loser. Just look at Hillary Clinton!

Numerous conservatives have implored Trump to run on the issues instead of making the presidency seem like the perfect position to combat his personal vendettas. This year’s election is far too important to make it all about making an example of Grampa Joe Biden or haggish Nancy Pelosi or arrogant and condescending Chuck Schumer. Stick to the “presidential” stuff and the rest will follow. If Trump can keep it up, the “secret” vote won’t feel as compelled to remain invisible.

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